The Garden Shed Ch. 08

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By jasperspen©

All persons engaged in sexual activity in this story, are over 18 years of age.

This story took place in the 1970s in the United Kingdom when the ‘World Wide Web’ or Internet as it is known today, was barely an infant and not available to private individuals. As for mobile phones, they were only at an experimental stage. This meant that knowledge of sex was gleaned mostly by chats with ‘experienced’ friends or looking at adult magazines aka Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler and so on.

Boys and girls were nowhere near as mature or knowledgeable about sex at age 18 compared to many of today’s 14 or 15 year olds, thanks mainly to the multitude of internet ‘information’ that can now be accessed by anyone that can type ‘sex’ into a search engine.

All of this is to set the scene for you, to make you aware that in the 1970s, unlike the present, many boys and girls at age 18 were considerably naïve when it came to real sexual encounters.

Obviously, if you have read the previous chapters you will be more in tune with the characters.


Mom had been pleased to see that Sue had made a good job of cutting my hair, and had not said anything that led us to think she might have had any suspicions about what else we had done in the hairdressing salon. In fact, she had been very complimentary about how well we were now getting along, with few arguments or disagreements.

Our routine of clearing up after dinner each evening, washing the dishes and utensils while our parents went into the sitting room to watch the TV News, had become a regular pattern, so we were able to chat and sometimes mess with each other a bit, without arousing any suspicion. We had had some sexy banter and not too risky feeling of each other while doing that, but we hadn’t had any opportunities to do anything more.

My half-term break from college was approaching next week, and I was looking forward to being able to spend some time in my shed during the day, when no one was around. I had slowly increased my library of ‘Men’s’ magazines and was looking forward to studying them in detail without interruption.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t how it was going to be.

“You can, but we can’t afford for someone to come in and do it,” I heard Mom saying to Sue one day, as I came down to breakfast.

“What’s that then?” I asked, not having heard any of the previous conversation.

“Your sister wants to decorate her room,” Mom replied, “she says it’s too old fashioned and she wants to change it all.”

“Ohh ok,” I said, more interested in filling my cereal bowl.

“Dad could help me,” Sue said.

“No, he works too hard already,” Mom said, “neither of us are as young as we used to be.”

“Oh well,” Sue sighed, “guess I’ll have to leave it as it is.”

There was a pause while we continued eating our breakfast.

“But…” Mom suddenly said, as though a light bulb had gone off in her head, “Ben is going to be on holiday soon, he could help you if we buy the materials.”

“What,” I spluttered, seeing where this was going, “I know nothing about decorating.”

“Well it’s a good time to learn then isn’t it?” Mom said, triumphantly, “what do you think Mike?” she asked our dad, who had his head stuck in a newspaper as usual.

“Yes, good idea,” he replied absently, not looking up from his reading.

“See, your dad is in agreement Ben,” she added, a self-satisfied smile on her face.

“Aww Mom, I have plans for my week off.”

“I’m sure you can give your sister a bit of your time Ben, it’s not too much to ask.”

I knew I was onto a looser, so I resigned myself to having to give up a couple of days to help Sue.

I was just about to carry on eating my breakfast, when Sue got up, passing behind Mom and Dad, she gave me one of her ‘raised eyebrow’ looks and said, “I want to paint the walls rather than have wallpaper, so we are going to have to strip everything off.”

I groaned at the thought of all that work, but then I caught the cheeky grin that followed and wondered if she meant something else or was just playing me up.

“I am going to take a few days holiday next week,” Sue said, “is Monday ok to start?” she asked me.

“Yea, I guess so,” I mumbled through my mouthful of cereal.

“Good. You can take Sue in the car on Sunday and buy the paint and things you need from the big DIY store in the new shopping complex. The shops there are all open on Sundays,” Mom generously offered.

Oh great, not only days during the week, but I had to lose Sunday too, and I hate shopping. As Sue hadn’t passed her driving test yet, I knew I would have to drive her, so once again I accepted luck wasn’t with me today and got on finishing my breakfast, so I could get to college.


The week finally came to an end, and on Saturday I spent most of the day with my mate helping him with repairs to his old motorbike. I swear he spends more time repairing it than riding it, but it’s interesting and escort ilanları we can chat about life and the world in general as we work, so I do enjoy it, even if it does take a while to get the grease from my hands afterwards.

When I went down to breakfast on Sunday, Sue was busy writing a list of things we needed to buy. I looked over her shoulder and it looked like she had been doing some measurements and calculations so that she would know how much paint and stuff we might need.

“That looks organised,” I said, “maybe it won’t take too long if you know what you want.”

“Yeah, I thought that. Dad helped me to measure up last night and has given me the money to cover it, so I think we should be ok. I’m quite excited about it. I’ve already had breakfast, so I’m going to get ready. Give me a call in my room as soon as you are ready to go,” she instructed, as she rose and left me to eat mine.

I called her about a half hour later and she came downstairs looking as if she was going out on a date rather than to a DIY store. She had put on a light-green miniskirt, that ended mid-thigh, a tight-fitting white top and sandals. Her legs were bare, which they usually were unless it was much colder, and she had obviously put on a little make-up and looked very sexy indeed.

“I didn’t realise we had to dress up,” I said, a bit sarcastically, as I was wearing my regular shorts and tee-shirt.

“Some of us like to look nice when we go out,” she countered, but with a knowing sort of smile that I didn’t understand.

“Shall I escort madam to the car,” I said, hamming up the chauffeur role.

“Yes please driver,” she retorted, taking up the act.

To keep the act going, when we got outside, I opened the passenger door for her to get in, and got a reward of seeing her long slim legs, and a flash of white panties, as her skirt caught on the seat when she slid onto it. Hmm I thought, that was an unexpected treat.

We left at about 11am and I drove straight to the DIY store where, after a bit of indecision over colour, Sue eventually bought the paint and a few other items that we would need. We loaded it from the shopping trolly into the boot of the car and I started to reverse out from the parking space.

“Ben, while we are here, I would like to get a couple of things from one of the other shops, can you drive over to the other car park please?” Sue asked.

“What else do you need?”

“You can see when we get there,” she said, grinning.

“I don’t want to be too long though, I would like some of Sunday to myself,” I answered, a bit grumpily.

“It won’t take long, please Ben,” she gave me a ‘lost puppy dog’ look.

“Yea, ok,” I sighed, “let’s get it over with.”

It was surprisingly busy for a Sunday, but I found a space not too far from the other shops and we walked over and entered the shopping arcade where there were lots of clothing, jewellery, shoe and other shops.

“Where are we going?” I asked, trailing along behind her, but watching her tight bottom wiggle from side to side as she walked.

“Just down here,” she said, over her shoulder.

She turned into a shop that had display windows full of young lady’s clothes.

“Oh no,” I said, “I’m not going in there with you, look it’s full of girls looking and trying on things, it’s too embarrassing.”

“Come on,” she grabbed my arm pulling me with her, “see, there are guys in here with their girlfriends, just stay with me and they’ll think you’re my boyfriend,” she giggled.

It had made me blush, seeing the girls holding up items against themselves to see how they might look, and even in one area of the shop doing the same with underwear. I was totally out of my comfort zone and wasn’t sure where to look.

Sue was right though, there were lots of people in there and the loud pop music in the background simply added to the crowded feeling. The people included a handful of bored looking men being asked ‘what do you think of this’ or ‘think this’ll suit me’. As Sue started looking through the skirts and tops on the racks, I noticed two harassed shop assistants who were alternately trying to help customers and serve on the cash desk. It was clear that they had only put on a skeleton crew as it was a Sunday, and that they could have done with at least another couple of staff.

I was trying to blend in and look more nonchalant than I felt, when there was a tug on my arm.

“I’m going to try these on,” she said, several garments lying over her arm, “come on.”

“Come on where?”

“To the fitting booths of course,” she said.

“No,” I whispered urgently, looking at the two assistants running around, “I can’t go in there, they’ll think I’m weird or something.”

“They are too busy to notice,” she said, pulling me with her.

“What about the other people trying things on, they won’t want a guy hanging around there,” I said desperately.

“Don’t worry, they all do it sometimes, just follow me.”

She gaziantep escort ilanları led me through the crowded shop to the back where there was a short corridor made up of cubicles, each with a door that had a gap at the top. I had only ever been in some men’s changing booths, but those had curtains rather than real doors like these.

There were a couple of guys standing round, but they were paying attention to the girls they were with and took no notice as Sue dragged me down the corridor and with a quick look round, pushed me into an empty cubicle and locked the door. I sat down on the wide bench that was built into the cubicle.

“I shouldn’t be in here,” I said, maybe a little too loudly, although the music and general noise level was quite high.

“Well you are now, but keep your voice down, just in case,” she said quietly, reaching for the zipper of her skirt as she said it.

She undid a button and the zip and slipped the skirt off.

“Wh…what are you doing?” I asked stupidly.

“Err, it’s a changing room dummy, you try clothes on in here,” she grinned.

“Yea..but..I’m here..”

“Could have fooled me,” she said, slipping her top over her head.

She was now standing in front of me in just her thin white bra and panties. I could just see a hint of her dark triangle through her panties and her nipples were already pushing the material of her bra outwards. My cock had already reacted to the sight and was working its way up the front of my underwear towards my stomach.

“Take them off then,” she said.


“Your shorts, of course.”

“What here, now?” I said nervously, “I’m not the one trying clothes on.”

“Yeah, I know, but just do it… quietly.”

“You sure about this, I don’t want to get into trouble.”

She came closer and kissed my lips, “Just do it.”

With some trepidation, I stood up and shuffled out of my shorts and then my underwear, putting them on the seat next to me. My cock was now fully erect and standing up straight as I sat down again. Sue was looking directly at it and biting her bottom lip. Although the situation felt a bit weird, it did feel exciting knowing that there were other people all around us who had no idea we were almost naked in here.

As I sat down, Sue moved forward and pulled my tee-shirt up and over my head, then holding onto my shoulders, put one knee either side of me on the seat. Taking the hint at last, I put my hand out and cupped her pussy over her panties, then slid it up and down the soft material. When I got to the bottom, directly over her entrance, I realised Sue was already very wet and it had soaked through her panties. She must have been anticipating doing this and become excited already, which had got her juices flowing.

“Put your hand inside,” she whispered in my ear.

I was feeling slightly scared, but now as excited as my sister, and complied readily, letting my hand slide under the waistband and down into her short pubic hair. As I let my fingers glide down between her pussy lips, it became apparent she really was very wet, and if the noise level hadn’t been so high, I am sure I would have heard the squelching noise I was sure they were making.

“Ohh yea,” she sighed into my ear, so that only I could hear.

My cock was rock hard and pressed against the panties covering the back of my hand, that was stroking her pussy. She put one hand down and slid it over my cock, pulling the foreskin down, exposing the sensitive head. My precum lubricated her fingers as we quietly masturbated each other in that small cubicle.

“Do you want to try to put it in?” she whispered.

“In here? Now?”

“Yeah, think of all the people within a couple of feet of us who don’t know what we are doing,” she said, it’s a bit of a thrill isn’t it?”

“I guess so,” I whispered back, hearing movement in the cubicles either side of us, “but we’ll get into big trouble if anyone finds us,” I added.

“They won’t if we are quiet,” she said, her eyes sparkling with the naughtiness of it.

Over the last few months, Sue had gradually become more turned on when we did things in a risky environment, where it was possible we might be discovered. I didn’t know where that had come from, as I hadn’t seen her as much of a risk taker before. Although I found it exciting too, I seemed to worry more than her about being found out.

“What do you think of this dress?” I heard a female voice say, so close, it was almost as if she was in the same cubicle.

“Looks very nice,” her obviously bored partner replied.

Sue put her hands over her mouth to stifle the slight moan she made as I hit her clit with my fingers. I couldn’t see how she would be able to keep quiet though, if she had a full orgasm.

“Are you sure?” I whispered, aware now of how easy it was to hear people in the adjacent cubicles.

“Yeah, come on, it will be really sexy,” she persuaded.

I have to admit, I was gaziantep escort bayan ilanları feeling very sexy with Sue siting facing me, in just her bra and panties, her warm skin in contact with mine, stroking my cock in time to my ministrations down her panties.

“How… I mean… is it possible like this?”

“Just like we’ve done before,” she said, “I’ll lift up, you pull my panties aside and put him there, then I’ll just slide down.”

I noticed her voice had got huskier.

She lifted a little, that being my cue to do the rest. I slipped my hand out of her panties, and with my index finger, pulled the gusset to one side. With my other hand I positioned my swollen purple head between her pussy lips and found her entrance. As soon as she felt it there, she slowly slid back down. She was so wet, that no other lubrication was necessary, and she engulfed my rigid cock in a cocoon of warm wetness in one slick movement.

“Mmmm,” she uttered, a little too loudly for my liking.

I opened my eyes wide and put my finger against my lips in a ‘shushing’ gesture, but it was a wasted effort as, when I looked at her, she had her eyes closed and a smile on her face.

She started to slide up and down on my cock, taking it all the way in then right out up to the tip. I had to reposition myself a little on the bench because it started to squeak with protest at the movement.

The thought went through my head that here I was, fucking my sexy young sister, surrounded by lots of people with ears, just the other side of thin walls and doors. She was right though; it was so daring that the adrenalin was flowing and heightening the eroticism of the act, taking me quickly up the curve towards orgasm.

I could see it was having the same effect on her, as unusually, she hadn’t tried to kiss me. This time she seemingly just wanted to have me inside her and ride me to her climax in this risky location.

Sitting on the bench, I couldn’t do much except to keep my hips tilted up slightly, so that the full length of my cock buried itself deep inside her on every downstroke. She was taking full advantage of that and now had her hand over her mouth, muting her groans. The effect wasn’t lost on me either; the sensations and the surroundings bringing me nearer and nearer to my own finish.

“Oh fuck Ben….Christ, I am nearly there,” she breathlessly whispered right into my ear, increasing the speed of her movement.

“And me,” I whispered back, breathing heavily, but trying to be quiet.

I felt the familiar tingle starting low down in my cock at the same time as my it started to be gripped by the first of Sue’s vaginal spasms. She pushed herself down on me as far she could, as the first tremors ran through her body. She had one hand pressed tightly over her mouth, holding on to my shoulder for balance with the other. Just seeing her, and feeling her pussy grip me, sent me straight over the edge. I filled her with several large amounts of cum, while she in turn sat and shook, her pussy seemingly trying to squeeze the last drops from me. I don’t know how much noise we were making; the music was still loud so maybe it was masked by that and all the people moving around and talking.

“Ohh I have gone all weak,” she whispered, taking her hand from her mouth, “that was just so….so… quick and dirty, I suppose,” she said, grinning now.

“God it was, I had no idea you were going to do this, I feel a bit wobbly now too, try not to move for a moment.”

She put her arms round me and pulled herself against my chest, her breast filled bra pressed against my chest.

We stayed like that for a few minutes until we had recovered enough to try separating.

“We are going to make a mess,” I said.

“No, just take him out slowly and put my underwear back in place quickly, then nothing will come out.”

I tried to do as she said, but I had pumped so much cum into her that it still dribbled out of the sides of her gusset even when she pulled her panties tight up against herself.

“I’ll just wipe this with a tissue,” she said, then we had better get dressed and go home before the store notice anything and Mom and Dad wonder what’s taking so much time.

“What about all the clothes you brought into here, you haven’t tried them on yet?”

She looked at me in a funny way, “Don’t be silly, I was never going to try them on, I just thought we could use this room as a bit of private space for a while,” she smirked. “Worked didn’t it?”

“You mean you….”

“Yeah, planned it, a sort of reward for helping me… not that I got much out of it,” her face split into a big smile, “well maybe I did.”

I could hardly believe that she had thought all this through and made it happen for us, but I wasn’t complaining. I did get a couple of funny looks from other customers as we exited the cubicle, but in my still euphoric state I didn’t really care, and I am sure Sue didn’t.

We finally made it home with all the decorating stuff we had bought, and was of course quizzed by Mom as to why it had taken so long. Sue told her that she had made me take her to the clothes shop, but couldn’t find anything she liked. Dad looked at me over the top of the book he was reading and rolled his eyes conspiratorially. I am sure Mom had done the same to him ….well maybe not all that we had done.


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