The Italian Stallion Ch. 05 Pt. 01

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Big Tits

Enter the Sous Chef, Part 1

So Mario and I always discuss fantasies…I am a big fan of encouraging my lovers to speak their minds and I am always open to erotic adventures. Even though my Thoroughbred had been giving it to this Chef reallll good, I still had a craving for pussy. Especially, young…tight…shaved pussy. I wanted to lick some cunt just as good as he does. I love tits too, esp fuller ones. And for some reason younger women are crazy for mine lol. I think they see me as some kind of Mother Goddess…which makes me laugh. After all, I AM a Nurse and Chef…who can take care of ALL appetites.

So I was contacted on an Adult website by a 26 year old really fucking hot woman. She was absolutely fascinated with me. We quickly exchanged cell numbers and started texting each other. She had a boyfriend, she told me…but she loved older women.

She said that she had a recurring fantasy about making love with a sexy cougar. She liked her boyfriend but when I started describing my little Pandora’s Toy Box, she became very excited. Oh yes, darlin’…me and my strap-on can fuck just as good as your man can. And you can play with my giant tits while I fuck you in and out, over and over. Mmmmm.

The last woman I had, I fucked her with my vibrating jelly cock while her husband licked her clit. I made her squirt. STILL can’t get the damn jizz stains out of my comforter. Oh well lol.

So erotik hikaye this incredibly beautiful sexy little vixen was sending me pics of her perfect little 36B tits and perfect little pussy. Now, my pussy is beautiful to anyone who has had the opportunity to lick or fuck it but DAMN. She had the hottest little folds in her inner labia and the tiniest little clit I had ever seen. I’m constantly looking at porn and I just love to see a tight little compact taco like that.

I was describing to her how I would lick and suck her little clitty and make it nice and hard. And start out fucking her with my finger, rubbing her little G spot. Both of us were masturbating at work and texting pics of ourselves t each other with toys stuck up our steaming twats. We arranged to meet.

So, of course, Mario was receiving all our combined hot texts and pics and getting worked up. One of his fantasies to see me cumming in a hot beautiful woman’s mouth. He knows that when I cum in his mouth or on his tongue I feel it in my whole body and I scream. It would be an incredibly hot time for all of us. So I set up a little “surprise” for my Italian Stallion.

Amanda met me out at a bar…and Oh…My…Goddess…she was even hotter in person. Tiny little figure…perky tits with a nice little cleavage. Long flowing dark hair, incredible eyes…she looked a bit like Mila Kunis…who porno hikayeleri by the way, is RUSSIAN…lol…Shout Out to my Peeps in the Motherland. I could see her hot little cunt through her tight pants. Oh fuck yeah…it’s on Bitch…lol.

So we went back to my Crib…and I led her right into my bedroom. We laid on the bed sharing a bowl of some primo weed. Girl came prepared lol…I slowly started stroking her long, silky hair. We started making out. I love kissing women, they always smell so good and their tongues are so sensual.

We were lying side by side caressing each other’s bodies. I glanced down and she had a tiny wet spot between her thighs. She is ready, I thought. I slipped my hand into her bra and slowly starting stroking her breast. She moaned that it felt sooo good…

She put both of her hands on my huge jugs and squeezed them gently. I started to feel my cunt quivering. I always feel a vibration in my little love basket when I get turned on. She became more aggressive when I moaned softly and started to knead my tits and pinch the nipples. Girlfriend really knew how to please a woman.

She took my leopardskin bra off and gasped as my huge breasts burst out. She said, “Oh my God, your tits are AMAZING! I want them in my mouth!” Who was I to deny this luscious little creature her sustanence? HA HA HA…

She was suckling at my sex hikaye breast like a baby. I LOVE breast play and to feel that hot little mouth and tongue on my huge areolas was exquisite. I was squirming around on the bed. She was fondling my tits and started to rub me between my legs. I took control then.

I stood up and shucked off my clothing to reveal my naked clam. The look on her face was precious. Her mouth fell open and her eyes widened as she took in my voluptuous body. And that smile! Like a young apprentice chef worshipping her favorite Food Network Chef. She took my hand and drew me back on the bed.

She started to kiss down my body, lingering over my curves and admiring the softness of my skin. I had her clothes off in about 2 seconds. We were kissing madly, rolling around the bed. Such a state of lust we were in. And she was pumping her delicate little fingers in and out of me. I spasmed on her hand and soaked her fingers. “You are so wet”, she moaned…”Please, I need to suck your pussy”

She scooted down and took my entire pussy in her erotic full-lipped mouth. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. This was hot. Her tongue was gentle but insistent and she traced my clit with the tip of her tongue. Jeziz H, for being so young, she had some amazing pussy eating skills, I thought, giggling to myself.

She started to finger me gently while sucking on my lips and eating my clit. Then, I heard the door open. She looked up and whispered, “Is he here?”

I nodded and said, “Don’t stop baby”…then Mario reached the bedroom door, saw his gorgeous lover with a beautiful woman’s head between her toned thighs and gasped…

To Be Continued…Stay Naughty…The Chef 😉

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