The Hangout

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What a night! I went out with some girlfriends for an evening of drinks. As usual we ended up at our favourite club around 21.00 hrs. We were soon chatted up by a group of four young coloured men who we danced and chatted with, and they brought us drinks.

Around 23.00 the other girls started to mention about getting back home and called taxis, but I said I would stay a bit longer and find my own way home. They all left and left me chatting with the fellows.

Shortly afterwards, the guys said they would give me a lift home, but once in the car they soon had their hands all over me, and it was not long before they were stripping my clothes off until I was naked. Their hands were all over me and I did not mind this at all, I was loving it. I heard one of them in the front say,

“Lets take her to the hangout.”

The two in the back with me were fingering my cunt, which was followed shortly by fucking me and playing with my tits. After a few miles, I noticed we were pulling into an area of rough ground down a back street on the outskirts of town. I noticed there were about 6 other cars. We stopped and the driver got out and opened the back door,

I heard a voice say

“late tonight Dave”

to which he replied

“yes, but worth it, we’ve brought a piece of white ass to play with.”

At this point I was still being fucked by one of the men. When he had finished I was pulled out of the car still naked and into a crowd of about 18 other coloured men, not including the ones I had come with and about half a dozen women.

One of the men in the new crowd grabbed me and pinched and twisted my nipples hard making me cry out loud and my nipples erect, then roughly thrust one hand between my legs and up into my wet shaven cunt.

“I see you’ve already shagged the fucking slag,” he said, to around of laughs.

“The bitch is old enough to be your momma, but she has a big cunt. Had plenty of cocks fucking her I recon, Is that right slut,” he added as he plunged his fingers in even deeper up my juicy hole.

“Yes, Yes, lot of cocks used it, and I bet you black bastards are going to love using it, giving this 40 year old white slut a good fucking as well,” I replied through my gasps.

“To right we are, and not only your cunt, we’ll show you how we use a naked piece of white trash like you. You won’t want a white cock after we all finished with you bitch,” he replied. Every body cheered and whistled.

I çorum escort groaned as he rubbed my wet slit and pinched my clit, as he pushed his 4 fingers in and out of my hole. I climaxed and begged him to fuck me. He lifted me onto a derelict cars bonnet, spread my legs wide and plunged his large cock in hard right to the hilt, I could feel his large cock filling my hole, stretching my cunt, fucking me furiously until he shot his load deep up my shaven cunt. He told me that a white slut like me was made for using; and that all I was good for was to have my holes filled, to be fucked by men or women, and that I should be kept naked all the time ready for use as a cum bucket.

Another man shouted it was his turn to fuck the whore and soon another cock was plunging into my juicy slit, I was moaning loudly as I repeatedly cum, and was shouting for him to fuck me hard, for all of them to fuck me, use me, telling them I wanted to feel all their big black cocks in this slut whores cunt, ass, and mouth.

I heard a voice next to me say “Shut the fuck up then and open your mouth slut and get my cock between those red lips of yours.”

I took his cock in my mouth and was soon sucking hard as he face fucked me his cock disappearing to the hilt, his balls slapping against my chin. Both soon cum, shooting loads of cum in my pussy and over my face and tits. I tasted his cum, swilling it around my mouth before swallowing it, and then licking his cock and balls clean.

A lot more used my cunt. My cunt was now a mess, gaping and full of cum, it was dribbling out as they repeatedly fucked me. I was turned over and bent across the bonnet. I was told to spread my ass cheeks and I felt some fingers enter my sopping cunt and scoop out some cum which he rubbed on and into my ass, then made me suck the gooey mess off his fingers.

“I’m going to fuck that tight white ass of yours now cunt,” he said.

He then roughly shoved his cock up my ass. I cried out loudly as my ass was penetrated so hard, this only caused him to speed up, pulling his cock right out then plunging it back in.

“Oh god, that big black cock of yours is stretching my ass hole,” I cried out.

The crowd where loving this, all urging him on, telling him to ream her ass good. Another cock was pushed into my mouth and as I was forcefully fucked from behind I was pushed onto the cock in my mouth. The one fucking my ass was telling me what a sweet tight denizli escort ass I had, and that there was hell of a lot more cock that was going to sample it that night.

I had relaxed now and was enjoying the sensation of my ass fucking, and as soon as he had shot his load deep in my ass I was begging for another to take its place. All obliged, as a queue formed behind me. All lining up to ravage me. Mauling and swinging on my hanging tits, pulling and twisting my nipples as the all gangbanged my ass hole. As each one finished he walked up top where I licked and sucked the remaining cum from off his cock. Some guy thought it fun to push their ass into my face so I could give them a good rimming, push my tongue right into their hole. Their cum was smeared all over my face, in my hair and it run down my cheeks and dribbled from my mouth.

After all the men had finally either cum in me or on me, most of them twice, One of the women produced an empty beer bottle and said see if the fucking slut can take this. I was thrown on to the ground in the dirt and my legs were pulled wide apart and she pushed the wide end in stretching my cunt open. I was groaning loudly as the bottle disappeared until only the neck was left. Everybody was shouting that the fucking whore had taken the lot and loved it.

She pulled the bottle in and out several times until another women said “I’m going to give the slag’s cunt a good fisting,” and with that she thrust four fingers up my cunt, then her hand until her whole hand was in. She then made a fist and started to pump in and out of my cunt up to her wrist. I was writhing around and crying out as she made me cum again and again with her fist. She was slapping my tits and face and calling me a slag, a whore, and a cumslut as she did so.

Finally after several hours, everybody there had fucked or abused one of my holes, and most had had second helpings. They had all but a few fucked my ass, my cunt I had lost count, and I must have swallowed about a belly full of cum. They had made me crawl on my hands and knees in the dirt to them, whipping my ass with belts as I crawled, only to be ass or cunt fucked when I reached them. A few times I had crawled across a guys lap and as he thrashed my ass with his hand another up top face fucked me.

Finally I was told to lie on my back in the dirt, four men stood around me and one at the bottom. I was told they all wanted a piss and that I was their diyarbakır escort target so to open my legs and my mouth. I lay on back and spread my legs and told them to do it, piss all over my naked cum covered body, piss on my cunt, over my tits and in my mouth.

“Come on guys, fucking piss all over the piece of white trash,” one of the women shouted.

They all got their cocks out and started to piss, their hot, yellow urine pouring into my cunt and over my body. They moved their cocks up and down showering my belly, then tits, then my face and hair. They aimed for my mouth and I could not swallow their piss as fast as it was flowing in so it run out and down the sides of my face.

After they had all taken their turn, the rest followed. By the end I was left lying in a pool of mud made by the piss, rubbing it into my tits and fingering my cunt. They said they had never seen such a dirty fucking bitch, especially a white one that loved so much cock and being pissed on. Everybody agreed I was a first class dirty slut. I said thanks for the compliment.

By the end of the night, the cheeks of my ass were red and sore where I had been spanked or slapped with belts, and pieces of flat wood, and my nipples were large and erect from all the biting and pinching, and my tits red from the slapping they had received, cum was running down my thighs from my ass and cunt, and I was covered from head to toe in cum, Piss, and love bites.

They finally pushed me roughly out of the car a short distance from home, still naked (I think I left my clothes in another car) where I staggered the rest of the way home. As they drove off they shouted not to forget I was their white slut now to fuck when they wanted.

My husband Obviously could see what I had been up to and said it looked as though I had had a good night out, he said he loved to see me like this, naked and well used, then he gave me another good fucking up my ass, adding his cum to the many others.

After, I told him that was not the all of it, that they had found out my name and where I lived from my driving licence, and if I didn’t want them coming around and making trouble in the neighbourhood, I was to turn up naked at the site a couple of times a week for them. Their white fuck slave as they called me. My husband said we couldn’t have them doing that, so it looks like for a while that a couple of times a week I am going to have to drive naked to their meeting place (I shall have to find a less busy route), be tied up, whipped and have my brains fucked out by all that black cock. They’ve let me know that next week they will be bringing bring some whips and handcuffs, as well as some more friends including a few more women they knew to sample me. Ah well! Life’s tough being a slut.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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