The Chosen Pt. 04A

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Note: This episode turned out to be longer than I anticipated. It continues immediately in part 4B. (All characters are at least 18 years of age.)


Emma and her Gramps had driven the last 8 miles to his cabin in 4 wheel drive. The snowpack was deep, and it was -10 degrees Fahrenheit when they arrived after dark. They had talked very little as they both fought the attraction to each other. The nanite induced feelings so strong that it was all Emma could do to stop herself from jumping on Stephen right there in the truck.

Emma was more bored than tired from the long drive, but Stephen and his granddaughter had a lot of work to do before they could relax.

Stephen had over 40 Siberian Huskies in the dog yard, and each one of them needed to be fed and watered. Fresh straw distributed into each dog house and of course, giving them some love. Picking up frozen dog crap would have to wait until the next day.

The dog pack howled their greetings to their master. Each one on a chain by his or her house. With snouts raised to the sky singing the songs of their people. It made Emma shiver hearing them, there was something mysterious about their songs. It was if they knew about things that humans would never understand. It indeed was the call of the wild to hear.

Emma had always loved the huskies. She went to greet them with their wagging fluffy tails. They were so full of love, and their bright blue eyes seemed to look into her very soul. Emma didn’t even notice the temperature. She felt comfortable even in just a T-shirt. Stephen had his coat on and wondered how Emma could stand it.

Stephen didn’t know it, but his nanites were not yet at full strength even though they had been replicating non-stop.

“They look fine,” Stephen told Emma as they walked through the yard, stopping to give some love to each and every dog.

“Great, I’d say!”

“Tomorrow we run them, I’m sure they need it by now.”

“I can’t wait!”

“First, let’s get them fed and bedded down. We don’t eat until after the dogs are taken care of first.”

“Of course.”

Emma already knew about the rules. Dogs’ first was the musher’s creed. She and Jenny had both learned how to drive dogs when younger. Emma had more experience, but Jenny could hold her own. They had both learned that when you were mushing in the wilderness, your life often depended on the dogs. The dogs were often the difference between life and death. They were the most essential thing a musher had. To not take care of them the best you could, might turn out to be the very reason you died.

It took two hours before the needs of every dog were satisfied. Hauling buckets of water and bales of hay left Emma sweaty and dirty in spite of the temperature. When they finally went inside the small log cabin, she needed a shower.

Stephen busied himself with getting a fire started in the wood stove as Emma unpacked her suitcase in one corner of the room. The log cabin had one large room that was a combination bedroom, kitchen, and living room with a small sofa. There also was a bathroom in the back that had a small shower.

Emma was thankful that It wasn’t so remote that it didn’t have electricity and propane gas, and a well provided the water supply.

Emma looked at the canned goods stacked on shelves along the kitchen wall, “You want something to eat?”

Confident the fire would keep going, Stephen replied, “Sure, I think there is some chili up there.”

“That does sound good,” Emma replied, “I’m starved!”

Emma dumped the canned chili in a small pot and put it on the little gas stove to heat.

“I think I’ll grab a quick shower while you cook.”

“Sure, make the woman do the cooking!”

Stephen laughed, “It’s not that hard to heat chili,” and went in the bathroom and shut the door.

Emma was starving and finished a bowl of chili before Stephen came out with just boxers on. She liked his looks grey hair didn’t matter to her. What mattered the most was that he was chosen just like her. Emma wanted him badly, and she could tell by the way he looked at her that he was thinking the same thing.

Stephen got a bowl of chili and pulled out a bottle of whiskey from behind the oatmeal on the shelf.

“You want a belt?”


Emma downed a shot that burned its way to the bottom of her stomach.

“My turn in the shower,” She told him as he worked on devouring his soup.

“Mmm, mm!” He motioned with one hand and kept eating.

Emma stripped down to bare skin and saw herself in the polished metal mirror. Her boobs were undoubtedly bigger. In fact, her 34b bra looked more like a bikini top than a bra when she had it on. She ran her fingers over nipples that seem bigger around, and they started to get hard. She teased them into big hardpoints that stuck out at least a half-inch.

“Damn!” Emma thought, loving how sensitive they were beside liking the new look she thought she’d never have. She looked thinner if that was possible. Still, instead of being trim, she could see her muscles escort bayan starting to show like a pure bread animal that worked for a living or maybe a bodybuilder on a special diet.

Emma was purebred by the Chosen DNA standards. Both her and Jenny were in the top five of the 500 female humans scheduled to depart earth. They would be the first to breed, and their bodies were being genetically engineered to attract males of any species.

Emma turned and looked at her butt that was as round as a dinner plate but stuck out in almost a perfect dome shape. Even her labia felt larger like she’d just had sex. She saw Stephens wet towel hanging on the shower door, and she picked it up.

She smelled his scent and rubbed the towel over her nipples and then her crotch. The few nanites that hadn’t shut off yet met her skin and immediately soaked into it. They began to meet her nanites, and that excited them into a frenzy of the data uploads and re-writes. She rubbed the wet towel on her clit and got an even bigger thrill as it became excited with nanites.

By the time Emma was finished with her shower, the whiskey had done its work. Her whole body tingled as the pissed off nanites worked hard to eliminate the alcohol from her system along with the nanites, slowly exchanging data. It was a long slow process with so few, but she was becoming increasingly horny.

By the time she’d dried off and put on her robe, her vagina was wet and slippery. Her labia fat and ready for sex.

“Jesus, I’m so fucking horny!” She thought and headed out to find Stephen.

When Emma came out in just her robe, the room was dark except for the firelight coming out of the glass door on the woodburning stove. The lump under the blankets was her gramps, and there wasn’t another bed.

It didn’t matter to Emma; they’d both known that they would be sleeping together tonight, and it had never been mentioned. Emma dropped her robe at the side of the bed and stretched, reaching for the ceiling with both hands. It was a site not lost on Stephen as he watched her naked form in the dancing glow of the fire.

His penis stirred as he looked at her, Emma reminded him so much of Julie when she was that age, and he was not about to let his desire be checked by guilt any longer. He wanted her badly, and his cock had hardened almost as soon as he’d seen her naked.

Emma pulled back the blankets and crawled in beside him.

“Hey, you still awake?” She asked.

“Yes, just waiting for you.”

“For what?”

“I think you know that already,” Stephen answered and pulled her naked body next to his.

“Mmmmm,” Emma replied and reached for his cock.

They began kissing as Emma stroked his nice hard cock. In return, Stephen began to caress her pussy with one hand as the kissing got more intense.

Suddenly Emma pulled the covers back and crawled up on top of Stephen with her head in his crotch. She took the tip of his cock in her mouth as she settled her wet pussy on his face. Stephen began to lick and suck on her tasty, hairless cootch.

Stephen was full of lust for his granddaughter, and her sucking on the tip of his penis wasn’t helping control his urges. Her pussy was so swollen and wet that his chin and lips were soaked with her juices. The tip of his penis began to tingle as her nanites seeped through his skin. His tongue and lips were also beginning to tingle, but that didn’t stop him.

Emma could taste the pre-cum leaking from Stephen’s cock into her mouth. It made the inside of her mouth and tongue tingle, and she wanted more. She needed more, she needed him inside her, and the urge drove her to release his cock from her mouth and spin around.

Emma walked forward on her knees as Stephen slid back towards the foot of the bed. When positioned directly under her, she lowered her pussy to his mouth and began to rub it on his nose, lips, and chin.

She could feel his tongue in her slit and even the tip of it poking into her vagina as she kept rubbing him and moaning slightly. She needed to cum and gripped the headboard with both hands as she worked herself up to an orgasm.

Stephen grabbed her perfect little ass with both hands. Spreading her butt cheeks apart to tease her anus, and then tongue fucked her dripping hot opening to her vagina.

“Ooooh, GOD!” Emma groaned and slid down so that the tip of his nose rubbed her clit.

It was like the nanites in her body all sparked at once and sent her into an orgasm.

“AHHHHhhhhhhhh!” Emma screamed as her body convulsed.

Then without warning, she let out three hard squirts like she was peeing. It shot into the back of Stephen’s throat, and he swallowed it or would have drowned. Stephen had been surprised, and he could feel the heat as it went down his throat like a shot of 100 proof whiskey. It left a funny metallic taste in his mouth because it was saturated with nanites. Emma quickly turned around to straddle his hips. Holding his rock hard dick and guiding it to her wet pussy.

“OH GOD That feels escort bayanlar so FUCKING GOOD!” She groaned as she took his entire length up inside her body.

“OH, JESUS!” Stephen groaned as Emma’s hot slippery vagina swallowed his entire cock.

Then the phage began to boil first in his stomach as Emma started to hump him fast and hard. She leaned down over him, and her hard nipples brushed his chest hair.

“FUCK ME!” She told him with little light specks dancing in her eyes, “I want to feel your cum in me!”

The phage spread through the rest of his body quickly, and even his balls felt on fire just before he shot his load.

“AHHHH, AHHHH, OOOOOOH FUCK!” He yelled as his cock began to spurt in long hard shots that made his head feel like it would explode.

4, 6, 8, spurts? He wasn’t sure, but it was the biggest load he’d ever remembered.

“YES!, OH, YES!” Emma yelled, humping his throbbing dick harder, loving the feeling of his hot cum, flooding her vagina in hard spurts. When he was done, she rolled off of him onto her back, clutching her crotch as the phage took her.

Stephen’s mind was so blown he didn’t even notice her writhing and moaning because he had his own phage episode.


The Chosen all around the world had been very busy. A frenzy of sexual activity between the members passing the upgraded nanites to one another. Small cells of humans all around the globe had gone through similar upgrades as Matt had. The few level ones who had been hit with the beam of knowledge download wasted no time in spreading the nanites to the other members because time was short.


Matt was off work the next day and lounged around. He felt restless like he should be doing something else but wasn’t quite sure exactly what it was. Even a few beers didn’t help relax him. He kept having premonitions that something terrible was going to happen soon, but he didn’t have a clue as to what it might be.

When he heard the mailman, he thought it might be a good distraction and went through it all. Even reading the junk mail. One letter looked interesting because it had the seal of his old police department on it.

He opened it to find an invitation to the new Police Commissioners election party. He’d heard that Sam Brown had been elected, and he remembered how Claire had fucked him to save her husband’s election. The party was in a couple days, and Matt thought it might be fun to see some of his old buddies on the force again.

“It wouldn’t hurt to see Claire again either,” He thought with a flicker of a smile.


The final days that The Chosen remained on earth was a virtual orgy. The males had incredible urges to fornicate due to the increased libido and large amounts of semen being produced continuously. The females also had the desire, not so much from the need for sex, but the need for sperm. The nanites were constantly rebuilding their human host’s bodies to some master plan. The semen was building material for the tiny machines as they flowed through the women’s bodies, making repairs and stopping the aging process after they reached the age of 25. If older than that, the aging process was virtually suspended. And in some cases, it was reversed several years, depending on the human.

The upgraded nanites brought another trick of alien technology to the male host. The ability to produce a synthetic pheromone with mind-controlling properties for normal humans. When anticipating or wanting sex occurred in the host, the nanites would trigger the release of the pheromone. One whiff and a non-chosen female would be enraptured and do almost anything to copulate.

The Rapture caused the brain to release dopamine and other chemicals associated with sexual excitement and desire. The pheromone was airborne and came out through the skin, exhaling breath and even in the saliva of the male.

The females also had the urge for semen to be processed. They didn’t know it, but the nanites did and created the same desire for them to copulate to meet demands. They didn’t need pheromones as the Chosen females were beautiful by any standards and had no difficulty in obtaining males to give them what they needed.


Matt never made it to the commissioners’ party. He’d decided that he had too much bad blood for how the department had treated him to go play nice. In between Christmas and New Years, he’d found a better use for his time. That was catching shoplifters and fucking them if they looked good enough to him. If they didn’t, they went to jail.

“Serves em right!” He thought as the latest woman was cuffed and transported from his little jail to the city hall.


That afternoon when he got off work, he was just opening his second beer when someone was knocking on his front door. Matt got up and headed for the door, wondering who the hell would be knocking?

He opened the door finding Claire standing there in the cold with a long coat on and a cute hat.

“Hi, can I come in?” she asked, stamping bayan escort her cold feet up and down.


Matt let her in and asked, “So what brings you over to my palace?”

“You didn’t come to the party.”

“Nope, I really didn’t feel like it.”

“Sam wanted to thank you for saving the election.”

“How’s that?”

“By not sending our son to jail, remember?”

“Oh, that,” Matt replied, “He should thank you, not me.”

Claire turned a little pink because she knew exactly what he meant. She’d screwed him to buy her son’s way out of trouble.

Claire gave a little smile, “Well, I couldn’t really tell him about that now, could I?”

“I suppose not, but you did give me a good reason to let your son go.”

Claire gave a quick smile and then said, “Anyway, he wanted me to give you this.”

Claire pulled an envelope out of her pocket and handed it to Matt. Matt took it and ripped it open and found a check and a letter inside. While he was reading it, he was thinking about the time Claire had put out for him. It was getting him excited, and the pheromones got released from his body as he stood just in front of Claire.

Mr. Hammond,

I wanted to thank you for what you did personally. Your good judgment ensured that my election was not hindered, and that has made it possible for me to improve the department and right old wrongs. After Claire told me your story, I had your case and retirement reviewed, and it does appear the department did you harm.

We’ve adjusted your retirement pay to the correct amount, and enclosed is a check for the back-pay, you should have been receiving. I know this doesn’t fix what you’ve had to live with, but I hope it makes some amends. I would like to meet you sometime and shake your hand. In the future, if you need anything, please ask. Feel free to stop by the estate sometime for a visit.

It was signed. Sincerely, Sam Brown.

Matt looked at the very sizeable check and was very happy that he’d soon be moving to a better place.


Claire had been waiting for his response. Opening her long coat as she was feeling too warm. She could barely detect the light smell of cinnamon mixed with lilac and wondered if it was some kind of aftershave Matt was wearing.

“Well, I must say I’m impressed,” Matt told her after reading the letter, “Thank you for fixing things.”

“It’s the least I could do,” She replied, “You did get a bum deal, and I wanted to help you since you helped me.”

Matt was surprised at how sweet she had become. The snooty air about her was all but gone, and she was smiling at him. Her eyes even looked a little glossy like she’d been drinking. He hadn’t noticed that before.

“You want a beer?” He asked.

“Okay, I don’t have to be anywhere for a while.”

Matt returned with a couple of beers, as Claire took off her big coat. She had on dress slacks and a grey silk blouse with a thin choker necklace made of gold. Claire certainly liked her beautiful clothing, he thought as he handed her a beer bottle and they sat down on his old sofa. To Matt’s surprise, she sat down right next to him, her thigh touching his!

Claire was smiling and talking about living in the mansion and acting giddy as a schoolgirl. She leaned over and took a big inhale and asked him what the cologne was he had on. Matt didn’t have any cologne on but didn’t want to seem dumb.

“Not sure, it was some free sample I got in the mail.”

“You better buy it,” Claire inhaled again, “It’s fantastic!”


The synthetic pheromone, the aliens, had perfected hundreds of years ago had taken effect from her first breath. Claire’s body and brain were already feeling the “Rapture.” Claire hadn’t felt so horny since she had been a teenager in high school years ago. Her pulse had quickened. And the center of her brain that controlled her logic, and inhibitions had been completely blocked. Even her nervous system was affected. Claire’s nipples had hardened as if they’d been sucked on, and her clit felt hot and needing stimulation. All she could think of was how much she needed sex.


Claire sat her beer bottle down on the small coffee table. Matt was a bit surprised when Claire kicked off her dress shoes and then straddled his lap facing him! She had her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips.

“What’s this all about?” He asked her.

“You should thank me properly for getting your money back.”

Matt watched as she started unbuttoning her blouse. She stripped it off while sitting on his lap, facing him. Then Claire quickly removed her bra and tossed it away. Smiling and looking at him as she cupped her lovely boobs and squeezed them.

“You like my tits?” She asked him with a playful expression on her face.

Matt reached up and grabbed both of them, running his thumbs over her hard nipples, “They look perfect!”

To Claire, just the touch of his thumbs on her sensitive nipples sent waves of pleasure to her brain.

“Mmmm god, that feels good!” She told him, and leaned forward and put her boobs in his face, “Suck my nipples, baby!”

Matt sucked one and then the other. They were rigid hardpoints, and it made Claire moan like she was being fucked. Claire had never gotten that much excitement from having her nipples sucked before, and it just made her want him more.

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