The Joy of a Toy

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I love my sexy Julia. We’ve been together for four years now, and although we are in our fifties, I think we’d agree that this is the best time ever in our respective sex lives. It’s not just the sex: she is a totally wonderful human being. She is kind and generous to all, she has a wonderful sense of humour, she is loyal, she works hard and is a very open and honest person. From the beginning of our relationship we’ve simply clicked, its been wonderful.

One example of this is that we both love being naked; we are naturists and love to spend much of our free time in nudist resorts being in the nude with other like minded people. She has a gorgeous body and I am so proud that others too can see how beautiful my girl is. Another example is that in our sex life, we like to try different things out and my story today tells of one such adventure.

It happened earlier this year. We had had breakfast, in the nude, and both of us felt a little horny so we went to the living room and enjoyed a really good fuck on the settee. Afterwards, I began to think about how lucky I was and that for many years the only option I had was to wank in order to pleasure myself. Then my mind turned to Julia; she too had been alone for some time and she had already told me that she used to wank as well: but had she ever used a toy, a vibrator? We had never discussed this, I don’t know why, but I was pretty certain that if I asked the question, she’d say yes.

I asked the question.

“No,” was her answer.

I was mildly surprised. I mean lots and lots of girls use vibrators today, there is no shame, it is not taboo as it might once have been considered, and by every account, a vibrator can give a girl lots of sexy pleasure. I know some of them can look quite scary but there are some smaller, milder versions around. One high street lingerie store we go to has a whole section devoted to vibrators but we had never thought of buying one.

“Well” I said “would you like to try one?”

“Hmm, yes OK” she replied.

Immediately my cock began to harden. The thought of my beautiful girl using a toy on herself was making me feel increasingly horny. I was definitely going to buy her one in the next week. I think she felt a little excited as well because her cunt began to feel gradually wetter and wetter: time for another Saturday morning fuck!

In short, I went to the lingerie shop later that week, bought a small vibrator nilüfer escort and we/she tried it out. It was OK. Julia was slightly apprehensive at first, it tickled a lot, but gradually she became used to it and had some quite good orgasms from using it: but they weren’t as strong as the ones I gave her. However, I was always very excited when she used it; several times I had to wank myself off, I couldn’t help it!

It was two weeks to our Summer holidays. We were going camping in France for nearly six weeks, staying in nudist camps of course. We talked about bringing the toy with us but we were a little concerned about the noise the toy made: there is not a lot of privacy in a tent. So, we decided to buy another toy, a quieter one for use on our vacation.

I went to the same store again and browsed around but I wasn’t too sure which model to buy so I asked a store assistant. She was so helpful and after looking at a final shortlist of three, I knew which one to buy.

Firstly, it was quiet. It was seven inches long, had strong vibrations, was firm but of a softish material and flexible. It was in a girly pinkish colour and looked quite attractive. I bought it and took it home. When I showed it to Julia she was pleasingly excited at the prospect of using it but insisted we save it for our nudist holiday.

Well, we went on our nudist holiday and had a magical time. Lots of hot sunny weather, lots of swimming, walking, cycle riding, sight seeing, lots of reading and dining out, and of course, lots of wine! We do like our wine! And of course sex, which was great of course, but we didn’t actually use the our new toy; somehow the time was never right, that was until our last night.

Our last night was to be spent, not nudist camping, but in a posh four star hotel in a chic resort, Le Touquet. After a long seven hour drive, we arrived there at about six thirty. We registered and took the lift to our fourth floor bedroom. What luxury! Remember, we had been camping for nearly six weeks and had forgotten what a proper, large sized double bed looked like, or felt like. And a big bath as well!

First a bath. We stripped off and ran the taps for a lovely warm soak. I got in and so did Julia, nothing unusual there, we regularly share the same bath. We spent a lazy thirty minutes just soaking and relaxing, lovingly massaging each other in the creamy suds. I have to admit that görükle escort my cock was beginning to grow and that a certain amount of precum was slowly adding to the bath water.

We got out and dried ourselves with the fluffy towels; by this time my cock had become fully erect with sex juices leaking copiously from the tip. Julia smiled at me and led me to our bed where we lay down together.

“I think we might try our new toy out now,” she whispered with a naughty smile on her lips. My cock grew even harder at this suggestion and I went to the bag to give her the new toy. She looked at it and stroked it very erotically then switched it on and handed it to me. I began to play it along her neck then down to her tits; her nipples were already erect with excitement. Then down to her belly I played it before slowly teasing her inner thighs. She began to moan very softly, her breaths beginning to come in little gasps. She was certainly enjoying this toy far more than the other one. I kissed her on the mouth, our tongues flicking and dancing together whilst still playing the toy along her thighs. Then I took the toy away and slowly reached my fingers down to her cunt. God, it was so wet! Julia’s sex juices were flowing like I’d never felt or seen before. What a randy little minx she was. I resumed playing with the toy, this time bringing it to her pubes and then, slowly, to her soaking cunt. I teased it up and down her sex lips before bringing the tip of it to her clit. She gasped with pure pleasure as the tip of the toy caressed her beautiful clit and then I whispered “over to you.”

She took the toy in her hand and began to lightly stroke her cum soaked pussy, groaning softly as she did so. I was so entralled by this sight, my gorgeous girl giving herself such pleasure, that I could not but take my stiffened, soaking cock in my hand and begin to wank. My hand shuttled up and down my cock and such excitement was building that I knew I could cum at any second: with huge self-control I managed to stop and focused on my girl.

Julia was still playing the vibrator up and down her fanny lips then she slowly and delicately inserted the tip into her hole. She moved it in and out, thrusting a little deeper each time and a little faster. I could hear the juicy noises of her cunt as she played the toy, rhythmically, faster and faster inside her soaking cunt. She was making little mewling bursa escort noises, totally unconsciously, as she began to reach what would be a terrific orgasm.

She spread her legs wider and wider and began to lift her hips, still working the vibrator in and out of her fanny and then on to her clit.

Then she came. Her whole body convulsed, she became ecstatic, her legs shaking uncontrollably, her head twisting one way then another, her hips arching and bucking, her voice moaning sounds of unimaginable sexual pleasure. Six times she came and as she cast the toy aside, I witnessed her cunt pulsating with all her sexy girl juices flowing from it.

I gave her some time to thoroughly assimilate and enjoy this wonderful orgasm. Then she asked me what I wanted.

“Wank me,” I pleaded. “let me come all over your tits.”

I straddled her sexy tummy, my cock hard and erect, leaking precum all over her as she took me in her hands. She started slowly, rhythmically stroking my whole cock then concentrating her fingers on my sensitive tip. Faster and faster she wanked me until I could take no more. I was so excited, felt so lustful. Suddenly I came. I exploded huge spurts of cum all over her pretty body; some on her navel, some on her tits, some on her neck and on her chin. I was shaking all over with pure excitement but finally I climbed off her and we fell into each other’s arms for a loving cuddle and kissing session.

Later on Julia went and had another bath and believe or not, whilst she was in the bath, I had another wank such was the excitement of that sex session.

Well, our holidays have been over for two months now but we have had plenty of sex even though we’re back at work. At the moment we are using the toy, as we call it, a lot of the time. We get to a certain stage in our sex play then Julia looks at me with her bright, sparkling, mischievous eyes and asks, “can we use the toy now?” I love it when she says that because it is so exciting to see her use it: in fact we’ve made a very sexy porno film showing her using the toy to make herself cum.

Another thing which excited me was when I had to be away from home one weekend recently. When I came back, she told me that she’d used the toy on the Saturday morning to wank herself off. How lovely. I think it’s great that she’s now got the confidence to use it entirely by herslf.

Of course, we don’t always use the toy: there’s still plenty of regular fucking and oral sex, but it would be true to say that our toy has certainly brought a new, exciting dimension to our wonderful sex life.

Here’s hoping you enjoyed this and maybe next time I’ll tell you about one of Julia’s erotic sex fantasies.

Happy wanking.

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