The Drive Home

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We maneuvered through the city, little traffic on a Sunday afternoon and headed for the highway. I glanced at Nicole, sitting quietly in the passenger seat. She had scrunched herself down as low as she could, the seat belt preventing her from melting down onto the floor. She looked over at me and quickly away, her cheeks turning pink.

“Wanna talk to me? Tell me what the fuck you were thinking? I told you keep the fucking door closed, as in DON’T OPEN IT FOR ANYONE.”

She burst into tears, sobbing hard and doubled over on herself, pushing the shoulder belt aside.

“He knocked and knew I was in there and the lock wasn’t set and security bar was off and he used his key card and let himself in and I was naked and he caught me by surprise and I couldn’t cover up fast enough and he was between me and the bathroom and I couldn’t hide and he grabbed me and lifted me off the floor and started feeling me up and fingering my pussy and his hands were in me and I wanted to scream for help but he brought a bunch of napkins in from the breakfast cart and he shoved them into my mouth and threw me on the bed and… and.. and…”

Her crying and sobbing were so intense she was rocking the car. I let her cry it out and when she slowed; her breathing changed and I glanced over to see that she had fallen asleep, most likely from the trauma of the past 24 hours.

She slept through the four hour drive and was still out when I pulled into the driveway and into the garage. I had called my wife and warned her I was bringing home a stray, again. She heard the garage door open and met the car as we entered the garage. I stopped the engine and exited the car, greeting my naked wife with a long deep kiss and a firm hold on her wonderful ass cheeks.

“So, what’s the story this time?” she asked.

“I’ll let the girl tell you and listen for the subtle changes. She is supposedly a student at the university. I’ll check on that in the morning and we will see what is true or not. Meanwhile…”

I told her of the triple rape and my insistence to get help, but she refused. Nicole was waking up as the car’s motion had stopped. Her head came up and a groggy looking young lady opened the door. I introduced her to my wife and she eyed her up and down.

“You’re naked!” she said.

“Very good, your eyes are working very well.” My wife sarcastically said.

We were then joined by Aimee who was anxious to welcome me home and who was also… naked.

“Whoa, you weren’t kidding about being an open family.” Nicole said.

“Ladies, she is all yours. Take her in, clean her up, do what a doctor and psychologist would do, but this time with a womanly approach and Nicole, tell them everything… everything. DO NOT hold anything back. They need to know.” In they went, disappearing up the stairs and into the master suits.

I dropped my cameras off in the studio, headed for the laundry room and deposited my dirty cloths and stripped down to naked, finally feeling İstanbul Escort like I am home. I went up stairs to the guest bathroom and started a shower. Stepping into the hot water was wonderful. I soaped up stroking my cock which needed to be relieved of inner pressures. I closed my eyes and imagined a three or four sum with Nicole, Liz and Aimee. Just the thought made me ever so hard. I kept stroking as my other hand found my ass hole and I pressed a finger in finding my prostate. Just pressing on it made me almost hurt as my cock expanded filling with blood. Finally, unable to hold back any longer, I released my load, spraying the cum onto the shower walls. I looked down watching my cock squirt and the magnificent feeling of an orgasm rolling through my body. I collapsed against the back wall and sucked in hot steamy air. Pulling my finger from my ass, I washed the remaining parts of my body and rinsed off. Stepping from the shower, I was greeted by a naked Aimee, who helped me dry off, and complimented me on the squirting she had witnessed through the shower doors, in spite of them being coated with steam.

“You’re just jealous it wasn’t you there to catch it.”

She smiled at me and planted a wet kiss on me.

“Glad you are home and in one piece. Nicole told us about how you rescued her not once but twice. Did you really tie the waiter up and hide him in a closet?”

“Afraid so. I had to get her out of there without a lot of interference. Cases like that, you do what you have to.”

“And did you fuck her, did you cum in her?”

“I did fuck her but I did not cum in her. I am not sure if the waiter did, but it would not surprise me if he did. I did see a lot of fluid on his cock when I got him off Nicole.”

“Well, Liz had a douche kit and she is teaching Nicole as she is cleaning her out. Nicole still doesn’t want police involved, stupid, stupid, stupid.”

Aimee was shaking her head as she told me. I looked at Aimee, took her face in my hands and kissed her. She responded in kind and I said to her

“This is why we worry about you, young lady. In spite of your excessive training in the martial arts, ability to defend yourself and all, it would only take three or four or more men to gang up on you, the only female for hundreds of miles and have their way with you. And it will just destroy your sister if anything happens to you.”

“And what about you? Would it bother you like it would bother Liz?” she asked.

“Damn you, you know it would, If anything happened to you I would personally go wherever and hunt the sons of bitches down and maim every one of them. I love you like my wife, and you know that.”

She hugged me and I felt her hand drop to my cock as I went for her pussy. I sunk two fingers into her wetness and filled her mouth with my tongue. She reciprocated and we were soon in the throes of pleasuring each other. The bathroom door opened and there stood two naked women, well, one naked Bayan Escort woman and a naked young girl, Nicole.

“Shit, I’m going to like living here!” she said and looked to Liz for approval.

“We will see.” Liz replied and looked to me for guidance.

Aimee broke her kiss and let go of my enlarging cock. Nicole just starred at my cock, my fingers exiting Aimee’s cunt and looked back to my cock.

“Tomorrow I will get a meeting with the dean of the Marketing and Advertising school and my department chair. We will see what your status is and what we can do to get you back to being a student.”

We settled into our regular routine, me cooking Bar-B-Queue, the ladies doing the rest of the supper fixings. Nicole seemed to be getting into this ‘always naked’ when in the house that is until through the garage door comes my son, Marc.

“Mom, Dad, what’s for supper!” he says, hopping on one foot as he disrobes. Turning around he stops dead in his tracks and says to Nicole “Holy shit who are you?”

Liz, Aimee and I all looked at each other and started laughing. We forgot about Marc and what bringing Nicole into our fold would mean to him… but it became obvious when we watched his cock grow to full erection as he starred at Nicole and looked her up and down. She was doing likewise as she eyed his body, all of it and settled her view on his 10+ inches of erection. Nicole was turning red and almost seemed to want to run and hide her nakedness in the presence of this hunk of ‘MacDreamy’ as my son has been called. Marc extended his hand and introduced himself, taking Nicole’s hand and drawing her closer.

She introduced herself and said “Your Dad speaks highly of you, all of you” as her eyes landed on his manhood.

“OK you two, get over here and sit. Supper is ready. You can get acquainted later.”

Supper was very enjoyable as we relived the events of the past two days, without the nasty details and Liz and Aimee caught me up on the going one here at the house. Several celebratory bottles of wine and we were all feeling no pain. As the hour was getting late and some of us had to work in the morning, I sent Marc off to bed with a warning to leave Nicole alone for a few days. Escorting Nicole to her room, she, too, was cautioned to leave Marc alone for a few days. I reminded them both that I sleep lightly and can hear the bed springs anywhere in the house, and reminded Marc of the security system and the automatic video recording system.

“OK, Dad, I get the point. I’ll leave her alone, besides Tara will be pissed if she knows I am fooling around.”

OK, two down, now my turn to get some… love. Into my bedroom suite; find my wife and her sister, wonderfully naked and on the king bed, enjoying each other’s ministrations, the look up as I enter, both smile and extend their arms to me. I am ushered to the center of the bed and feel four hands on my body. Two on my cock (Liz), two on my face, chest, and everywhere Eskort else. Aimee worked her way down to my cock and I watched as two beautiful women sucked, licked and jacked my 10 inches of penis. Liz eventually climbed onto my cock, Aimee watching from below and assisted in my cock finding its mark. I felt her grab my cock, and aim it into Liz’s pussy. Liz groaned as she sank onto me and Aimee also sighed as my cock disappeared into her sister. Liz rode my cock, as I played with her breasts, watching them bounce is pleasure to my eyes. I pinched her nipples and found her clit, as I usually do, rocketing her into the first of several orgasms to come. She fell forward onto my chest and I felt Aimee’s hands work my balls, scrotum and ass. She must have also been working Liz’s ass as I felt her inhale deeply as something happened below. She came, again, rolling over and over until she rolled off my cock and onto her back. I heard Aimee say “Next!” and she began to tongue her way up my inner thighs and around my junk. She worked her way up to my chest and sucked on my nipples, causing me to shudder in anticipation. Back down the other side of me, stopping at the tip of my cock, wet with her sisters fluids.

“I love the taste of the two of you together. It is a taste and smell that reminds me of home, you two and the love that overflows in this house.”

With that she engulfed my cock, sucking it to the hilt. I am again amazed at how much of my 10 inches she can get into her mouth and down her throat. She continues until I say I am about to cum… and she stops. She moves up my body as her pussy slides over my cock. Liz is now in her place and assists in getting my cock into her sister’s cunt. I do no work as Aimee takes over, raising her hips up and down, up and down, sliding my cock in and out of very wet pussy. I reach for her clit and begin to squeeze and rub it with one hand as the other hand plays with her orange sized breasts. Just the right size for filling a hand, soft and warm, I want to suck on them. I roll her off and lay on top of her, now I am pistoning in and out of her. Liz can now lean in and kiss her sister’s mouth, suck her breast closest to her as I suck on the other, still pushing into her pussy. I am close and tell her so.

“Do it. Fill my pussy with your seeds” she says as my wife repositions herself to the side of my hip.

I know what she is up to, having watched this before. I arch my back and begin to spray my fluids into Aimee’s pussy. When I finish, I collapsed on her chest and rolled off and out of her cunt. My wife immediately takes my cock’s place and begins to suck and lick her sisters cum filled pussy. Aimee is writhing in orgasms as her sister sucks on her clit and pussy hole, pulling all my sperm from Aimee’s tunnel. She keeps it all in her mouth and moves up positioning her head over Aimee’s mouth. Slowly she drools my seed out and into Aimee’s mouth. Aimee lifts her head and kisses Liz’s mouth and they proceed to swap sperm between their mouths. Erotic? You bet and it’s that vision I am left with as I reach for the bed side lamp switch and plunge us into darkness. The girls snuggle with me, one on each side, and we give in to a warm, secure comfortable sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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