The Desired Sin

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She had forgotten everything. Everything about her parents, about her school, about her friends, and about all the things that had been told to her about why this was wrong. All she knew was anticipation and lust. His hand was on her cheek while the other at the small of her back. They were kissing in an almost childish fashion. But this didn’t last long. Soon he removed his hand from her cheek and placed it upon her hip. The kissing became more intense when he started moving his hand up her blue silk skirt. What was once childish and new, was now passionate and a bit hurried. Slowly he slid the hand that was on her back up her shirt. And with a skill that has been passed down through the ages, off came her shirt.

It was only now she realized where she was, a darkened room lit by only a few small candles. She and her desired were sitting across from one another on a very soft bed. But this moment of clarity was short lived. Soon she was once again overcome with passion and a primal urge. It seemed like it happened in a flash. Things were moving so fast that hadn’t realized until now that between them only two articles of clothing remand. She pulled back, away from his hands and his kissing, and just looked at him.

Without knowing how or why, he understood. He motioned Kurtköy Escort her to come into his arms. They lied there, she lying on her back on his stomach, for a long time. She could feel his heart beat, and he hers. They lied there listening to each others breathing, taking in the aroma of there partner. She knew it then, that this was the moment that she had waited for, for so long. She knew that she would never be the same after tonight. Shyly she took his hand from across her chest and slowly moved it downward. Down past her breasts, over her ribs and across her abs. Stopping just below her navel, leaving it bordering a place forbidden of his touch, until now. She then closed her eyes. Instinct told him what she wanted. Without knowing how, he knew what to do, he knew what she yearned for.

He took a few deep breaths and slowly lifted the edge of the elastic band with his fingertips. She couldn’t help shuddering with excitement and anticipation. She lightly bit her lower lip and slightly spread her legs. His hands moved under her panties until his fingertips discovered the soft wet flesh that they had been searching for.

Just the thought of this sent shivers up and down her spine. And now that it was actually happening! She could hardly Pendik Escort contain herself. Her body felt as if she was melting into a puddle of pure happiness. She loved this feeling. Her body stiffened and became ridged as his fingertips ran along the top edge of the moist canyon walls. Slowly his courage built to the point that he began exploring further into her. As hid fingertip lowered itself into the unknown. She couldn’t help but close her eyes and lean back her head. Her heartbeat became much faster and her breathing became erratic. She was totally in love with this feeling. The way he was touching her felt so good that she never wanted him to stop. She couldn’t speak, she couldn’t think, she couldn’t even hardly breathe. It was then that his random exploration began transforming. It turned into a more rhythmic, more specific motion. She began to feel something. She began to feel something. Something was welling up inside her, begging to be let out.

Then, in an explosion of ecstasy, an orgasm ripped though her small frame. Every mussel, every cell, every fiber of her being was screaming with joy and passion. She felt as if pleasure itself was ripping her apart. She couldn’t breathe fast enough to ketch her breath. She quivered violently as the waves Mutlukent Escort of her orgasm overcame her. She clutched the sheets tightly, pressing her nails into them, crying out loudly again and again. He continued to caress her until her trembling had subsided and her moans had softened to whimpers.

Just the sight of his partner in such a state of pleasure sent him into a passionate frenzy. Time seemed to slow as he moved out from underneath her. The actions that seemed to take minutes only took seconds. He was now lying on his side next to her, still caressing the inside of her. He was watching the storm that was once again building strength in her eyes. Then, like a flash of lightning another devastating orgasm split through her. This time only one scream was able to escape her lips as it came. Unlike the last, this one was much more violent and much stronger. It was now that from inside her, he actually felt her heart stop for a moment. It was a wondrous and marvelous sight that he was witnessing. He was truly in awe of the power he had unleashed.

As her body recovered from the rainbow colored waves of pleasure, she looked deeply into his eyes. Without saying a word she told him all he needed to hear. He removed himself from within her, and began kissing her.

Soon there was nothing between them. The last of there clothes were cast onto the floor. She was on her back with him hovering above. They kissed madly and passionately. Then finally, she spoke the words that nearly set his soul ablaze.

“Take me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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