The Engineer and His Bride

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Walid graduated as a student in the engineering faculty at Cairo University and went to London for postgraduate studies where he did very well. He was headhunted by a very large company and found himself in a good position with a good income. The only thing missing in his life was a wife. He sent a message back to his family to try and find him a nice wife, preferably with a good dowry. The family put out feelers to some marriage brokers and they soon found a very nice candidate. Ameera had shown little interest in other prospective husbands but hesitated when she saw Walid’s photo. He looked kind and gentle and was very handsome and her heart melted just a fraction.

Her mother was petrified that if Ameera rejected too many more offers, that at 20 she would not get any more and would remain unmarried and pushed her into accepting. Well educated and attractive, she spoke English and seemed very happy at the prospect of living in London. The marriage broker who was involved in finding her, knew that she was very shy and very uncomfortable in the presence of men and possibly not suitable but the enticement of a one percent commission on the dowry was enough to change his mind. The dowry was large. She would be suitable.

Walid saw her photographs and spoke to her on the phone and on the basis of the recommendation flew back to Cairo to get married and after a big ceremony and celebration, took his bride to the hotel hoping to consummate the marriage. He was to be disappointed. Ameera said that she was very tired and wanted to go to sleep and that when they got to London the following day they would continue.

On the plane flying back to London with his new virgin bride sitting next to him, Walid could not stop himself from playing scenarios of what would happen when he got Ameera into bed and prepared to make love to her. All of his notions were playbacks of scenes that he had been watching on porn. He would undress her and reveal her breasts. He knew they were large. You could see that through her clothing. He would take her panties off — would she be wearing any? He would look at her body and look at her pussy. He knew she would have a hairy pussy — Egyptian girls didn’t shave. Would it be very hairy or just a neat triangle?

Then he would rub her clitoris and spread her legs wide and spread her lips revealing the entrance to her vagina. He would rub the tip of his erect cock up and down her slit touching her clitoris and then he would push it slowly into her vagina and break her hymen and then he would move and come inside her. He played this scenario over and over in his mind making it very uncomfortable sitting in his seat with an erection that would not go away. He had to put a newspaper in his lap to hide it from Ameera. Would she even know what it was? He would soon enough find out.

Ameera was also deep in thought, worried about the forced entry of an unwelcome object into her vagina. She knew nothing about sex. Nothing. She just knew that Walid had a penis between his legs that he was going to try and insert into her hole down there. She froze at the thought of it. Her knees locked up, even in the plane. She had no idea how this situation was going to be resolved. She even wondered whether she should have agreed to get married but once the wheels were in motion she seemed powerless to call halt. It was too late now.

They went to his apartment and he hoped that they would make love but it was then that he found Ameera was extremely shy and would not even get undressed in front of him and insisted on being in a dark room without lights. Worse was to come. Ameera allowed him to remove her clothes and allowed him to fondle her breast but would not open her legs.

When Walid asked what the problem was, she said she said that she was just very shy and afraid that he would hurt her and that she could not make love. Walid tried but eventually gave up. This went on for weeks until Walid’s sister asked if his wife was pregnant and he explained the situation. Walid’s sister quietly asked around and came across a couple with experience at solving this type of problem. Jerry and Nicole had been together for a while as a team and they enjoyed being involved with other people’s lives and solving their sex problems. Jerry was a psychologist and Nicole was a psychiatric nurse and they just loved what they did together. They did it for fun and not as a living.

One of the advantages of dealing with Jerry and Nicole was that they were not registered and that they did not charge and that there would be no forms to fill out. No records anywhere. They had not registered because they did not want to be bound by the ethics of the official society which they found very restricting. They also were happy to be surrogates which meant that they could be involved in physical intimacy with the patients which also had another set of ethics and rules. They felt that they could be more helpful to the patient if they followed their instincts. They had certainly been very ankara escort successful and had gained a good reputation in certain circles.

They came to Walid’s apartment for a preliminary session to find out exactly what the problem was. They asked Ameera what it was and she explained in her own words that she knew very little about sex and that she was very frightened. She thought that the problem might stem from a conversation she heard when she was very little about her mother’s sister having a painful marriage. The very thought that Walid might push his penis into her made her become very tight. She felt powerless to open her legs. Jerry and Nicole looked at each other. It was very clearly a case of vaginismus, which was very common in Muslim countries but in other countries such as Ireland as well.

Vaginismus was a condition where the muscles surrounding the vagina clenched and would not allow penetration of anything at all. The usual treatment was to go to a doctor and be referred to some specialists who used vaginal trainers or dilators which were slowly increased in size to train the vagina to get used to penetration. Jerry and Nicole thought that this situation with Ameera required a different solution because she was so unwilling to open her legs and even allow Walid’s penis to get close to her vagina. They believed that each situation was different and the woman should not be treated in isolation but in conjunction with the husband.

Jerry and Nicole decided on a plan of action which they had done before. It involved a few steps and had been very successful.

•Nicole would initiate a discussion with Ameera about sex and her body and how sex could be the source of great pleasure.

•get Ameera to relax and associate pleasure with sex

•get Ameera to associate sexual pleasure with penetration

•get Ameera to allow penetration of ever larger diameter rods into her vagina

•get Ameera to associate penetration with a rod with an orgasm

•substitute Walid for the rod. Problem solved.

Nicole said,” I want to have a quick talk with Ameera. I need to explain a few things to her about what will happen. You two can have a cup of coffee.”

“Ameera. Am I right to assume that you have never had any sex education lessons?”

“Nothing. My mother couldn’t talk about it and so I really don’t know anything.”

“Have you ever played with yourself?”

“Never. Good Egyptian girls are told not to do that.”

“Alright. I need to know that you want to solve this problem. Is that correct?”

“Yes. I know that if we want to have children we have to make love.”

“Okay I’m going to quickly show you this book and we can go through the diagrams and you can see what’s going to happen. What we have to do is get you to relax at the idea that something is going to go inside your vagina. We use are some special rods. We start off small about 1 cm diameter and they get bigger and bigger until you get accustomed to the idea that something large is going to go into your vagina. We will do it gradually and it won’t hurt. Are you happy with that?”

“Yes. Can you show me a picture of what a vagina looks like? I’ve never seen one.”

“Sure. Here it is. It’s all closed up and when you get aroused it becomes very moist and lubricated to allow Walid’s penis to slide in and out. Most women get a lot of pleasure when they are making love and if we do this right, you will too.”

“Well I hope so.”

“Okay. It’s time to go into the bedroom and your session can start.”

It was important not to fall foul of the law and so they required written assent to the treatment and that Ameera and Walid had volunteered for the treatment and that there would be no payment.

Nicole said, “I want you both to come into the bedroom and turn off the light so that Ameera is comfortable and will not be shy. Ameera, Walid will undress you and will play with your breasts and his hand will rub your tummy while I do something else.”

“Is that okay? “


They proceeded into the bedroom and Walid undressed Ameera completely and made her lie on the bed. Nicole guided Walid’s hands to her breasts and tummy while she ran her fingers through Ameera’s pubic hair and up and down the top of her legs. All the time Nicole intoned the words softly to Ameera, “relax, relax, relax.”

Then she put some oil on her finger and slipped it into Ameera’s slit and massaged her clitoris gently. She held Ameera’s hand with her other hand and squeezed it from time to time. Meanwhile her finger slid up and down Ameera’s clitoris and moved the hood back and forth until she could feel the shaft of her clitoris getting harder. When Nicole thought Ameera had relaxed enough she produced a high-intensity vibrator with a very narrow tip which she inserted into the top of Ameera’s vulva making sure that it touched her clitoris. She knew it would take some time to get a reaction. It always did.

Ameera was surprised by the noise as much ankara escort bayan as anything else but the effect of the vibrations on her clitoris was even more surprising. Nerve endings which had lain dormant for years suddenly became charged with electricity and sent messages along neural pathways which opened like a torrent in flood. At first Ameera tried to resist the pleasure sensations which were growing and growing but the continuous advice to relax eventually worked and she could sense that the growing pleasure of what was happening to her would lead to an explosion of some sort.

Nicole knew what would happen — she had seen it happen many times before. There would be silence and it would seem as if nothing was happening and all of a sudden the patient would have an almighty orgasm. Nobody had ever been able to resist the power of the vibrator.

And so it happened. Ameera was lying prone enjoying her husband’s hands on her breasts and tummy and all of a sudden, almost without warning, the orgasm hit. Her control over her body was momentarily lost as the spasms caused her body to buck and her legs to open involuntarily. Nicole was waiting for this moment and plunged the palm of her hand down over Ameera’s vulva and inserted her middle finger just a little way into her vagina and moved it. She held still for a moment so that Ameera would get used to it and then deftly removed her finger and inserted a dilating rod about 1 cm in diameter into her vagina and waited until Ameera had calmed down.

“Did you enjoy that?”

“It was so strange. It was good. I never felt anything like that before. “

“Can you feel something inside you? “


“Is it hurting?”


“You just had an orgasm. Would you like another one?


Nicole applied the vibrator to her clitoris again and moved the rod in and out at the same time until Ameera had a second orgasm in a much shorter time.

“Was that good?”


“Okay. That’s enough for tonight. We will come back tomorrow night. Ameera, you can practise using the rod tomorrow. Walid, you are not to touch Ameera tonight. Okay?”

In bed that night, while Walid slept beside her, Ameera quietly slipped her finger between her lips and touched her clitoris for the first time ever with the intention of pleasuring herself. She reassured herself that it was enjoyable and wondered why she had listened to those voices around her who had told her not to do it. Where was the harm? As it grew harder she could feel herself becoming very wet where the rod was moving in and out. She knew she had to stop before she had an orgasm and woke Walid. Bring on the morning when he had gone to work.

The next morning when Walid had gone to work and she was alone, Ameera took out the rod and looked at it. She was going to do what she was told. She looked at the book carefully and at the diagrams showing her internal organs and the external bits. There was a whole new world at her fingertips. She looked at the picture of the penis and looked at the diagram. It didn’t seem to fit. But it must. Did Walid know she looked like this?

The first thing she had to do was see exactly what she looked like between her legs. She lay down on her back and holding a mirror in one hand, she separated her lips with the other hand and looked at the pink flesh between them. It had never occurred to her that her curly hair went all the way down there and framed the pink. She touched her clitoris again and poked around with the rod until it was at the entrance to her vagina. She pushed it in as far as it would go and touched something deep inside her. She gathered some moisture on the tip of her finger and began to rub her clitoris until she had an orgasm. Was she supposed to stop now or keep doing it? She stopped and got out of bed and went about her daily routine. After an hour she had to have a repeat and then stop and have lunch. And then after an hour she had to start again.

The evil spell that had made her reject Walid’s penis had gone forever.

That night both Walid and Ameera were looking forward to the knock on the door. Ameera welcomed in Nicole and Jerry.

Nicole said,” Tonight we going to do almost the same as last night only we going to use a slightly larger dilator to make sure that Ameera gets used to something bigger in her vagina. Everybody happy with that?”


Nicole said, “Good. I’m going into the other room with Walid while Jerry goes with Ameera.”

Jerry and Ameera went into the dark bedroom by themselves. The idea was to get Ameera used to the idea of a man using the vibrator and pushing the dilator in. It took much less time this time before Ameera jerked her body and opened her thighs for Jerry to apply the palm of his hand to her open vulva and slip his middle finger into her vagina. He intoned the same words as Nicole, ‘relax, relax, relax’. It was important that Ameera got used to not clenching the muscles around her vagina and allowed escort ankara the dilator to move freely. Jerry was able to push in a 2 cm diameter dilator this time. Ameera noticed it, but it wasn’t uncomfortable and when Jerry rotated it and moved in and out she could feel how good it was.

Jerry continued to apply the vibrator and used his finger as well and Ameera had another orgasm with the dilator moving inside her. She felt good. Jerry wanted to make sure that she did not become addicted to the vibrator and started to diddle her clitoris with great skill. Still moving the dilator Ameera had her third orgasm. She was doing very well.

While all this was happening, Nicole walked with Walid into the other bedroom and said, “We think Ameera is doing very well and it’s very important that when your moment comes, that you know what to do and I’m going to show you now. ”

She signalled to Walid to take his clothes off and as he did so, she took her own off. Walid was very hesitant. Would Nicole approve of the size of his dick? Was it long enough? Would it matter that he had been circumcised? It was dark. She was pale. What would she think if it was short and soft? What would she think if it was long and hard?

His train of thought was rudely interrupted when Nicole placed her thumb under the tip of his flaccid dick and he watched as it grew hard in her hand.

“You have a long, hard dick and you will make Ameera very happy.”

Walid had never seen a naked woman before and his eyes took her in bit by bit. Nicole had nice breasts but they were smaller than Ameera’s and there was no hair on her pussy. Were all women the same?

“We have to get you used to what Ameera looks like down below and make sure that you know what to do.”

Nicole lay on the bed and opened her legs and separated the lips revealing her prominent clitoris.

Pointing at it she said,” Ameera’s got one just like this and you need to rub it and stimulate it to make sure that she gets wet so that you can slide in easily. I want you to rub me just there and I want you to see how I get wet after a little while. After that I want you to lick me with your tongue and maybe some soft nibbles with your lips and tongue but don’t bite me with your teeth. Let’s do that for a while.”

Walid enjoyed this exercise and with a little bit of guidance brought Nicole to a huge orgasm. Her thighs gripped his head and kept it in place and he kept licking until she could take it no more and pulled his head away.

“Did you like that?”

“I like it. I like it very much and the taste and smell are wonderful.”

“Make sure you do it to Ameera very often and she will love you forever.”

“Do you think she will let me?”

“Try it once and you will see. Now I want you to imagine that you are with Ameera and I want you to get between my legs and position your penis so that it slips into my vagina. I don’t want you to push it in — I just want you to be ready and when you’re with Ameera, I want you to push it right in. You need to get used to positioning your legs between her knees so that you can line up your dick with her vagina. I just need you to get your legs in position between her thighs so that you will be able to push your penis into her vagina. Once you’ve done that I want you to kiss her really passionately and then just move in and out. You will lose control and come inside and she’ll enjoy that.”

“How does that sound?”


Nicole could not resist the temptation. For her the best part of what they did was the opportunity to play with a man’s hard dick. She thought she could remember every one she had ever touched. Her hand reached out to hold Walid’s seriously hard, erect penis again.

“Walid. You have one of the straightest, hardest dicks I have ever felt. Ameera is a lucky girl.”

Nicole knew that there was the possibility of a blow to Walid’s self-esteem at the thought that his dick could not deflower his own wife. He needed a boost to his confidence.

Walid was a very good student and in a few minutes he was well prepared for the next step. Nicole didn’t tell him but she was also trying to calculate from the shape of his erect penis which was the best shaped dildo in her collection to use for the final training session with Ameera. Nicole knew exactly which one she would use the following night.

“That’s enough for tonight. We’ll come again tomorrow.”

Nicole and Jerry thought that tonight could be the final night and that Walid and Ameera would make love for the first time. It was obvious that Ameera was progressing much faster than expected. Normally it took quite a few days but it must have been the association of pleasure with the insertion that encouraged her to relax. Whatever negative impressions she had had about sex being painful had been replaced by positive ones. Nicole hoped that the 3 cm dilator would be quickly accepted and that she would be able to use her specially shaped dildo which was 4 cm. To make sure it was warm she carried it wrapped in a special thermal cloth.

Nicole knocked on the door and it was opened by an enthusiastic Ameera who gave her a hug. Nicole was now sure that tonight would be the night.

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