The Computer Repairman Ch. 2

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Chapter 2

Mark: Wow! She had come like a wildcat… all over my face. Now, I was busy licking her dry. I gently set her legs down and peeked up over the desk. Sure enough, the outside office was empty. I slowly stood up next to her chair. She was leaning back in the chair with her eyes closed, mumbling something to the guy on the phone. In a moment, she noticed me standing there and looked a little surprised. I just stood there smiling as her eyes shifted down to my bulge and back up at me then back down. While she was trying to assess the situation, I leaned over and whispered in her ear.

Barbara: “Damn, Barbara, he really got you off!” Rob said with what seemed like a twinge of jealousy. “What was that?” Rob asked anxiously, “He said something. I heard it. What did he say?”

“He…he said to tell you that…Rob… I” I stammered.

“What? Tell me what?” Rob insisted.

“Well, he said to tell you that…that he wants like me to…” I switched to a whisper, “suck his cock!” Rob didn’t say anything, but I could hear him breathing heavily on the other end. Mark was standing very close now and I couldn’t take my eyes away from the large bulge just a few inches from my face. “Rob… it’s… it’s pretty big judging from this lump in his pants,” I said tentatively grazing my fingertips over the denim material. “Awfully hard too, Rob, and…ooh!” I said giggling softly, “I can feel little pulses.”

“Do you want to do it, Barb?” Rob said almost in a daring tone.

“But Rob, what would you…what would think of me?” I said cautiously, “Rob… I mean…if I did it?” I was looking up at Mark and gingerly squeezing Escort bayan his mound trying to gauge the size. Rob was silent, but I could hear him breathing. “Could I just… take took a look, darling? Just a look…?” I suggested as I stroked the thick zipper fabric. Without waiting for an answer, I felt around for the zipper tab and started to gently tug it downward. The pressure on the zipper made it hard going at first, but it slowly began to move and soon it was all the way down. He was off to the side a little, and the man was not helping me at all, so I had to reach in through the fly of his boxer shorts and… “Oh, Rob….” I gasped barely able to get my hand around it. “This is…” I said struggling to pull out the biggest penis I had ever held. When it finally came out, it flicked a small drop of pre-cum right on my cheek. I carefully explored this circumcised phenomenon; feeling the huge vein underneath, wiping a small drop of pre-cum off the tip with my finger and tasting it-“Mmm..!”

Mark: She had my cock out now and seemed to be studying it. She was biting her lower lip as her smooth, upper-middle class fingers delicately slid over every inch. She began lightly scraping her nails over the surface, and then, looking up at me, dug them in… just hard enough to get my attention. She said something again to her boyfriend, but I guess he didn’t answer. She put the phone down on the desk and with both hands pulled me closer. She lightly licked the pre-cum off with the tip of her tongue. Now, she was rubbing her cheeks with my cockhead… now her neck, using it like a vibrator… licking my tip now… now opening Bayan escort wide and taking just the head in…’mmmm…’ She looked up at me now with slightly glazed eyes and gently bit down on the head of my cock, ‘ooooh!” Then, holding me with her teeth, swirled her tongue around…teasing my tip. Reaching up now to unbuckle my pants, she pulled them down… ‘mmm… ‘ caressing my balls… squeezing… raking those expensive nails over my delicate swelling sacks… “nnnnng!” Man, it hurt sooo good!

As she began to try to take more of me in, I heard her boyfriend saying something on the phone, so I picked up the receiver. “What’s his name?” I asked, covering the mouthpiece.

“Mwob… mmmm……mwob,” she offered between strokes.

“Listen,” I said into the phone, “I didn’t exactly get your… mmmm… name. Ms. Taylor here tried to tell me, but I couldn’t… oh… mmmm… understand her. Bob, Rob, something like that?”

“Rob” he said quietly. I ran my fingers through her golden brown hair gently urging her to take more.

“Rob, I’m Mark,” I said, “Ms… mmmm… Ms. Taylor’s g… got my cock deep in her lovely mouth now….oooh…mmmm… God! Do you get this all the time? She’s soo… good! Her mouth is like… mmmm… like a hot pussy with a tongue! Rob, buddy, I can’t last much longer. You want me to hold the phone down where the action is?”

“Ugghnn..” Rob grunted.

“I’ll take that as a ‘Yes,” I said, “Say ‘Hi’ to Rob, Ms. Taylor,”

Barbara: “Ohmm….mmmm….mwob….Mwob!” I gurgled as Mark kept plunging his beautiful cock deeper down my throat. I was pretty sure Rob was a Escort little angry, but, God, I just couldn’t seem to get enough of this thing… Oh! There… there was another spasm. He was going to cum! I tried backed off a little just as his first hot blast hit the roof of my mouth… then another… and another. “Mmmm… mmm….mmm… mmm… mmm… mmm… mmm… mmmmmm!” I moaned and gulped as fast as I could as his hot, milky cum filled my mouth. A little of his sweet sticky goo finally overflowed my mouth and ran down my chin. As I licked the rest of the cum off his still-hard penis, I suddenly remembered Rob.

“Rob? Are you still there, Darling?” I said contritely, “Are you angry with me?” I could hear him breathing heavily on the other end. “It’s just that he has such a beautiful… big…” I said softly, as I absentmindedly ran my fingers over Mark’s lovely weapon. “I really couldn’t help myself…I just… I mean couldn’t keep… well… do you understand, dear?” Then, almost as an afterthought, “Oh, Rob, I’m really a mess here!” I whispered, “he… he came so hard… and so much!” I was sure I heard Rob groan, but he didn’t say anything.

Mark tapped me on the shoulder and I looked up. He was smiling and he bent over and whispered in my ear again. What he said and his warm breathe on my ear sent a shiver clear through me. “Rob… Rob, honey… are you there?” I said trying to get a response.

“I’m here,” Rob said very quietly.

“Mark, says to tell you…” I said cautiously, “well… he wants me to…”

“Tell me, Barbara!” he said sternly.

“Rob, honey, don’t be mad, but…” I hesitated and whispered, “he said to tell you he’s going to… fuck me. He wants to fuck me, Rob.” When I looked up at Mark and saw him smiling, I realized that I was still holding his cock gently in my hand. “Rob?” I whispered, “Rob…are you there, honey?”

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