The Gigolo Project Ch. 01

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Name: Victor Fetcher

Age: 61

Height: 6’0

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color/Style: White and Grey crew cut

Penis Size: 7 1/2

Occupation: Male Gigolo for the Honey Private Academy for Women

The sounds of a fat cock being wetly sucked filled the room at a local hotel in Big Sky, Montana. Victor Fetcher is seated on the large bed wearing only an open white bathrobe and slippers as his throbbing dick is being sloppily serviced by a young woman with large breasts. Her head bobs steadily up and down with her soft moist lips consuming over 5 of the 7 1/2 inches of his rock-hard appendage. The drool from her warm mouth dribbles down his pulsating elongated meat and soaks his fat wrinkled sack.

“Ohhhh, Desi! I’m going to come!… Oh, darling… I’m going to come… Ahhhhah, fuck! Ahahhhhahh,” Victor Fetcher cried out as the delicious soft lips of the young woman whose name he called out now feverishly scrolls up and down his hard twitching member pushing him towards his impending climax.

Name: Desiree or Desi Pierce

Age: 24

Height: 5’6

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color/Style: Pixie-cut blonde

Bust size: 36F

Occupation: Graduate of the Honey Private Academy for Women

Desi keeps her wet lips sealed over the immensely throbbing shaft of the older gentlemen as he sweats hard and tightly grips the bedding, letting out a primal moan and unloads a thick torrent of hot and gooey spunk down her yearning gullet. His entire body shakes like he’s having a seizure. Desiree waits until the very last drop of his gooey cum enters her mouth and down her throat and then relinquishes his fat dirty old cock from her sticky moist mouth. She gives the bulbous dark-red mushroom head a few licks while smiling at him, “Your cock smells so good when it’s hard and you have great tasting cum, Mr. Fetcher,” complimenting with a ring of jism around her lips and dribbling down her chin.

Finally opening his eyes, Victor grabs his cell phone off the nearby nightstand and sees a missed call from his wife of 30 years. He’s been married longer than the young woman that sucked and drained his cock has been living.

“I should probably be heading home. The wife gets worrisome when I’m out too late,” Victor announced and before closing his robe, Desiree unzips her white top and her huge volleyball-sized white breasts fall out with their big rounded peach pale areolas and fat pointy dark nipples. She then unbuttons her tiny shorts and they drop to her bare feet leaving her only in a purple laced g-string.

Smiling like a she-devil, Desiree suggests, “Text the wife and tell her your tutoring session will be running late tonight. The fun is just getting started.”

Victor stood still while his eyes and mouth are drooling at the sight of a nearly naked 24-year-old. The farthest he had gotten with Desiree in these couple of weeks were a few blowjobs and an amazing tit-job while she wore a sports bra. Seeing her massive spherical gems bare erected his dick instantly.

“Looks like your cock wants to stay and play,” she gloated while cupping her big snowy titties and bouncing them for his amasement.

Victor breaks out of his trance and sends a text to his wife;

(Hey Honey. Sorry I won’t be home for dinner. Something came up at work and Escort Avrupa yakası it’s going to take a lot longer than I thought to solve. I’ll be grabbing something to eat. I’ll be home in a couple of hours. Don’t wait up and kiss the grand babies for me. Love, Victor.)

Lying to his wife Betty of 30 years is part of Victor Fetcher’s new job at the Honey Private Academy for Women and being the male sole employee, he had to keep his current employment under wraps.

Before this unique opportunity fell into Victor’s lap, the 61-year-old had a joint business venture with a long-time buddy that went belly up a few months back. His friend committed suicide a week after their business venture failed and left Victor depressed and in mountains of debt he’s too ashamed to tell his family. Bill collectors, creditors, and insurance companies all breathing down his neck for their money.

After searching online for hours for a new job, a strange job posting appeared in his email. There were no specifics in the posting other than the job required an older fit male for teaching at an esteemed all-girl school. The pay was negotiable upon the job interview. Victor applied for the job and the next day an interview was setup. He met with the head of the Honey Private Academy HR department, a sophisticated well-dressed woman in her late 30s named Kendra and she hired the 61-year-old right on the spot.

Kendra informed Victor that the academy is privately funded by rich parents who send their daughters to the private academy for better education and not be distracted by cute boys and meaningless parties, but the HR department knows that stopping horny grown girls from finding a way to engage in sexual activity is simply impossible. That’s why a secret program known as the Gigolo Project was setup to satisfy their sexual cravings and Victor was hired as the academy’s gigolo. He’s the opposite of hot and buff being unattractive, skinny fat, hairy and married but his dick is quite sizeable. Kendra had to see his penis to approve his hiring and it’s the only thing impressive about him.

Victor knows this entire arrangement is wrong but the pay is huge and can help with the mountain of debt, not to mention continue to provide for his family. Plus he can also think of worst jobs to have then fucking young horny women. His first assignment was a young busty blonde named Desiree. As a graduation gift, she was Victor’s first assignment as the old gigolo nearly busted a nut seeing the size of Desiree’s massive boobs. Victor isn’t a boob guy as his wife is a solid B cup. He had never seen breasts that big on a woman so young as Desi.

She was a rebellion teen and a daddy’s girl before coming to the academy. Now 24 years old, she still has daddy issues, and why she was taken to Victor fairly quickly. After a few blowjob sessions and a tit-fuck of a lifetime, it seems Desiree is ready to take their encounters to the next level as is Victor.

Victor sits on the edge of the bed and Desiree drops to her knees between his open legs. She spits all over his throbbing hard member and wraps her giant jugs around it. Victor groans feeling the soft flesh of her mammaries on his thighs and surrounding cock. She smiles at him and begins sliding her heavy soft toys up and Ataköy escort down his hard pole.

“Oh god, you’re so hard. Feels like steel between my tits,” Desi moaned, vigorously pumping her lewd huge knockers up and down his fat cock. The swollen head of his long snake pokes from within her deep soft valley of cleavage and she leans her face above her cleavage, licking the head each time it appears. She pauses for a few seconds keeping her fat milk bags hugged tightly around his rampant cock to give the swollen knob a proper sucking before resuming the tit-fuck.

Victor takes control clutching handfuls of plump flesh and thrusting his rock-hard man meat between her bouncing young boobs, rapidly slamming his balls against the bottoms of her vulgar melons and driving the fat head of his shaft into her chin. Desi opens her horny mouth, catching the ballooned head a few times, lubricating with wads of spit that trails down his moving engorged tool.

The feeling of Desi’s massive tits and warm mouth causes the old gigolo to lose all self-control and he erupts like a geyser between oscillating breasts, spraying her chin and the top of her chest with his milky thick spunk.

Desiree is caught off guard, gasping, “Wow! Look at the huge mess you made, but this isn’t over yet. I need to feel this fat dick in my pussy. I’m so horny,” licking some of his jizz off her bottom lip and releasing his soften member from between their pillowy prison. She stands and slides her laced g-string to the floor revealing a small patch of glistening brown hair covering her pussy.

Victor stands and steps out of his slippers and robe. Desiree moves in with a passionate kiss, tasting his stale old hot man breath and the move prompts the older gentlemen to spin around, laying the top-heavy blonde on top of the bed. Her giant breasts spread just like her legs as Victor drops to his knees and begins tongue assaulting her wet pussy. Her perfectly manicured toes curl from Victor’s feverish tongue lashing; licking, twirling, and darting deep inside the pink soggy flesh between her hairy cunt walls, connecting with her responsive g-spot and clitoris, over and over again.

“Oh, DADDY! Don’t stop! Oh my god! Ohhhhh, DADDY! YES!! OH, GOD!” Desiree moaned.

Victor savors the taste of Desiree’s creamy cunt as hers is the first pussy he tasted in 30 years that isn’t his wife’s. He loves eating pussy and bringing his wife to orgasmic tremors but tasting another woman’s cunt rejuvenated his hunger and quickly erected his dick to full mast.


Holding her trembling legs suspended in the air, Victor kept his mouth glued to her quivering cunt accepting her flow of sticky cum inside his mouth. His tongue continues to lap without mercy inside her gooey honey pot causing her to continuously moan and shriek as another wave of orgasms rocks her body to the core.

Desiree yells, “OH GOD! Don’t stop! I’m cumming again! Oh god! Ohhhh, daddy! YESSSS! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!” as she comes hard inside Victor’s motor mouth.

Without letting her orgasm subside, Victor stands and eases his fat hard prick inside her slippery pussy.

“Aaaaaahhh, daddy,” Desi cried out, feeling the length of his throbbing Şirinevler escort bayan manhood cramming her tight young twat to the brim. He grabs her ankles, holding her legs out in a V shape, and starts slamming hard, pushing balls-deep inside her bushy cunt. Watching her massive cum-covered titties fly all over her chest excited Victor and his raging manhood to increase his tempo, pounding Desiree into the sullied mattress.

“OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD,” she chanted over and over again as a swollen rock-hard raw cock pounds her tight succulent cunt.

After a few minutes, Victor bends her legs down towards her shoulders, feet above her head, and elongated cock bottoming out her wet pussy like it’s his last fuck. The first pussy his cock had tasted in over 30 years that isn’t his wife’s. Desiree’s pussy is a lot tighter, smoother, and juicer than Betty’s obviously due to the age difference. Her tightened spamming snatch is undeniably milking his stiff prick with each thrust, feeling his orgasm rapidly approaching.

Desiree cures up a storm, “I’M CUMMING! OH FUCK! OH, GOD! OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUUUCCCCCK!!” as a powerful orgasm sweeps through her thrashing body.

Victor withdraws his rampant pussy-juice covered dick and places his mouth on her creamy twat. He laps and drinks her sultry jism flowing from her throbbing stretched womb. He toys with her clitoris for countless minutes, working her up again after her intense orgasm.

After she cries out, Victor stands and flips Desiree onto her hands and knees with her feet dangling off the bed. He slides between her legs and plunges his turgid tool back inside her drippy wet cunt. He grabs onto her soft lumpy buttocks, marveling that the way his fingers sink into the flesh and begins pounding. The force of his ramming causes the cheeks of her bottom to ripple and her gigantic hanging knockers to rock to and fro, lewdly swinging out from her sides and clapping together in the middle.

“FUCK!! OOOHHHHHH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD!!” Desiree yelled out as she came, her drenched pussy shuddering and bathing Victor’s moving engorged shaft with her slick womb juice.

The old man wraps his arms underneath Desiree just below her dangling fun bags and delivers a series of rapid backshots, slamming his pelvic hard against her jiggling ass with his wrinkled bloated balls slapping the outside of her cock-stuffed pussy. His head is positioned near hers and the two begin kissing in horny heat, sloppily sucking on each other’s tongues.

“Uhhhhhh, Desi! Your pussy feels so good, I’m about to cum,” Victor announced in a whimpering voice as he briefly breaks the sloppy wet kiss.

Desiree moans, “Cum for me, daddy. Unload that big fat cock all over my body.”

He gives Desi’s tight creamy pink snatch one last hard pound before pulling out and signaling for her to get on her knees in front of him. She obeys and scoops her giant chest mounds in her hands for an added incentive and holds her mouth wide open for an impending cum shower.

In a primal groan, “UGGGHHHHHHHHHH,” Victor releases several large ropes of thick semen over Desiree’s face and mouth with droplets landing on her enormous fat breasts.

After he finishes draining his massive load on Desiree, Victor collapses on the bed, huffing and puffing from exhaustion while the stacked blonde basks in her sticky shower. The two are seemingly unaware that they are being watched by a few hidden cameras placed around the room. The live feed is being transmitted to a computer at the Honey Private Academy for Women to the offices of the Headmistress, Cassandra Wilkins…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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