The Cherry Poppers Ch. 23

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Jason took Sierra to Theta Chi. He parked out back in the lot and handed her the keys. She got out of the car with him and started walking toward the back door of the house.

“Ha,” Sierra laughed.


“You’re really playing this cool, Jason. I’ll give you that. You sure act confident for a guy about to be busted.”

“Hold tight to your puritan values, Sierra. They’re about to be shocked to the core.”

“I almost believe you,” Sierra said laughing again.

They entered by the back door and quickly got to Jason’s room. He tried the door but it was locked. Taking the keys from Sierra momentarily, he unlocked the door, and then gave them back to her.

“Last chance to admit you’re wrong,” Jason told her with a smile.

“Was this your weak plan all along? To get me right to the door and hope I’d back down. Not on your life. Let’s see your den of iniquity, Jason,” Sierra declared defiantly.

Jason smiled at her and turned the knob. Soft music could be heard from inside like someone left the radio on because the room was still fairly dark at ten o’clock in the morning. As the door swung open and their eyes adjusted to the dark, the scene of total debauchery became quite evident. Jason heard Sierra gasp beside him. He had to admit he hadn’t expected this total picture either.

Clothes and beer bottles were strewn everywhere. In the middle of the room, on the floor was the mattress Chad and he had moved from the storage room. On her back and naked from the waist up was Pam. She was still asleep and Brad’s arm lay across her bare belly as he slept on his stomach beside her. He too was naked from what one could see. Jason’s eye caught the way the light hit Pam’s face from the hall overhead lighting. Strands of her hair were plastered to her face and her face appeared to be flaky white in spots. He realized what it probably was maybe seconds before Sierra. Her hands covered over her mouth to muffle her shocked reaction.

Jason stepped forward, not realizing at first that he held Sierra’s hand. He led her into the room from a pace or two behind him. They stepped around the sleeping couple to check out the first bed. Chad slept there alone, but his bare butt was exposed. They walk a little further to Jason’s bed. He had given instructions to Chad not to let anyone fuck in his bed. Those rules had not been obeyed he could see as they approached.

Sitting up in bed and smiling at them was Mark, his big brother. He was naked from the waist up as well. A big lump below the sheets gave Jason all the information he needed to know where Stephanie was. The thin sheets bounced up and down in the rhythm of a hot mouth hard at work.

“Hey, Little Brother,” Mark whispered. “She’s really good at morning head.”

“Oh, my god,” Sierra gasped aloud causing Stephanie to stop and peak out.

Her lips were moist and puffy. Her movements had dropped the sheets back and Mark’s stiff wet cock pointed straight at the ceiling for all to see.

“Mark Klerk,” Sierra continued as if in disbelief.

“Hi, Sierra,” Mark said snickering.

“Oh, my god! Mark Klerk is your big brother?” Sierra screamed.

“Yeah,” Jason responded a bit bewildered.

“Now I believe everything, Jason,” Sierra yelled too loud not to wake the others.

Sierra tore her hand from Jason’s and started out of the room. Jason gave Mark a look of wonder that was met by an even bigger smile from Mark. He broke into laughter as Jason hurried after Sierra. As they passed Chad, he rolled awake out of the covers, his limp cock flopping around. Then they raced past Pam as she got to her elbows on the mattress. The fingers of one hand tried to clear the cum glued hair from her face. Brad watched sleepily as they went out the door.

“Sierra wait,” Jason yelled.

“You’re right, Jason. You’re a pervert of the highest order,” Sierra said, the ruckus beginning to draw a crowd from down the hall.

Jason chased Sierra out the back door and to the driver’s side of his car. She was attempting to take his car back to her dorm.

“Wait, wait a second,” Jason pleaded.

“God…and to think I thought you were possibly a nice guy just playing a joke,” Sierra nearly spit in his face.

“I am,” Jason protested.

“You’re a pig just like your big brother,” Sierra barked. “Now leave me alone.”

“Give me the keys. I’ll drive you back like I promised.”

“I’d rather walk.”

“Sierra, look…I don’t know what’s gone on between Mark and you but I had nothing to do with it.”

“Right! He probably put you up to this whole thing, that bastard”

“I swear! I have no idea what past you two have together,” Jason beseeched.

“None! About the same I’ll be have with you.”

“Please, Sierra, give me the keys and…”

Jason’s cellphone went off at that moment. He wouldn’t have bothered with it but he had it on a fairly loud ring from the game so he pulled it from his pocket. It was Beth calling.

“Fuck,” Jason blurted out, but didn’t answer it.

“Nice…I should have Side escort never come here,” Sierra hollered.

“Sierra, I’m so sorry. I never meant for it to end…”

“You planned this whole thing. You probably just acted like you were running into me coming out the dorm. Mark probably had you waiting there…”

“He did not. I swear it was just coincidence. I didn’t plan any of this,” Jason implored.


“Let me take you home,” Jason asked.

“Straight home or I’ll scratch your eyes out. I swear, Jason.”

“Okay, okay. Straight home. Can I have the keys now?”

Sierra opened her hand. She had been gripping the keys so tight her knuckles were white and the keys had made red impressions in her palm. She slowly handed them to Jason as they both looked at her hand.

Jason walked her around to the other side but Sierra stopped him part way.

“Don’t bother being a gentleman now,” she said and walked the rest of the way to the passenger door.

She got in as Jason went back to the driver side. He got in and started the car. He backed out and headed for Smith Hall. Jason realized if he didn’t say something quick, they would be to the dorm and she would be out the door like a shot.

“Sierra, I’m truly sorry. I don’t know how this went so wrong other than the scene in the room. It was far worse than I’d thought you’d see,” Jason admitted.

“Now I know why you were so confident. Not too many people that wouldn’t be shocked by that,” Sierra contended.

“Me included,” Jason said.

“I’d like to believe that but you’ll have to forgive me for doubting you now.”

“What exactly happened between Mark and you, might I ask?” Jason queried.

“Well, I suppose I should tell you my side. I’m sure he’ll tell you his lies too. We dated my sophomore year. I wasn’t sure about my relationship with Jimmy back home then. I was somewhat lonely too. Mark wined and dined me and was oh so charming. Up until he got too drunk at a frat party that is and came to see me in the dorm. Let’s just say he wanted more than I was willing to give and it got ugly thanks to him.”

“I didn’t know that,” Jason proclaimed.

“I’d like to accept that as true but you’ll have to excuse my reluctance now.”

“I understand. You have every right to be mad. I’ve acted poorly too. I never should have talked you into coming here. It was out of character for me and wrong. I knew the girls would be there, but not like that. It’s just I thought I’d never see you again if I let you go and I wanted to. We were having such a good conversation”

“Well, you proved your point.”

“I don’t feel like I succeeded very well though.”

“Oh, I’d say you exceeded beyond expectations, Jason.”

“Touché, I guess I deserve that.”

Jason pulled to the curb by the front door to Smith Hall. He went to get out but Sierra stopped him.

“No need, I’ll walk myself. Bye, Jason. You definitely shocked me, if that was your aim.”

“Bye, Sierra. Again, I apologize that everything turned out the way it did.”

“Tell me, Jason. Just out of curiosity. How did you want it to go?” Sierra questioned.

“Well, it seems kind of stupid and farfetched now but I hoped to be able to see you again.”

“Ha,” Sierra mused. “And how exactly did you think showing me two women that had sex with three guys would make he want to see you again.”

“I’m too embarrassed to even try to explain that,” Jason conceded.

“I’m guessing you thought it would make me so hot for you I’d want to see you again.”

“Something like that I guess,” Jason sheepishly admitted.

“Ha…men. Always thinking with the small head,” Sierra intoned.

“I’m embarrassed to say that’s probably true this time. Especially because I think you’re so great.”

“You do, huh.”


“Good day, Jason,” Sierra said and opened the car door.

“Have a good rest of the day,” Jason replied as she shut the door and walked off.

Driving back to the frat, Jason keyed his cell and listened to Beth’s message. He was so distracted by the first words he nearly hit a pedestrian.

“Who the fuck was the tall blonde, Jason? Oh, I have to leave Beth so I can see my big brother. You’re such a fuckin’ lying shit!” Click.

“Oh, my god…fuck!” Jason screamed at no one in the car. His day was a train wreck so far.

Jason got back to the house and went to the room. He hesitated a second at the door, not sure he wanted to face everyone after that. Then he became just mad at everything and threw the door open. He walked in to find the lights on now and the radio a little louder. The mattress on the floor was empty and so was Chad’s bed. Mark was sitting at his desk in gym shorts drinking something brown on ice. He lifted his glass as if to toast Jason.

“Hey, Little Brother. You okay?”

Stephanie smiled at him from his bed. Her magnificent breasts exposed as she too sipped a drink. They were probably talking when he walked in.

“I’m having a fuckin’ whale of a day Side escort bayan so far,” Jason exclaimed.

“Am I to blame?” Mark asked.

“Seems that way… at least partly…what did you do to that woman?”

“Well, I dated her hot and heavy for about two months, two years ago. I was really into her,” he said looking over at Stephanie and smiling. “She was great and could give a hummer almost as good as Stef here.”

“Glad you said almost,” Stef pronounced gladly.

“But, she wouldn’t go the magnificent mile,” Mark continued. “We had a huge kegger and punch party one night here and I got a little too drunk. I went looking for her as she had stayed home to study. She let me into her dorm room and we got into a fight about her not putting out all the way. She dumped me after that.”

“Poor baby,” Stef said faking concern. “I’d have polished your knob and let you bury your bone in any hole you wanted.”

“Such a good girl,” Mark said, winking at Stef.

“Well, you’re right about pissing her off. She nearly cut my nuts off for what you did. She thought the whole thing was a set up to get her here. It took some doing to convince her otherwise and I’m not sure she buys it yet,” Jason claimed.

“Sorry. Never thought you’d go fishing for senior girls, bro.”

“Especially when the fishing is so good right in your own bed,” Stephanie said lifting the covers the rest of the way off to give him the complete look at her parted legs and bare snatch.

“Not now, babe. Where are the others?” Jason asked.

“In the shower,” Mark answered. “Pam needed to get the cum off her face and out of her hair. Jason you should have seen it.”


“We had guys lined up in the halls. Pam blew about twenty of them and most of them blasted her face. Steffie and I came up with the idea and Pammy went along with it, no problem. That one’s wild, chick.”

“She does what I tell her,” Stef insisted with an impish smile to Jason.

“Want a drink, bro?” Mark asked. “Jack D.”

“Not right yet. I need a shower first. I got other problems too with Beth. She fuckin’ saw me with Sierra. I’m having one rotten day so far.”

“I’m up for a shower too,” Stephanie said. “I’ll make you forget your troubles, big boy.”

Jason grabbed two towels from his closet while Stef put a robe on that he gave her. He grabbed his bath kit too and they left Mark to his drink. A couple frat brothers were down the hall and they waved. Jason waved back and was a little surprised when Stef did too like she knew them. ‘God, it is truly becoming like a den of iniquity in my room,’ he thought.

When they got to the showers they could hear the water running in the last shower and grunts and groans coming from inside. Jason turned the water on in the first of three showers, leaving an open one between them. While he did, Stef walked down to look into the last door. Curiously, Jason joined her while their water warmed. As he peered in besides a smiling Stef, he heard Chad.

“Come on in, Stef,” Chad said before spotting Jason.

“No, I’m going to help our wonder boy here,” she said taking Jason’s arm.

Jason saw Pam removed Brad’s stiff cock from her mouth. She had been getting pumped from both ends when they disturbed them.

“Don’t wear him out,” Pam told Stef.

“Don’t worry, honey. He’s got enough dick for both of us.”

Jason and Stef closed the door to the last shower and entered their own. The water was hot now and steam was rising off the floor. They stripped quickly and hung their clothes on the available hooks. Stef just had Jason’s robe on anyway. Jason adjusted the water and they held each other under the spray, wetting their hair first, before the rest of them.

“You don’t have to go chasing pussy you know,” Stef said. “Pammy and I will do whatever you want.”

“I know, babe. You guys are great. I just have to see some other women too for now.”

“So long as you remember us with this nice big cock,” Stef said taking his six inch limp cock in her hand. “Oh, I never get enough of this guy.”

“He loves you and these gorgeous massive melons too,” Jason said, pinching a nipple and hefting a huge mound.

“Play with them all you want,” Stephanie said. “Anything to make you feel better.”

Jason did just that, sucking her big nipples, and kneading the firm giant orbs. Meanwhile, her hand never stopped stroking him and it didn’t take long before he was rock hard. Stef shifted as if ready to drop to her knees in the shower but Jason stopped her.

“What…what do you want, babe?” Stephanie asked.

“Turn around, woman, and grab the wall. I want to fuck you from behind.”

“Mmm,” Stef moaned and complied.

Jason caressed her amble butt and bent down a little to examine her treasures. He ran a finger along her gash making Stephanie purr like a happy kitten. He was happy to see she was already wet and not just from the shower. He teased around her pussy for a second and then ran his finger up to her puckered back orifice. He teased Escort side around there for a second, feeling the tight little rosebud. Stef looked back over her shoulder at him.

“That’s what you want?”

“Maybe…after I give your pussy a good ride.”

“Okay, but don’t just shove that bat in me please.”


He eased forward and aligned his cock with the entrance to her pussy. Stephanie wiggled her ass seductively at him as he pressed into her opening. Her wetness allowed him to enter, but his thickness slowed the movement forward.

“Oh, god! I love your big cock,” Stef praised.

Jason pressed forward more with a strong thrust. Stef moaned her pleasure and desire, as the huge dick opened her up like no one else ever had but him. Jason gave her just as much as she could take each time until he buried completely inside her. Stef was one of the few that could take him completely without too much trouble.

“Leave it there a second please, Jason,” Stephanie purred. “I want to feel you all.”

Jason pushed a little harder just for her. He was at her core and hitting spots not touched before by others. His balls were swinging into the opening between her legs. She reached for them and scrapped them with her nails lightly as she sighed.

“Oh, good that feels so good,” Stef growled.

He slowly eased back and Stephanie clamped her pussy muscles hard to try to hold the huge intruder where he was. Jason’s cock nearly pulled her insides out as he slowly exited her pussy.

“So good,” Stef moaned. “Oh, come back to me, big boy.”

Jason shot forward suddenly filling the recent void in one deep stroke. Stef had to hold herself tight against the wall to keep from falling forward. His cock wedged into her depths like a battering ram.

“Urgh…oh fuck,” Stef groaned.

Jason worked into a slow pace that built quickly. He had thought his shattered nerves and pissed off state would hold off his climax for some time, allowing him to fuck her to multiple orgasms before he ended in her ass. Her tight pussy had other plans though and he could already feel the distant rumbling in his balls. The flip side of that was Stephanie already about to embark on her magical trip.

“Make me cum, Jason! Make me cum,” Stef yelled loud enough for at least the others in the showers to hear. “Fuck me harder!”

Jason fucked Stef in long deep strokes driving her towards her finishing point. He fucked her juicy pussy until she couldn’t take it anymore. She wailed loud enough for the others to hear.

“Oh, god…oh, god. Fuck me…fuck meee,” Stef wheezed out at the end.

Jason buried his cock deep inside her as he felt her pussy clamp tight with her orgasm. She let her head fall back and groaned loudly as her climax wracked her body with bliss. She’d cum several times the previous night with the three guys. She’d stuck to fucking Chad, Brad, and Mark, letting Pammy be the complete whore with the rest of the guys; but this climax topped them all. Her insides felt like they were melting with the wonderful pleasure of Jason’s cock buried in her vagina to the hilt. Stef moaned through a superb series of exquisite waves of pleasure before she finally relaxed. Jason held her by her big tits with his cock still deep inside her.

He gave Stef a minute to rest before he slowly pulled his cock from her deep recesses. She felt every inch leave and sighed with the loss. He barely removed his cock before he pushed a wet finger slowly into her other entrance. Still in the afterglow of her luscious orgasm, it felt good. Jason worked the finger in and around a bit to open her up before removing it for his cock. Stef scarcely felt the first intrusion of his dick into her tight rear hole. That changed when Jason manage to pop past her sphincter muscle with just the head.

Oh fuck,” Stef cried as the huge cockhead invaded her ass. “Hold still.”

Jason waited for her to signal she had adjusted to the discomfort of his cock in her ass before he started moving again. He eased slowly deeper. He was just about half way when there was a knock at the door and Pam popped into the shower stall. She shut the door behind her.

“Can I join in too?”

“Haven’t you had enough,” Stephanie protested.

“Not of Jason’s big dick. Please.”

“Where are Chad and Brad?” Jason asked.

“They came and then wanted to go back to the room,” Pammy said. “Oh, my. He’s in your ass, Stef, huh.”

“Yeah…oh god.”

“Here, let me help,” Pammy offered.

Jason pulled back and Pam spit on the exposed top of his cock. When he pushed back in the saliva helped lubricate Stef’s incredibly tight ass. Jason started a rhythm in Stef’s ass as Pam played with her friends hanging tits and fingered her clit.

“Fuck her good, Jason.”

“Damn, she’s tight,” Jason declared.

“Yes. Yes…fuck that ass, Jason,” Stephanie pleaded.

The combination of Jason’s dick in her butt hole and Pammy fingering her clit soon had Stef climbing the walls again. Jason fucked her ass with a quickening tempo as he tried to fight off his own climax. He tried altering the pace to give himself a break but Pam continued to work Stephanie into a fever pitch.

“Oh, you damn, whore,” Stef called Pammy as she brought her nearer to ecstasy. “Keep it up.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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