The Girl of the Friend Group Pt. 01-03

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PART I: My Sexual Awakening

Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong? I’ve felt that way my entire life. My name is Lia Thomas and growing up I was a nobody. I had very few friends in school and what few “friends” I did have were more like acquaintances that never even thought about my existence outside of 8 AM – 3 PM, Monday – Friday. I was bullied too. But then again, wasn’t everyone? I’m seriously asking, “was everyone?” because the other girls constantly ridiculed me for the way I looked (growing up I looked quite androgynous), for never talking during class and for sneaking my DS into school to play during lunch. I never did anything to them, but they made me feel like shit every single day.

Fast forward to my 18th birthday and… nothing. I was flat all over. My chest, my ass, my stomach. My tits were the size of lemons and my butt cheeks were like two little pancakes. But then… something magical happened. During the Christmas break after my birthday, I began to grow. My lemons turned into cantaloupes almost overnight. My pancakes turned into… waffles? My ass certainly wasn’t flat enough to set your drink on anymore but I’d be lying if I said that it caught anyone’s gaze. My mom took quick notice of this change and in regards to it liked to say, “Lions, tigers, boobs oh my!” (I wish I was making this up. My mom says the stupidest and most embarrassing shit sometimes, I swear to God). Apparently, the Thomas women were all late bloomers, so it’s unsurprising that it took me all the way until adulthood before my tits were as big as my mom’s.

The January I returned to school after “the change” I kind of figured no one would notice, or care- but boy was I wrong. I started to get unwanted attention, and as an introvert this SUCKED. It wasn’t all bad though, that same month this guy named Brian started talking to me and… Brain made me feel special. He’d come up to me every day at my locker to chat me up. Nobody had ever done that before, ESPECIALLY not a boy. A little bit about Brian, Brian was 19 when we first met (he was held back in first grade so he was in the same class as me despite being a year older) his mother was an alcoholic who was in and out of the county prison and his father was an honest man who made a living fixing up old cars. I guess this is different from being a mechanic but don’t ask me how- I am not a car girl. Anywho, after a month Brian asked me out on a date and… I said yes! We went to the local ice cream place, the Twist and Shake (I think it was supposed to be a Beatles pun) and had a nice little conversation. There was not much to do in Locust, Pennsylvania after all. I had even taken the opportunity to wear a low-cut shirt to “show off the goods” so to speak (in truth the shirt had not been low cut prior to my metamorphosis). After a few weeks he even asked me to be his girlfriend and I was elated! No one had ever thought of me in that way before, it was like I was experiencing my sexual coming of age… the only thing was that at this point I was very much anti-sex.

I grew up in a very strict Eastern Orthodox family and had taken my parents’ views on sex as my own. I was supposed to wait until marriage. I told Brian this a little while after we started dating and despite him reassuring me that everything was ok- I could see the disappointment on his face. I would try to satiate him by compromising. I offered him handjobs at first, then gave my first blowjob- but this wasn’t good enough. He was horny ALL THE TIME and I just couldn’t keep up. I started sending nudes- something until then I thought people were stupid for doing. Then, one day in April when we were over at his house- he was always trying to get me to come over and come into his bedroom (which I tried to stay away from like the plague)- I foolishly went in there like an idiot. He then begged me for sex and tried to take off my clothes. I told him no but when he got upset I felt bad and said that if he wanted to there was an *other* way that we could do it. That was how I lost my anal cherry.

Still with me? Good. So the next month, May, was prom. It was my senior prom, so my parents went all out and purchased me the most expensive black and pink dress (yes, I listen to K-pop), I think it cost a thousand dollars! Daddy bought it for me and even paid for a limo for Brian and I! That night was perfect, in his suit Brian looked like the most suave handsome man in the world and could have easily passed for Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne. After prom the limo dropped us off at my house and Brian (at this point I didn’t have my license yet, just a learner’s permit) drove us to “after prom”, which was held at the Macedonian-American Cultural Center. Well during the hour break between prom and “after prom” (Which might I add is stupid. Like as far as I can tell it’s always been this way but it feels like the school is just begging the students to have sex?) Brian pulled the car over to a discrete area. I was a little worried at first but just figured that I was going to unzip his pants and give him head- but he had other things in mind. He gave me this long gaziantep lezbiyen escort impassioned speech about how much he loved me and how we were meant to be together. I felt moved by the moment and well, I loved him. So I told him that if he was a virgin then yes, we could have sex. But if not, then I would still let him fuck me in the ass. He told me that I would be his first. So we had sex. I was so stupid for believing him.

I wish I could tell you this long passionate tale about my first time and how amazingly romantic it was but 1. That’s not the point of this story and 2. He humped me in the back of a Honda Accord until he jizzed all over my belly button- not exactly the most romantic first time. Anyway, for the rest of the night and until the end of the school year I was in a very romantic mood. Graduation felt like such a big deal at the time, like the rest of my life was starting and that I had FINALLY become a woman. Like my whole life was starting to come together. Prom night was kind of a bursting of the dam moment (watershed moment?) and after that he would start fucking me in his bedroom almost everyday after class, and then when school ended just whenever he could get me to come over. I would typically just lay there, on my back or stomach not moving much until he finished up. Nobody ever taught me how to have sex, and Brian was fine with me just being a dead fish. This would only last until early July however, when a seemingly innocuous comment from Brian’s father about him “finally finding a good girl” caused me to spiral and stalk his Facebook and Instagram profiles. I found out that he dated over a half-dozen women before me, some he had told me about… others he did not. Could he really expect me to believe that he never had sex with ANY of these women???

I have a tendency to internalize my frustrations and shut down when there’s a problem in my life. For the rest of July I did not let Brian have sex with me, not even once. He got very upset with this but I refused to say why. Until, finally, in August when during a discussion about how our relationship was going to proceed since he was going to Ohio University, a party school, and I was going to Penn State- I confronted him. I asked him about these past girlfriends and he told me that he lied and that he was sorry.

I broke down into tears and then he said, “Since you’re already crying. I might as well tell you: I’m breaking up with you.” I could not breathe. My mind was racing a mile a minute but the words I wanted to say would not come out. He continued, “I just don’t think that you’re intimate enough for me and I don’t want you weighing me down while I’m at college. You understand.”


Fuck him.

PART II: New Friends

Only a few weeks later at the end of August (or maybe it was September at this point) I was shipped away from home and started my new life as a freshman at Penn State Brandywine. I chose Penn’s Brandywine campus because it not only had the Micro-electromechanical systems program I was looking for but was also refreshingly rural and familiar despite how close to Philadelphia it was.

Since my breakup, I begun wearing baggy clothes to hide my body. I didn’t need assholes wanting me for my body and trust me, at this point in time I hated my body (don’t worry dear reader that was going to change soon, but thanks for your concern). This was made even harder by the fact that I had a second growth spurt over the summer and now my tits were the size of watermelons and none of my bras fit me anymore! (Okay so maybe watermelons is a bit of an exaggeration. But they’re like in between a cantaloupe and a melon and were annoying as hell for the longest time because I wasn’t used to carrying these large sacks of fat on my body). My waffles turned into… French toast? Ok I’m totally trolling you now by calling my ass French toast but idk what you want me to say- my butt simply got fatter.

After losing my virginity to a lying asshole, I overcorrected and stayed away from all things sex for a time- but this didn’t mean I wasn’t lonely. For the past six months I had not only discovered companionship and having a social life but also had it ripped away from me. The one person who I talked to everyday and was vulnerable with was gone. I had five classes a week but pretty much kept to myself the entire time. Despite sitting near the front of the class as I was accustomed to, I rarely spoke and never raised my hand.

The day that would change the course of my life forever was during the onset of October, I decided to visit the gaming lounge in building C. It was nice! It had four flat screen TVs mounted on the wall and a fancy kitchenette. Each TV was spaced maybe ten yards from the next, featured a round table with six black faux leather cushion chairs and was paired with a Playstation 4 or Xbox… One… I want to say it’s called? Microsoft has such stupid naming conventions for their consoles (Playstation escort gaziantep lezbiyen supremacy). My first time stepping in there, I stood around for a moment to scan the room before I caught a glimpse of a group of five college boys. Well apparently I, a 5′ 3″ woman with big black boots, short blonde hair, a Sailor Moon skirt and long black socks leading up to said skirt, caught their eye too. Because not a minute later one of the boys called out to me, “Hey!”. Nervous, I immediately darted out of the room. Caught off guard, the guy said “Welco- wait!” as I then ran down the hallway and out of building C. My anxiety had gotten the best of me.

Later that week, I took a trip out to the gaming lounge once again. I was tired of being lonely and was determined to march in there and befriend those boys. They liked video games (and let’s be honest, probably anime too) and I loved video games and anime! I would make friends or die of embarrassment trying.

I entered the lounge and not two seconds later I overheard a discussion about Naruto.

“They totally wasted Neji as a character, probably should’ve just let him die in the hospital after his fight with Kidomaru.” said a short man with a vest and a fedora.

“No way!!! And miss his redesign after the time skip and all the love he got in the filler arcs? At least have him survive until the Team Gai fight with Kisame. Maybe have Lee and Gai fight the clone and have Neji die saving Tenten.” said one who was over six foot tall but also quite chubby.

“Now that’s an-” the short one stopped looking over at me after finally noticing my presence.

All five guys turned their heads to look at me and my face turned beet red from all the attention I was getting. A short awkward silence ensued before I spoke in a high pitched and slightly nervous tone. “Hi guys! My name’s umm Lia and I… well sorry about running out the other day. I just wanted to say hi and see what you guys are doing here! I see you’re talking about Naruto, that’s pretty swell!!!”

One of them sat up from his chair and waved to me. “Hey! My name’s Mike. We were just debating on what we wanted to play and got a little sidetracked.” He was kinda cute with the most adorable head of jet black hair I’ve ever seen and a denim jacket. “What’s your name?”

I paused as if to think, “…Lia! My name’s Lia!”

Mike went around and introduced me to everyone. They were: Mike the cute one, Brad the fedora wearing hipster one, Rob the fat one, Hahn the Asian one and Chester the… Chester one.

“So why doesn’t everyone introduce themselves and tell Lia here what their favorite game is?”

“Name’s Chester, and Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.” Chester answered.

“Majora’s Mask is ten times better, but I’d have to say Elden Ring. PC Master Race!” Hahn cheerily shouted.

“Fuck you!”

“Horizon: Zero Dawn! Aloy is my waifu.” said Rob.

“Sly Cooper 2: Band of Thieves.” Brad answered.

“The thing about Sly Cooper fans is that they don’t shut up about it.” whispered Mike.

“And what about you, Mike?” I asked.

“Me? Oh my favorite game is Fallout: New Vegas.” Mike answered.

“Dogshit performance, looks like a Playstation 2 game.” Hahn butted in.

“Pixel snob.” Mike rolled his eyes and then looked over at me. “What’s your favorite game Lia?”

“Well I really love Pokemon, but that kinda feels like cheating. Black 2 is my favorite Pokemon game but I really liked The Last of Us Part II.”

“Lame, Emerald is better.” Brad interjected.

“Gen Threer! Everyone knows Platinum is the best.” Hahn protested.

“Incase you haven’t noticed, everyone’s pretty opinionated.” Mike laughed.

I spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with them watching them play Smash Bros on a Switch that Rob brought from his dorm. I even played a match and got my ass kicked (which is what happens when you main Isabelle, or so they told me) but I can’t help it, she’s my comfort character. Then I left for my dorm to do my 3D Modeling homework. I hung out with them the next day after class, again at the gaming lounge, and before I went home they even invited me into their group chat! “Switches, No Bitches” was the name when I first joined but shortly after they changed it to “Switches, One Bitch(es)” lmaoooooo.


One day after class I came to the gaming lounge and to my surprise only Mike was there.

“Where is everyone?” I asked.

“Rob’s on a fieldtrip and Brad’s with his girlfriend for date night.”

“And Hahn and Chester?”

“They’re at the Yugioh regionals in Philadelphia.”

“Ohhhhh, so just the two of us today?”


“Well that’s fun! Did you maybe wanna go somewhere to get something to eat?”

“Sure! Where did you wanna go?”

“There’s a nice ramen place in Ridley Park?”


A half an hour later we were inside the restaurant waiting to order. We got to talking and Mike told me more about himself. His mom died when he was very little and he was going to school to become gaziantep lezbiyen escortlar an engineer because of his dream of serving in the Army Corps of Engineers. (Tbh I don’t even know what this is or what they do. Now that I think of it though, what even is an engineer?)

Mike’s bushy black hair was so beautiful that I couldn’t look away. As he talked about his career aspirations and favorite Manga, all I could think about was how cute his head would look sandwiched between my thighs. I started to feel… daring.

At the end of the meal when the check came he paid and left a generous tip for our server.

“Hey, you wanna come back to my place and watch a movie?”

“Sure, what did you have in mind?”

Silly boy. I thought.

We went back to my dorm and I sat on my bed as he stood in the middle of the room.

“Thanks for hanging out with me tonight, it’s been such a long time since I’ve hung out with a friend one on one, or a boy for that matter.”

“You don’t have a lot of friends?”

“No.” I answered honestly.

“When was the last time you hung out with a group of friends?” he asked.

“…6th grade.”

“Wow, I’m actually really sorry to hear that. But I can relate somewhat. Growing up my family moved around so much that I never really got to stop in one place and build a group of friends.”

“Aww, I’m sorry. What about all the guys from the lounge?”

“I met most of them last year- my first year at Penn. Except Brad, he’s a freshman I think.”

“So you never really had many friends too?”

“Yeah.” He hesitated, “Which is actually why I really wanted to thank you for hanging out with us. I know it’s only been a few weeks, and don’t feel obligated to hangout with us every week if you have something else going on; but the guys really like having you there. And so do I.”

We hugged.

My cheeks turned crimson. I wanted to get over Brian so bad. Besides, Mike was a nice guy and you know what they say: the best way to get over someone is by getting under someone.

I pulled down my baggy sweatpants as we embraced. I was wearing pink panties with hearts on them. At first Mike was really surprised, like a dream was happening in real life. But after he got over his shock, he understood my terribly unsubtle gesture. (Fellas, what’s the weirdest way a socially awkward woman signaled to you that she wanted to bang?) He grabbed a single ass cheek and squeezed, awkwardly not saying a word. I wasn’t the best sexy talker either, so I turned around and put my hands on his. Using his hands as my own, I slid my panties down my legs to expose my very pale bare ass and pussy. At first I was a little embarrassed, I hadn’t shaven my pussy since July and had grown quite the bush in that time- but Mike either didn’t notice or more than likely didn’t care. Why shave my pussy when it’s not like anyone was gonna see it except for me anyway. I then turned around to kiss him before belly flopping on the bed. “Take your pants off for me.” I said in the sexiest tone of voice I could. I forgot to take off my purple Target brand push-up bra but I think that Mike liked so much how perky it made my tits look that he never bothered taking it off me.

Mike unbuttoned his jeans, his cock already hard. I parted my legs, raising my knees and he laid between them. He slid his cock deep inside me in one smooth motion, aided by just how sopping wet I was. And now he was fucking me, sinking his whole length into my pussy. He started with small strokes and by now I could feel his curved cock rub against the ceiling of my vagina. I normally got wet when Mike was around- so I was dripping as he began to fuck me slowly. Missionary was the position I’m most familiar with, so I felt very comfortable with Mike inside me.

He leaned forward and kissed me on the forehead.

“You like this babe?” He asked.

“Yes, Michael. Just like that. God. Keep fucking me just like that.” I moaned louder than I had ever moaned before (which wasn’t saying much).

Mike kissed me again and I opened my mouth and put one of his fingers inside, just as I was opening my pussy to his cock. I slowly sucked his finger matching the pace of the slow strokes of Mike’s cock in my pussy. I made a “mmmhmmm” sound as I deepthroated his index. Eventually, he flipped me over on my side and began to fuck me sideways.

He was amazed at just how wet I was and I could tell that he was watching his dick penetrate and withdraw from me. He even commented on how creamy my pussy was and how I had literally covered his cock in my cum. While he was fucking me I tried to be sexy and explain to him that, well thats just what good pussy does. But I think he might have had a hard time understanding me as every time he got his dick all the way in me, my words would slur with my moaning. I had never enjoyed penetration so much before now.

We kept up our lazy fucking for fifteen minutes, without changing position. Then, eventually as all men do, Mike came. He pulled out of my vagina and sprayed his seed all over my ass cheeks. The warm flood of cum running down my cheeks felt like melted frosting running down a hot cinnabon. Then Mike, being the gentleman he was, returned the favor by going down on me. Licking my clit with his tongue until I came. First, it hit me slowly, rolling over me like a wave after wave crashing on the shore. He was the first man to ever make me cum. I finally got my wish of seeing his face between my thighs.

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