The First Time

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I held her breast in my hand and felt the nipple press my palm. Her nipples were long and easily became hard. Colleen was often embarrassed by them, so she always wore a bra–though she didn’t need one–with a thick cup. Not for the extra size it gave her breasts, but to hide her exceptional nipples. Still, on a chilly day, they would announce their presence to the world and lead her through her day. Colleen had once confessed to me that she was certain that it was her fault that her nipples were so long. When she was a girl she had been jealous of her older sister and her large-breasted womanly body. She thought that breasts might be hidden inside her chest, so she had tugged on her nipples constantly in hopes that she could pull her breasts into existence. It hadn’t worked. Colleen was still small breasted in the way of tall, elegantly formed women.

Colleen’s nipples always get hard in unison. As I grazed my palm gently across her right nipple, I watched the left nipple get hard simultaneously. I leaned over and kissed the shadow cast by her left nipple, and Colleen’s breath caught. Her arms were over her head and she moved against the silk scarves that bound her to the headboard.

We had bought the scarves together at a New Orleans vintage clothing store. Colleen was trying on hats and acting goofy. I picked up a red floral print scarf and ran it through my fingers and imagined it tied over Colleen’s eyes or around her ankle. I looked up at her and she was staring at me from under a black derby with a look in her eyes that told me she knew what I was thinking. We found four more scarves, one with various Disney characters on it, one solid black, and two more floral prints.

The clerk was a lovely girl named Thea. We had met her on our last trip to New Orleans and taken her out for drinks. Thea, I could tell, had a crush on Colleen. Colleen was a striking woman. She was six feet tall with incredible legs, long red hair, and amazing white skin. Her skin was so white that she looked as though she had been powdered. Thea, on the other hand, was a stunning woman with black skin that gave the impression of depth, like a quarry pool at night, sharp cheekbones and hair cropped close to her skull. She had a walk that made anyone watching her think about what was at the top of her legs–the thing that put the sway in her walk. The first time we met her, she was dressed in a short summery dress that showed off her muscular legs and dark cleavage admirably. Thea had immediately approached Colleen to ask if she could help her in any way. I moved off to look at the vintage suits and watch them move around the shop. Colleen looked over Thea’s shoulder and caught me admiring Thea’s ass. She raised an eyebrow, but that was her only comment. Later, Colleen tried on a Chinese dress and Thea followed her into the dressing room. When they came out, Colleen was flushed, and I raised an eyebrow in return.

That night, while we were in bed, I asked Colleen about it. She said that Thea seemed interested in what kind of relationship we had, and admired Colleen’s silk camisole. Thea had reached out to touch the fabric and the back of her hand touched the top of Colleen’s breast. Colleen didn’t mention it, but I knew that her nipples must have hardened instantly.

“Would you sleep with her if it could be arranged?,” I asked.

“I don’t know. I think I would be too shy.”

After that we often talked about Thea when we were in bed together. Spinning fantasies together was one of our favorite things. I was desperate to see the two of them together. The contrast of white skin on black, slender bedava bahis elegance and earthy sexuality–just the thought of it drove me mad. I swore that somehow, we would live out this fantasy.

I kissed Colleen deeply and ran the backs of my hands over her hard nipples and watched the gooseflesh rise on her arms and legs, then ran my palms over the gooseflesh. Colleen shivered and let out a small moan. I knew what she wanted me to do, but I continued to tease and caress her. I touched her mouth with my finger and she sucked it in. I moved it back and forth in her mouth and felt the warm wetness that mirrored her lower mouth.

I pulled my finger out of her mouth and slipped it into the other wetness and my mouth followed closely. I loved to taste Colleen’s juices. They were abundant and had a fresh, citrusy flavor that I had told her would put Sprite out of business if we bottled it. I brought her to the edge of orgasm then licked her outer lips until her arousal subsided. My tongue knew her contours like the backs of my own teeth and I wanted to tease her.

I got up and went to the door of our room and opened it quietly. Thea was right on time. I could see her coming down the hallway. She looked fevered. Her eyes were large and glistening and her lips looked swollen. I took her in my arms and kissed her, while my hands slipped down to her ass and squeezed. She tilted her hips towards me and rubbed her pubic mound on my thigh. I put a finger to her lips to shush her and took her hands and led her to the bedroom. When she saw Colleen spread-eagle on the bed, her sharp, pink tongue flickered out and moistened her lips.

I gestured for her to wait a moment and went to Colleen. Colleen sensed that I was near and arched her pelvis upward, displaying her wet pussy. Her nipples were still erect and I pulled on them hard, like Colleen liked. She began to moan so I twisted them a little and she began to squirm in earnest. I inserted a finger into her and licked the wetness as I looked at Thea. Thea had let the top of her dress fall, exposing her breasts. As I watched her caress her breasts, she lifted up the hem of her dress and reached inside. She had not worn panties, and I could see that she was cleanly shaven and her inner lips were already protruding and wet and oh-so-pink against her black outer lips. I crooked a slippery finger at Thea and she let her dress fall the rest of the way off and stalked towards us. When she was close enough, I slipped my already wet finger into her plum-smooth vagina. I removed it and tasted the women’s mingled juices. I leaned over and kissed Colleen as Thea moved between her legs. When Thea’s mouth touched Colleen, her back arched in a powerful orgasm and I could feel her sucking the breath from my lungs.

When Colleen stopped trembling, I removed her blindfold and bonds. She reached out for Thea and kissed her gently. I moved to the arm chair by the bed to watch. Colleen rubbed her small pale breasts against Thea’s large black ones and Thea’s nipples hardened like two small blackberries. Colleen tasted them and I watched Thea’s head arch backward. I leaned forward and touched her amazing ass. It was cool and smooth to the touch. I slid my fingers lower and caressed the outside of her pussy. Though her lips were shaved smooth, she had kept a patch in the front as a sort of jaunty decoration. The hair was thicker and more crinkly than Colleen’s thin silky patch. I rubbed my finger tips back and forth through it and then touched Colleen. The contrasting feel of them was strange. They were so alike, yet so very different. Even casino siteleri the scent was different than when just Colleen and I were together. It was muskier. Spicier. I caught just a hint of cinnamon and vanilla mixed with the smell of freshly turned earth and the sea. And underneath was the light orange and lime smell of Colleen.

Colleen turned Thea onto her back and began to kiss her way down Thea’s body. Thea stretched out a hand and touched my cock. She felt the wetness at the head and rotated her thumb around it. My knees started to buckle, so I stepped forward so I could lock them against the bed. Thea raised herself on one elbow and took me in her mouth. She reached around and grabbed me by my ass and pulled me in deeper. I could feel her moaning through my penis as though it were an antenna. I moved back and forth in her mouth and looked to see what Colleen was doing. She saw me and looked up and smiled a sticky smile at me. At that moment, Thea pulled my cock all the way into her throat. I had never felt anything quite like that before. Colleen could not master her gag reflex enough to deepthroat. Between the sight of Colleen’s smile and the feel of my cock buried all the way in Thea’s mouth, I came. Thea’s mouth kept working and I could feel her swallowing my come, her throat muscles caressing me. I had to pull my penis out of Thea’s mouth when the sensations became too strong, and I sat down in the arm chair. Thea had missed a small drop of come and it rested on her cheek like jewelry.

Colleen had three fingers inside Thea’s pussy and she was working them back and forth frantically. I saw Thea’s back arch and she began to come. She grabbed both of her breasts in her hands and grimaced. She was so beautiful. I love to watch a woman come. She is so centered in the moment, there is no self-consciousness and no pretense. I think that in that moment, a woman is more fully herself than at any other moment.

Colleen and I embraced Thea as she returned to earth. We kissed her, both of our tongues gently probing in her mouth. The next couple of hours were a blur of mouths and tongues and breasts and caressing hands. Then the time came to explain to Thea what we really wanted from her.

“Thea? There’s something Colleen and I wanted to ask of you,” I said.

“Anything,” she answered sleepily.

“This is hard to say, but… Technically speaking, we’re both virgins,” Colleen admitted.

Thea sat up with wide open eyes and her breasts swayed slightly. In response, my penis twitched back to life.

“Huh?,” Thea’s already large eyes were enormous. She looked from one of us to the other making her breasts sway even more. Despite, or maybe because of, her surprise, her nipples were hardening.

I took her hand and said, “Listen. We’re both ready to lose our virginity, and we want to lose it at the same time, but we don’t want to lose it to each other.”

“Why not? Aren’t you both in love? Are you fucking crazy?”

“Look. I want to make sure that Colleen has a good first time, but I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’m afraid that no matter how many times we have oral sex, I’m going to come the instant I put it in. I don’t want her to be holding me saying, “No. Really. That was great.”

“And,” Colleen said, “neither one of us wants people to say we married the first piece of ass we ever had.”

Colleen reached over to the bedside table and pulled out the strap-on dildo we had purchased the day before. The dildo we had purchased was not too big and not too small. It was realistic looking and matched Thea’s skin-tone as bahis siteleri closely as possible. Colleen held it out to Thea. Thea looked at it and started to reach for it. Then stopped.

“Are you sure?,” she asked.

I nodded and Colleen said, “We haven’t talked about much else for the past three months. Then we met you and…”

Thea took it and stood up to put it on. She bent over and her ass cheeks tightened and spread. I could see her pussy, slick with arousal and, above it, like the dot on an upside down explanation point, her anus. Thea turned around and we had our first view of her wearing the thing. I have to admit, it was strange looking. A curvy full-bodied woman with a penis and white straps against her dark skin. She walked toward Colleen and the penis swayed from side to side. I looked at Colleen and she seemed hypnotized looking at it. Her tongue flicked out of her open mouth and she leaned forward to offer her mouth to it. Thea reached out and caressed her face then moved her hips forward to insert her cock into Colleen’s mouth. Colleen took in as much as she could and when she pulled back it was wet with saliva. Thea grabbed the back of Colleen’s head and fucked her mouth.

“I always wondered why guys grabbed the back of my head,” she said, deep in her throat. “Now I understand.”

She pulled out of Colleen’s face with an audible pop. A string of saliva stretched from the head to Colleen’s lower lip. Thea ran her hand up and down the shaft, and said, “I could get used to this. I kind of like being a guy for a while.”

Thea grabbed Colleen’s shoulders and pushed her back on the bed. She raised Colleen’s legs up and rested them on her brown shoulders as I stood up and moved behind Thea. Thea leaned forward to kiss Colleen and I reached around to squeeze Thea’s breasts. When Thea started to run the head of her cock up and down Colleen’s wet slot, I did the same to Thea. I could feel her wetness. Then, as I moved the head downward, I could feel her coarse pubic hair and the base of the dildo. I could see that she was starting to push into Colleen, and I mirrored her movements. I could feel through the base of the dildo when Thea reached resistance, so I stopped, although Thea’s pussy was sucking me inward. I could feel it when Colleen’s hymen gave up its resistance, but I didn’t need to. I could see it in Colleen’s face. She winced and then a glowing look of joy came over her face. She raised a hand and caressed her own face as if she wanted to know if anything had changed, then she slid her thumb into her mouth and sucked. I pushed the rest of the way into Thea and it was like seeing God. Thea’s pussy sucked at me. Caressed me. Nibbled me. Hot honey covered my entire body. Colleen’s hips started to buck, and Thea moved with her. Although all I wanted to do was stay buried in Thea, I had no choice but to move with them. We all bucked and rocked together, and yes, I came first. I stayed with them for awhile, but my cock became too sensitive and I had to pull out. I laid down next to Colleen and played with her long, long nipples. She started to come and Thea rode her through her orgasm, and then began one of her own.

I awoke from a dream of honey surrounding my hard penis. On the shaft of my penis was an enormous queen bee. She dragged her heavy abdomen up and down the shaft of my cock, sliding it through the honey. I opened my eyes to see Thea’s gorgeous eyes looking up at me. Her hair has grown out a little, and she wears it in short braids. I reached down and touched them. Thea began to move a little faster. She liked having her head held while she worked.

When she was done, she straddled my chest, looked down at me and asked, “Do you wish you hadn’t married your first piece of ass?” She cupped her breasts and the gold ring stood out against her dark skin.

I just pulled her hips to my mouth in response.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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