The Invitation Ch. 04

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The phone call is a little earlier than any of us was expecting and Jason picks it up to hear the next command from our blackmailer. I have no idea if it will be anything close to what I requested, but there is always hope. All I can do is wait while he gives his response to Leo and hangs up the phone. Damn that man for not giving us a phone with a speaker.

My twenty year old son is does not hang up the phone, but starts to speak out the commands as he is given them. “Dad has to fuck Beth… Mom has to lay on her back while she sixty-nines Janice… I fuck Janice until I cum in her pussy, then Luke until he cums, then William until he cums… Later in the day, once your sons are hard again, mom and Beth will sixty-nine with Beth on top… Then we fuck Beth in reverse order and all cum inside of her pussy, just like we did to Janice… Dad and Janice will sixty-nine with Janice on top and it doesn’t matter if dad’s hard… One more thing… Mom is to french kiss Janice after we all cum in her. Same thing with Beth later on.”

Jason hangs up the phone and I want to scowl, but hide my distaste for just how twisted he made my request. All I asked was to see my daughters sixty-nine and follow it up with the same kind of kiss they already experienced. It may sound sick to know what I want my daughters to do in front of me, but I don’t really care what others think. At least there’s the satisfaction of knowing Dennis will be deprived of anal for another day. It also means my still sore ass has time to rest before being assaulted again.

The first of us to move is Dennis and he is taking a shocked Beth by the hand to guide her to his bed. She is not putting up any kind of a fight and her face looks a little flushed in her reflection. As she reaches the bed, Beth starts to crawl far enough back and turns over with her legs spread for her father.

I look over to Janice and see the nervousness in her green eyes as she stares at my face. She is more than just a little flushed, far more so than her sister judging by just how red her cheeks are, and she does look wonderful with that red hair. She is unwilling to move towards the bed, so I move to her and place my lips close to her ear.

I whisper quietly. “Might as well get this started.” Her head shakes in refusal as I continue. “Neither of us wants to do this, but we don’t have a choice.”

I take her hand and she does not pull away as I start to guide her to the bed I have been sharing with my sons. I am watching her every step of the way, but cannot miss my sons state of arousal in the mirrors. They are all waiting patiently to start and she squeezes my hand tightly. I don’t know if she is more worried about being with me or her brothers, but neither can be helped and we both are very aware of this fact.

I release her hand and position myself for my daughter, which calls for my legs to spread and arms to be raised over my head. I see her stop at the edge for just a moment, then takes several deep breath to summon the courage to continue. Her athletic body looks good from this view and her small tits are rising and falling with her breaths. The brown of her nipples is almost hypnotic as my eyes move up and down in time with her movements.

Just as I think she will need more encouragement, she climbs into bed and moves her legs around my body. Her pink lowers itself to my face and I smell something I never thought I would find this delightful. My tongue starts to explore her clit, which hardens on contact and the flavor is far from revolting. She lets out a sigh as I bring my hands to her cheeks and find the firmness rather pleasant to my touch.

I feel her tongue start to work on my body as I watch Jason enter a hole that is starting to moisten from my work. I hear Beth start to moan and she is soon joined by me and her sister muffled sounds of pleasure. Jason has no problem finding a rhythm quickly and his action is causing her to drip down to my tongue. The flavor is quite wonderful, but I don’t loose contact with her clit. I can’t believe I am admitting this, but the feeling of a hard clit on my tongue is something I love.

Jason starts to fuck her quicker and I like the way his balls look as the bounce over my eyes. The sensation of her tongue working my clit is amazing and she is showing no sign of slowing at all. I wish we could both moan as loudly as Beth, but ours are far more muffled than hers.

He hammers his dick hard into her dripping hole and lets out a groan as he presses himself in deep. I can’t see anything from this angle to tell me he is having an orgasm, but the sound he is making tells me all I need to know. Time slows as our tongues work our clits in our shared pleasure and Jason continues to lose himself inside of my daughter.

His softening shaft removes itself and some of his release reaches my tongue to follow him out of the pink hole. My hands start to caress her firm cheeks as she is starting to give muffled cries of pleasure. I find myself wanting to do something I never even thought of as close to erotic, escort resimleri which is place my mouth over her hole and swallow what is lost from her.

I am on the verge of doing just that, but Luke is far too quick with his entry. I watch his balls start to bounce as he fucks her harder than his brother had. My tongue works harder to increase her pleasure and she returns the favor. I hear my husband grunt as he prepares to release himself inside of Beth, which causes me to be little surprised at just how long he lasted.

Luke is causing more of Beth to drip onto my tongue and so many naughty ideas are popping up into my mind. From the sound he is making, he will not last much longer and I don’t mind one bit. His brother will soon be in his place and I will be able to watch another set of balls bounce.

He rams himself every bit as hard as Jason and I know he is adding to what my daughter has already received. My tongue starts to pace itself a little as my focus is on what will soon be revealed to my eyes. We are both fighting the release that will take us and I want my daughter to wait until after one more finishes inside.

Luke pulls out, even as his shaft is still slightly hard, and I see the pink hole stay open. More of her dips to my waiting tongue, as well as more of the wonderful white. It is not easy to start to work her clit with all I’ve got, but I want her to wait for the release.

William enters the open hole and slowly starts to move back and forth before my eyes. He is clearly pacing himself far better than his brothers and my eyes see his slick shaft pull almost all the way out. My daughter has me far closer than I would like and it is very difficult to concentrate on the slow movement of the shaft. My eyes have found something far better than bouncing balls as his slick shaft appear and disappear several time.

Our muffled cries are getting more desperate and I wish he would hurry. He starts to pick up his pace when I am pushed over the edge and feel the waves of pleasure crash hard over my body. My tongue is frozen against her hard clit and my entire body is lost to what she has done for me. My eyes close as I feel her clit move with each thrust and her tongue is working its way towards my flooding hole.

The waves start to subside and I am able to control my body again. Her tongue is pressing itself into my pink hole and I still feel the orgasm rampaging my body. It is not easy to open my eyes and work my tongue, but I manage to do just that.

I see a slick shaft pull back and then balls fly past my eyes as he rams himself hard. My breathing is becoming deeper as the last wave has left my body and William is grunting from above. I slowly work her clit to get her closer and prepare for him to pull out completely.

His softening shaft pulls out slowly and I am frustrated that he is taking this long to move out of my way. The last of him pulls out and my mouth moves to cover the hole as she loses herself. Her cries are no longer muffled as my tongue is rewarded with a powerful release and I can taste my sons with her.

All three of them and Janice are far too much for my mouth to hold and I am unable to bring myself back to swallow any of it. The powerful release of my daughter soon causes my mouth to overflow and I feel my cheeks caressed by my children. Her screams of pleasure ring pleasantly in my ears and my tongue is playing with what is in my mouth.

Her screams die down and there is nothing left to push out. I pull my head back and press my lips together, which causes more unfortunately loss. I swallow everything she gave me and find great pleasure in the sensation of it moving down my throat.

I want to collapse and I know I am not the only one. My hands release her cheeks and she is on the verge of falling across my body. Had it not been for the last part required, I would let her do just that. She is every bit as aware of what is required as I am, since she forces her body off of mine and gets to her knees to wait for me.

I am very much aware of the audience as I slowly get to my knees. I stare into her green eyes and can find no sign of nervousness any longer. The only thing I see in her eyes is a hunger to kiss me and I have that same hunger.

Our lips touch and our mouths part, which sends some strange new thrill through my body. My tongue presses into her mouth without a fight as I share the flavors on my tongue with her. They are too overpowering for anything she can give me, but that’s alright. I will be able to enjoy that later.

Our hands work to our asses as my eyes close and both start to squeeze playfully. I love the way her firm ass feels in my hands and that would be more than sufficient to make this kiss quite passionate. Her hands on my cheeks is adding greatly to everything and I don’t care how many are watching us lose ourselves to this kiss.

I have no idea how much time passes before we pull ourselves apart from the powerful embrace. My eyes open gaziantep escort resimleri and I see Beth licking her lips at what she just witnessed, which makes me very happy. There will be no need to guide her to bed later, since she looks more than willing to experience what her sister just went through.

Janice collapses onto her stomach and I have to fight to keep my eyes from staring at her cheeks. I turn to my family and their eyes are my lips, which shows very clear signs of my sons and daughter. I can feel them all on me and there is no shame as I smile at the sensation on my skin.

While Janice sleeps deeply, everyone else is getting prepared to go out to the beach. I am not going with them, since that would require me to wash off their remnant. It is starting to dry and I love the way it looks. The mirrors are serving a wonderful purpose and I am enjoying them far more each day. I have no idea how long Leo will keep us here, but I hope it is for a very long time.

I am formulating a plan for the next round, since I don’t want to lose that much again. The only idea that I have that will not break the command we were given, is to cover Beth’s pink hole with my mouth as they each finish. I know her release will add to what is already on my face, but I am quite content with the loss. I just wish there was a way to kiss her after each release, but there is no loophole there.

Once it is just the two of us, I take a much closer look at the slumbering body of Janice. She is on her back with her legs slightly spread and not revealing much of anything. My twenty-three year old daughter shows all the signs of living an athletic life and her stomach is wonderfully toned. Her small tits must make it easier for her to do the things she wants, since anything larger would be a hindrance. Her brown nipples play wonderfully against her pale flesh and I wonder if any part of me ever looked this good.

Both of my daughters get their size from their father’s side of the family, since they are both considerably smaller in that department than I am. Right now, both may not like what they have, but I have made it very clear that they should be happy with their bodies. I must have done something right, since neither have ever shown interest in surgery to solve a problem that should not exist.

Gravity will not be as much of an enemy to them as it has been to me. I glance at my body in the mirror and my eyes are drawn to my large tits. I can see every stretch mark mocking me in my reflection and wish I could go back to a time before the aging started to show. There is no going back to that time and quickly pull my eyes away from my reflection, which prevents me from having to look at the rest of my body.

My eyes move between her legs and her trimmed red bush looks good on her body. I carefully spread her legs to keep from waking her and reveal much more of her pink. The signs of sex with her brothers is very evident and I smile at the way it looks in this light. The drying release from all of them glistens and cracks, which causes a temptation to cross my mind. I fight it off, since I don’t want to wake her and what I desire will do just that.

I decide I need some air and a little sun will do me some good. There is little doubt I have to be quick, since there is no sun block on my body. I open the door and let the heat wash over my body, which is far more comfortable for me than it was when we first arrived. I step out to reach the sun and see my family playing on the beach in the comfort of their nudity.

I step out into the sun and let its rays work wonders on my body. While everyone they knew was dealing with the bitter cold, they had beach weather. My internal clock is ticking away far too quickly and I have to return to the house. The last thing I want is a sunburn, especially on those particularly sensitive parts of my body.

Janice is in the shower and I sit on the bed to try to get a nap. My ass is still sore from yesterday, but not anywhere near as bad as it was. I desperately hope the first time is truly the worst of it, since it is just a matter of time before it happens again. If all goes well, my husband will continue to be denied what his sons have already discovered. His continued denial will make the pain far more bearable.

The sound of the door opening causes my eyes to open and I sit up in bed to watch my family enter the house. I must have drifted off, since Janice is no longer in the shower, but don’t feel particularly well rested. I stretch out my body as I start to force myself to wake up a little more.

I sit up to see Dennis holding the door open for my children and I want to smirk at his flaccid state. My sons are quite the opposite and I can only guess that Beth is responsible for their readiness. My eyes move up to their faces and there is excitement showing in all of them.

Janice does not need any prompting, since she is walking right next to her father. Her long red hair is still a little gaziantep escort bayan resimleri wet and does not flow at all. She shares so many features with my husband and I hope she does not let herself go the way my husband had. There is something seductive in the way she is moving towards the bed with her father.

William blocks my view and my eyes are drawn down his body. As much as I would enjoy watching my husband put his tongue to good use, there are things we must do. I am a little wet in anticipation of tasting all of my sons again and I have no need to tell them anything about what I have planned. No matter how quickly William’s brothers move, I will be quicker.

I lay on my back and Beth’s legs move over my face. She lowers herself quickly and I feel a hard clit press against my tongue. Her tongue reaches mine at about the same time and we both start to sigh in the pleasure we are giving each other.

My hands caress her back as William slowly enters his sister with ease. He starts to move back and forth inside of her, which causes her to give out a muffled moan. Janice is starting to give her own muffled moans as her father works his tongue. The slick shaft reveals itself to me over and over again, which makes me want to work harder for my daughter.

His pace quickens before my eyes and I wish he would slow down just a little. His breathing changes and his moans are changing to something far better. I know he is close to release, but I don’t want this to be over quickly at all. I certainly prefer the look of glistening shaft over bouncing balls and hope his brothers take longer to reach this point.

Her moans are increasing in intensity, just like Janice, and William rams himself deep inside of her. I am trying to be very careful in my actions, since I don’t want her to reach that point for quite some time. Beth’s tongue feels even better than her sister’s, but I don’t question the good fortune of her work.

William leaves himself buried deep as the last of him is released inside of Beth. His glistening dick slowly withdraws in a softening state and there is a little bit of white that follows his exit. My mouth is over her now empty hole in search of anything I can get, but there is barely enough for a small swallow. It still tastes and feels quite wonderful as my tongue moves back to her clit.

Luke must have been waiting in frustration, since he quickly fills the void William had left behind. He starts off slow, just like his brother had, and I watch another glistening shaft move back and forth. His pace quickens far sooner than William had, but it isn’t because he is close. Our muffled moans are crying to be free of the obstructions, but none of us release what is holding us back.

He groans out as he forces himself in as deeply as possible and I know I will be rewarded with more. My tongue continues to work carefully to prolong the experience and I need her to continue to hold out for one more brother.

He withdraws his shaft, which is a little harder than his brother’s was, and I see more white leave along with him. My lips move to cover her dripping hole and the amount I am getting is improving. My mouth is close to full and the sensation of swallowing is far better.

My tongue resumes its careful work on her clit as the last of my sons enter. His movement is teasing my greatly as he slowly moves his shaft back and forth before my eyes. Jason’s shaft looks wonderful with the slow movements and it is not easy for me to maintain my composure. I want to work her clit every bit as hard as she is working mine, especially with the sound of Janice still moaning away.

He is using far more control than either of his brothers had, but his breathing is changing and he thrusts himself deep. I start to work my tongue harder and know she is very close to her own release. It is difficult to hold myself back from crossing the edge, but I need her to be first.

His softening shaft reveals itself once again and my lips press tightly over the hole that is no longer going to be filled by any of her brothers. Her body is tightening as I taste the combination of my sons and risk pulling back to swallow. I can feel them escape my lips, but content with what I can get. They feel wonderful as they float down my throat and I let out a loud moan.

My lips reach her dripping hole just in time for her to release far more than my sons. Just as the wonderful sensation floods my mouth, Janice screams out in her ecstatic release. Between the feeling of my children in my mouth and the knowledge that Dennis will have a very sore tongue, maybe even lockjaw, sends me dangerously close to the edge.

I hold off until I am able to pull my lips away from her pink hole and press them together. There is no shortage of loss to add to what has already dried on my face, but it is not anywhere close to this morning. The sensation of my children sliding pleasantly down my throat causes me to scream out as I pass the edge.

Just like her sister had done earlier, Beth’s lips press against my very wet hole and I start to fill her with my own torrent of wonderful release. Janice continues to scream out and her sister presses her lips hard against my pink. Between the two of them, my own ecstatic pleasure increases greatly. It is like a powerful wave has hit my body, while fighting and equally powerful current pulling back towards the ocean.

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