The Chronicles of Bobby Pt. 04

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All characters in this story are over 18 years of age.

So I decided to re-center the story, make it longer, and introduce new characters (as you will see, still all in the family). I even pulled from some of my real life experience by having Bonnie go the court house to look up her husband’s previous divorce. I did that to my soon to be ex. Hilarious story, but not for here.


Life around the house, from Bobby’s point of view, has been pretty good. He gets up, goes to work, comes home, and fucks his step mother and sisters. They’ve all grown pretty close and their relationship is very pleasant. They do almost everything together, going out to eat, going to the movies, or even going to the grocery store. They are a strong and well centered family.

No one is jealous of anyone else, except for when one of the girls is hornier than the other, then they’d fight over who gets fucked first. All that typically means is he’s fucking one of them while the other is sucking on his balls, sitting on his face, or something like that. It’s a hard life, but somehow Bobby found a way to cope.

Bonnie had decided not to introduce any outsiders into their fold, she wants to keep it all in the family. Lisa was pissed and not very understanding. Bonnie told her to find a new husband that has a bigger dick.

Anyway, the relationship between his dad and stepmother went south, fast. The bigger Bonnie’s pregnant belly grew the angrier his dad became. So after many months, Bobby’s dad finally boiled over and confronted Bonnie over her pregnancy, right in front of everyone “Look, I don’t care what you say, you’re not carrying MY baby!”

Obviously Bonnie didn’t care “Are you saying you haven’t been enjoying my pregnant body? You are always rubbing my huge pregnant belly and playing with my big tits. So what exactly is your problem?”

“I just want to know who knocked you up, that’s all.”

“I tell you what, I’m sick of your shit. You contribute nothing to this household! You don’t have a job, you live in MY house, eat MY food, wear the clothes I buy you, and drive the car I paid for! So I tell you what, if you don’t like it here, pack your crap and get out of my house!” She was dead serious, he didn’t work, he didn’t pay for anything, and he had no intention of ever getting a job.

Bobby’s dad was surprised by what she said and didn’t know how to respond. All he did was sit there, turning redder by the second, and you could tell he was weighing his options.

Finally, he blurted “Fuck it! You keep everything, I’m out.” He got up, walked out of the house, got into his car, and drove off in the car she had bought him.

Bobby chuckled, “He didn’t even ask me if I wanted to go. Oh well, it’s no big deal, he never was much of a father and besides that I’d rather stay here with you all. That is, if it is okay?”

Bonnie walked over and straddled Bobby, pressing her 8 month pregnant belly into him “Well, one thing I don’t regret about meeting your dad, is you. So sweetie, yes it is okay for you to stay here. In fact, I insist.”

She ground into his growing erection while French kissing him. His hands rubbing her pregnant belly and breasts. She whispered in his ear “Feel the baby you put in me, I’m getting so big and I have another month to go. I love our growing family and I never want us to be apart. In fact, Sissy and Susie don’t want you to move out, they want you to stay here and help grow our family. So Bobby, what do you think, can you handle 3 very horny women that want to be fucked and impregnated all the time?”

“Shit Bonnie, you know how to turn me on and I love it. Thinking about you and my step sisters always makes me hard, so yes I whole heartedly agree to fuck and keep all three of you pregnant.”

“Good, I was hoping you’d say that.”

She stopped grinding on him and knelt between his knees, pulled down his shorts, and put his hard and swollen dick in her mouth. Licking and sucking on it to the point of ejaculation, then she stopped.

“Fuck, you can be mean! Do you realize how much it hurts when you do that?”

“Yes I do, but I also know you secretly like it.”

He chuckled, “Yeah, when you’re right, you’re right. But, you always make up for it.”

She straddled him again, whispering in his ear “I have another secret for you. I’m bisexual and I’ve met someone. She’s about my age and has twin daughters that are 20 years old and another daughter that is 19 and she loves my pregnant body almost as much as I do.”

“Soooo, this shit with my dad, you throwing him out was so you could have her?”

“My my you’re smart. Yeah, that’s right. I hope you’re not mad?”

“Mad, me mad. Oh hell no, I love the idea! When can they move in?”

“Now Bobby, all things in good time. We’re all going to dinner this evening so everyone can meet each other. And, if everything goes well, we’ll see what happens.”

“Does she know about how you got pregnant?”

“Yes she does, I told her illegal bahis everything and I mean everything and it really turned her on.”

The prospect of having 4 more pussies to fuck and impregnate was appealing. Bonnie sensing his excitement went back between his knees. She licked the precum off his throbbing cock and a minute or so later she was swallowing his load. When he finished cumming she kept on sucking his cock and playing with his balls. She wanted him super horny for dinner. After she felt that he was appropriately stimulated, she pulled his shorts back up.

“Bobby, I want you to be on your best behavior tonight. And, if you do behave, I promise you’ll have a very rewarding fuck-fest tonight. Oh yeah, one more thing, you’ll have to have an open mind. Deal?”

“You got it, deal. Are you going to wear that tight pregnancy outfit of yours? You know, the one that accentuates your curves?”

“Of course I am. Like I said, Anna likes pregnant women and I’m going to do all I can to drive her crazy. Now, let’s go get ready.”

Bobby couldn’t wait for this evening! He showered, shaved, and put on his dress clothes. After all, they were going to that fancy steak house Bonnie liked. He finished dressing and stepped into the hall. He saw Bonnie walking towards him and she was wearing her tight pregnancy outfit. She smiled at him turned sideways, put her hands under her very pregnant belly and said “This is your baby Bobby. You knocked me up really good and I want you to fuck another baby into me after I have this one.”

She saw his cock starting to get hard so she walked over and starting rubbing on it through his trousers. Right at time Sissy came out of her room “Hey! No fair!” and she started rubbing on his dick too.

“What’s all the commotion out here?” Susie asked.

“We’re just working up Bobby before we go to dinner. It’ll be fun to watch him squirm during dinner. You know how he gets, blue balls and all” Bonnie said.

“Well I want in too!” Susie said as she started playing with his nuts.

“If we’re going to go, we’d better do it now before I fuck all three of you!”

The women giggling, “ok ok, we’ll go.”

“Bobby, remember what I said, you have to have an open mind” Bonnie told him again.

“Ok, not sure what that means, but I will try my best.”

Bobby drove his stepmom and step sisters to the restaurant. The girls were excited to meet Anna’s daughters and they started thinking about how great it would be if all of them got along. Susie, being the most sexually provocative out of the bunch even wondered out loud what it would be like if all seven of them were pregnant at the same time. Bobby just shook his head, his cock growing erect, again. Bonnie unzipped his pants and gave him head for the rest of the drive to the restaurant. Fuck he had a good life!

Arriving at the restaurant Bobby parked the car and they all walked to the entrance hand in hand. People were admiring their cute family, little did they know. They walked up to the maître d, gave them their name, and the maître d let them know the other party had just been seated. They followed the maître d to their location, a private room, and they were seated.

Bobby was looking at the three girls, they were extremely hot! Each had brown hair and eyes, petite, and very pretty faces. But Anna, she looked familiar, really familiar. Bonnie saw Bobby staring at Anna. “Do you want to tell him, or should I?” Anna asked.

Bonnie replied “I’ll tell him. Bobby, do you remember what I told you, that you were going to have to have an open mind?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Well, here’s why. Anna is your birth mother and these three lovely ladies are your half-sisters.”

He didn’t know what to say. He was dumbfounded and shocked by the news. “What? But dad told me that mom ran away and he didn’t know how to find her.”

“I know, that’s what he told me too. But I didn’t believe him. When your dad starting acting like a total jackass, I went to the court house and looked up his divorce papers. I wanted to learn, for myself, what actually happened when he divorced your mom. As it turns out, Anna has lived less than a few miles from us and in spite of what your dad said, Anna didn’t run away, your dad forced her out because she was having an identity crisis. She didn’t know if she was straight or gay. So he used that opportunity to trash her and convinced the court system to give him sole custody of you. He then moved and never told your mom where you two moved, thereby keeping her from you. I hired a detective to find your mom about 6 months ago.”

His head was spinning, he looked at his mom “Is that true?”

“Yes it is, your dad always had a problem with change and his thinking was always fucked up. He told me that if I made contact with you he’d make my life a living hell. And, I knew he was capable of doing just that. But, when I met Bonnie she told me what he was doing to her. He was still playing mind games with the women in his life. illegal bahis siteleri Bonnie and I started talking more and more and we became friends. In fact more than friends.”

Bobby ordered straight whiskey, he was going to need it “Ok, so I knew dad was a jerk. He didn’t give a shit about me or anyone else for that fact. How he landed Bonnie is a mystery to me.”

“Your dad has a way of luring women into his life, he makes them think they are special and pays them lots of attention. And once he has you, he starts playing mind games. Some people call it a personality disorder, if someone is happy, he goes out of his way to make them miserable, he always has to be stirring the pot. I was afraid of what he’d do to you if I tried to make contact with you, so I stayed away.”

“So you’re a lesbian? If that’s so, how do you explain them” he said as he pointed to his really hot half-sisters.

“Like Bonnie said, I struggled with who I am. I remarried and had them, then I realized I was living a lie. I love my daughters and I love you. I divorced their father and started my own life. Living it the way I wanted to live it. Then Bonnie shows up, she tells me everything and I mean everything about what went on in her household. I even know that she is carrying your baby.” Anna said as she rubbed Bonnie’s pregnant belly.

Bobby took a deep breath “So you know Sissy just had our baby and Susie is two months pregnant with my baby.”

“Yes I do, and I think it is really good. I believe there is nothing sexier than a pregnant woman and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping it in the family. How do you feel about that?” There, she said it. Anna was holding her breath, waiting to hear his response.

He weighed his answer carefully “Frankly, I have to agree. At first I was uncomfortable with the situation, but as time went by, not only did I start to enjoy their company, the sex became incredible! I love all three of them and the fact they are having my babies makes it even better.”

Bonnie moved chairs, sitting by his side. Bobby was now sitting in between his mother and step mother.

“I told you, you’d need an open mind. But, it appears you’re handling this quite well.”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I? I know you love me and I know my mom loves me. And, I bet in time, my half-sisters will love me.”

The twins, Jill and Jane, and Beth smiled at him. Jill spoke for the three of them “I’m sure we will Bobby. We’re young and we all have a very strong sense of family. All of us want to have an extremely large family. When we heard Bonnies story, we became jealous and wanted to meet not only you but them too.” She pointed at Sissy and Susie.

Bonnie reached under the table, rubbing on his thigh. Her hand slowly creeping towards his cock. Bonnie nodded at Anna. Anna reached under the table, placing her hand on his other thigh, rubbing it and making her way to his cock.

Anna’s hand reached his cock first, she rubbed the tip of his dick and soon after that Bonnie’s hand was stroking his shaft. The long table cloth covering what was going on.

Bobby looked at his mom “But I thought you were a lesbian?”

“Oh Bobby, just because I’m a lesbian doesn’t mean I don’t want a nice big cock to fill my pussy every now and then. And besides that, like Bonnie, I want more babies.”

He couldn’t believe his ears. His mom was like Bonnie, very pretty and she oozed sexuality. He took his mom’s hand and squeezed it tight around his dick. He leaned over and French kissed his mother. Their tongues darting around each other’s mouths. “Well, you know what. I think I can help you with that baby thing.”

Right at that time the waiter walked up and asked if they were ready to give their order. Anna and Bobby broke their kiss but she kept her hand on his dick. They placed their food order and another round of drinks. Bobby started playing suck face with his mom again. His hand moving to her breasts, she moaned with pleasure. Thank goodness they were in a private room.

By the time the food arrived they were all sexually worked up. Anna leaned over and whispered into Bobby’s ear “You think Bonnie gives good head, wait until I get your cock in my mouth. I’ll show you what good head is.”

Fuck he was horny!

They all ate their meals, talking about what just went down. What does the future hold, where would they live, and how many babies would they have. But then the elephant in the room reared its ugly head. How would they pay for all these babies? And, their current house was already getting crowded.

Bonnie gave them the solution “Okay, so here’s the deal. Sissy and Susie, there’s something you don’t know. Anna, Jill, Jane, and Beth if we’re going to all live together and grow our family we will need a bigger place, a much bigger place. We’ll need a house that we can add on to so it can grow with our family. Well girls, in case you never noticed, I’ve never had a job and here’s the reason. My grandparents left me canlı bahis siteleri an enormous trust fund. In other words, we’ll have more than enough money to buy some land and build a huge house for us and our future family. In fact, I’ve already hired a real estate person to find us some acreage.”

Bobby couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He was going to fuck and impregnate seven gorgeous women, over and over. He had his own harem.

After the meal, the drinks continued to flow and Bobby moved to sit between the twins “Hey twin half-sisters, how are you doing?”

They leaned into him, kissing him while their hands went under the table to play with his cock. Beth, not wanting to be left out, slipped under the table and rubbed on his balls. Bobby moaned with pleasure as the ache in his balls grew. He needed to cum, big time. But, this wasn’t the place or time. He just sat back and enjoyed the attention.

After a couple of hours of playing and drinking they said their goodbyes. His mom was the last to hug him. She wrapped one arm around him while the other rubbed his throbbing dick “I can’t wait to feel your cock in me, fucking me, spraying your seed in me, and giving me your baby.” Shit his mom was hot!

The conversation on the drive home was filled with excitement. All of them were still processing what they just learned. Bobby was driving and Bonnie was sitting by him, he had his hand on top of her swollen belly. “So Bonnie, if I correctly understood what you said, you have a large trust that we can use to buy some land and build a big house. And then, we can grow our family to any size we want, is that right?”

“Yes it is. Look guys, this stays between us, but my trust is around $150 million dollars. I’ve been waiting my entire life for this situation and I’m so excited to be building and sharing it with all of you.”

Sissy was the first to speak “Mom, this is so great! I really liked Anna and her daughters and I hope they decide to move in with us. We’d have so much fun together!”

Bonnie laid out her plan “Here’s how I see it, Anna and her daughters can move in with us in a couple of months. Then Bobby can fuck all of us and put his babies in us, except for Susie since she’s already pregnant. By the time we all deliver, we’ll be moved into our new house and will have plenty of room. Oh yeah, we’ll also be able to hire all the nanny’s and help we’ll need. How does that sound?”

“Oh man, that sounds awesome Bonnie! I’m going to be a busy guy but I’m really looking forward to putting my babies in your bellies.”

“Yeah mom, that sounds really exciting! I can’t wait to grow our family!” Susie said.

“Then it’s done, I’ll invite Anna and her daughters to move in with us.” Bonnie said.

After parking the car they all settled into the living room to discuss their future. Bonnie was the most excited out of all of them. (Beep, Bonnie received a text and replied.) She went on and on about her dream of having a really large family and how that dream was going to be fulfilled. Her affinity for Anna was real, she had experimented with other women in the past but there was something special about Anna that really turned her on. (Beep, Bonnie received another text and replied.) Bonnie even mentioned she might propose to Anna. Now that really got Bobby going!

A couple of hours later Bobby was sitting in his room surfing porn sites, looking for some good jackoff material, when there was a knock on the door. He thought it might be Sissy, she mentioned she was ready for him to fuck another baby into her womb. “Door is open” but, to his wildest surprise, his very hot mom walked in wearing very sexy lingerie.

“I hope I’m not disturbing anything” she said walking behind him.

“How did you get in here?”

“I sent Bonnie a couple of texts asking if it would be okay if I dropped by to see you and she said yes.”

“I see, so this is a casual visit? I mean the lingerie and all.”

“Oh son, you’re so funny. But from my point of view I can see you agree with the selection.” She said pointing at his crotch and as she straddled his lap.

He placed his hands around her tiny waist and pulled her tight on his solid erection. She started slowly grinding her hips over his cock while she gently kissed him on his neck. He moaned with pleasure, feeling a sexual intensity build in him like he had never before.

“Oh mom, you feel so fucking good. The first time our eyes locked I just knew you and I were destined to have a very special relationship.”

“I know son, once I saw you I had to have you. You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this.”

She surfed to one of her favorite porn sites “Here, watch this while I drive you crazy. I’m going to teach you Bobby, I’m going to teach you to slow down and enjoy sex. You will learn how erotic sex can be. You’ll elevate your sexuality beyond just sexual gratification, you’ll learn how to prolong the sexual excitement.”

Bobby watched as two beautiful women slowly made out on the bed, “See those women my son, do you see how they are not rushing. They are taking their time, enjoying each other’s body and letting the moment build. Let me show you.” She said as she went between his knees.

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