The Conferance Pt. 02

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Lynn was the first to stir, and as she untangled herself from our combined embrace I ended up underneath her looking directly up into her beautiful pussy. She was at peak arousal. Her lips were engorged and spread, crimson and leaking nectar, putting her slippery entrance on display. Her clit was peeking out from her garden of silky black hair. I gently grabbed her legs and holding them apart raised up to kiss her pussy.

She paused long enough to lower herself just enough to let me know she liked what I was doing but squirmed from my embrace. Stepping over Dan too she turned to me and said: “Hold that thought, I have to make a quick call but will be right back. You two beautiful men should do whatever guys do to be ready for me when I come back. Just not too ready if you get my drift.”

And she picked up her phone and disappeared into the bath.

“What do you suppose she meant by that? Whatever we do?” I have never been this close to another naked man.” he wondered.

“Well did you like it when I sucked your cock?” I asked.

“Um, ah, well I guess. Who doesn’t like getting a blow job?” He replied hesitantly.

“Ah, well everyone. Straight, gay…bi? But you know what? Often the one sucking that cock likes it too? I confessed.

“You liked it when you sucked me? He asked.

“Yes I did. I don’t do it often but enjoy sex with the right men. You sucked me for a moment too. Did you like doing that?” I asked reaching between his legs and slowly running my hand up the one closest to me until I reached his sack. It was soft and warm, his balls had returned to a hanging position.

“Uh, oh fuck! Are we doing this?” he asked as he spread his legs giving me more access to his cock and balls.

“I’m doing it and hope you will take part in it.”

“You know I have never really done this before, don’t you? A little touching in the showers when in college but nothing really happened.” He confessed.

“Well that is all well and good, no judgement here. But we are, here and it is now, so why not relax and let yourself go.” I said taking his now engorged cock into my hand and slowly stroking him.

“But what bağdatcaddesi escort if Lynn comes back?” He asked as he raised his hips and began fucking my hand.

“I bet she would enjoy it, after all, she told us to do whatever guys do, so I think she has given you permission to be yourself. At least for now, you can always be a pain in the ass later.” I teased covering his wet cock head with my mouth.

Groaning and trying to push more of his cock into my mouth he asked: “Do you think I’m a tight ass?”

“I don’t really think you are one but I am wondering if you have one?” I joked.

He recoiled slightly from this and for the first time since Lynn left looked me in the eyes.

“You, you, would want to do that?” he asked giving me the feeling that it was something he had thought about before tonight.

“Dan, I want to do whatever you and Lynn want. You can even fuck me if you want, but this is way to much talking and not enough sucking. You can join me anytime.” I said going to work on his cock and balls.

“Fuck it, it is now or never I guess.” He sighed as he asked me to turn around.

I wanted to see his level of commitment to this and hoped Lynn would take her time. Little did I know but Lynn was peeking out of the crack in the bathroom door watching everything.

He was a little tentative at first but soon had my hard cock in his hand and I could feel his hot breath on me. I knew he was trying to decide if he should proceed and how far.

I soon felt my cock enter his mouth and as soon as I touched his tongue I heard him moan.

“Is that a wonderful feeling or what? I couldn’t get enough my first time and usually after.” He didn’t seem to repulsed with his cock in my mouth and balls in my hand and I could feel them pulling back up into his groin. “Is it good?” I asked as I went back down on him.

I felt him nodding his head as he gave a quiet moan. He seemed to be getting right into it.

Ignoring what Lynn said about not being ready, I wanted his cum, I wanted to make him cum. If he made me cum that was just a bonus for both of us.

Sucking on the end beykoz escort of his cock and running my tongue around it I slowly took more and more of him into my hot mouth. He pressed forward trying to feed me all of his cock but I wanted to be in control. Squeezing his balls and pulling back until all I had was his fat crown in my mouth I lavished it with my lips and tongue.

At that time I realized he had stopped sucking me and was really enjoying my work. Now both of us were enjoying it and soon he arched his hips filling my mouth with cock and exploded.

One, two, three powerful shots of hot almost tasteless cum filled my mouth and went down my throat. I pulled back enough so that I was sucking just the tip again so that I could feel him cumming with my tongue.

Soon his legs quivered and the last of his cum entered my mouth. Letting him slip through my lips his legs gave one last shudder and he rolled to his back saying;” Oh my god that was better than the first time you made me cum. I didn’t think it could get any better but it did. You did. You are very good at that sir.”

“Ah my friend, with just a few of our in home practice sessions and you can be as good or better.” I kidded him.

As he lay there catching his breath I realised that Lynn was standing by the side of the bed watching while she had two fingers deep in her sweet pussy.

“I was wondering who would be the first to fuck me and seeing John is the only one hard, he gets to go first. I want you both to fuck me one after the other. Dan as soon as John cums in me and pulls out I want you to fill me with your cock and continue fucking me. Fuck me through the cum John will leave behind and after you cum, I don’t know, maybe John will fuck me again, maybe I’ll just have you clean each others cock and then me, we will see.”

“I love the feel of a mans cock cumming inside of me and think it would be so much better with more than one. This isn’t fucking for the sake of fucking but for me feeling you cum. John don’t hold off, I know you gentlemen hold your orgasms to insure we ladies cum first but this will make me cum so hard. And you Dan, caddebostan escort as soon as he pulls out I want you inside of me and cum as fast as you can. OK boys? Now Dan John has softented some why don’t you be a good guy and get him rock hard for my pussy?”

I only had one other woman tell me to cum quick and it was my ex and she was late for work, so this would be fun.

While I am thinking this Dan has taken my cock back into his mouth and I quickly become hard. Seems ole Dan has taken to cock. Thoughts for the business trip.

With that being said she crawled over us and laying back with her legs spread wide she held her lips wide so I could see how wet she was.

I settled in between those beautiful thighs and she guided my aching cock into her welcoming pussy. I could have found it in the dark but it is always so hot to have a woman guide me into her depths. She raised her knees to nestle in my armpits and grabbing my ass she said: “Don’t worry about making me cum. Fuck me hard and fast and cum deep in me so Dan can fill me up before you leak out of me. I’ll cum then when i feel that second cock shoot inside of me.

So I went to work on her slippery hole. I inhaled deeply savoring her aroma. One of the most enticing fragrances known to man.

She noticed this and was about to comment when I reassured her that it was a most wonderful aroma and I savored it.

I went back to try and fuck her senseless but she was more in control than I and soon was squeezing her cunt around my cock and when I was as deep as I could go held my hips and I came. It was on of those ball empeting orgasms that you jerk off to the memory of late at night when you are all alone pleasuring yourself and just can’t cum, but remembering that cum you do again and it is almost as good.

As soon as she had milked my cock she bucked her hips dislodging me from our embrace and said: “It was fun but…next.”

And having said that she deftly guided Dan into her warm embrace. His cock slid so smoothly into her that I almost came again thinking of how it must feel for him. His cock entering this so desirable woman but through another mans cum.

Dan following directions came almost immediately and so did Lynn. I was envious of him being inside of her when she was having such an intense orgasm. Dan stayed inside of her until she was basking in the afterglow when she said: “Can’t wait until the next conference!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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