The Interview Pt. 01

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I had been applying for jobs for over six months when I finally got offered an interview. It was a couple of hours drive away, but at least I could finally get a chance to talk my way into a job.

The firm I had applied for the role in, didn’t have much of a website or presence on the web, but the position of general office manager for a production company, and the offered salary seemed reasonable enough. Googling the address showed the business to be based in one of those multi occupied office blocks that are so prevalent in town centres these days.

I left early in the morning to be sure to get to my destination on time, being a Monday I expected the commute to be vile but as it was summer, the traffic was fairly light. No major hold-ups seemed to impact me and I arrived almost forty-five minutes early. Time enough for a quick coffee before walking confidently into the building reception for my interview.

“I’m here to see Alex McConnell in New Horizons.” I stated to the receptionist. The young man smiled and dialled a number on his phone and held a quick conversation.

Once he had finished his call he smiled and told me to make my way to the top floor, where I would be met by my interviewer. With no elevators it was a work out to climb the stairs to the seventh floor, but I pride myself on my general levels of fitness, so the exercise wasn’t too taxing.

As I reached the landing I noticed that the office was very well appointed. It seemed very spacious and modern with the few visible workstations empty, but well set up with the latest equipment. I opened the plate glass door and stepped into the entry lobby. A young woman smiled at the reception desk as I made my way in.

“Hi. I’m here to see Alex McConnell.” I stated. “My name is Andy Nichols, and I’m here for an interview at 11 today.”

“OK Mr Nicols,” she stated “please take a seat and I will get her to collect you. Would you like a glass of water while you wait?” she asked.

I smiled back and her and declined the offer, but couldn’t help noticing how pretty her smile was. Her brunette hair was loosely tied back into a pony tail. She wore a dark suit with a white blouse, and was of course immaculately turned out. She made a call on the phone and then got back to her work. Every once in a while, she would look across to me as if she were checking me out, but I may have been reading into things a bit too much. Why a young 20 something receptionist would be interested in a middle aged man outside of your porno movies is beyond me.

A few minutes passed. I heard footsteps coming down the hallway and looked up to see my interviewer walking confidently towards me. I stood and smiled as Alex approached. She smiled and shook my hand firmly and we walked off toward the interview room. Alex was about 5’2″ tall and again dressed in a well-fitting suit. Her skirt was just above knee height and exaggerated her leg length nicely. At a push I would have aged her at 35. She was slightly built, almost boyish in her shape, but she had chosen her outfit well and looked very stylish.

We entered the interview room and I was introduced to the Group Manager, and her husband, Mark. I was gestured to sit and the interview began. Mark was about 6′ tall and it looked like he was athletic in his build. He was approachable and it was obvious that they were a good team together both at work and outside. The interview lasted about an hour and a half and although some of the questions stretched me, I felt that all had gone well. I was asked to leave the room and wait outside in a rank of chairs nearby whilst they made their deliberations. Whilst waiting I noticed the receptionist being called in briefly. As she left she flashed her lovely smile to me. Everything seemed to be looking good.

So it was a complete shock when I was called back in and Alex told me that they wouldn’t be taking anything any further for me in the process.

“I don’t understand,” I said “I thought I had come across well in the interview. Can you let me know what has stopped you from taking me any further in the process?”

Mark apologised to me and made his excuse to leave citing a pressing meeting. That left Alex sitting opposite me, looking a little awkward.

“We feel that you would be better suited in a more suitable role than General Manager.” She stated. “We both like the way that you have come across and would like to offer an alternative position to you. The thing is, though, that you may be offended by the offer we have in mind.”

I was intrigued. My CV showed that I had built up several years of experience prior to applying for this position, and although I had not had any direct managerial exposure, I had been recommended for being a team player and a supportive member of the crew in my previous roles, both inside and outside of work.

Alex continued. “Can I offer you lunch today to explain the offer we have on the table? I hope that you would at least allow me to make an offer to you, even if you İstanbul Escort don’t accept it.”

I thought about her offer and decided that a two-hour drive could wait. I had no pressing need to get back to my flat and the offer of a free lunch was accepted.

I was escorted back to the reception and Sue; the young receptionist was tasked with booking a table for three at a nearby Italian restaurant. As there was an hour or so to kill I was allowed the opportunity to go and explore the nearby area whilst waiting. The office was based in a commercial district in town so there was a plethora of sandwich bars and coffee shops nearby. A short walk from the office took me to a scenic view by a river, lined with benches and frequented by joggers and young professionals having early lunches. It was a warm summer’s day so I loosened my tie and undid my top shirt button.

At a few minutes to One, I returned to the office and waited in the downstairs reception for Alex & Mark to arrive, only to be surprised when Alex & Sue came smiling towards me. Lunch had become a far more sociable affair. We walked the short distance from the office to Giuseppe’s Restaurant and were guided to a comfortable booth where we could watch other customers without being overlooked ourselves. A crisp white wine was delivered as we perused the extensive menu.

Both Alex and Sue sat opposite me, which gave me an opportunity to more closely examine and enjoy their good looks as well as to enjoy friendly and relaxed conversation. We chatted about generalities and I was beginning to think that the offer of an alternative position was a ruse when towards the end of our antipasti, Alex steered the conversation back to the morning’s events.

“Andy, I must apologise for the way that we told you that you weren’t suitable for the role this morning. I know that you worked hard to get through the selection process and that you had a long drive to get here today.

Only, when we looked at your CV we noticed that you have had a varied cross section of jobs over the years and that you seemed to spend a long time working in a retirement home before applying for this role.

When Mark and I were looking at your experience we did think that you may be better suited to a more one to one position that that of General Manager, so I was wondering if you may consider a sort of personal help type position?”

I was stunned. I felt angry and embarrassed. All she wanted was a PA. I sat silent for a few seconds, gathering my thoughts.

“I’m sorry Alex, I really don’t think I would be suitable for a PA position for you. I understand that as a business leader, you may need someone to manage your diary, but that really doesn’t challenge me enough.” I said feeling proud that I hadn’t blown my top, but that I had clearly put my point across.

“No, no, no,” Alex replied “I wasn’t thinking of that, I was hoping that you would consider a more directly personal role to me. You see Mark travels away a lot with the business as do I. Unfortunately, we both end up travelling in opposite directions more often than not. I have to say that when your application came through we searched you out on social media and already had built up a good view of you and your lifestyle. It’s amazing what you can find on the web isn’t it?” She said with a glint in her eye.

I looked at her dumbfounded. “What do you mean?” II asked

“We ran a photo match through google and found some, how can I say it, ‘alternative’ pictures of you on the web.” She said. “It’s amazing what you can get to see if you are signed up to the right Adult websites these days.”

I wanted the world to swallow me up. I had indeed had a few pictures taken a while back when enjoying a bit of nsa fun with a young couple whose advert I had applied to on a dating website. The advert had asked for a single guy to fuck the girlfriend while the boyfriend took photos. The couple had seemed genuine enough and when we met the situation unfolded over an evening. Although I had thoroughly enjoyed pleasing the girlfriend, I had also been allowed to engage in a bit of bisexual fun with the boyfriend too. As things turned out we all had a great evening, though it had been made clear that the event was a one off from their point of view.

Alex and Sue looked at me questioningly. Sue then smiled and said, “It’s fine Andy, That’s how I got to get my job with Mark, and Alex. I live in with the both of them and travel as and when needed. I don’t often work the reception desk, but after seeing your photos I begged to be here today so that I could see you in the flesh, if that not too rude a way of putting it?” she then giggled in a most disarming way. Alex then smiled and snugged into Sue.

“I, umm, don’t know what to say.” I stated. “I mean, yes, there are pictures of me out on the web, but I tough that it was sort of private insofar that only other dating club members could see them!” I blabbered. I was now fully blushing and wondering how I Bayan Escort could get myself out of the situation.

At that point the main course arrived. I had never been so disinterested in food in my life. All I wanted to do now was to take the remaining bottle of wine and down it in one.

The waiter seemed to read my thoughts and offered another bottle to us. Alex agreed, and another cool crisp white wine dully arrived.

Alex looked at me deep into my eyes at this point. “Andy, I’m offering you a full time live in position with us. We will pay all your expenses and you can do whatever you want when you are here, the only requirement I have… No, that we have is that when I, Sue or Mark wants it, you are available to fuck our brains out from time to time. What do you say?”

As I looked across at both women I knew that my decision had already been made. Sue licked her lips and smiled at me. As she did so a foot rubbed up my inside leg and found the already firm erection I had. Sue smiled wider.

“Perhaps I could take Andy back for a test drive?” she naughtily suggested. “What with you and Mark already planning on working late tonight.

And then we could make sure that the both of you were properly relaxed when you got home later?”

Alex chuckled and looked again directly at me. “So what do you say then?”

Another foot slowly climbed up my thigh, this time Alex’s. The two women both massaged my cock for a short while whilst keeping eye contact with me.

I stared across the table at both women. Sue, her blouse unbuttoned far enough for me to catch a glimpse of her bra covering her voluptuous breasts, and Alex, keeping direct eye contact throughout. Both attractive and both obviously happy to share me. This was the stuff of porno movies, surely.

I looked at Alex and held her gaze for a few seconds. “OK, I’m in.” I said. “I will have to give notice on my flat back home but I am happy to take the chance. If you cover my rent for the next couple of months I will move in immediately and see how things pan out.”

Sue squealed with delight. “Yay!”

Alex smiled, and poured another glass of wine each. “Welcome on board. I can guarantee you have made the right decision.” She said. All the while my cock was still getting a thorough foot massage from both of them.

We tasted my success and nibbled at our main course. All the while Sue was flashing her smile at me. I found it hard to break my gaze with her and instead to look at Alex, though it seemed that Alex was quite happy with the situation.

We finally admitted that we wanted no more of the meal, delicious though it was. The waiter booked a taxi for myself and Sue and we stayed back as Alex left to return to the office. The young receptionist had now moved to sit beside me as we waited in our booth. Her light perfume filled my head as we continued to flirt. Soon, the cab arrived and we tumbled into it, as the driver pulled away from the kerb, Sue leaned in and kissed me for the first time. Her soft mouth was a delight as was her eager tongue. The cabbie must have had a lovely view in the driver’s seat, but he was happy to keep that to himself. A few minutes later we arrived at a large, but not ostensibly so house. There was no bill to pay as the cab was on the company account, so we walked the few steps up from the driveway into the house. As the door closed behind us, so did Sue closed in, kissing me more passionately.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and continued to kiss me as I stood before her. Being only about 5’6″ this allowed her shoes to fall onto the parquet floor.

I broke our kiss. “Which way?” I asked. She latched onto me again. Those beautifully soft lips melting into mine.

“Up the stairs and turn right. Second door along.” She said, when breaking contact for a brief moment. She then gripped my waist within her thighs and crossed her ankles behind me, whilst still clutching her arms around my neck

I carefully ascended the stairs and managed to flick the door handle down enough to gain access to the room. A large king sized bed filled the room covered in a satin bedspread.

Lying her down without dropping her was easier said than done, but I did manage all the same. She lay there, her brunette hair dishevelled as it fanned out on the bed, her breathing heave. She reached up towards me and pulled at my tie. As I leaned down I shrugged my jacked off and unflicked the knot in my tie. Then her eager fingers started to unbutton my shirt. It soon opened for her and was tossed to the floor. Her soft small hands caressed my chest and worked down towards my waistline, whereupon she unclasped my belt and unzipped my trousers, allowing them to fall to the floor also. I flicked off my shoes and managed to remove my socks to allow me to stand before her in just my boxers.

It was obvious that she had me aroused already.

I leaned down and kissed her again, this time unbuttoning her blouse. Her ample breasts were caged in Eskort by a pretty bra. The soft flesh spilling out as she lay on her back before me. I kissed her neck and moved down to kiss along her bra lines, marvelling in the softness of her young full breasts. Then I reached down and undid the side zip to her skirt. I pulled it down off her and looked down at the delectable young woman lying before me. Although she was carrying large breasts her waist was tiny, flaring out to well-proportioned hips. Her knickers were almost see through, mainly because of her excitement. The dampness held the sheer material to her, showing e that she shaved her pussy. I could see the seductive folds of her flesh clearly through the damp fabric.

I hooked the side elastic of her panties and drew them down her shapely legs. I could already detect the slightly sweet musk of her womanhood. Then I reached up and pulled her up into a sitting position so that I could unfasten the bra that was still covering her. Her breasts bounced free, even though they were, I would say, about a 32F in size, she was still young enough to not suffer from much sag yet. Her dark pink nipples were begging to be sucked, so I took each one in-turn in my mouth and sucked on them until the skin puckered up and allowed her nipples to stand erect. Whilst I suckled on her, Sue massaged my cock through my boxers, enjoying the length and girth of me. She then pulled the elastic of the shorts out to clear my erection and then slid them down to the floor. Her hands then reached around and massaged my buns. I stood to look down at her, revelling in her soft but perfect cleavage and her blue eyes looking up at me.

Without any further ado, she leaned in and took the head of my cock into her warm wet mouth. She kept looking up at me as she swirled her tongue over my glans, tasting me, teasing me. I responded by getting even harder and then there was a muffled “Mmm.” as she got a taste of my salty sweet precum. This spurred her on to suck me harder and deeper, taking more and more of me into her mouth. She swallowed me in and then released me repeatedly, slavering over my cock and slurping on the mixture of her own saliva and my increasing flow of precum. I was getting close to ejaculation. Sue pulled back and looked up at me. “Cover me with your cum.” She said. “I want it all over my tits.”

I took my cock in my hand and started to masturbate furiously. My slick cock gliding easily between my clenched fingers. I groaned as my prostate clenched and spurted out a powerful jet of thick creamy fluid. The liquid splattered on her chest and chin. Another spurt of cum shot out, covering her right nipple with my juice, and finally another smaller stream shot out, this time running down her cleavage. Glops of creamy cum were showered all over her magnificent chest. She giggled with delight and immediately started to massage the warm, thick fluid across her soft skin.

Then she started to lick her fingers clean one by one. “Mmm, you taste good.” She said. “I will swallow you next time.”

I massaged her glistening breasts, working in my cum which was beginning to become sticky as it dried on her. The scent of me on her was intoxicating for the both of us. Whilst standing before her I could see that her pussy was running wet. I leaned down and buried my face into her soft fleshy folds, tasting the sweet, salt of her and revelling in her pungent musky aroma. I parted her labia with my tongue and licked the full length of her wet slit. She squirmed underneath as the sensitivity of her pussy increased. I kneeled down beside the bed, pulling her thighs over my shoulders and pushed my face deep into her. My tongue eagerly searched out her clitoris. The small hard bud was eager for my attention. I flicked the little bundle of nerves with my tongue and was rewarded immediately with Sue clamping her thighs hard around my head and a groan of desire. Another flick of my tongue caught her gripping my hair and pulling me even closer into her sopping wet cunt. I started to suck on her bud, gently at first but with increasing intensity as Sue responded to my attentions. I would occasionally press the tip of my tongue on the nerve bundle as well to add to her delirium. As I worked on pleasuring her, I was rewarded by an ever increasing flow of her sweet, salty juices flooding into my eager mouth. Sue started to shudder and thrash around on the bed as her orgasm surged through her.

I could feel the hair on my head being ripped out as her fingers pulled me deeper and deeper into her willing vagina. I could scarcely breathe as the young woman finally tipped over the edge of her orgasm and flooded my mouth with her ejaculate. Though my ears were clamped firmly between her thighs, her vocal release was still unmistakeable. The tender flesh was shuddering under administrations and Sue was now pawing at my scalp. In part to pull me in and also to push me away, such was the intensity of the moment.

Finally, she parted her glistening thighs and allowed me to separate from her. Her juices covered my face, dribbling down my chin. I lapped up what I could before she pulled me up to kiss me full on the mouth. Her tongue tasting, searching out for every remnant of her own flavour.

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