The Joy of Joy Ch. 04

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Victor stood up.

Joy looked up at him, smiling slightly when she noticed he was obviously staring down her shirt. She said, not to Victor, but out of the corner of her mouth, “We haven’t gotten a check.”

Justin the bartender huffed and all but stomped back to the register to have a conversation with his replacement. He’d apparently managed to forget to ring them up. He folded his buff arms across his chest, looking dramatically irritated and snapping at a visibly annoyed co-worker.

Victor stood and waited while Joy took a final sip from her glass. She finished up and grabbed his shirt, pulling his face down to her.

She said, “When we get back to my place don’t leave until he’s gone.” She tilted her pretty head at Justin, indicating with her eyes.

Victor had a flash that when Joy had suggested this place at work she’d had some kind of plan, or some idea of what was going to happen. He was absolutely dying to know what was really going on, but he decided, with a very great effort, to just not push it.

Then Justin headed back towards them. As he approached, Joy pulled out her card and handed it to him, smiling.

She looked at Victor and said, “I got it.” Victor almost protested, but she cut him off. She said, “You can pick it up next time,” playfully, or maliciously, emphasizing the “next time.”

They were forced to wait a few more minutes while the transaction went through, and while Victor stood Joy carefully reached over, keeping her hand below the bar surface, and felt up his cock. He had to struggle to control himself. Joy laughed and backed off.

Then Justin came back, this time on the customer side of the bar, and roughly declared, “We’re done.” He gracelessly continued, “We can take my wheels.”

Joy popped up, turned, and touched Victor on the arm. She walked to the exit, swaying on purpose, a catwalk sexy stride that made her amazing hips swivel and sway. Her ass sashayed out the door with the two men following behind, mesmerized and desperate.

In the parking lot Joy stopped briefly, looked around, then made a striding beeline for a sports style car parked off to the side. Victor realized she knew which car was Justin’s. Justin ran, skipping weirdly, ahead of Joy, pressing on a key fob; the car beeped and its lights flashed.

“Weird,” Victor thought. He felt a pleasant buzz and was physically fairly calm, except for being extremely aroused. bursa sınırsız escort “Not like him,” he thought, watching Justin the bartender fool with the car doors.

Joy made it to the car and stood by the passenger door, looking at Victor and waiting. She smiled, and Victor had to look her up and down, and had to feel his pounding cock in his trousers. He put his right hand in his pocket to adjust, feeling embarassed again. They were in public, and anyone with half a brain could see what was going on. He shrugged and walked to the car. When he got there Joy opened the door, and when she bent over to get in Victor went out on a limb and palmed her ass through her tight, tight skirt. She giggled and looked back over her shoulder. As she climbed into the tight front seat she accidentally-on-purpose lifted her skirt, and he got a fantastic ogle at her panties. His head did a slight spinning thing, and he had to wait a second, to avoid rubbing his cock inside his underwear.

Joy popped into the front seat, lifting her knees almost to the dashboard and perching on the very edge of the passenger seat. She slapped the seat surface, hard, with a loud ‘smack,’ and laughed out loud. Victor glanced in the back seat; it was full of garment bags and parcel post boxes.

Justin was already behind the wheel starting the engine and putting the car into gear; he had to reach around Joy’s legs to reach the shifter, and when his hand went down and moved Joy pressed her legs together around his forearm. Justin’s face went red; it was noticeable even in the dark parking lot. He made a noise, a rushing breathing sound, and instead of removing his hand from between Joy’s legs he kept it there.

Victor crammed himself into the seat and just barely managed to get the door shut. There was no question of putting on seat belts; that wasn’t possible. As soon as he was in Joy shifted against him, pushing, and he tried to find somewhere to put his shoulders and hands. He watched Justin’s hand move up and turn sideways, feeling Joy’s inner thigh, and remembering exactly what was going to happen, pressed against the gorgeous woman squished against him and put his right arm around her waist. He felt around a little, and cupped her breasts as Justin pressed his hand into her down below.

Joy made a short little squealing gasp, and shivered. She turned her head, grabbed bursa escort bayan Victor’s head, and kissed him on the mouth.

She pulled her lips away and said, “Let’s go. My place.”

Justin waited for what seemed like a full minute, then stepped on the gas without removing his hand from Joy’s crotch. He backed out of the space, and, rummaging crudely between the woman’s legs, shifted and romped on the gas. The three of them, squashed in the front seat of the small sports coupe, shifted and rolled as the car roared out of the lot. Joy shouted out a big, delighted laugh and shoved wildly against the two guys.

Justin sped. He drove way, way too fast. Victor got a little alarmed about their relative lack of safety in the little car, but stopped thinking about it when Joy reached back again and started kissing him on the mouth, rolling her tongue around. He busied his hands again, openly and bluntly reaching for her front and cupping both breasts, playing with her tongue and rubbing against her delectable ass. He felt another hand, and when he looked down he saw he and Justin had brushed fingers; the bartender guy was pawing Joy’s boobs as well.

Victor noted, in between trying not to come in his pants, that Justin didn’t ask for any directions. He had to wonder, despite himself, if these two had gotten it on before. The car turned and roared down a dark two lane straightaway, blasting along in the welter of obsolete roads that made up the ‘burbs.

Very shortly a series of apartment or condo developments rose up from bleak and empty ground, towering alone over blank swamps and fields. Lights blinked and parking lots glowed dumbly in an orange glow.

Joy, pressing against Victor with her body, felt around herself and pulled his chest against her back, turning her head to kiss him while the two men continued pawing her body. Feeling Justin remove his hand from Joy to turn the steering wheel, Victor took the opportunity to lower a hand and deliberately placed his fingers and palm on the crotch of her panties. Joy giggled again, and he could feel soaking wetness on the lacy fabric.

The car shifted abruptly and threw Joy away from Victor, to almost fall into Justin’s lap, head down and ass exposed. Justin reached over and grabbed Joy’s ass, pulling up her skirt and feeling between the rounded cheeks, reaching for her pussy. Joy’s head rolled nilüfer escort around in the driver’s lap, rubbing against his belly and crotch while Victor caught himself and grabbed the woman’s waist. The two men kind of manhandled the beautiful woman half sprawled on the both of them.

Then the car was parking and they had apparently arrived. Joy fought away the hands on her body, sat up as best she could, and reached for Victor’s door. “Let’s get this show inside, boys!” she half shouted, and laughed. She pushed Victor out so hard he almost fell on the pavement.

Then they were all out of the car, Joy was adjusting her clothes so as not to be nearly naked in the parking lot, and she was pulling Victor along towards a brightly lit building with Justin skipping to catch up. She pulled out a plastic card, from the single tiny pocket in her skirt, and ran to the entry door. She let go of Victor and swiped the card. Joy hopped inside without trying to catch the door; Justin was trailing, and Victor, on reflex, held the door for him.

Justin said, obviously reflexively himself, said, “Thanks man,” then openly caught himself. Victor almost burst out laughing, but Joy was hurrying in the inner hallway towards an elevator. The door opened immediately, and they piled in. Joy pushed a button, turned, and pressed herself against Justin, smushing her boobs on his chest and putting her arms around his neck. The doors closed.

Justin and Joy made out in the elevator, pawing each other. Victor found himself standing by himself behind Joy, and realized things could be very awkward very quickly; but Joy pulled her face away from Justin and reached a hand out for Victor, dragging him close and making a sandwich of herself, standing in the elevator.

It was unbelievable. She had an amazing body and was respectively soft and firm in all the right places, and the two men pushed, felt up, pawed and rubbed the woman between them for the couple of floors to Joy’s apartment. She squirmed and pressed and moaned. As the floor indicator dinged she had her legs apart with Justin pressed between them, and Victor’s cock pressing against the fine roundness of her ass. She was breathing hard and moaning softly.

The door opened and she shoved the men away, whipping her hair around for a second. She ran out of the elevator to an apartment entrance and rushed inside, leaving the door open. Justin and Victor followed, getting stuck briefly in the doorway, Three Stooges-like, trying to both shove in at the same time.

Then they were in Joy’s place. She was turning around in the middle of the living room, or front room, kicking off her shoes and spreading her arms out, looking at the two men in her apartment and smiling broadly.

They walked towards Joy.

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