The Curious Lesbian

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“Who needs girlfriends anyway?” Rachel raised her glass and bumped it against Daniel’s, making a satisfying “clink” sound. “To friends!”

“To friends,” Daniel replied. “And also whiskey.”

They knocked back the bourbon, neat, and Daniel laughed as Rachel clenched her teeth, wincing.

“Bit of a burn on this one eh?”

“Nothing I can’t handle,” Rachel replied. “Anyway, I need the burn to distract me.”

The two friends had been out for hours, Rachel drowning her sorrows following her breakup. She’d thought Georgia was The One; unfortunately Rachel had been just One of many, having caught her ex cheating. With two women.

Daniel and Rachel had an uncomplicated relationship; although Rachel was very pretty in a girl-next-door way, with doe eyes, pale skin and dark hair, Daniel had stopped noticing. He was straight, but she was a ‘gold-star’ lesbian. It kept things easy. They’d meet up and talk about everything – relationships, feminism, politics, Marvel movies – but usually end up thirstily showing each other the female celebrities they were attracted to.

“I have to say, I prefer it when you’re saying unrepeatable things about Aubrey Plaza, but given the circumstances I’ll give you a pass.”

“Ooh, actually…” Rachel picked up her phone and tapped the screen. “Have we talked about Margot Robbie yet?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Yes or no?”

“Yes. You?”

Rachel furrowed her brow mischievously. “Emphatically and repeatedly, until one of us gets injured.”

“If you get injured first, I’ll step in.”

Daniel loved these conversations. Two men talking about women so often gets crude and teeters on misogyny; he felt like Rachel was a loophole, and knew she’d pull him up if he ever crossed the line.

“Daniel, dear boy. I am extremely drunk.” Rachel slurred, vaguely gesticulating with her phone.

“Mission accomplished, then! One more?”

“I should get go- oh, for fucks sake.” She was looking at her phone, a screen full of red exclamation marks and bus icons. “The trains aren’t running.”

“You can crash at mine,” Daniel offered. His apartment was a five minute walk – perhaps a ten-minute stagger – from the bar.

“Do you have more booze?”

“I *always* have more booze.”

One hour later, they were at Daniel’s, drinking more bourbon as Daniel danced to old soul records on his vintage turntable. “You’ll have to dance to this one!” he started to place another disc on the platter but Rachel had flopped across the sofa, her eyes heavy.



“You can take mine and I’ll sleep in here,” Daniel offered. gaziantep escort “I’ve got a sleeping bag somewhere.”

“Don’t be daft,” Rachel could see through the double bed through the bedroom door. “We can share. It’ll be nice to have company.”

She stumbled to the bed, sat down and tugged off her black jeans. Daniel hadn’t seen Rachel in anything more revealing than a cocktail dress and found himself staring at her long, shapely legs. She stood up, now only wearing a flannel shirt and panties and asked the classic girl-staying-over question.

“Do you have a t-shirt i can borrow?”

He squeezed past her and threw her a clean t-shirt from the closet. Before he could avert his eyes, Rachel had reached behind her to remove her bra, and started to unbutton the shirt. Daniel looked away but caught a glimpse of her breasts; much more full than her baggy top made them look. He slipped out of his trousers and shirt, standing over the bed in his boxers.

“Do you mind if I sleep like this? I run pretty hot.”

“Whatever makes you comfortable darling, Now hop in, I’m ccld.”

Rachel snuggled up to Daniel. She was on her side, while he was on his back, and as she brought her leg up it rested across his crotch. He breasts pressed into his arm and he could feel their weight through the thin t-shirt. He willed his body to behave, but the blood was already rushing downwards.

A few minutes of silence. Rachel moving slightly, pulling in tighter. Daniel’s boxers slowly stretching. She felt the gentle push into her skin.

“Is that… is that what I think it is?”

“I know you don’t have any experience but take my word for it when I tell you, they have a mind of their own. Sorry, I’ll go slee'”

“No, it’s fine. I’ve just never…” Rachel giggled. “You know I’ve never actually even seen one, let alone felt one.”

“I mean, that makes sense. Weirder if you had.” Daniel was relieved she was taking it in good humour. It wasn’t going away, though.

Rachel moved again, her hand reaching out. Daniel felt her fingers on his growing excitement and took a sharp breath.

“That… isn’t going to help.”

“Not you, maybe. I’m learning a lot right now!”

She put her hand on Daniel’s waist and then gripped his shaft, again through his boxers. He squirmed, fully erect now. Rachel looked at him in the dim light, and opened those beautiful eyes wide.

“Could I… see it?”

Daniel pulled the bedsheets back to reveal his arousal; seven inches long, with a girthy head that was fully visible through his boxers. He slipped them down, his cock catapulting up as he released it.

Rachel was transfixed. “Well, i can see why the toys all look like these,” she laughed. Daniel’s seemed fairly normal, she thought. Straight, decently proportioned. She put her arms on his legs and pulled herself over for a better view. She liked the veins down Daniel’s shaft, making it look muscular. She enjoyed the look of his neatly cut head, ribbed for (not her) pleasure. She put her hand around it, gripping just below the head, and felt him tremble.

To her surprise, she felt herself getting wet. They lay in silence for several minutes, Daniel’s cock resting in her hand, his fingers resting between her legs, and started to drift off.

Daniel was awoken by a shaking feeling, moving the bed slightly and rocking him back and forth. He turned his head to see Rachel, eyes closed, biting her lip. Her right hand was moving rapidly and urgently under the covers. Some people really can’t wait, he thought.

The next time he woke up, he found Rachel staring down at him from, a huge smile on her face. She had her legs either side of his hips and was rolling them against his now rock-hard cock, pushing it back into his stomach.

“Rachel! What are – ” she put her finger to his lips.

“Sshh! I just want to see what the fuss is about; one time only. Don’t worry, you’re not going to turn me”

“I don’t want to ‘turn you’! I just-” Daniel realised he was arguing *against* satisfaction, and shut up. He rolled Rachel onto her back and pulled off her underwear; through which he could already see how wet she was.

“You’re sure?”

“I’ll tell you if I change my mind,” she said firmly, helping him slide off his boxers.

“OK, I’m going to stroke you first. Tell me how you want it.”

Daniel gripped himself halfway up his shaft and gently stroked the tip of his cock downwards, finding where Rachel was wettest. He carefully coated himself with her, lubricating his head, then slowly ran it up back up to her clit, very lightly pressing on her. She opened her legs a little further as he once again very tentatively touched her with his dick, now even harder, the head at its full girth, and as he reached her pussy he had to hold himself back as he started to slide in.

Rachel purred approvingly. “So far, so good. More clit please.” She took over, and guided him up to her clit, stroking herself against him in a circular motion.

Daniel’s skin felt so good on hers. Her love for him remained entirely platonic but Rachel could appreciate the pleasure for what it was, and she’d always been curious about it. After all, they were ‘designed’ to be compatible. As she felt him moving down again, she decided she wanted the full service.

Daniel’s tip reached Rachel’s lips, and she pulled him towards her with both hands. The sensation of being entered was so different to her exes; rougher, for sure, but so… filling. He was going slow still, half of the head, then the whole thing. The third time, she felt herself close around his head, the ridge stroking her inside, and the smooth, vascular skin of his shaft. She sighed.

He was giving her a little more every third stroke, until she realised she’d taken all of him. She looked up, and saw a Daniel she’d never seen – excited, turned on, but trepidatious.

“It feels amazing. Please don’t stop.”

Feeling less weird and more downright horny, Daniel started to fuck Rachel properly. His signature move was to rotate his hips on the way in, giving the illusion of more depth each thrust. Rachel was focussing on the contours of his cock, the way it fit inside her, stimulating her g-spot in a unique way.

Daniel slowed down, and whispered “Do you want to try another position?” Rachel nodded enthusiastically, and felt him slip out of her before rolling her onto her front and pulling her legs apart. He felt bigger from behind, and she cried a little as he filled her up on the first thrust getting carried away. He gently slid himself all the way out, then back in, making sure she felt every inch in each direction.

He was close now. Rachel was so tight, and the idea of being her token cock was an incredible turn-on. He slowed down, and leaned into her ear.

“I’m gonna… y’know… that’s probably not something you want to learn about?”

She thought for a second. The lack of one-way mess was one of many upsides to lesbian sex, but she felt bad letting Daniel get this far.

“I have an idea.” She pulled away, feeling Daniel leave her body again, then lay down on her front, facing him. His cock was slick with her wetness, and her hand glided up and down it with ease.

“Show me how hard to stroke,” she told him. He put his hand around hers, adjusted the pressure and speed, and let go. She was a natural. He looked down and saw she was still staring at his cock, all of this a first for her. He gasped as she brought him off – “Fuck, that’s it, don’t stop – ” and she laughed with shock as he erupted in her hand.

“Ok you’re right, I’m not into this bit,” she said, wiping her hands on his bedsheets. “But all in all – I get it. The straights might be onto something.”

The two friends curled up, Daniel spooning Rachel, their relationship transformed from sexual to platonic in mere moments.

“I’m glad it was you, D.”

“Me too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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