The Girl from the Ouachita Ch. 04

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Big Tits

No sex between or around people under 18; please read chapters 1-3 before this chapter. Chapter 5 in in final review and will be turned in when this is published.

The ending of Chapter 3: Chris and Jo are in the hot tub in the midst of the apartment complex.

“Now, where were we?” Chris asked, as he tried to pull her back onto his lap.

“Uh uh! No public sex! Besides, Kitty is feeling good now, and she wants to try some new stuff on your big, soft bed!”

“I hope Kitty doesn’t need a nap, because we’re not at all sleepy over here!” Chris said, putting her little hand on his big, hard cock.

“Nuhuh, Honey, Kitty is ready to play — let’s go!”

Their afternoon nap only ended when the Brute was drained and the Kitty was too sore to go on. Missionary, cowgirl, and then, in the spirit of exploration, Doggie. Brute loved them all, but especially doggie; Kitty not so much… until the big finger started caressing Clitty and a big hand did the same to Titties. Then it was parry and thrust, slap, slap, slap, whimper and moan, and, finally, shiver, shake, and quake.

The big hands grabbed her hips while she spasmed, and the big brute rammed into her until she heard a roar and felt hotness spurting inside her. That set off another even larger quake and her cries shook the building. They spooned and slept soundly for an hour, awakening in time to fix a tray and watch the Sugar Bowl.

Chris wore his Tennessee shirt and white shorts, Jo wore one of his white tee shirts and white panties.

Chris the serious football fan, was mightily impressed by UT, Jr, especially by their QB and their toughness on defense. Mighty Georgia looked intimidated, which was great to a Tennessee fan, but kind of embarrassing to a SEC homer. Jo slept on his shoulder most of the game, then laid in his lap.

He watched the interviews, and Sam Ellinger’s warning that “We’re baaack!”, and then carried her to bed and laid her on the fresh burgundy sheets. She snuggled up, pressed her perfect butt up against him, and slept like a baby.


She awoke in an empty bed, and it felt lonely. She found Chris sitting on his normal kitchen bar stool, but with his laptop instead of his phone. He immediately got her a mug of coffee, kissed her forehead, and offered her the choice of a stool or his lap; she chose the lap, and, after a few sips, fussed at him about leaving her all alone in the big bed. He cuddled her and apologized without further explanation, so she forgave him and snuggled even closer.

His big hands stroking her lovingly, his lips kissing her hair periodically, and his deep sexy voice telling her something about needing to get a little work done today caused her to wiggle in his lap. A cup of coffee, more wiggling, and he carried her back to bed.

He introduced her to the plow, and then scissors, and made her cry out again, twice. “This fucking-thing is pretty amazing; I think I could learn to like this!” she told him after her second climax.

“You already like it a little too much, my Insatiable Minx. The Brute is ready for a break. We can resume after we eat breakfast and I get a little work done! Deal?”

She agreed, but he had to make pancakes, eggs, and sausage to assuage her hunger.

While Chris worked on his laptop, Jo struggled with memories of her assault and the horrible things they threatened to do to her. She was sitting alone on the couch, feeling sad, hurt, and afraid, but Lynn and Mary knocked on their door at ten, and invited her to take a tour of campus and go shopping with them.

She scurried back to her bedroom, cleaned up, and changed, while they flirted lightly with Chris. He knew they were kidding, but the tall red-haired Lynn and the brick-shithouse built, raven-haired Mary were quite delectable when teasing and being teased.

It was a cool day, so Jo wore the red sweater, leather skirt, and matching boots his family gave her on Christmas Eve. Her new friends wore similar outfits, and complimented her profusely on how good she looked.

While she was enthusiastically kissing him goodbye, he slipped three hundred dollar bills in her purse.

He held the door open for them and watched as they walked out of sight across the parking lot, before shutting the door and thinking about what a luscious trio they made. The taller redhead in the middle, the stacked brunette on the left, and the luscious blonde on the right.

He shook his head to clear it, and went back to his computer.

Tomorrow was the first day of work for managers and executives, and he wanted to show his boss the suggested revisions to The Carter project first thing in the morning.

Chris worked through lunch, and was surprised when the door opened and Jo came back in like a fresh breeze. “Hi, Honey,” she exclaimed as she scurried to the perch on the barstool he had rarely left since she went with her friends. He had refueled his coffee and gone to pee, but otherwise he worked.

He saved his work and stepped off the Keçiören Escort barstool to greet her properly.

Jo gave him a loving kiss, and then excitedly asked if he would grill tonight because she had invited their new friends over for supper. He said he would be glad to, if she would help him with the veges and setting up the table. She kissed him again, said of course, and then followed him outside to the pit.

He lit a charcoal fire, and went to clean up and change clothes; she followed him, excitedly telling him all about her day and all they did. She kept talking while he showered, but he couldn’t hear much of it until he got out to towel off. She was high as a kite; dazzling and too adorable when she was this excited. He kissed her nose and went to get dressed; she followed, still recounting her day.

He finally shooed her off to change into something more casual; she returned in a denim jumpsuit with a big zipper down the front, and over-the-ankle black boots with white fur lining. “Wow! Where’d you get the boots and jumpsuit?”

“From my Sugah Daddy. He slips money in my purse when I’m not looking,” she answered with a smirk.

He laughed, “I’m sure he appreciates your choices as much as I do!”

“Oh, I’m sure if you like it he likes it!”

The two couples showed up at six on the dot, with wine and snacks. They sat outside on the patio in the cool evening air while the steaks, corn, and squash spears grilled, drinking wine and being regaled by the still-excited girls. Jo said she didn’t really drink alcohol, so the girls introduced her to wine spritzers; she did well, but their motor mouths accelerated as more was imbibed.

Chris greatly preferred beer, but was polite, sipping on a single glass through two glasses for everyone else. By the time supper was served, there were five with motor-mouth syndrome and one amused listener. Eating the salad, steak, and veges brought them back to earth, and conversations the rest of the night were cordial, if humorous.

After they left at 10:30, Jo disappeared into her old bedroom. Chris changed into sleeping shorts, turned back the sheets, and waited for his bed partner. She appeared, stopped in the doorway, and posed with one hand high on the doorframe, and the other on her hip. The black babydoll featured a bralet with white lace trim that showcased her delectable tits. It was sheer to the bottom, which also had white lace trim; it extended to just above the black thong covering her pussy,

“This is one of the other things I bought with your money; do you like it?”

“Dang! That’s money well spent, although it gives me a strong urge to strip it off of you! Why don’t you come on over here and let me show you just how much I like it?”

She giggled and fled back to her room, reappearing in a few short minutes wearing a much more modest but too dang cute nightdress with white kittens romping on a navy background. He told her she looked darling; she smiled and scurried off again.

This time she returned with a set of flannel pajamas, “Because they say the dorm rooms can get chilly at night, and your roommate may have visitors.”

He smiled, told her he loved the flying dragons, and that should keep her warm and modestly covered. Inside, it hurt; sleeping alone in his apartment with her in a coed dorm with randy boys, and girls…

She reappeared in the black baby doll, posed once again in the doorway, and then ran and dove on the bed. “You were saying earlier that when you saw this you had an urge…”

He actually let her wear it for about fifteen minutes, while he explored her marvelous body over and under the sheer material, cupped her bare ass, and then sawed the thong back and forth between her sweet cheeks. She wasn’t so fond of the feel of the material on her little back hole, but she liked the way it got wet and settled between her nether lips.

He soon tired of the game, although the kissing grew more heated the longer he played. He stripped her thong off, partook of her sweet nectars, and then convinced her to try reverse cowgirl. She wasn’t fond of that at all – until she got the hang of using his cock for her own satisfaction!

Chris, on the other hand, dearly loved staring at and fondling her delectable ass while she rode his pony to an earth-moving climax; with his middle finger imbedded in her grasping brownie.

That wasn’t their last coupling, but Chris found it the most memorable.


Jo awoke with a wine headache and sour stomach, but after the loving she laid on him earlier, he was glad to assist her with recovering from her first hangover.

Jo was proving to be a curious and quick learner in all aspects of sex, with exceptional natural skills and the flexibility to contort into most any position, when properly motivated. Fortunately, Chris was an excellent motivator.

He had to leave for the office at eight; Jo had an appointment at 9:15 with Admissions, Etimesgut Escort then with Scholarships and Financial Aid at 10:30, so he gave her the Jeep keys and wished her success. That got him a scorching kiss and an entreaty to come back as early as he could.

Meeting with your boss to recommend scrapping — well, not scrapping, but significantly revising — the architects’ design and associated engineering plans for The Carter project was unnerving, yet he felt compelled to do it. What was planned did not properly fit the stadium he had visited. It was also more costly than the simpler, stronger, and more aesthetically pleasing design he envisioned.

He wasn’t an architect, but a good engineer could see how design, engineering, technology, and construction had to mesh to ensure proper functionality. He was certain his plan was superior, but…

His boss, Bob Elliott, was in his office drinking coffee and looking at his computer monitor. Chris knocked on the frame of the open door, and was invited inside. After exchanging greetings, he poured Chris a coffee, said he’d just read his email, and asked him to explain and elaborte.

Chris took the ball and ran; he opened his laptop, turned it to face his boss, and began explaining what he was looking at and why he was proposing the changes. Bob looked up at him, said, “Just a minute, Chris.

“Angie, would you book us a conference room and see if Trey, Sam, and Andy are available; most importantly Trey, but I’d like as many of the others as you can round up.” Because this was the first day back for management but not the workers, they were all available in fifteen minutes. They would be in Conference Room A, Angie informed them.

“Chris, what you’re proposing is bigger than you and me. We need the bosses involved, because they are the only ones who can intervene in this project with the university.”

He nodded, knowing that was true, but it didn’t keep his stomach from churning. ‘Why do I have to be so dang pushy?’ he asked himself. ‘I should have kept my mouth shut and done my work; the plans are the work of an university planning committee and their architectural firm. They aren’t going to change them because some punk 25 year-old thinks they are tacky and unsound! Yet, here I am, getting ready to make an ass of myself and get my ass kicked by all four of my bosses! Stupid! You’re just stupid, Christian Alexander!’

Bob took him over to the conference room so he could get his laptop hooked to the projector, and they got another cup of coffee before anyone else arrived. “Am I an idiot for doing this?” Chris asked his direct supervisor.

Bob laughed. “Not many twenty-five year olds would come to their boss with a plan like this, that could set the project back a couple of months, but then, you’re not just any twenty-five year old. Let’s see what they say before we decide what kind of idiot you are.”

He had a rapt audience, and he got a thorough grilling. The COO called another, more experienced engineer in and asked Chris to make the presentation to him. He took a deep breath and proceeded, answered his questions, and then waited for the engineer to make him look as stupid as he felt right now.

Chris squirmed while the older man rubbed his face a bit, stared at the ceiling a bit, studied the screen a bit, and then faced the CEO, COO, CFO, the Vice-President for Construction Logistics, and the fresh-faced punk who made the presentation.

“Bosses, I’m embarrassed to admit it, but he’s right. His plan is simpler, the upper deck will be stronger, and the appearance will be much more in line with the rest of the stadium. Even the luxury boxes will be improved by these changes. To top it all off, after you put the pencil to it, I’ll bet we can do it for about 10-15% less, and have it ready sooner than we promised.”

The three Cs and the VP exchanged looks and then smiles. Trey Beck spoke up: “I guess there was a good reason for hiring you and paying you an exorbitant salary, young Alexander! We need to bring some more people in to study and troubleshoot your plan before we go back to the planning committee, administration, and coach Patterson, but you’re over the big hurdle – we didn’t call you crazy and fire you!”

Chris took a deep breath and said, “I expected that to be the outcome, but I’m pleased I still have a job… at least until your troubleshooters pick it apart. Thank all of you for your consideration.”

“No, thank you for your audacity. First time we’ve had a rookie project manager come forth to tear apart a $120 million project, at least the first time I recollect, and for certain it’s the first time one came in with a better plan in hand!

“Turning back to the business, I noticed you shaking your head when Andy, our money man, expressed concern about delays. Does that mean there won’t be any?”

“I can’t promise that, Mr. Beck, but I believe we can easily revise the schedule to focus Demetevler Escort on the other parts of the project first, particularly the renovation of the existing seating and preparations for the new additions. Mr. Elliot would have to speak to that, however; I’m not certain where we are, logistically.”

Beck grinned. “I think we’re past the Mr. stage, Chris, at least when we’re in here together. Maybe in a big meeting, but you’ve earned the right to call us by our given names, and three of us have had drinks and broken bread with you. Andy and Jimbo Stokes, our chief engineer, are the two you haven’t spent time with yet, but that’s about to change. You and Jimbo are about to become close associates, if not friends.

“Next steps, Gentlemen?”

Each gave a measured response, agreed to prioritize this to the extent possible, and set up a meeting for Friday morning at eight.

The men got up and started toward the door while Chris was unpairing his laptop from the projector and closing it. Trey Beck leaned back in his chair and nonchalantly asked, “Say, Chris, I was wondering how that platonic relationship with your roommate is coming along?”

Before Chris could do more than blush, Trey continued speaking to the others. “Andy, you and Jimbo missed our little soiree at the country club last week, and you weren’t at the Christmas Eve party, so you didn’t get to meet Chris’ new roommate.

“You know, he’s living in company housing — one of our apartments over at Clear Fork — and he shows up at the country club with this living doll on his arm. Well, she charms all of us, and then the entire club watches her dance like Ginger Rogers in Grace Kelly’s body, while Chris serves as her foil.

“He’s practically drooling on himself, his tongue is hanging out, and he’s making starry eyes at her, but he keeps insisting his interest is entirely platonic! No one believed him, and Sandy told Dan and Debora — y’all remember Dan Alexander, his dad, right? I thought so. Debora is his mom.

“Anyway, Sandy tells Dan and Debora that Chris is in love and they better get down here and meet her.

“So they come down, spend a week, and go back to Nashville. Two days later, Debora and Sandy are on the phone about Chris’ love life, and from what I overheard, his relationship with Jo didn’t sound so platonic anymore. So, are ya still sticking to that story, young man?”

“That’s my st-story and I’m stickin’ to it,” Chris insisted, using the phrase from the old song, “no matter what my interfering mother says.”

“Ah, he’s not only a gifted engineer; he’s also a chivalrous gentleman! You stick to your story, and we’ll pretend we believe you! But let me say this: whoever wins the heart of that young lady is gonna get a prize! I couldn’t find a flaw with her, and neither could my wife. That’s not normal, because, yeah, any man is gonna take a look at her and think she’s perfect, but most women are gonna be resentful. Not our three wives,” he said, including Sam and Bob with a gesture, “They think she’s more wonderful then we do!”

“Thank you, sir. I’ll pass that along to her; she’s officially enrolling at TCU today, and I’m sure after a day of the kind of hassle that always amounts to, she’ll appreciate a compliment.” With a straight face he added, “Of course, that’s assuming she not out on a date with some college kid tonight when I get back to the apartment and I don’t get to see her.”

The group of men laughed heartily, and all of them took time to clasp him on the shoulder and compliment him about catching the problems with the stadium plans. Jimbo and Andy said they needed to be introduced to this bombshell soon, and then Bob and Jimbo invited him back to Bob’s office to begin the real work.

Laptop under his arm, Chris started for the door. Trey stopped him with a question: “Chris, have you ever heard of architectural engineering?”

Chris admitted her hadn’t, so Beck continued. “There are a few schools that offer graduate programs. As the name implies, it’s a crossover program that promotes the use of a multi-disciplinary approach to planning, design, construction, and operation of buildings. The integrated design of technology, which you already have a great handle on, plus environmental systems, transportation within and to/from the building, structural integrity under challenging conditions, building components, and building management.

“I happen to have that synopsis at hand because we’ve been considering hiring someone with that degree to help us avoid the kind of problems you just identified, and to speed up the construction planning process. The problem is, they are scarcer than hen’s teeth, so we have about decided to pay for a talented employee getting the degree.

“Look into it, give it some thought, and let me know if you think you’d be interested. If you are, you’ll go right to the top of the candidate list.”

Chris thanked him for his confidence and walked away, too stunned to say more.


Jo was sitting on the couch with her laptop on her legs when he got back to the apartment. She was obviously happy to see him, and met him halfway to give him a very nice kiss. She asked about his day, but he told her that was a longer conversation, and he needed to go to the restroom first. As he was walking away, she asked what he wanted for supper.

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