The Follow-up

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Today is the day I have been waiting for. Dana’s follow-up “service”. Ever since the previous encounter I have been impatiently waiting for this day. Of course I need to make sure the quality of “work” meets her expectations.

The weather has been extremely hot, and they say more of the same is coming. I wish I could wear shorts. But shorts are not professional. I put a little extra time into getting ready. As I am looking in the mirror, I hear a text message beep on my phone. “I m getn in shower now. Let urself in”

Wow! My mind races. I wish I was almost at her house? I could walk in and talk to her as she showers. Ya right! Who am I kidding? I am positive I would be in the shower with her. I quickly get in the car. It doesn’t seem like I can get there fast enough. Frustrating!

As I drive to her house anticipation is consuming me. I keep replaying my first visit. Her hard nipples protruding out of her flimsy material. Her hot wet mouth eagerly sucking my hard cock. My mind wanders thinking of her flawless, milky white skin.

She is married. I should not have feelings like this. But they are there. The chemistry is so great when we are together. We can finish each other’s sentences. She often says we should have been together a long time ago. I am divorced and my experience from that has left me jaded. I am basically scared to try another swing at marriage.

As I go over the hill, I see that I passed the turn for her house. Damn! I can’t turn around fast enough. I am wondering if she is still in the shower. Thirty minutes have past since her text. She is for sure out of the shower by now. I pull up to her house and quickly hop out of the truck. My mind is going a million miles a minute. My walk hastens as I get closer. I ring her doorbell.

Her door opens. But nobody is there. Then her head pops from behind the door. Her wet hair frames her big smile. “Come in!”

I open the screen and walk in. Quickly she shuts the door.

“Hi how are you?” I ask as I slowly turn to her. Wow! The only thing she was wearing was her naughty Anadolu Yakası Escort and mischievous smile. Her perfect breasts. Her neatly trimmed bush. I quickly become hard.

“I am fine. I hope this is ok?”, she asks.

“It is your house. Be as you want.”, I reply with a pleasing smile.

I stand there admiring her wonderful body. She asks, “Why don’t you drop your tools over there?” She points towards the kitchen table. I quickly walk over and set them down. As I turnaround, her naked body is standing right there. We give each other a big hug. Her firm breasts pressing into my chest, as we passionately kiss each other. My tongue surprises her when it darts into her mouth.

My hands grabs her ass. Her body is so warm from her aroused state. I lift her up and she wraps her legs around me. As her body is intertwined with mine as I walk her to the couch. Looking down I see a small wet spot on the couch. I stop setting her down, but she knows why I stopped.

“I am sorry, I couldn’t wait. I started too play.”

I smile back with a devilish smile. That explains why the room has the wonderful smell of sex. She maybe ready, but I want to taste her. I slowly kiss her neck. Down to her breasts. Teasing each nipple with my mouth. Kissing down her stomach. As I go down further, her scent becomes stronger and stronger. My kisses are feather light. I kiss just above her clit, as I sneak a quick tease with my tongue. She lets out an unexpected moan.

Her pussy is so warm. Her hands grab my hair, “Eat my pussy NOW! I have been fantasizing about it.” As she pauses briefly. “And I expect you to satisfy me.”

Well, I guess I know the expectations. They are clear.

My tongue teases her lips, her mound, and her other sensitive areas. Her juices are dripping down to her ass. Her legs are at a glorious angle for me to view both her holes. I know she has never wanted to try experience anal sex, but I slide my finger in her soaking pussy and thrusts a few times. My mouth takes her clit and teases her highly sensitive little Pendik Escort bud. My juice soaked finger teases her puckered little asshole. Lightly teasing it as my fingertip dances around it. I don’t hear any objections as I slowly slide just inside. That is it. Just enough too tease her.

She moans louder as I continue teasing both her holes. “Yes, I am naughty! I am your dirty woman, so fuck my brains out!”

I slowly insert my finger in her ass, as my tongue thrusts in and out of her pussy. Her moan is loud and long. As she mumbles, “I never knew how good that could feel!”

My experience is far from an experienced anal sex connoisseur. But seeing and hearing her enjoyment was well worth the chance of her being upset with me. My cock is hard and so tight as it starts to throb.

She gets up on all fours and teases me with a glorious view. Her juices glisten from the sunlight peaking through the open blinds. I grab my hard, tight shaft and begin to stroke it. She looks at me and crawls over to me on all fours. She says, “I can’t wait to taste your pre-cum.”

My reply was with short breath, “With your talented mouth you will soon.”

Her head starts to bob up and down my shaft. She takes me deep inside her mouth. I feel my tip hit the back of her throat. She sucks harder and harder. Faster and faster. Her saliva coating my hard member. I am throbbing as my pre-cum unites with her. Her mouth dances around and hits every nerve of my throbbing cock. She releases her mouth and starts to stroke me, while smiling at me with a devilish smile.

“I hope you are ready. Because I am going to ride your hard cock long and hard.”

Trying to hold my orgasm back, I barely could shake my head yes.

She gets up and stands over me with her glistening thighs. She kneels over me and grabs my cock. Teases her clit with the tip before entering her. Her moan is filled with pleasure, as she starts to ride me slowly. Her hips grind hard into me. My eyes open to see the pleasure in her eyes. Her sex hungry eyes are feeling the ecstasy. Kurtköy Escort She grabs my shoulders and lets out a nice long orgasm.

She gasps, “I am not done yet. So if you want to cum, fill my pussy now. Because I am riding you again.”

I grab her hips and thrust deep inside her a couple of times. Watching her body take my thrusts. I fill her with hot sticky cum as I loudly cum. She smiles as she feels the hot cum hit her inside.

“Good.”, she says as she starts riding me again. I watch her wonderful breasts move with each of her thrusts down on me. There is nothing more beautiful than watching a womans body move as she is being pleased. I feel our juices coming down my ass.

She starts to cum again. Her breathing is very heavy and her body is glistening. She heaves forward and collapses on me, catching her breath. She whispers, “I need to catch my breath. Then I am going on all fours.”

After a few minutes, she slowly gets up on all fours. My cum is coating her lips and neatly trimmed bush. I get into place and she takes me and guides me into her cum soaked pussy. I grab her hips and start rhythmically thrusting deep inside her. She is so tight in this position. Her muscles milking my hard cock. I feel like I am about to cum. Quicker and faster I thrust inside her. I start to cum on the last deep thrust. Then she cums. Not only does she cum, but she squirts as her body shutters in an unbelievable orgasm. She falls forward trying to catch her breath. We are soaked from our juices.

“God that was awesome.”, I said between breaths.

“Yes it was!”, as she quivers from her waves of orgasms.

We curl up next to each other and talk for what seems like a few minutes. But when she looks at the clock, it is two hours. “I am almost late!”, she said. She runs up the stairs to get dressed. I slowly get dressed.

“I have 10 minutes to get my peanut from school.”, as she is quickly getting her shoes on. She walks over and cups my crotch, “Oh, by the way, we need to reschedule. I don’t think the switch is working. But I don’t have time now.” She winks and kisses me.

I look back as I leave, “Call my office to make the appointment.” I wink back and walk to my truck.

As I am sitting there replaying everything, my phone rings.

“Hi! I am calling to make my appointment….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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