The Family Exploration

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Chapter One: The Expedition

Jane and her father, Mike, paused on their trek through the jungle of Papua New Guinea. They had been on foot for three days, accompanied by six local bearers until they had deserted them yesterday, and were both hot and tired; the humidity was oppressive and they were struggling to reach their proposed camp site. They sat side by side on a fallen tree stump to catch their breath and take a quick swig of lukewarm water from their flasks.

“You OK baby?” Mike put his arm round his daughter’s shoulders.

“I’m fine, Dad” she smiled at her father as she wiped the perspiration from her forehead with an already damp handkerchief. “How much further?” She was panting a little despite her denials.

“About an hour I reckon. The helicopter crew I hired gave the exact GPS co-ordinates where they left all our heavy gear after those bastards left us in the lurch. I still cannot fathom why our bearers were adamant that they wouldn’t go near the area we think this tribe lives. Still, those choppers made a good substitute and we should have our tents and equipment waiting.”

Mike Barrett (or to give him his proper title, Professor Michael Barrett) was on the hunt for a tribe of indigenous natives rumoured to live in the hinterland that had had little or no contact with the outside world. His speciality was the study of Biological and Physical Anthropology and he had high hopes that this isolated tribe would be a great aid to further his studies. He had dedicated the past year to obtaining as much information on their whereabouts as could be gleaned from any reports that had been published in the scientific journals. He was 50 years of age and very fit, being 6′ 2″ tall and weighing just over 14stone; academic life had not had an adverse effect on his vigour.

Jane Barrett was also an Anthropologist, but her area of specialisation was Linguistics; she had accompanied her father on the expedition to learn about the language of the long lost tribe and see if she could determine the root and therefore their likely genealogical development. She adored her father and always thought of him as a sexy Indiana Jones. She was 24 years old and also very fit, having played hockey at university which she had kept up after she qualified. She looked much more like her mother than her father, being 5′ 8″ tall and weighing in at 8stone. However, she had a larger bosom than Carole, her mother, and a firm butt that attracted the attention of horny males everywhere she went. She had felt the lascivious stares of the porters they had hired every step of their trek until they disappeared.

Mike had been reluctant to let Jane accompany him on the expedition as she had never been so far off the grid before and he was unsure how she would cope with being deprived of her contact with the outside world. She spent a lot of time on her computer and phone, to the detriment of relationships; however, he had been very impressed with her attitude to the expedition so far. He thought briefly about Jane’s mother, Carole, who had been totally opposed to her daughter joining the expedition. He missed her like crazy whenever he went away on his “jaunts” as she derisively called them. They had been married for twenty five years and they enjoyed their family life, both intellectually and physically. Carole had been a researcher at the first university he lectured at and they had been immediately attracted to each other. Ten minutes after their first kiss they had been in bed nakedly fucking all night long and they still enjoyed a full sexually satisfactory physical marriage.


With his arm round his daughter’s shoulders and her warm body, especially her bra-less breasts, pressed against him he could feel a hardening of his presently under used prick. She had informed him after two days of the oppressive heat that it was far too uncomfortable to be restrained in such a manner and that she would not be wearing the offending clothing in future. He had made no objection and had enjoyed the subsequent sight of her hard nipples showing clearly in her cotton shirt. He wondered if she looked as good naked as her mother and was interrupted by a sharp dig in the ribs.

“Ouch, what was that for?” He protested.

“You were perving on my breasts daddy. You didn’t hear a word I said.” Jane laughed at her father’s discomfort.

“I wasn’t “perving” as you so succinctly put it. I was thinking about your mother, if you must know.” He dropped his arm from her shoulders. “So what’s so important that you physically attack your defenceless old father and falsely accuse him of being a sex offender?”

“Well you can put your arm back for a start, I was enjoying snuggling up to you, despite the heat; it was reassuring in this jungle.” She lifted his arm up in encouragement of his bodily contact. “What I actually asked was “how do we go about finding this shadowy tribe?”

“Well, once we set up camp, I’m thinking curiosity might bring them to us. I don’t fancy chasing will-o’the-wisps in territory they escort haberleri are familiar with.”

“So we just sit around and wait? There’s not much to do this far from civilisation, and in case you hadn’t noticed our computer batteries won’t last more than twelve hours at the best, so you won’t be able to watch your porn videos for very long!” She laughed at the look on her father’s face.

“I don’t” he managed to splutter “watch porn videos. Computers are for scientific research. Anyway, we have a generator and plenty of fuel so recharging should be fine.”

“That’s not what Steve uses his for. I’ve caught him several times watching porn in his bedroom, and I suspect he uses them to masturbate since he has trouble in keeping a steady girlfriend.” Steve was Jane’s younger brother, 21 years old and in his last year at local university. He was the non-scientific member of the family as his area of expertise was Mechanical Engineering.

“Jane, that’s too much information about your brother. He’s got too much testosterone for his own peace of mind, and mine and his mother’s for that matter.”

“Well I know you’ve got enough testosterone to keep Mum satisfied. I hear both of you most nights moaning and making the bed springs creak; like a pair of over-sexed gerbils.” Jane snuggled closer to her father, giggling at his outraged expression.

“Jane, you are incorrigible; your mother and I still love each other and if we like to express that love in a biological fashion that is entirely between your mother and me.”

“Daddy, I love it when you get upset with my teasing. I’m delighted that you and mummy still have sex so often; it gives me hope that love hasn’t passed me by.” Jane reached down and squeezed her father’s muscular thigh. He patted her hand to show that he had taken no offence at her mischievous banter.

“Come on sweetie, we’ve rested long enough. We need to make the camp site before it gets dark.” He removed her lingering hand from his thigh and stood up, easing his back pack onto his shoulders in preparation to set off. Jane shrugged her lighter back pack onto her shoulders and stretched, deliberately emphasising her tight shirt and heavy breasts. Mike’s eyes were drawn again to his daughter’s hard nipples poking through her shirt and he cursed that he was getting aroused by forbidden lust again.

“Lead on MacDuff.” She laughed as she noticed where his gaze was centred, and she shivered with repressed desire. She could not help getting aroused by her handsome father and yet he was as unattainable with just the two of them together as he had been back home.

“You’re bloody impossible.” Her father laughed at her outrageous flirting. He set off at an even pace; he’d done enough trekking over the years to know that moving too fast through this type of vegetation would be self-defeating in terms of quick progress. Jane followed meekly in her father’s footsteps, taking care not to divert from his trail setting path.

They made steady headway for the remainder of the journey until they arrived at the largish clearing that had been selected as their base. They discovered the equipment deposited by the helicopters and after a brief search found and set up the sleeping tents. Having made the sleeping arrangements comfortable they rummaged through the other pallets and located the foodstuffs. Mike immediately set up the camping stove and rustled up a passable supper that least satisfied their hunger, even though it was not cordon-bleu.

By now the evening had quickly turned to night and Mike decided to retire. He kissed Jane on the forehead and unzipped his tent and undressed before clambering naked into his sleeping bag. He heard Jane getting into her tent and he relaxed and prepared for sleep. He was just dreaming about Carole when he heard a frantic tapping on the tent flap.

He struggled to get clear of his sleeping bag and unzipped the flap. He was knocked off his feet by his daughter flying into his arms. He fell backwards onto his open sleeping bag with Jane on top of him. “Hey, steady,” he gasped, “what’s the panic?”

Jane was shaking with fright and Mike put his arms round her waist to comfort her, only to realise from the soft heavy flesh pressed against him that she was completely stark-naked. His prick already primed by his lascivious dreaming of his wife, immediately hardened and was pressed against his daughter’s belly.

“Somebody was creeping round outside my tent,” she sobbed. “I was terrified.”

“It’s alright, baby, calm down and take a deep breath; it was probably just a wild animal investigating something new on his territory.” Mike continued to cuddle his voluptuous daughter, taking pleasure in the smooth sexy body squashed against him. “Do you want me to take a look outside?”

“Oh no daddy,” she whispered, “let me stay here like this; I feel safe in your arms.” She shivered slightly and felt his cock between their bodies, hard and throbbing. “Can I stay here for the night? I can’t gaziantep escort haberleri be on my own, it’s too scary.”

“That’s fine baby, Stay as long as you like.” He reached out and found his torch; he switched it on and used the light provided to struggle out from under Jan’s warm body and get her into his sleeping bag. He then shone the torch around outside and saw, as he had suspected a pair of animal eyes highlighted in the beam. He zipped the tent flap back and reassured his daughter with what he had seen.

“I’m sorry daddy,” she whispered softly, “I was so scared. Can I stay here tonight?” She moved over in the bag to make room for her father. Mike, aware that his prick was now fully erect, did his best to conceal his arousal as he slid in beside Jane. She immediately hugged him close, pressing against his whole body with her hot flesh.

“This is rather inappropriate, sweetie.” Mike protested.

“This is a special circumstance,” Jane whispered. “I need my strong daddy to protect me for all those marauding beasts.”

“What about marauding beasts inside the tent?” Mike asked jokingly. “How do I protect you against those?”

“I don’t need protecting against beasts like this.” Jane grasped his cock with her free hand and held it tightly as she wriggled about until she was comfortably lying partly on her father’s warm comforting body. She slowly began to let her fingers travel up and down the length of Mike’s uncontrollable erection. “Hmm,” she purred, “this is all the reassurance I need tonight. I never realised that your cock was so big, daddy. It’s no wonder mummy moans a lot most nights, she must love getting this shoved into her.”

“Baby, you’re handling the very thing that made you. Are you sure that you want to carry on with this, because I soon won’t be able to restrain myself?” Mike was groaning as his libido climbed sky high from his daughter’s brazen sexual advances. “This is illegal, incest between father and daughter is not allowed.”

“Is it the same for mother and son?” Jane chuckled, fairly certain the she knew the answer.

“Of course it is.” Mike gasped as she cupped his ball-sac and caressed his heavy scrotum. “All family sex is taboo.”

“Then we’d better report mummy and Steve.”

Her announcement made Mike grunt with disbelief. He sat up in his sleeping bag and grabbed the torch again. He turned it on and looked at his daughter. She shielded her eyes against the sudden bright light and smiled. Her hand remained on his ball-sac as she watched the expressions of disbelief, then anger and finally carnal lust flew in rapid succession across his face. He looked so handsome in the single beam of light that she felt her pussy flooding with her arousal.

“You cannot be serious. Your mother would never have sex with your brother. She loves me.”

“Mummy loves you, Daddy,” she whispered, “but she loves sex even more than you. She’s even had me in bed with them as they fucked and then I got so turned on I fucked my brother. The best bit was when Mummy licked all of Steve’s semen out of my pussy when he’d finished cumming in me and then she sucked his cock clean.” Jane smiled at the memory of her brother driving his cock into her wet sheath and filling her with a load of his semen. Steve had obviously been highly aroused for he had already deposit his first load into their mother’s willing body before giving her the same gift of his seed.

“Oh god,” Mike groaned, “why? Why is she sleeping with Steve? She knows I love her; I thought she loved me back. And you, you’re just as bad, letting your brother fuck you as well.”

“She does love you daddy,” Jane repeatedly reassured her father whilst continuing her handling of his rigid shaft, “but Steve is always ready, available and horny when you’re away on one of your trips. As for me, I’m as sex starved as Mummy, the only reason I didn’t jumped into bed with you before on this trip was we had all those people with us; now we on our own and I want to feel you thrusting this huge dick into my cunt and ass-hole.”

“I always thought you were such an innocent, baby; how did you get involved in your mother’s lust for your brother?” Mike was beginning to sound angry and Jane thought she’d better get him distracted.

“I caught them when I came home early. Mum was kneeling naked in the lounge and Steve was taking her doggy fashion. She saw me come in and sent my brother to fuck me so that I wouldn’t tell you.”

“But you have told me.” Mike pointed out.

“I know; but your cock has been so noticeable during our trek in the jungle that I realised that I was sexually aroused by your body; I decided to come clean about everything in the hope that you would join in our family fun and start fucking my dirty pussy. Please Daddy, fuck your dirty little daughter’s tight cunt and fill me with all that lovely thick semen that you’ve been storing up in your balls.”

Mike’s resolve, already wavering from the disclosure of his wife’s escort gaziantep haberleri incestuous infidelity, was completely destroyed when Jane laid her head in his naked lap and he felt her wet hot mouth devour his cock head. She looked in awe at the large hard shaft that loomed in front of her face and she put her tongue out and sucked the pre-cum that was already oozing from the tip of his prick; she moaned in appreciation of his arousal.

Jane groaned as her father bent his head and kissed her on the lips, apparently not caring that they were coated with his pre-cum that had leaked out of his cock-head. She pushed her tongue between his lips and let him feel her licentious desire as it overwhelmed her. “Hmmm,” she purred, “so hard, daddy. I love hard so much.”

Mike made one final attempt to prevent their descent into debauched lust. “Baby, are you sure you want me to fuck you? There’s no going back once my dick is in you. We’ll be just as guilty as your mother and brother.”

“I don’t give a shit about them, except they’ve actually opened my eyes to show me that I can share my love with you. If they weren’t already copulating I’d have been too frightened to even suggest sleeping in the same bed with you.” She rolled onto her back and held her arms up to welcome him into her. “Come and fuck your horny daughter with your big bad daddy cock.”

Mike groaned “Fuck!” Then his body was between Jane’s open legs and his prick plunged down into her waiting depths.

She screamed as he took her, her cunt was slippery with her own juices and, as her daddy’s dick slid into his daughter’s tight pussy, he felt her clenching him with her young cunt muscles. “Oh god baby, you feel fantastic. You’re so much better than your mother.”

“Thank you Daddy.” She cried ecstatically, revelling in the sensations that her daddy’s big cock was spreading through her body. It seemed that her whole world was centred on the pleasure she was receiving from her incestuous intercourse with her loving father’s impressively thick and long prick. She had always longed to know it better since she had first seen it when, as a teenager, she had caught sight of him fucking her mother in the middle of the day. They had both been naked and she had been turned on by their squeals of lust for each other’s bodies. Now, at last she was actually experiencing what she had seen her mother having all those years before. She revelled in the knowledge that the cock slamming in and out of her wanton body was the one that been responsible for her conception. She loved her mother but she was jealous that she not only got to sleep with her handsome father but betrayed him by incestually fucking their son.

Mike was oblivious to anything that was happening; his dick was held in a wet and warm vice and his daughter’s luscious body was bucking beneath him as he mindlessly sank in and out of her cunt. He was consumed by his own gratification that he fucked Jane ferociously until they both climaxed together and very, very loudly. The inevitable eruption of his thick cum was intensified by his daughter screaming out as the waves of her mind-blowing orgasm engulfed her body and mind.

Mike slumped back down on his daughter’s sweat stained body, gasping for breath. When he managed to open his eyes all he could see right in front of him was a very erect pink nipple. He slowly stuck his tongue out and licked the hard button, eliciting a moan of approval from beneath him. “Ooooh yes, daddy, that was awesome. I haven’t cum so hard since university and I slept with my professor.”

“So that’s how you got your first class honours, baby, you fucked your way to the top of the class.” Mike laughed as his breathing slowly normalised. “At least we’ll have frightened away any roaming wild animals in the camp.”

Jane groaned and playfully punched him on his shoulder. “I got my honours with a lot of hard work, I’ll have you know. The professor was for relaxation from the studies.”

“So you’re using me to relax?” Mike asked. “Good to know I’m useful for something.” He added ruefully rubbing his shoulder.

“Oh Daddy, don’t be silly. I love you; I use my dildo for relaxation. Mind you I do feel really relaxed now.”

“So you want to sleep now?” Mike could sense she was teasing him.

“No daddy, I want you to fuck me again; then I might, just might, be ready to sleep.” Jane became aware of that her father’s large prick was stirring inside her and she moaned softly as it grew to fill her pussy again. “Oooh you are a good daddy to me; you seem to anticipate my naughtiest needs in your own special way.”

“I hope I always will darling.” Mike began to slowly slide in and out of Jane’s aroused and soaking wet pussy. He leaned down and kissed her gently on the forehead even as his hips started to increase the speed of his thrusts into her. “But right now I think our needs are coinciding; do you want me to cum inside you again?”

“I can think of nothing I want more daddy,” she wrapped her thighs round his waist and pulled him deeper into her.

“Get ready Jane darling, I’m about to cum again.” Mike felt his balls tighten and, even as he warned her, his sperm was forced up his shaft and deep into his daughter’s yearning cunt. She responded to the flood of hot cum shooting into her with a massive orgasm so hard that her eyes rolled in her head and she passed out for several seconds.

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