The Intruder

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As Skylar eased down into a hot bath, she couldn’t help but replay every moment of her encounter with Kade that afternoon. What were the odds that they would have met in the library? Of all places it does seem somewhat logical, but how did everything manage to play out correctly?

Skylar sloshed about in the water, gently washing her body with a soapy washcloth. She slid down under the water to rinse her face. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, and below the water surface she went. After a moment of submersion she pulled herself back into the steamy bathroom air. Skylar opened her eyes and continued about her bath. She was stuck in a day dream. Once finished in her bath Skylar rose from the tub and turned around to reach her towel on the back of the door. As soon as her hand was outstretched she was grabbed from behind. A firm hand was placed over her mouth. She began screaming and fighting against her attacker, but he was strong and had a very firm grasp. He lifted Skylar off the floor and covered her mouth to muffle the shrieking. Once in the bedroom the masked man threw her down upon the bed. She was naked, wet, and begging for him not to hurt her.

“Please! Please! I will do anything you want, just don’t kill me! I don’t have any money or valuable possessions! I don’t’ know what you want from me!” she cried.

There was no reply.

The masked man reached into his bag and pulled out rope. He tied Skylar up and made it so that she couldn’t move from the bed, much less attempt to run from the room. He placed duct tape over her begging mouth which caused her to cry harder. She knew once the tape was there, she could scream for hours and no one would hear. He laid her face down on the bed. Her hands were restrained behind her and her feet bound and attached to her hands.

She turned her head in order to watch as the man roamed around the room. Tears made it hard for her to see him, but she still continued to watch. He began removing items from the bag. They looked like black strips or leather or some other material. He removed a cordless drill and some 4 inch screws. Roaming around Skylar’s bedroom he was out of her sight. Then, she heard the drill forcing the screws into the wall. She heard it start and stop 4 times. She wanted to die. She wanted to run screaming into the night, but had no idea how she would ever get out. She was going to end up being a headline whenever they found her body. Skylar started sobbing behind the tape.

Once the sound of the drill stopped she felt the man near her again. She turned her head to the side in order to see him and attempt to see his face. The man pulls a four inch blade from a holster on his belt. He runs the cold shiny metal down her arm and across her back to the other arm and down to the ropes. Like a hot knife through butter, the ropes were shredded and her arms were free. The man picked her up and carried her to the other side of the room. There he put her down, standing on her still bound feet and took her right hand. She looked to see what he was doing as he slid her wrist behind a metal restraint, a shackle, that he immediately closed by screwing into the wall. He did the same with her left hand. It was like he made her bedroom into his personal dungeon. There was absolutely no way possible for her to move from this spot. She began to cry quietly.

The man took his knife and ran it down each arm, across each breast and around the nipples. Skylar squirmed against the wall, but could do nothing but accept the advances. She could not fight back.

A dark raspy voice broke the quiet sobbing and said “Be careful. If you flinch, you’ll get cut.”

He began dragging the exceptionally sharp blade across her quivering stomach and down to her hips and legs. He drug the knife across her cunt which caused Skylar to flinch. Before she could stop herself there was a one inch gash across the top of her shaven mound.

The man began to smirk and laugh. Skylar did not know that she had been cut. The knife was so sharp that she never felt it cut her. Moments later she did realize that there was something dripping onto her foot. Looking down she realized that it was her blood. At the sight of her blood in combination with the knife blade still roaming around her naked restrained body, Skylar became woozy and fainted. She awoke a while later. She had no idea how long she was passed out. It only seemed like moments, but in reality must have been a decent amount of time.

Her legs had been removed from the ropes and shackled to the wall just like her hands. Her neck had also been shackled to the wall. There was no way for her to move, she was at his mercy. The tape over her mouth had been replaced with a 2 inch ball gag. The gag was too large for her mouth and it caused the sides of her lips to rip. Luckily she still had the ability to see.

The masked man walked over to her after removing a contraption from his bag. Skylar did not recognize the contraption. He smiled at her Escort bayan attempts to move. He cleared his throat and told her, “Now sweet girl, this will only hurt for a minute. You can take it can’t you?”

All Skylar could do to reply was scream around the rubber intruder occupying her mouth. He took a knee between her legs and wrapped a strap around the top portion of her right thigh. He did the same for the left. Then Skylar felt the cold metal touching her cunt. It was a spreader. He attached the contraption with ease and in a moment her cunt was stretched more than it ever had been. She felt so full and open all at the same time. Before the man stood up he drew his hand back and smacked her cunt with the force of a battering ram.

The pain was unmerciful. Skylar suddenly felt her cunt burning with a painful desire. She couldn’t help but be turned on. Her body was betraying her mind. She wanted to run away and escape the torments of this unwelcomed intruder, she wanted her Master to ride in on a white horse and save her from the punishment she was receiving and much to her dismay, enjoying.

He stood face to face with Skylar being sure to notice every flinch, every whimper, and every struggle against her metal confines. He chuckles in her face, “Want me to do something about that giant stretched hole down there?” Violently he smacks her cunt and the tears in her eyes begin to well. The assault lasts for a number of minutes, enough for 20 strokes. “Is that better, you dumb whore? I see this dirty cunt of yours is getting all wet. Why is that? Do you like being a whore?” he grumbled.

His fingers slid into Skylar’s cunt, three at once. He begins thrusting them in roughly causing Skylar to moan behind her gag. The invasion of her cunt is utterly mouth watering. Having her cunt stretched just made the need for it to be full. His dirty fingers were a god send. She wanted so desperately to bob up and down on his fingers, but she couldn’t move to lower herself. By the time she attempted, he took his soaking wet fingers from her cunt and raised them to his nose. “Mmmmm, you smell so tasty,” he replied. “Don’t you want to smell?” he questioned. Upon saying it he whipped his sticky juicy fingers across her face. “Now you really look like a whore. You’re covered in your own cunt juice. Ha! Look it is even running down your legs!”

Skylar hung her head in shame. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was by this assault. After her masked assailant was through laughing at her he reached and unlatched her gag. He whispered into her ear, “I’m going to take out your gag. But if you make any noise I will kill you.” Skylar nodded in compliance. The oversized gag was removed and drool dangled from her lips. Skylar did not dare make any sound. It was horribly difficult because she wanted to break down and cry or scream for help, but she wanted to live more.

The man walked back to his black bag and pulled out a few objects. Skylar could not see what he was getting, but she heard the unmistakable noise of leather hitting the hardwood floors. Walking back over to Skylar, the man held a bag full of clothes pins. He opened the bag and set it on the ground in front of her. “I want you to count each one that I place on you, whore. Loud enough for me to hear.”

With that command he began placing clothes pins on her nipples and across her chest. “5…6…7…8…” she counted. Clothes pins went all around her tits and down her stomach. “19…20…21…22,” she continued. By the time he reached her cunt she was trying desperately not to whimper or cry between numbers. Her body was hot and the starving need to cum was filling her deep inside. “37…38…39…40” she finished. And the 40th pin went on her clit and in order not to scream she bit her tongue.

“Ahh very good whore. You managed to follow orders. Now lets see how well you can withstand some real pain,” he chuckled.

He turned around and took a leather bullwhip off the dresser. Skylar’s eyes grew very large with fear of what he was going to do. He stood back, away from the captive and warmed up with a few cracks of his whip. The sound was deafening. He turned to face her and began whipping the pins off the fresh pink skin. Each one fell and by the fifth pin, Skylar could no longer remain silent. She screamed from the pain. This caused the man to laugh and go faster. Each scream made his heart race and his cock stir. It was the sweetest song, the most pure submission, and completely uninhibited.

Skylar was on fire. Her body was seething in pain and anguish. She could do nothing to escape the lashes of the whip. When he whipped her nipples to remove the clothes pins all she could do was scream and arch her back. Forty lashes later and Skylar was a pile of mush bound to the wall in her bedroom. The juices from her cunt were dripping down her legs, forming a puddle between her feet. Dribbles of blood exited her whip wounds and her body began to change from a rosy Bayan escort pink to a vibrant red and purple. Her face was wet with tears and her lips quivered as she tried to keep the tears to a minimum.

“Well, you managed to survive that beating whore, I am somewhat shocked. Let’s see how much more you can take,” the man grunted as he smiled behind his mask.

Skylar did not respond. Her body lay limp against its metal confines. She hardly had the energy to look her attacker in the face. It was all over for her. Her body had betrayed her mind and she began to hate herself for it.

Her pulse began to race again once she saw the man remove the drill from the bag again. He was going to let her down! She was excited and petrified as to what may come in the end. The drill was removed and the man began changing the attachment. Skylar assumed that he had to change the bit in order to remove her restraints. He replaced the small bit with a very long probing piece. On the end he attached a flesh colored dildo. With one pull of the trigger the dildo began spinning rapidly. Skylar’s eyes opened very wide. It was going to be something she might actually enjoy.

The man knelt between her shaking legs and removed the spreader that kept her open and full. The feeling once it was gone was somewhat devastating. She missed that feeling, although it was rather uncomfortable.

“Look at this juicy cunt. My God you’re such a fucking whore. Being brutalized makes you want to cum, huh?”

Skylar didn’t respond.

The man placed the rigid dildo at the entrance of her cunt and pulled his trigger. Spinning faster and faster the dildo twirled on her lips and clit. She wanted to thrust down on it but did not wish to face the ridicule it would bring. Once his finger left the trigger he shoved the rigid phallus into her soaked cunt. Skylar moaned, she could not help but enjoy the intrusion of a cock in her. He pulled the trigger once more, as far back as he could. The dildo spun in frenzy and rocketed Skylar to an orgasm within moments. Her body convulsed and she tried to rip her arms from her confines, but still she could do nothing. Moments later she was back on the brink of orgasm. It was like the man could sense it, and he took his finger off the trigger. Removing the dildo from her quickly she was left open, empty and aggravated.

She began to pout. Her bottom lip protruded and she sighed in discontent. The man looked up and in an instant drew back and smacked her across the face. Her jaw dropped in dismay. She had not expected such an assault. Her face was stinging.

“There is no pouting you silly whore. This is not for you to enjoy, but rather for my entertainment. You better watch yourself, or you’ll end up in a body bag faster than you can blink,” he said forcefully, “now open your mouth.”

Skylar opened her mouth like a little donut. The man raised his cock adorned drill and forced it through the opening. He pulled the trigger and it began to spin. He kept it there for a number of minutes, until all the juices from her cunt were gone. He pulled the drill bit out of her mouth and she spit in his face as it was removed. He was shocked! The little whore was really going to get it now, he thought.

Smiling back at Skylar as the man cleaned her spit from his face he cleared his throat and said calmly, “I don’t know who you think you’re fucking with, but do you really think that was a wise decision?” He leaned in so that his face was directly in front of hers, foreheads touching. His voice was deep firm and forceful. “You’re going to pay for that you no good, worthless piece of fuck meat.” Skylar whimpered. She didn’t know what came over her. He had made her angry from lacking satisfaction and her only way to rebel was to spit on him. No she hadn’t thought it out, but it was over and she would suffer for it.

The man stepped back and drove his open palm across her face. She had never been hit so hard or with such anger. The man turned back to his bag and removed clamps, candles, something in a black case, a paddle, and as he walked back to her picked the gag up off the floor. He placed the too big gag in her mouth. Skylar’s already cracked lips, ripped just a little more. She was scared.

The man affixed the clamps to her nipples and tightened them as much as he could. Tugging on the chain to make sure they were snuggly in place he yanked them so hard they ripped off. Skylar let out a death curdling scream behind her gag. She had never felt such pain. She whimpered and cried as he placed them back on her burning nipples. From his pocket he pulled weights. They were silver and looked like weights for your fishing rod, but the moment he placed them on the clamps Skylar felt that her nipples would be ripped from her torso.

The man took his paddle in hand. It was roughly 3 inches across and wrapped in leather. He walked over to Skylar, placed his hand around her already captive throat and held escort it there. Smiling at her, studying her face as each tear coursed down her cheeks, he stuck out his and licked away the salty liquid. He whispered softly in her ear, “Mmmm it tastes like fear.” Skylar began crying harder, biting down into her gag in attempt to calm down. She was losing her fight.

The man pulled his arm back and slammed his paddle down on her clamped breasts. Counting the blows out loud for his captive to appreciate, once he reached ten on each breast he stopped. He dropped the paddle and reached for the candles. Lighting each wick with care and precision he turned it on it side and began adorning Skylar’s brutalized tits with molten wax. She cried and fought against her restraints to no avail.

The man stepped away and returned with a cane. Skylar knew the pain a cane could bring. After the clamp removal, she was very nervous. The man began by gently tapping her tits. Watching it bounce against her fleshy mounds he gradually began slapping them harder. At one moment he stopped. He cleared his throat and raised his arm above his head and brought the cane down with a great force. Skylar arched her back and screamed as loud as the gag permitted. The welt rose to the surface purple and cracked. Blood began to push its way through the bits of fractured skin. The man began laughing. He raised his arm again and assaulted the other breast. The pain was unmerciful. She writhed in complete anguish. Her breath was accelerated; she could not control her reaction. She had never felt so much pain. Tears streamed so quickly from her eyes that she could not see anymore.

The man placed the cane on the ground. He walked over to his bound victim and placed his hands against her swelling tits. Holding them there to feel the heat rising from the wounds he slowly slid them down and removed the clamps. Skylar felt the weights lifted yet still overcome with pain. The man placed his hands back against her breasts, his palms flat against her tender nipples. He pushed them back toward her body and began twisting. Blood trickled faster and Skylar screamed until he let go. Once he stopped touching her he backed away. Standing directly in front of her he reaches for his mask and slowly pulls it from his face. Skylar begins crying uncontrollably when she sees that her violent attacker is none other than Kade, her Master.

He smiled and walked over to her, gently whipping the tears from her drenched face. He reaches behind and unlatches the gag. Skylar gasps for air and cannot control her crying. She was so relieved and exhilarated that he was the one there. She had been safe the whole time.

Kade changed out the drill, removing the spinning dildo and replacing it with a screw bit. He removed the metal neck restraint. The thick metal left a one inch red mark around Skylar’s neck. He removed the ones from her ankles, and lastly her hands. Once both of her arms were free she fell into his arms holding her attacker ever so sweetly. She turned her head and kissed his face, ears, and neck for taking her down.

“Good girl. You are my beautiful slut and you did so well being raped,” he said softly while stroking her hair.

All Skylar could say was, “thank You Master” as she held him close. The tension in her muscles went away and she could finally breathe. It was the most exhilarating moment in her adult life as well as the scariest.

Kade walked Skylar over to the bed and ordered her to sit on the edge. She obliged willingly with a sweet smile across her face. Kade pushed her backward onto the bed and placed himself over her. Smiling up at him Skylar said coyly, “Yes Master?”

He ran his fingers through her hair and touched the side of her face with the sweetest caress. His hand found a home firmly around Skylar’s neck and he began to squeeze. He smiled and said “now slut, I am going to fuck you. You may not cum until you have been granted permission. Is that clear?”

Skylar nodded her head yes and Kade released his strangling grip.

He removed his pants and boxers to reveal his beautiful cock harder than she had ever seen it before. She could see the vein quivering beneath the soft skin. Kade grabbed her thighs and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Placing his rigid cock against the opening, he pulled his right hand back and smacked her across the face as he forced his cock deep into her drenched cunt. Each thrust was heaven to her. Her cunt was starving for the feeling of his cock even in the brief moments between thrusts. Skylar became a puddle of juices and climactic angst. All he had to do was put his thumb on her clit and she would be cumming for days. Kade pounded away, pawing and grabbing at her bruised and battered tits. Grabbing at her tortured nipples sent Skylar into frenzy. Her hips were meeting his thrust for thrust. When she could no longer take it she began begging Kade to let her cum.

“Please Master. Oh God please! I need to cum. Your dirty slut needs to cum! Please Master! PLEASEEEEEEEEEE!”

Kade shook his head ‘no’ and began thrusting harder. When he neared his climax he placed his thumb on Skylar’s clit and began rubbing vigorously. Skylar couldn’t take the stimulation and screamed “PLEASEEEEEEE!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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