The Ex has a Proposition

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There are many stories here about sex with the ex but I rarely read them, it doesn’t seem too likely. I get along fine with my ex. We weren’t too happy with each other when we split, but years of shared parenting has forced us to get over it and even learn to like each other again. Not that I wouldn’t do her if I could, my ex is hot in a curvy well padded way.

I have jokingly made suggestive comments when it was just the two of us talking, half hoping that she would give a positive reaction. “Been there, done that, got the divorce” or something similar has been the response. I never push it, and I don’t do it often enough to be tiresome, but I have tried to keep it active in her mind as a possibility.

I hadn’t seen April in a few months and business took me through her village, so I called to see if she was in.

“Hi, it’s Steve, I was wondering if you will be around later if I drop in?”

“Hey stranger! Good to hear your voice. I just started making lunch, are you close enough to join me?”

“About 15 minutes away, is that okay?”

“Sure, I’ll throw another burger on the barbecue

She greeted me with a quick hug when I got there and we headed for the kitchen.

“Can I ask you about something a little sensitive?” she asked.

“Sure, go ahead.”

“How serious are you when you kid me about wanting to screw me?”

My heart rate must have doubled.

“Totally serious. You know I’ve never stopped being attracted to you.”

“Could you do it if somebody was watching?”

“I’d do it on your front lawn with the whole town watching if that’s what it takes!”

“What if it was Bill watching?”

“Like I said, whatever it takes, but would he be able to do that? I’d be afraid he would get upset. Even if he accepted it at the time, he might not be happy later. As much as I’d love to get back into your pants, I don’t want to mess things up for you.”

“I think it would be okay. He’s been hinting about blow jobs for quite a while, and you know I just won’t do that. So I started kidding him about having to find somebody else. When he said he didn’t have any other options I pointed out that a mouth is a mouth. He knows you swing both ways but I didn’t say anything immediately. Later I started introducing the idea of finding a guy to blow him. He was a bit squeamish at first, but eventually started getting turned on by the idea. I suggested that you might be willing to give him a blowjob if you could fuck me in return.”

“Yeah, but how does he feel about the idea of you having sex with the ex?”

“That was easier than I thought, the fact that you and I were together for years means that it’s not really something new, you’ve done it before. He said that would probably be easier than a total stranger.”

Yeah but what about the next time one of the kids invite all of us for dinner? I’m cool, but is he going to be okay?”

“Well he sure won’t make a fuss there will he?”

I laughed, “no but I just want to be sure this doesn’t bite us on the ass.”

“Like I said, I told him İstanbul Escort you would need something to entice you to blow him. He’s seen you tease me occasionally so he at least suspected you would like to get back into my pants. I suggested that would be a reasonable trade, that way everybody involved gets off.”

“So will this be a one time thing, or do you see it as ongoing?” I asked.

“If Bill is happy, I’m happy, so make it a damned good blow job. If he wants more, you’ll get more.”


It was a couple of weeks later when she texted me, “Want to drop by for dinner and a movie on Friday?”

“I’ll bring the wine. What are we watching?”

“A porno flick with wife watching and some bi-guy action.”

“Sounds like I had better shower right before leaving and wear my newest underwear :-)”

“You got it, I’ve been talking up bjs all week, but not letting him get off so he’s horny as hell. Be ready for a really big mouthful.”

“Great, will you kiss me when I’m done?”

“Not a chance until you swallow everything!”

“Your loss.”

“I’ll take your word for it. See you Friday about 6:00.”


I arrived at their place and Bill answered the door.

“Come on in, grab a beer.”

I walked into the kitchen where April was working at the counter. I gave her a hug, handed her a bottle of wine, then grabbed a beer from the fridge.

I took one slug from my beer, and in his usual direct way Bill said, “April tells me you like sucking cock.”

I choked, almost spewing beer all over the table.

“Yeah I do, though I don’t put it on my resume.”

“Does your wife know?”

“Yes, and I’m allowed to indulge my appetite occasionally as long as I’m careful. She doesn’t want to know who I’m with or details of what I do.”

“That seems unusually generous of her.”

“Well, she gets the same freedom in return. Same rules, be discrete, be careful who she has sex with, and don’t get anybody pregnant.”

“Do you do this a lot?”

“No, when we started I had visions of constant sex with a wide range of partners, but in the five years we have been married I’ve only had two encounters, once with a woman and once with a couple.”

“What was it like with the couple?”

“They both loved getting oral, but neither wanted to do it. We met at a bar and had already had a few drinks when we started talking. He kidded me about being on the prowl for some pussy, and I responded that I’d be happy to get a mouthful of pussy or dick. By the end of the night I’d had both, and she got her fantasy of having two guys at once fulfilled too.”

April had obviously been listening.

“There is no way I’m taking two dicks at once, so don’t get your hopes up.”

Bill laughed, “I don’t mind getting a blowjob, but I’m not going anywhere near another guys junk. Too much chance of our balls rubbing together if we double team you.”

“Darn, there goes another fantasy.” I Escort Bayan responded.

We had dinner, continuing the teasing, building the sexual tension.

When the table was cleared poured drinks and I turned toward the living room.

April put on the porn flick and we watched for a while. She kept teasing Bill. At first he was a little unsure about that with me in the room, but I told them to go ahead, I was enjoying the movie. Bill was getting him more and more worked up.

April was rubbing Bill’s cock through his pants and he had a hand inside her top.

April said, “Let’s move to the bedroom.”

Thank goodness, I was getting very worked up watching them.

“Who’s first?” I asked.

“Do Bill first, I’m going to play with myself while I watch my ex give my husband a blowjob.”

“We all have too many clothes on, shall we help her with that?” I asked.

Bill started pulling off April’s top, so I undid her pants and slid them down. In a moment she was standing naked in all her curvy glory. Man I missed those big breasts! Bill and I peeled off our clothes.

“How do you want to do this?”

Bill sat on the edge of the bed, and April sat next to him, giving him a long sensuous kiss. I knelt in front of him and pushed his knees apart. I could see he was a bit apprehensive, but April did her best to distract him. I leaned over and licked the head of his cock a few times, then started licking the length of his shaft as it hung there. After a minute it started to grow. I lifted his cock and licked it from his balls to the head, it grew some more. I started teasing the head of his cock with my tongue, then licked the shaft again. I kept this up until a drop of precum appeared at the tip. Bill was massaging April’s breasts, her hand was moving between her legs. Her eyes were focused on me as I slid my mouth down over the length of her husband’s cock.

He was about 6’1/2″ and average thickness. I’m not the world’s best deep throat artist, but I can go all the way down on a cock for a short time. I pushed forward until my nose was buried in his pubic hair, then backed off, and repeated a few times. Then taking a deep breath I pushed all the way down his shaft and stuck my tongue out. From the way he moaned I knew he liked it. I started sliding my mouth back and forth more quickly along his shaft. He started thrusting his hips in time with my head.

April slid down next to me to get a really good view, it meant that I could see my ex watching me with her husband’s cock in my mouth. There was something very arousing about her watching me suck a guy, especially since it was her husband.

I felt him tense up, so I slid my mouth back until I just had the head of his rigid cock in my mouth, sucking for all I was worth. His shaft pulsed with each shot of cum he sent into my mouth, and I swallowed greedily. Finally he slumped back, sated.

“Wow, that was incredible.”

“You really liked that hon?”

“Yeah, I had no idea it would be that intense. My knees feel weak, I doubt Eskort I could stand up now.”

“Well you lay back and recover. I want to find out if his pussy eating skills are as good as I remember.”

April looked at me then lay back on the bed next to Bill, raising her knees slightly and spreading her legs. As I moved up to her furry playground Bill moved over to a chair so he had a good view of the bed.

I slid my hands up and grasped her butt cheeks, kissing the inside of her thighs. I licked and kissed closer and closer to her cunt for a few minutes, Finally I licked the length of her slit and she moaned. She was already a bit wet from watching and playing with herself. I started tonguing her cunt and licked around her clit without ever touching it, she was squirming and whining a little bit as she got more and more aroused. Her juices were really flowing now, my face was covered. When I could see she was close I started more direct stimulation of her clit, she was thrusting her pelvis at my face, breathing deeply. I slid up until the head of my cock was nudging at her pussy.

She smiled at me and said, “Welcome back.”

I pushed gently, she was very wet and ready so I slid right in. She felt so good, I really missed this. She wrapped her arms around me, and then wrapped her legs around my back. I stroked faster and faster, feeling the pressure building, she was thrusting up at me, grunting and whining as her climax approached. Finally with a shriek she tensed up, arched her back, and shuddered to a climax. I shot my load a moment later, filling her as her husband watched.

We collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily form the exertion. I looked over at Bill, who had a stunned look on his face.

“Holy shit! Watching you get fucked was the hottest thing I have ever seen!”

His cock was standing tall and proud again, he was obviously very turned on. I rolled away from April as Bill approached the bed. He climbed on top and put his cock into her, pumping fast and furious until he blew his load in her too.

Bill rolled onto his back next to April, she looked over at me.


“Well what?”

“I think you need to do some cleanup.”

I came over and alternately licked and sucked Bill’s cock until he was clean. April spread her legs. Her bush was thick with her juices, my cum and Bill’s cum, white fluid was seeping from her cunt. I crawled up between her legs and started licking and nibbling until her pubic hair was fairly clean. Then I started lapping at her cunt. I rolled onto my back and April climbed over me, one leg on either side of my head and lowered her cunt onto my waiting mouth. As I sucked her hole she squeezed out as much as she could, filling my mouth with mixed love juices which I swallowed eagerly. Finally I licked her crotch thoroughly leaving her as clean as I could.

April climbed off and stood next to the bed, Bill had dozed off while I was cleaning her. I slipped out quietly and got dressed. Naked, she followed me to the door and gave me a hug, then a long deep kiss, rubbing my cock through my pants.

“I wouldn’t go back to our old life, and I wouldn’t trade Bill for you, but if Bill gets what he wants I’d like a little more of this.”

“Let’s do it again soon,” I replied, and headed for home.

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