The Girls College Ch. 04

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Paul followed the two pretty girls through the halls of the school, until they reached a door labelled with a gold plate reading “Nurse Claire Lilly”. Jessica slowly opened the door; it led to a small room with a white tiled floor. As they entered, a medical examination table became visible and a beautiful young woman with bright blonde hair dressed in light purple scrubs was stood next to it, seemingly expecting them.

Her face was naturally pretty with barely any makeup on it. Only very light pink lip gloss on her thin lips was visible, otherwise all seemed natural. Her seemingly long light blonde hair was tied into a ponytail behind her head and a dark red stethoscope was hanging around her neck. Though the scrubs didn’t fit very tightly against her body, it was easy to tell that she had big breasts below them. Her hips were wide and her bum was large. The scrubs she wore let only the tips of the grey flats on her feet stick out.

“Morning girls,” she greeted politely. “I heard there was a new boy on campus; I was wondering when I’d be seeing him.”

Jessica and Laura both greeted the nurse and then shoved Paul forward so that he stood in the middle of the room. The woman in the scrubs took a step towards him and looked at him for a few moments, her arms crossed in front of her.

“On the exam table,” she commanded, turning around and walking to the marble counter at the back of the room. Paul sat down on the leather-padded exam table and watched as the nurse closed the blinds above the counter. “I’m afraid that Nurse Stephanie’s not in today, but I’m sure you two wouldn’t mind helping me, right?”

“Of course not, Nurse,” replied Jessica, both of them looked eager to help.

“Brilliant. You should glove up. Just use the gloves in your blazers, they should be fine,” said the nurse, retracting a pair of her own purple latex gloves from a cardboard box on the counter top. She turned around and looked at Paul as she slowly pulled the latex gloves onto her very light-skinned, soft hands. As Paul looked at Nurse Claire, he saw the two other girls in the corner of his eye putting their gloves on.

She walked closer to him, and stopped right in front of him so that he could smell her lovely perfume. He sat completely still, with the girls watching him from the far end of the room, as he felt the cold bell of the stethoscope touch his chest. The nurse instructed him on how to breathe for her, and he obeyed. When she was satisfied, having listened to his heartbeat and lungs from the front and the back, she walked away from Paul and placed the stethoscope down on the counter.

“Alright, girls, this is where I want you to pay attention,” she explained, walking back towards the boy. Her gloved hand patted on his back, and Paul got up from the table to stand on the cold tile floor on his bare feet. “We’re about to examine his testicles. Now, I’m sure that you’ve been taught how to inspect a boy’s penis and scrotum for signs of recent milkings, but I want to teach you how to inspect him for any signs of cancers or hernias.”

Nurse Claire winked at them, out of Paul’s sight. They eagerly approached him and watched as the nurse slowly crouched down in front of the nude boy.

“I’ll examine him first, and I want you two to watch closely so that you can both have your turns,” she said, turning to face his flaccid penis. “Upon my visual examination of his genitals, I can tell that the penis itself is a lot smaller than an average boy. The head is also slightly purple, indicating a recent orgasm. The scrotum looks healthy as well. Now I’ll do the more in-depth examination.”

Paul looked down as the nurse gripped his scrotum firmly and started to thoroughly examine it with her gloved right hand. She examined every inch of his testicles with her palm and then pinched his right testicle between her index finger and thumb. Nurse Claire rolled each of his testicles between her fingers for a few seconds at a time, repeating the process twice. On the third examination of each testicle, she made Paul cough with his head turned to the right and then to the left.

She stood up from her crouched position and slowly pushed Paul’s chest backwards so that he leant back on the table while still standing. He shifted his feet carefully on the tile floor to keep his balance. It surprised him when the nurse wrapped her hand around his flaccid shaft, the head of his small penis almost disappearing under the purple latex of her glove. The nurse gave his penis a few firm yet brief pumps and it immediately reacted, starting to grow erect as she let go of it.

“I must admit that it is not much more impressive when erect,” she commented with a slight smirk on her pretty face, and the girls giggled softly at her words.

Suddenly, the nurse’s gloved hand that was wrapped around his hardening shaft started to roll back his foreskin. This process was surprisingly difficult, but Nurse Claire didn’t stop at his wincing and groaning. He shifted his weight and tightly gripped the leather-padded side Betturkey of the exam table, watching as his foreskin was slowly peeled back to reveal his bare glans for the first time in his life.

“Retracting the prepuce was unusually difficult,” said the nurse as she finished rolling his foreskin down his shaft so that the head was completely exposed. “It could loosen over time but it’s much easier to just circumcise him to prevent any problems that might arise in the future.”

Paul wasn’t a fan of this suggestion and his eyes shot wide open at the words. He continued to intently stare at the nurse’s gloved hand as it fondled his manhood. It was strange to see his penis in such a strange state, with the foreskin retracted and the glans exposed to the cool air of the room with the nurse carefully examining it.

“Which one of you two would like to go first?” asked the nurse, carefully rolling Paul’s foreskin back up his shaft.

Laura put her right foot forward, volunteering to examine the boy. Nurse Claire gestured invitingly for her to have her turn, having Paul stand upright again. He watched as the short girl crouched down before him, the blonde nurse joining Jessica in viewing the procedure.

The girl in front of him tightened the white gloves on her hands before putting them onto his testicles. Though she had never done a medical testicular examination before, Laura seemed surprisingly skilled at it to the surprise of Nurse Claire. She looked on as Laura’s right hand cupped his testicles and very carefully yet thoroughly examined them. Paul much preferred Laura’s smaller, softer hand fondling his scrotum than the nurse’s much rougher style.

When Laura moved onto examining his testicles separately, she used three fingers instead of Nurse Claire’s two finger approach. Her thumb, index finger and middle finger took hold of his left testicle and rolled it slowly in between them. She took a few seconds to examine his left testicle, then moving on to his right. Unlike the nurse, Laura instructed him to cough on the second time, and he couldn’t help but obey her dominant tone. It felt as if he was coughing more forcefully for her than for Nurse Claire.

“Do you feel any lumps or irregularities, Laura?” asked the nurse, impressed with Laura’s skill.

“No, Nurse,” she answered, finishing her examination of his right testicle.

“Great, now I want you to also retract his prepuce,” explained Nurse Claire.

Laura didn’t push Paul backwards, and instead let him just lean back himself. As he leant back, she took hold of his shaft and teasingly looked him in the eyes as she thoroughly stroked it up and down a few times. It hardened fully for her and she wasted no time in starting to peel back his foreskin. Paul’s toes curled as the black-haired girl also found it difficult to retract his foreskin. Unlike during the testicular exam, she was a lot rougher with this process than the nurse. Their eyes never lost contact, Paul’s dark brown eyes frightened and Laura’s light brown eyes somewhat pleased.

Paul continued to squirm until she peeled the foreskin back to a satisfactory point. She circled his glans with a gloved finger and he moaned softly, surprised at how lovely it felt. When Laura started to roll his foreskin back up, it felt a lot more uncomfortable than when the nurse did it. She finished off with a few more pumps of his erect penis, smirking as she let go of his shaft.

As Laura walked back, Jessica put her Mary Jane-clad foot towards Paul and gave two steps until she stood before him, smiling eagerly. He was a lot more attracted to Jessica, but still terrified of being so intimately examined. Just like her friend before her, she also tightened her latex gloves as she crouched down. Paul looked at the beautiful girl before him, now staring right at his penis.

However, Jessica took a different initial approach than Laura, standing upright again quickly. She pushed Paul’s chest backwards and he leant back against the table again. Her gloved hand reached out and took hold of his stubby penis, fully erect but still relatively small. She grinned at his puny manhood, pumping it with her gloved hand before swiftly retracting the foreskin without warning. It was by far the most painful attempt for the boy, who groaned loudly at the feeling of the skin being stretched as his glans slithered out.

Jessica made sure to roll back the foreskin much further than the other two, making it nearly reach halfway down his penis. Paul’s breathing intensified and he gritted his teeth as she fully peeled back the skin and left it quite a way down his shaft.

“It sure is very tough to retract, Nurse,” she mentioned, almost teasingly towards the boy. Nurse Claire could only smile as she watched the brunette torment the boy’s member.

The girl left his exposed glans to start examining his scrotum, crouching down before him again. Her hand set to work immediately, thoroughly kneading his sac. Though his shaft was hurting, he had to admit that Betturkey Giriş the girl’s fingers felt great on his scrotum. She continued onto rolling his testicles between her fingers, pinching them tighter than the other two. It was clear that her only goal was to place Paul in discomfort, and she was definitely succeeding. Two rounds of coughs with her hand tightly cupping his scrotum were followed by a final pat to the bottom of his sac before she got up again. A very dull pain was present in his testicles and she didn’t replace his foreskin, adding to the unpleasantness of it all.

“Perfect,” said Nurse Claire, once again stepping forward with Laura following her. “We’ll leave the prepuce retracted; it’ll only help to loosen it.”

The nurse then took hold of Paul with her gloved hands and turned him around, pushing down on his back so that he was bent over the examination table. They now had a clear view of his bottom, still slightly red from his beating earlier. The nurse inspected the welts left behind by the Headmistress’s paddle, not an uncommon sight on the bottoms of the boys in the college. He slightly squirmed as her hands lightly ran across his bum, feeling the swollen welts.

“Laura, could you fetch me the lubricant from the countertop?” asked Nurse Claire, still examining the boy’s bottom.

The small heels of Laura’s shoes walked over to the counter and her soft hand wrapped around the tall blue bottle she recognised as a bottle of lubricant from her previous visits to the nurse. She brought it to Nurse Claire, who opened it and applied a generous amount to her right hand. Handing it back to Laura, she spread the lubricant evenly across the entire glove before spreading Paul’s red buttocks apart with her left hand.

The feeling of her right hand applying lubricant to the outside of his cute anus made the hair on his back stand upright. However, anticipating her finger inside of his still slightly sore rear end didn’t excite him nearly as much.

“I’m going to do a quick examination of his rectum now, mainly to make sure it’s healthy,” said Nurse Claire, resting the tip of her finger against his puckered entrance. “However, you’d be surprised how many boys attempt to smuggle items onto the campus that are buried in there.”

The finger rested against his entrance slightly tickled him as it started to circle around his hole, making the boy squirm. Nurse Claire smirked as she applied a minimal amount of pressure to the outside of his anus, enough to make it loosen slightly but not enough to push it inside.

“Now, relax your bottom for me,” she commanded, her gentle voice enticing Paul to follow her orders. “Deep breath now…”

Paul breathed in as deep as he could, feeling the finger start to wriggle its way inside of him. She twisted it around, forcing it inside. Though it was very well-lubricated, there was still a lot of difficulty putting it in. The boy groaned as she buried her whole finger, up to her knuckle, inside of him. However, when it was fully in, it caused a lot less discomfort than the Headmistress’s dry finger.

“He is very tight down here,” she commented, feeling around his rectum with her fingertip. “And this is only the first finger!”

These words struck fear into Paul, even more than he had experienced before she had said it. She slowly started to retract her finger from his hole, before forcing it back inside and making the boy groan loudly again.

“Have you ever had anything inside of your bottom before, Paul?” she asked, but judging by the clear swelling present in his prostate gland she could tell that there was something inside of him quite recently.

“Y- Yes, Nurse,” he stuttered.

“An orphan’s willy, perhaps?” she asked, humiliating him with every word with her finger still exploring inside of him. Jessica and Laura giggled softly at this question.

“No, Nurse,” he answered, his sentence being interrupted by a loud moan upon the entrance of a second finger into his bottom. “I promise it wasn’t, Nurse.”

“I understand, dear,” she cooed while viciously ramming a third finger up inside of Paul. The boy felt as if his bottom cheeks were going to be torn apart, a feeling he had almost become used to over the course of his day.

The nurse’s gloved fingers were uncomfortable in his rectum and it tried as hard as it could to expel them, she could feel his hole contracting and spasming to attempt to rid itself of the intruder. Alas, the nurse’s fingers were buried too deep and he couldn’t escape them.

“Relax for me, dear,” she cooed, starting to slowly saw the fingers in and out of his taut hole. “I need to insert just one more finger, so relax your bottom like a good boy.”

Her carefully chosen words heightened his embarrassment and he blushed profusely, unable to control the spasming of his canal. Finger number four violated his hole slowly, and now Paul came close to screaming at the pain. The two girls watched with intrigue as Claire Lilly tortured the boy Betturkey Güncel Giriş with great effect.

“That’s a good boy,” she cooed, still moving the four gloved fingers around inside of his tight hole. “I want you to take nice deep breaths for a few minutes while I feel around inside you. It won’t be long I promise.”

She struggled to rotate her wrist with her hand buried deeply in his very compact canal, but eventually did it with difficulty and with several loud screams from the boy. Even with her experience, there was nothing she could do about the boy’s extremely tight rectum.

After another minute, Paul felt tears begin to form in the corners of his eyes, the nurse’s hand unmoved by his cries for release. A large tear flowed from his eyes, down his cheek and landed on the leather exam table. The nurse continued to stretch his rectum wide open with her fingers, relentlessly twisting and contorting her hand inside of him.

Two more minutes felt like hours to the boy, who tried to continue taking deep breaths for the nurse. She noticed, and smirked to herself because of his obedience to her even with her hand stuck deeply and uncomfortably in his canal. Claire felt a rush of excitement pulsate through her, and without thinking wrapped her left hand around his leg and took hold of his semi-erect member.

The nurse slowly pumped his penis with her left hand, and the boy moaned in pleasure for the first time. The stimulus she was providing to his shaft was distracting him at least a little bit from his burning bum hole. She didn’t increase the pace of her strokes, but kept them hard and rhythmic. He barely felt any more discomfort from his retracted foreskin that sat nearly halfway down his shaft; the nurse’s strokes were all he was focused on. He groaned again as the nurse somehow managed to shove her hand even deeper into him, but his tears had stopped. He continued to focus only on the nurse’s stimulus but was soon distracted by another burning pulse of pain rushing through his rectum as she contorted her hand strangely again.

Then, finally, while still stroking his shaft slowly, he felt her hand begin to slide out from inside him and eventually pop out with a nasty wet sound. A loud sigh of relief escaped through his gritted teeth and his legs collapsed halfway. The outer rim of his anus was bright red and slightly irritated. His hole was burning and he was panting rhythmically.

“I’m certain that over your time at the college your taut little hole will be stretched very well,” commented Nurse Claire Lilly as she peeled off her purple latex gloves. “I am going to examine you after every holiday. These rectal exams will start getting more comfortable by October, don’t worry dear. You might even start liking it when my fingers explore your bottom.”

Laura Klein and Jessica Lewis still intently looked at the boy, bent over the exam table with his bum in the air. Both of them were quite excited by the procedure they had witnessed.

“There’s nothing that will help you get used to these procedures other than regular stretching of your rectum, which is why I’m going to let the girls also take turns in examining your bottom,” explained Nurse Claire, discarding her latex gloves in a bin below the exam table. “Jessica, why don’t you go first?”

Laura handed Jessica the tall bottle of lubricant and the brunette gave a long step forward towards the boy. Two large squirts of lubricant were put onto her right glove before she eagerly spread it across both of her hands. Just as the nurse did, Jessica opened his crevasse with two gloved fingers on her left hand and exposed the cute dimple of his anus to the cool air of the room once more. Paul braced himself and took a deep breath without needing to be reminded. Before he knew it, the girl had inserted two fingers into his rectum with relative ease.

“You’ll notice that it’s a bit easier to insert your fingers into his hole now as it was stretched just a second ago, however his rectal walls need to be stretched at regular intervals to ensure it stays nice and slack,” said the nurse from behind Jessica.

The two fingers filling his irritated rectum soon started to become very uncomfortable again, and the burning sensation became present once more. His breathing was still consistently deep and heavy. Her fingers started to move in a “come hither” motion, which felt surprisingly nice. The girl continued to slowly massage his walnut-sized prostate gland for another minute or so before pulling her fingers out halfway to slip in a third. It also went in with surprising ease, but Paul squirmed as it pushed through his burning anus and popped into his rectum.

Jessica knew that when three or more fingers are inside of a boy’s bottom the prostate is relatively hard to massage, and so she substituted the previous massage of his gland by wrapping her gloved left hand around his penis. To her surprise, the boy’s penis had grown to a nearly full erection in response to her massage.

The prepuce was still sitting halfway down his shaft, and she noticed with her first pump of his penis that the glans was very sensitive. A few more slow pumps followed, with her hand carefully exploring his rectum. He moaned loudly a few times in response to her gloved hand running over the very sensitive tip of his penis.

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