The Finishing School Ch. 02

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Big Tits

When I published chapter one, I was smug. I had produced a masterpiece, and it would receive rave reviews.

‘Five Star’

“The best story I have ever read’

‘I want to marry you and have your babies!’

However, that’s not what happened. It was rated OK, rather than great.

After kicking the dog, I sulked for a couple of days, and then I got back on the horse. At a frantic pace, I wrote this. Chapter two.

I hope you enjoy it!

(In case you were thinking about complaining about the animal cruelty, I don’t really have a dog)

“Come in.”

When I entered her office, she didn’t acknowledge me. She was busy reading something that was on her desk. I sat down without saying anything. She then kept me waiting until she had finished with it.

“I have a surprise for you.”

She was now smiling. I knew what the surprise was, but she was expecting me to ask.

“Yes Headmistress. What is it?”

“I am assigning Helen to you.”

“Thanks, do I also get another girl?”

I hadn’t shown any emotion, and that had surprised her. She was frowning when she said, “No.”

So I wasn’t being offered a bribe this time. I had said yes to my Sister, so she was assuming that I would also say yes to having my Niece, therefore she wouldn’t have to persuade me.

And she was right!

When I was back in my room, I thought about Helen, and what she had told me a month ago. She had decided that I was going to be the one to teach her Sex Education. What she had said, had taken me by surprise, and I wasn’t sure that it was a good idea. However, it only took her a few minutes to convince me.

“I know everything about sex, but only from books. I need somebody to teach me how to actually do it.”

Then she had looked at me, with pleading eyes, before saying, “And I don’t want that man to be a stranger.”

After hearing that, how could I say no? And I was confident that the Headmistress would agree with my Niece, and assign her to me.

The following Monday we started.

Helen arrived on time. Tucked under her arm was a folder. I pointed to it.

“Just some notes I have made.”

She then handed it to me.

“I’ll make you a drink while you read it.”

When she left the room, I opened it. It contained three pages, and it didn’t take me long to read them. I then read them again, this time more slowly, to make sure that I was taking it all in. She was back just as I was finishing.

“I hope you like it,” then she placed the hot chocolate on my desk.

I just nodded, I was deep in thought, still thinking about what I had just read.

“What do you think?”

I picked the cup up, and then I took a sip. It was nectar from the gods, and I told her that.

“Not the drink, my plan.”

She sounded slightly annoyed.

“Sorry,” I then gave her a big smile, before saying, “It’s just what we need. It’s going to be a big help to us.”

And I meant it. She had written down exactly what she wanted from me. The document consisted of an introduction, and then eight sections, one for each lesson. Today’s had a title of ‘Tits’, and the last one was ‘The Art of Seduction’. For each lesson, there was a lot of detail, some of them even had suggested timings. For example, how long her clit should be played with.

If she was to take a written test, she would pass, probably with top marks. But these lessons were not concerned with theory, they were practical.

“I found the introduction interesting. I am surprised that you have not had much experience before. Why is that?”

I had said not much, but really it was almost nothing. She was a pretty girl, and so I would have expected more.

“From an age when I could have sex, I have concentrated on my studies. And I am still quite young, only eighteen.”

She was now looking embarrassed. We could talk some more, but it was probably best to start. To break the ice.

I sat down on the sofa, gesturing for her to sit next to me. I got a smile from her, but it quickly disappeared. When she sat next to me she looked nervous. I held her hand, and that eased her discomfort.

“Are we OK to kiss?”

“Yes, I like doing that.”

I already knew that, it was in her notes.

When I kissed her, it wasn’t much more than just gently touching her lips. I then did it again, and she responded by kissing me back, surprisingly hard.

We were now in a tight embrace, giving it our all, even taking turns exploring each other’s mouth with our tongue. I was the first to pull away.

“Wow! You certainly know how to kiss.”

“Yes, I do. And you are quite good at it as well.”

She was back to being her confident self, but what would she be like when we moved onto the next stage? I tried to remember what she had written. It was something like the following.

‘After kissing, I want my tits playing with, but just through my clothes. Later on you can take my top and bra off’.

It was now time to give her tits some attention. The first part would be OK, she had done that before, but exposing them would be escort numaraları new to her. I was still finding it hard to believe that an eighteen year old girl could be so inexperienced.

We were now kissing again, but this time I had my hands on her tits. They weren’t very big, but they were still a nice handful. I could tell that she was getting excited, and I was as well. But would she let me take it further?

I managed to undo a couple of buttons before she stopped me.

“Not yet. Give me a bit more time.”

I nodded, and then I got back to fondling them. I was now going to wait until she was ready. However, I was surprised when I didn’t have to wait long.

“Take my top off.”

I did, but I took my time with the buttons, in case she wanted to change her mind. Her tits were now only covered by her bra.

“Don’t take it off.”

I wasn’t going to. I knew that if I rushed her she might panic, and that would be the end of the lesson. Before getting back to her tits, I looked them over. Now that her top was off, I could see the outline of her nipples. Two little buds that I longed to suck on. However, that was only possible if I could get her worked up enough so that she would agree to her bra being removed.

When my fingers were on her nipples, she gasped. I then pinched them, and that made her moan. It was a good sign. She was enjoying what I was doing, and I was now starting to believe that I would eventually get to suck on her. As I continued playing with them, the moaning became louder. She must be ready now.


I had misjudged it, she wasn’t. Her hands were now across her chest. I hadn’t waited long enough before trying to unhook her bra.

I moved back, to give her some space, then I gave her my best grin.

“I guess I got carried away. Can we continue?”

That got a nice smile from her, and a slight nod. Good, she wasn’t angry, and she wanted to carry on.

After another ten minutes, I was starting to believe that it was never coming off. I was doing what I could with it on, rubbing and pinching her nipples, and she was enjoying it, but she also seemed content for it to stay on. I was getting frustrated, it might be better to just end the lesson now, so I stopped playing with her tits.

“I think that’s enough for today.”

I was surprised when she shook her head.

“You read my document. Lesson one ends with you sucking on my nipples.”

She then reached behind her back with both her hands. After taking her bra off, she put her hands under her naked breasts, and pushed them up. She was presenting them to me.

“I know they are not very big, but do you like them?”

I was grinning, of course I did.

“They’re big enough for me.”

That pleased her, and she pushed them up even higher.

When my mouth was on her, I started by licking her nipple. She squirmed.

“That tickles.”

I was now sucking on it. I knew that I should be gentle, but I wasn’t. I was taking it, and as much of her tit as I could manage, into my mouth, and sucking hard. I just couldn’t help it. She had made me wait, and I was now trying to make up for lost time.

“Do the other one.”

I quickly switched over, and her other nipple got the same treatment. The noises she had made earlier, were nothing compared to what was coming out of her mouth now. After switching over again, I decide that I was going to take it further.

My hand managed to get up her skirt, and almost to her knickers, before she clamped her legs together. I tried to force them open, but I couldn’t. Perhaps I could persuade her.

“Please let me touch you. I won’t go inside your knickers.”

She shook her head, and then she said, “That’s tomorrow’s lesson.”

I gave a deep sigh, and that made her laugh.

“Uncle, you will just have to wait.”

She then opened her legs, but only so that I could get my hand out. After putting her bra and top back on, she sat down in the armchair opposite me.

“How did I do?”

“You did well, very well. I just wished that we could have done more.”

That got a stern look from her, and she even wagged a finger at me, before saying, “You must stick to my plan.”

Then she laughed, and I joined in.

“I need to go. Mr. Edwards is giving me extra French tuition, and I don’t want to be late.”

Her parting words made me smile.

“But I do have time to make you a drink.”

The drink was now on my desk, but I hadn’t touched it yet. I was too busy thinking about my Niece. Then I got up from the chair. Where had I put that document of hers? It was on my desk, hidden under a newspaper.

I read it again, and when I had finished, I smiled. Tomorrow I was going to get to finger her.

The next day I had a busy morning. It seemed that everybody wanted a piece of me. It was midday before I got any free time. I had only just sat down, hot chocolate in hand, when I was summoned by the Headmistress. She wanted to see me in her office. I went there straight away.

“James, thanks for coming,” gaziantep escort bayan numaraları then she paused, before continuing with, “It’s about Helen.”

A thought flashed across my mind. Had she been to the Headmistress and asked for another teacher? That’s what Jennifer had done.

“I just wanted to see how you and her are getting on. She is very inexperienced, and I don’t want you to rush her.”

I almost burst out laughing. Rush her? We were following a detail plan that had eight parts, one for each lesson. I was tempted to tell her about it, but I thought it best not to. My Niece might not want her to know about it.

“We are taking our time. Slowly introducing her to new things.”

“What did you do in the first lesson?”

“Just play with her tits.”

She looked surprised.

“That is slow. What’s your plan for the next lesson?”

It wasn’t my plan, it was Helen’s, but I wasn’t going to tell her that.

“To finger her.”

“Good. Keep me informed. I want regular updates.”

“Yes Headmistress.”

Then I was dismissed. What I was to do today in our second lesson, was detailed in the document, even down to the number of fingers I was to insert into her.

My Niece was nearly five minutes later. That was unusual, she is normally very punctual. When she arrived, she was breathless.

“Sorry Uncle, I forgot we had a lesson. I had to run to get here. Am I late?”

I shook my head. There was no point in distressing her even more by telling her the truth. I gave her a few minutes to calm down before starting the lesson.

We kissed, but not for as long as last time. Then I concentrated on her tits. Her top and bra were soon off, and I was now feasting on her nice nipples. I waited until I had serviced both of them several times, before seeing if she was ready to go further.

As my hand went up her skirt, she opened her legs. This time she let me get to her knickers. I knew that she would be wearing some, because she had said that in her document. Had she said what colour they would be? I didn’t think so, but she might have.

I was now rubbing her through the thin material of her knickers. When I found a little lump, that must be her clit, she moaned.

“That’s nice.”

It would get even better when her cunt was naked, and I could finger her as well. But yesterday had taught me, that if I moved too quickly, she would stop me. It was better to wait until I was sure that she was ready. My cock was definitely ready, but I don’t know why, because it wasn’t due to get any attention until the next lesson. Today was her being fingered, and nothing else.

Then she surprised me.

“Take my knickers off.”

I was so shocked that I didn’t act for several seconds. However, when I did, they were quickly off. I now had the perfect view of what she had between her legs. Was there anything special about it? Not really. Her lips were of average size, and her clit was just a small bump. So did I like it? That’s a silly question, of course I did, and like all cunts I had ever seen before, I wanted to fuck it. But that was lesson five.

I was now running a finger up and down her slit, with just the tip inside her. As I continued doing that, I started to go in deeper. I then stopped moving it up and down, it was time to push it in. It was only one finger, but it made her gasp. When I moved it in a circular motion, so that I could explore the inside of her, she groaned.

“I think I can take another finger.”

That was supposed to be later on, but I wasn’t going to correct her. I now had two deep inside her. When I slowly started to fuck her with them, she moaned.

“You can play with my clitoris,” then she moaned again, before adding, “That’s if you want to.”

I had to smile, she wasn’t going to climax unless I did that.

As soon as I touched it, two things happened. It got bigger, and she gasped. I then moved my finger over it. I was looking for her sweet spot. When she gave a loud groan, I knew that I had found it.

I was now rubbing it, but only gently. She was having her clit played with, and also being fingered, but was there anything else I should be doing? I tried to remember what she had written. Then it came to me.

‘When you have two fingers inside me, you massage my clitoris with your thumb, until I have an orgasm’.

Good, except for the thumb being a finger, I was doing what she had planned. I could now, as slowly as possible, make her come. I was aiming for at least fifteen minutes.

Five minutes later, we were on track. She was warming up nicely, but with still a long way to go. However, shortly after, I wasn’t so sure. She was now breathing more rapidly, and she was starting to wiggle her bottom. I was experienced enough to know the signs. It wasn’t going to be long before she climaxed.

My touch was now as gentle as possible, but it was still exciting her. It wouldn’t surprise me, that if I was to remove my finger, and breathe heavily on her clit, it would make her come.

I gaziantep escort numaraları was thinking about whether I should actually do that, when she reached it.

“Oh fuck.”

Her head went back, and her eyes closed, and she made a lot of noise. I was pleased with myself. I had been the first man to play with her cunt, and I had given her a big climax.

As soon as she was gone, I locked the door. I was now leaning back in my chair, giving my throbbing cock the attention that it needed. It only took me a few strokes before it spurted. After cleaning myself up, I picked up her document. I read it, and then I groaned. Fucking was lesson six, not lesson five.

Later that day, I passed the Headmistress in the corridor. I was expecting her to stop, and to ask me about my Niece, but thankfully she didn’t. I was already late for my lesson with Susan, so I didn’t have any time to spare chatting with her.

When I entered the room, I glanced at my watch. I was nearly ten minutes late.

“Hi Mr. Gibson.”

“Hello Susan.”

She was already seated, with the text book open on her desk.

“I’ve been reading the first chapter while I was waiting for you.”

“Good, please continue.”

She was a good student, well-liked by other teachers and pupils, even though she was the Headmistress’s Daughter. Unlike her Mother, she had a pleasant manner, and she was always smiling. I wished that I could be teaching her Sex Education, but Peter had got her. I just hoped that he was treating her well. I could always ask. I was now imagining what I would say to her.

“Tell me Susan, has Mr. Harrison fucked you yet, and did he give you a nice climax?”

The lesson was supposed to be for an hour, but it overran by almost thirty minutes. I didn’t mind. I had the time to spare, and I was enjoying teaching her.

That night in bed, I thought about the document that Helen had produced. I had now read it so many times that I knew it off by heart. Four lessons week one, then another four the following week. Tomorrow was Wednesday, our rest day. Normally, it’s quite nice to get a break between sessions, but this time I would have liked to just continue. However, my Niece had a plan, and we were sticking to it.

When it was time for our next lesson, I was probably more excited than Helen. This time I was going to get to climax, but only by her hand. I wanted more, but it was better than nothing.

“Uncle, I want to suggest something. Tell me what you think about it.”

I was curious. Had she decided to rip her plan up, and just wing it?

“Today you are going to teach me how to masturbate you.”

That got a smile from me.

“But I didn’t say anything about what you would do to me,” she then hesitated, before continuing with, “Will you please finger me again?”

She was now looking at me, and I could tell that she was hoping that I would say yes. I was tempted to tease her, by shaking my head, or saying no. However, I could see how important it was to her.

“Yes I will.”

That got me a big hug, that I thought was never going to end. This time we didn’t kiss. I tried, but she pulled away from me. However, she did want her tits playing with, but not for long.

“That was good, but you are supposed to be teaching me how to play with your cock.”

My cock was now out. It had taken three strokes, from my own hand, to get it to its best. Helen was looking at it, and from the expression on her face, I could tell that she had never seen an erect penis before.

“It’s big, so big.”

“It’s OK, but there are some a lot bigger than mine.”

She was scrutinising my face, to see if I was joking. When she realised that I wasn’t, her mouth opened in shock.

“It’s seven inches. Some are ten inches, or even bigger.”

She was now shaking her head, finding it hard to believe.

“Touch it.”

She did, but only tentatively.

“Hold it.”

She grasped it, but too tightly, and it made me wince.

“Sorry, this is all new to me.”

I gave her a nice smile, and then I said, “You will soon be an expert at this.”

I then showed her how to stroke it. She was ragged at first, but then she got into a nice rhythm.

“How am I doing?”

“Hold it a bit tighter, and move your hand quicker.”

She did, and it was now perfect.

“Is that better?”

“Yes. If you keep doing what you are doing, it won’t be long before I come.”

That made her giggle, and it made me realise how young she was. She was eighteen, with very little experience, and I was the lucky man who was getting to teach her.

Five minutes later I was on the edge.

“I’m nearly there.”

She then moved her hand faster, and I felt my balls tightening. When I spurted, it was all over her hand, and some on her skirt. It was a nice climax. She had done well. I have had better, but I have also had worse. For a first time it was excellent, and when I told her that, she was delighted. As she cleaned herself up, she was smiling.

It was now her turn, and she was eager to start. I knew that because she had taken her knickers off, and spread her legs wide, without me having to ask.

This time I gave her two fingers straight away, they slid in easily, but it still made her gasp. Then, with a finger from my other hand, I stroked her clit, or as she would have said, her clitoris. Thinking about that made me smile. Only Helen, with her perfect ways, would use its full name.

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