The Jacuzzi Party

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The Party


We both knew the party might turn out wild. I couldn’t help glancing at you from time to time in the car as we drove over there. You were using the best outfit to show off your assets: short thin skirt, the wavy kind that spins out if you twirl on the dance floor, nice shoes, not too high, so your legs look their best. Added to the ensemble was a silky blouse, patented with a few garlands up and down the front. Its open neck you had left unbuttoned all the way down to the nice valley between your breasts. As you moved, your breasts swayed, unfettered and clear, your nipples plainly visible as their erectness rubbed the material of the blouse. Even a slight lean forward at the party would reveal you pure uncovered breasts to anybody in front, or to the side of you.

You slid your hand over to my thigh.. glancing over at me as I drove. Oh hell, I thought, you are feeling horny all ready, and we need to get there!!! You rub your hand up over my now considerable bulge – teasing it unmercifully!!! I leaned my hand over had flicked one of your nipples with my finger – you shudder and decided to curb your enthusiasm until later!!!

The door of the party opened to reveal quite a mixed bag of guests. Some of the more regular “lifestyle” members were way more scantily dressed than you, while others were still clothed – protected against all comers for now!!

You look at me funny – “sorry” I apologise – perhaps I should have said this was a swingers’ party. You turn bright red, but I can’t tell if it is with embarrassment or a flush of excitement.

We partake of a few drinks, and start to chat to a group of couples, who clearly are the centre of attention in the room. Two of the ladies are wearing nothing more than a long silk scarf, while the guys thin slacks leave nothing to the imagination as to their prowess.

I notice your nipples are now like mini peaks – one of the ladies starts to come-on to me – she slides up next to me – rubbing her scantily covered breasts across my arm. The conversation is amazingly normal party chatter, but the underlying actions are electric and sensual. I notice your blouse is now unbuttoned all the way down, and clear for all to see, the guy you are talking to seems very interested, and you turn to give him a better view.

I am surprised by this seduction by you – although we had been to parties before — you had always been more of a voyeur and exhibitionist, rather than a participator. Never letting anybody else even so much as touch you ….

But here you are – encouraging attention. The music is turned up, and people start to dance in the middle of the room, as part of this group, bursa escort we start to dance with those around us. After a while, we drift apart. I was surprised when I see you wander out of the room with 3 guys and the hostess. I follow at a distance – wondering what you are up to. The door enters out onto a patio – well screened from any prying eyes. The huge Jacuzzi bubble invitingly. The hostess and the guys all strip naked and jump on in — you hesitate a little, then step out of your clothes and in as well. I can see all three guys and the hostess eye for the first time your freshly shaved snatch, already glistening with your juices.

I was about to leave you to it – when the lady who had been rubbing up against me, crept up behind me, and started to fondle my dick from behind — god that felt good. I turned around to find her already naked. She had very small A cup breast, but they were pointing upwards and were oh so long. She can’t have been more than 21-22.

She took my hand and led me over to the hot-tub, divesting me of my clothes as we went … you look surprised at my appearance, I wondered why as I slid into the tub — then I noticed that you were sat with a guy either side. Your hands were under the water and I suspected you had a prick in each hand.

My lady friend seemed intent on getting my attention, grabbing my hand and thrusting it down between her legs .. I slid a finger up and down her snatch and she sighed and started to stroke my prick.

As the water became too hot for me – I sat up on the side to cool off, as had one of the guys next to you. My friend immediately took this as a sign, and she turned and started to suck my prick – licking the sides as she looked over at you. You turned your head and looked at the prick next to you — I didn’t think you would, but you did, sliding your lips all the way down for a deep-throat!!

As people moved around, the guy in front of you slid back in, and you laughed, splashing and messing with the three guys .. they all took hold of you and passed you around between them — your tits bouncing as they passed you around. Under the water I was sure they were feeling you up .. you had a look of dreaminess as different fingers stroked and probed your labia.

The girl blowing me decided she needed some attention, and she sat on the side as the hostess slid over and planted her lips on this sweet girls cunt – sucking hard on her clit and making her squirm.

I moved around behind our hostess and started to play with her from behind, her lips were slim and her hole was very tight.

I glanced over at you .. you were moving from lap to lap, staying in each çanakkale escort for around a minute – kissing each of the guys heavily and letting them pet and suck on your breasts. After 3 or four rounds, I noticed you butt moving from side to side on each lap you sat on — I was horrified – you surely were not letting them rub their cocks on the outside of your labia and clit.

From their looks and your sighs – I was SURE you were, as you moved to the next guy, I saw you stiffen, a look of shock and surprise on your face. I knew immediately what had happened, the guy had used his hand to stand his prick upright, and as you sat on his lap, you had unsuspecting impaled yourself onto it … you body jerked with some small orgasms, the other guys also knew what had happened — your body froze. Surely, I thought, you would get off before he slid in any more!!!

Time seemed to stand still, the three guys and I looked at you, you face alternated between shock and pleasure, then my heart stopped as you let yourself slide down the rest of the way to the hilt. The sideways motion of your butt was replace with the up and down motion of fucking. You face became set with a wanton lust.

The rest of the guys knew what was coming – they indicate that it was their turn and you move one guy to the left — this time, there is no hesitation, the guy has his prick all up and aimed — you let it touch and open your lips slightly, before pushing down part and fast all the way. The third guy has a much larger prick – not much longer – but definitely very thick — you slide down it more slowly, allowing a gasp of pain and pleasure to escape your lips. All the guys seem intent on keeping the merry-go-round working, you are almost handed from one to the other, only fucking each prick for a minute before sampling the next.

I am in a quandary, my prick is hard and aching to be inside you, but there seems to be no room for me in your group. My fingers continue to play with our hostess’s cunt, and I suddenly reach a milestone — I grasp my prick and slide it up and down the slit of our hostess — she gasps and pushes back – enveloping the bare head.

I notice you glance over at me out of the corner of my eyes — you see my prick entering another woman and you gasp. I think you are about to stop and come and get me and leave – when the guy you are sitting on takes charge, his prick starts to ram into you faster and faster, from tip to full length banging in. You scream, and thought of stopping leaves on the scream and the wind.

I thrust my prick deep into the hostess, she moans as she continues to suck on the young girl, grabbing my prick çankırı escort with her cunt muscles tightly.

The guy fucking you is starting to tense up — you MUST be feeling him swelling inside you and about to cum in your un-protected cunt. Surely you will get off at the last second – surely he will withdraw and splatter his cum all over your breasts.

As he yells, and tries to lift you off — you grab him tightly and ram yourself down on his prick — all the guys mouths dropped as he starts to pump his cum deep into you cunt. You scream and waves of pleasure wash and pump their way through your body. Your cunt milks and squeezes the guy’s prick dry.

Thinking you are done — you stand up, swaying slightly; but the other two guys will have none of it — they grab you , one guy sits on the side, lifts you to him and lets gravity push your cunt, slick with a mixture of your own juices and the guys down onto his prick. Your surprise at this second attack, is replaced with lust and greed, here is a fresh prick – here is a second load of seed.

The third guy — not to be outdone, stands behind you — and suddenly lifts your butt up — the embedded prick falls free and he slides his in to replace it. The added thickness makes you cry out.

So they carry on — taking turns on your cunt – no more than 30-45 seconds each.

I start to pump harder at our hostesses cunt — determined to implant my seed there, to equal the debt between us!!

Your scream drags my eyes back you – the guy behind you is starting to push his prick into your cunt WITHOUT the first guy taking his out. Can the two get in there!!?? You are shuddering and crying as your hole is stretched more than your biggest dildo ever. Suddenly his head is in, and you feel both pricks start to slide in and out together. Both the guys can feel the second prick rubbing up against each other, and this plus your throbbing cunt, makes them both explode together inside you. You thrash around as you feel the enormous amount of seed filling you up.

Then – suddenly it is over, the pool opens op as you all fall exhausted in it. My seed, still not planted, aches for you. I grab you, bend you over the edge of the pool and thrust my prick, all coated with our hostesses juices into your cunt. You feel loose and sloppy, with all the other deposits inside. My prick, greased with cum, slides out and pushes at your ass, you relax and I slide in effortlessly —

Not for long can I keep this up – fucking your ass hard . The young girl comes over and pushes here fresh cunt in front of you — you greedily suck on it, while our hostess comes alongside and slides two or three fingers into your cunt.

Your final orgasm wrenches every inch of your body — I explode deep in your bowls with a yell!!!

As we wash and then dry off – we are spent – the journey home is quiet, what have we done – should we do more – what other depravities are out there to explore…….??????????????????????????

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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