The Gig

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I’d protested at first, not with any real conviction because we both knew I’d follow him into the fires of hell if he asked but just because I felt I ought to. Why we had to go and see an 80’s goth band attempting to revive a moribund career was beyond me and seemed to be a waste of an evening that could be spent in far more interesting endeavours. Such as having his thick cock deep inside me.

We looked out of place walking up to the venue, a distinct lack of facial piercings and torn black clothing. Everyone else had clearly not bought any new clothes since 1985 and quite a few smelled of 1985 as well. Even the security guards looked fed up, they’d obviously figured out they were going to have a boring night with this collection of depressed individuals moping around to slow heavy music.

We went inside and I tried to see, peering through the gloom in search of a light that might indicate a bar. I wanted to ask why we were here but knew I’d receive a cryptic answer I’d have to figure out and I didn’t quite feel like doing that yet. I snuggled into him as he put his arm round me, reached for a highly satisfying kiss, then let him lead me into the darkness.

At least getting served was easy, most of the patrons seemed incapable of doing anything except stare at the floor so we got drinks. The low key atmosphere was strangely relaxing and I was starting to enjoy being close against him in the darkness. Amongst so many people we were actually totally alone, nicely anonymous. I started a developing passionate kiss which was going nicely when it was rudely interrupted by a confusing collection of sounds that were apparently the support band.

As a mood killer they were excellent. As anything else they were a diabolically large headache, too loud, totally tuneless and displaying all the energy of a dead hedgehog on Valium. I expressed roughly this point of view and was rewarded with a conciliatory but highly erotic kiss. There was a certain intensity to it which made me think for a second he had more in mind but he simply held me to him. Occasionally people would bump into us in the darkness, the easiest way to cope was to hold each other close and I wondered if he’d known that would be the case.

After several years of ear splitting pain the band finished and presumably shuffled off the stage with Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir the same lack of intensity they had displayed all evening. My ears dared to return to something approaching normality, just in time to catch him saying we needed to get to the front early before the rush began. The idea of this crowd rushing anywhere made me smile, it was clear that walking pace exacted enough effort and it’s hard to go anywhere quickly when your eyes are fixed to the floor. Still I let him take my hand and lead me, life had yet to be boring with him and so despite outward appearances I doubted it would be now.

We got right to the front, looked at the dimly lit stage, breathed too much stale dry ice. He positioned me right up against the cold metal barrier, then lined himself behind me. I felt his arms around me and leaned back against him as he gently kissed my neck. This was good, tingles of feeling ran through me and I reached back to feel his shoulders. No-one seemed to care, people came and took positions next to us as though we were a statue already in place, our little space was our own.

Arousal began to spread through me, was the whole point of this foreplay I wondered. If so then the sex when we got home was going to be immense because my body was responding strongly. In the darkness I couldn’t tell if people were watching or not and that thought made me so much hotter. I could feel his hardness against me and knew he was enjoying me too. As he always did.

A break in the music from the PA signalled the arrival of the main act, greeted by a half-hearted attempt at a cheer which presumably exhausted a few of the audience completely. This band were a lot better than the first and there was a dreamy quality to the heavy slow noise accompanied by the swaying of the bodies around us. A few songs in and I relaxed, a heady mixture of arousal, music and people swirled in my brain. He was so going to get it tonight, I was in full woman mode now, as usual he seemed to sense it.

His hand was stroking my stomach, touching, teasing. Under my top, fingers on skin. I shivered, pressed back harder against him. This was incredibly sexy and got more so when he began caressing my nipple with the palm of his hand. One then the other, then back again. All the while İstanbul Escort the band played on and the wetness between my legs grew. He seemed to sense that as well as the hands moved down.

Even though I was expecting it I still felt the thrill of shock when he reached under my skirt and touched me. Thank god I wasn’t wearing any underwear, he had perfect access and he certainly used it. His fingers ran slickly through my liquid, stroked it into my sensitive parts, lifted my desire like a consuming monster rising from the sea. I started to moan, couldn’t help it and was pleased to find it mixed in well with the music. No-one around us seemed to be aware of what we were doing, the erotic nature of our secret exhibition excited me beyond belief and I wanted to take him home right then but it was obvious he wanted to stay.

His hardness was pressed against me, I could feel it through our clothes so I ground back on it, wanting to get him as worked up as I was. It seemed to be effective, he pushed me forwards into the barrier so it was hard against my stomach and I moved my legs apart so he could stand between them. For a few moments we stayed in that position with his hands caressing my swollen lips and then he shifted my dress up my thighs. To my total surprise I felt his naked cock nudging between my legs, felt his head start to push inside.

I had no doubt that the public nature of the situation was adding to the burning fire sizzling through me, I felt totally wanton and now needed to be fucked hard, if the people around us saw, heard, smelled or objected then they would just have to wait because I simply couldn’t. With the perfect timing he always seemed to manage I felt him slide deep into the liquid stream flowing from me. A half scream which morphed into a long moan escaped from my mouth and nearly woke up the couple lost in a trance next to us. He began to move, pulsing his way into me as I welcomed him into my body.

I must’ve closed my eyes while enjoying the sensations because as I opened them I saw the bass player was staring straight at me from the stage, a smirk on his face. He knew, he could see me being taken and now he was making eye contact. Embarrassment and sexual pleasure flooded me in equal measure. I couldn’t break the eye contact even as my Escort İstanbul man increased his thrusts and I opened to him, my mouth opening as well which caused the musician further enjoyment.

The situation was surreal but highly enjoyable, as the man I loved fucked me with passion and force I couldn’t break eye contact with some stranger who seemed to be looking into my soul. I’d turned him into a voyeur and now he couldn’t look away, it was the best way to be an exhibitionist I could think of. It seemed the more he stared the harder I was fucked and there could be only one outcome to that situation.

I came more violently than expected and simply couldn’t break eye contact with the musician, even as the waves ran through me and broke against the man behind. The intensity of it was overwhelming, both men knew what had just happened, both had just enjoyed it in very different ways. I spasmed over and over, moaning loudly with each one, loving the knowledge that the bass player was eyeing my open mouth and wishing his cock could be there. From the way he was massaging his instrument against his instrument I could see he was stimulating his own hardness while playing and so ran my tongue around my lips to give him some extra visual pleasure.

Being locked between the energies of two men was totally thrilling and feeling my man come inside me added to that. He went deep, stayed deep, I stretched myself around him and held. I panted, moaned and then threw my head back as I absorbed the wild emotion coming from him. Somehow breaking the eye contact burst the dam for the bass player who emptied himself into his jeans as I watched. Two men, two sets of jerking hips and I was the cause of both.

I felt him withdraw then so I turned to face him, to kiss him passionately again and again, my body still singing its own tune of double desire and double satisfaction.

“Take me home and take me again” I shouted to him. He nodded and took my hand to lead me through the semi dead people shuffling to themselves. I could feel his liquid and mine dribbling from me, leaving a trail of silverskin for that bass player to follow if he dared. All I could think of now was our bed and our love, the illicit excitement had served its purpose and I needed a long session of fucking and feeling.

As soon as we were outside he pulled me to him and kissed me hard. “That guy did well only to miss a couple of notes,” he said.

I pulled back surprised. “You saw that?” I asked. “You saw him making eye contact with me and getting off? Did you mind?”

He laughed. “Hell no” he replied. “I was making eye contact with him as well.”

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