The Fiery One Ch. 02

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i really hope Y/you A/all enjoyed the first chapter. Again please leave any comments good or bad. And i would like to say thank Y/you again for for voting and reading, it is keeping me encouraged to keep writing!


Her eyes blink open slowly while her body starts curl up into the soft blanket, waking slowly from probably the most sound sleep she has had in months. Suddenly she sits up quickly with a deep gasp almost forgetting where she is.

Her eyes quickly start scanning the room as the sun fills the rather large space. It’s all decorated in pink and white. It almost resembles an older teenage girls room with some stuffed animals placed carefully around. A large comfortable looking chair in one corner by a huge bay window which is covered in sheer drapes that match the bedding she is laying on. A large dresser with a mirror and four large drawers is off to the side of a closet with double doors.

She looks up at the pink canopy covering the bed and smiles biting her lower lip. She bounces a little feeling the softness of the mattress under her. Never in her life has she seen such a beautiful room. She pulls the blanket up around her naked body as her feet slide down off the bed. Her toes scrunch into the soft plush rug. She walks around the room looking at everything.

Walking over to the double closet doors she pulls them open and her eyes widen. It is filled with clothes of every color and design, along the bottom of it an array of shoes and boots are lined neatly. She blushes and closes the doors quietly, now wondering just who’s room this is.

She turns around and leans back on the doors and notices another door off to one side of the bed, she walks over and opens it. Her jaw drops and covers her mouth with a delightful giggle. It’s a large bathroom. She steps in, taking in the sight.

It has a large walk in shower with glass doors, lined with pink and white tiles. The counter has the same tiles with a pink sink in the middle. A full good sized mirror follows the length of the counter. She notices a full shelf of fresh clean towels. She bites her lip wondering if anyone would mind her showering. She felt so dirty in such a spotless place. She craved to be able to wash the last three months away.

Taking in a deep breath she decides she will take whatever punishment may happen if it meant having a nice clean body again. She turns the water on testing it with her fingers before stepping in and closing the glass door.

She picks up a bottle of body wash, opens it and holds it to her nose. She moans softly as the fragrance fills her senses. She starts washing, completely unaware that He is watching her from behind the half closed door.

He admires her as she washes her hair and can’t help but smile when she starts to hum softly. He pushes open the door quietly stepping inside. He walks over to the counter and pulls open the top drawer wondering if she found the new razors and other things He bought for her. He grins that they are still there knowing she was cautious by not snooping too much.

He clears His throat a little so not to scare her too badly. She lets out a loud gasp and her body freezes under the hot stream of water, thinking she was just caught doing something wrong. She takes in a breath and slowly wipes the steam from the glass and sees Him standing there.

Her eyes travel down His lean muscular body. He is bare chested showing off the smooth brown flesh of His chest and tight abs. His jeans hang low from His sexy hips and He’s not wearing any shoes or socks, showing His bare feet.

He smiles at her walking over to the drawer and pulls out a new tube of toothpaste, tooth brush and deodorant, setting them on the counter. He looks over at her still watching Him closely and just smirks. He picks up the razor and walks over to the shower pulling open the door and holds it out to her.

He can’t help but chuckle softly when she tries to cover her body by turning her front away from Him. She twists keeping her hand over her breasts and reaches for the razor with her other hand.

“I thought you might need this. I would hate for you to have to drip water everywhere to go get it from the counter.” He smiles at her slyly and closes the door.

She watches Him curiously through the steamed glass as He shuts the bathroom door behind Him. She blushes looking at the razor, then down at herself.

She goes over every inch of her skin, happy to finally have all of it gone. She was use to having her body free of hair. Her first Owner insisted on her being smooth at all times. Once done she rinses off and steps out. Grabbing a towel bending over and wrapping her long red curls in it, then another towel to wrap around her body.

She goes to the sink and picks up the brand new toothbrush and paste sitting there. She feels like she’s won the lottery. She takes her time brushing not having brushed for a few days and rinses. Once she’s done she kilis escort takes the top off the deodorant and holds it to her nose inhaling softly. The wonderful smell of coco butter fills the air. She puts some on then tidies up the bathroom and heads out into the bedroom, stopping dead in her tracks as He is sitting in the large chair by the window.

He smiles at her, “Feel better little one?”

His voice is like silk to her ears. She nods but keeps her spot. Her hand clutching the towel to keep it from falling off her. He smiles watching her, lifting His hand to wiggle a finger at her to come to Him. She bites her lip and hesitates but walks over slowly until she is standing in front of Him. His eyes watching her with curiosity as she avoids His stare and looks around the room.

His voice breaks the silence. “How do you like your room?”

She just nods and smiles.

His lips press into a thin line. “You really need to forget anything that little prick thought he was teaching you little one. In this house when you are asked a question I expect an answer and an honest one at that. I have no patients for lies or what you think I want to hear. Understood?”

“Yes Sir. This room is mine?” She questions.

“Yes girl. Why would you think it belonged to someone else?” He half chuckles.

“Well I seen all the clothes and things around here. It looks so; lived in already.” Her cheeks blush deeply looking around the room again.

“I had this room made in case I ever found the perfect one for Me. I have been waiting a long time for a girl like you.” His confession throws her off a little.

“For someone like me? but I’m nobody, just a pleasure slave.” She lowers her head.

He stands up and steps in close to her. His large 6’2 body towers over her average 5’5 frame. His fingers gently lift her face up to look at Him. He smiles and leans down kissing her. His lips feel like silk as they press against hers. It makes her knees weak and she drops the towel to her feet. He pulls back glancing down over her again naked body and grins. “You are much more then that girl. Don’t ever forget it.” He says in a reassuring tone.

He reaches up and pulls the towel from her hair, letting the damp red tendrils fall down over her. He slides His hands over her shoulders and softly sweeps the long curls that fell down over her chest to her back exposing her beautiful full breasts again.

Her back curls as His fingertips come back down her front and lightly brush past her hard nipple, making her flinch away from Him. He raises His eyebrow down at her and quickly slides His other hand around her slim waist, firmly pulling her in close to Him and again softly caresses her breast.

His strong arm keeping her in place while He explores her a little. “I will never hurt you little one, unless it is truly deserved. I’ve heard all about your liking for spitting, biting, kicking and cursing. I will not put up with any of that. You will conduct yourself like a lady at all times, unless of course I request otherwise.”

She looks up into His intense eyes knowing He is giving her a base set of rules without actually calling them that. Her body softly trembles as that electricity she felt last night returns quickly making her insides feel like frogs are jumping around.

His lips curl into a little smirk feeling her body trembling against His, knowing she is taking everything in. He pulls back from her and scoops down picking up the towel and wraps it back around her.

“Now put on some clothes and come down for breakfast, you must be starved. And by the look of you I would say some food would do you some good.” He chuckles to himself knowing she could stand to gain a few pounds.

She blushes deeply as He walks out of the room closing the door behind Him. She leaps over to the closet and runs her hands over all the clothes hoping that they will fit. Her heart pounding with excitement. Its been such a long time since she had nice clothes to wear.

She picks out a nice pair of designer jeans and holds them up with a soft giggle, they look to be just about her size. She grabs a thin pink, zip up short sleeved top. She bites her lip looking at the dresser wondering if there is any panties and bras. Surely even if there were any, they would not fit anyway. How would He know her size exactly so soon. She pulls open the top drawer of the dresser and smirks picking through an array of colored thongs.

She picks out a white pair and opens the other drawer it has just stockings and socks. She keeps going through all the drawers and not one bra. She sighs and slips into the thong, she wriggles as the thin material slips between her supple round cheeks.

She slides into the jeans and pulls and pulls but they only hang low on her hips just like His were. She looks down over them and starts to bend and stretch, they fit but she was not use to the low waist. She pulls on the top and zips it. The tight kırıkkale escort fabric pushes her large breasts close together almost as if she had a bra on.

She slips back to the bathroom searching for a hairdryer. She finds one under the sink and somewhat dries her wild curls, she tugs and pulls them back trying to tame them a bit but it’s no use, her hair is a hopeless mess. She looks down over herself shrugging her shoulders thinking this will have to do.

She opens the door slowly, peeking out into the long hall there is a closed door straight across from her and one large heavy looking one to her right at the very end. Four more closed doors lead up the hall on both sides towards the top of the stairs. She steps out closing the door quietly behind her, her bare feet getting tickled with each step in the plush hall carpet. She stops at the top of stairs looking down them. The plush covered steps wind down around in a half circle. She bends over and peeks down the curve and sees a beautiful dark tile floor at the bottom.

She bites her lip as her heart starts to pound again in her ears. Her tummy starts to rumble as the delicious smell of food rises up to her.

Slowly descending the stairs she takes the last step onto the dark cool tile. She looks to her left and sees a huge set of double doors with frosted glass. She assumes that its the front door and two large open doorways directly across from each other.

She leans forward holding onto the rail trying to see more, not wanting to move from her spot. She jumps as someone clears their throat, she twists around looking in the direction of the sound to her right. She bites her lip and smiles softly seeing Him standing in a doorway down another little hall.

“Come have a bite to eat little one.” He says before disappearing into what she assumes is the kitchen.

She slowly walks down the hall looking at the beautiful art work lining the walls. She stops in the doorway inhaling deeply at the wonderful smelling room and peeks in around the corner. He is sitting at a small round table by a huge window that looks out over a large yard, He now has on a casual button up shirt and has already started to eat.

Seeing movement out of the corner of her eye she looks and bites her lip nervously seeing an older women flitting around the kitchen cleaning up from obviously cooking. He looks up and smiles brightly, wiggling His finger at her to come in.

“Come and sit. This my cook Rosa.” He gestures to the women.

Rosa looks over at her and smiles. It’s one of the warmest, kindest smiles she had ever seen. It instantly makes her feel more comfortable. She nods politely at Rosa and walks into the kitchen and over to the table pulling out her chair and sitting.

Her eyes widen looking over the table which has an enormous amount of food laid out. Pancakes, oatmeal, eggs, bacon, orange juice (which looks freshly squeezed), milk, tea, toast and a large bowl of mixed fruit. Not realizing she licks her lips as her tummy growls.

He lets out a soft laugh. “Well I didn’t know what you would like.” His smile makes her clench her thighs tightly.

She smiles and looks over the table and reaches across and grabs a pancake with her fingers and starts to bite into it. She glaces at Him and His mouth is pressed into that thin line she has already seen a few times. She stops and puts it down on the plate in front her.

“In this house little one we use plates and silverware. I see we have a few things that will need to be improved upon.” His tone stern but soft.

She blushes deeply and picks up a fork and reaches for the syrup pouring a little of it over the pancake. He chuckles a little as she starts eating rather quickly.

During her three months with the pig she had a time limit when she ate and if she didn’t finish it, it would get taken away even if she was still hungry.

He shakes His head with a little disbelief at how hungry she was,”Slow down girl or you will get a tummy ache.”

She covers her mouth while she chews, her cheeks blush softly at His comment. She sits in silence while her stomach fills with each delicious bite.

After her pancake is gone she takes some scrambled eggs and a few pieces of bacon and puts it on her plate as well as piece of toast and some fresh strawberries. He watches her now with almost a sadness knowing that bastard must have been practically starving the poor thing. He lets her eat as much as she wants.

Finally feeling full she slowly pushes the empty plate away. He looks over to Rosa who comes over quickly and starts to clear the table.

He doesn’t takes His eyes of His little one as He speaks to Rosa, “I’ll take some more coffee but in my den, thank you.”

“Of course Sir.” Rosa replies softly taking the plates from in front them both and slipping off to the sink.

He stands up and offers her his hand. She bites her lip and gently slips her small hand kırklareli escort into His and He pulls her gently to her feet. He starts to walk out of the kitchen.

She turns her head to Rosa. “Thank you for breakfast, it was delicious.”

“You’re very welcome Miss.” Rose replies with her warm smile.

He smiles now knowing she does have some kind of manners while He pulls her along with Him down the little hall. He pushes open a door to a very elegant looking office/sitting room.

The walls are lined with shelves which have an enormous amount of books. He obviously loves the written word as much as she did. A few trophies for golf, hockey, rugby and soccer are placed on various spots amongst the them.

There are also quite a few, what look like certificates, diplomas and awards framed and displayed along the wall. A beautiful dark stained desk sits in front of them, which has a leather office chair tucked into it. On top of it there is laptop and various papers neatly spread around.

Along the opposite side of the room He has a big wing back, black leather chair and matching sofa.

She stops in the middle of the room as He lets go of her hand. He strolls over to the large leather chair and sits down. She squirms a little bit as His eyes drift down over her.

“Tell Me about yourself little one.” His tone is soft and soothing yet she finds herself softly chewing on her lower lip and pulls her hands in front of her and twists her delicate fingers around each other nervously.

She reaches up and tucks a wild curl from her face behind her ear. His cock twitches in His pants at this beautiful innocent looking creature that He now Owns.

“I don’t know what You want me to tell You.” Her voice in almost a whisper.

His eyebrow raises a little, “You can start by addressing Me as Sir. Then tell Me your name.”

“Sorry Sir. My name is Adeen, or at least it was at one time Sir.” She lowers her head.

“And so it is again, My little fiery one. Now tell Me how you came to be with that…..person.” He could not bring Himself to even calling that one a man.

“I was giving to him by my previous Owner, who had to move to another country for work and wasn’t able to keep me any more.” Her fairly cool statement almost breaks His heart but He doesn’t show it to her in the least. He just nods.

She keeps squirming on her feet nervously. That electricity quickly filling the room again. He points to the floor beside His feet. She quickly moves forward and gets to her knees on the spot.

He lightly pats her head and starts playing with her unruly curls. He continues to ask her questions, such as her limits, which are not many, pain tolerances and what training she thought she had along with various other things. She doesn’t even notice Rosa who had came in to serve Him His coffee.

They talked about everything from the simplest things such as food right up through to science and philosophy. It seemed like hours had passed when He finally stands up. She stays on her knees and watches him walk to the door and close it over.

He turns and leans His back against the door crossing His arms over His chest. “Well lets do a few little tests and see how many orders you do know.” His grin is one that makes her squirm again.

He starts His commands, “Open.”

She quickly turns on her knees facing Him, spreading them wide. She places her hands palms up on the tops of her thighs, straightens her back pushing out her chest. Holds her head up a little, eyes down and mouth slightly open.

He raises His eyebrow slightly impressed as He calls out His next order, “Bracelets.”

She quickly slips her arms behind her back, holding her wrists together, palms facing each other.

He smiles and nods before His next order,”Whip.”

She pulls forward putting her forehead on the floor, arms stretched out above her head, palms facing up, knees together tucked under her, and ass up.

“I can see you’re a very smart girl. Your first Master must have been a good Man, for a young Irish girl with a feisty personality to submit fully to Him.” His smiles at her, His cock twitching in His jeans, “Now last but not least, Display.”

Standing quickly she steps her feet shoulder width apart and puts her hands behind her head, tilting it up slightly making her chest push out, parting her soft lips and closing her eyes.

He finally steps away from the door, she can’t see Him but hears His steps getting closer. She breaths a little faster hoping that she is doing well.

Her first Owner was strict and a bit detached from feelings but she felt safe and cared for with Him. She never had the electricity with Him as she does with this One. Never the less she was devastated when He couldn’t take her with Him. She is sure that He knew nothing of that sadistic pigs intentions with her, when He freely gave her to him.

He walks around her, while she tries to keep still. He leans in and inhales her scent deeply. His hand comes up and runs softly over her unruly curls. She shivers and takes in a deep breath. He smiles at her reactions. He steps in front of her and reaches for the zipper on her top and slowly slides it down. She bites her lip, while her muscles are clenching between her legs.

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