The Key Club Ch. 01

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Author’s note: I’d like to thank my friend and editor, Harvey, for going over this piece.

– – – – –

Chapter 1

“I didn’t know things were that bad.”

I took a sip of my water and used my towel to soak up some of the sweat that was dripping off my body after our intense workout. “It’s not. I’m probably making it sound worse than what it really is.” Sometimes I was prone to exaggeration when I wasn’t in a good mood. “We’re just in a rut, that’s all,” I added.

“And you guys have been married for what … four years?”

“Four years last month.”

My best friend, Jill, thought for a moment. “The same thing happened with Don and me, it’s easy to lose that spark in the bedroom.”

“The kids take up so much of our time.” I looked around the small cafe at our gym and ensured we were alone and couldn’t be overheard. “On most nights, by the time we get the kids into bed we’re too tired to have sex, and when we do muster up the energy it feels like we’re just going through the motions.”

Our daughter, Monique, was 18 months old and our son, David, had just turned three. I hated to admit it, but it was like they sapped every sexual impulse out of our marriage. Regardless, I loved my children dearly, and I knew it was unfair to blame them for our lack-luster sex life.

“What have you tried to put a little spice back into the bedroom, Lisa?” she asked.

Even though we were alone, I leaned in to make sure we wouldn’t be overheard, I guess out of habit. “I thought about buying more lingerie, or maybe even a new sex toy, but I’m not sure that’s enough.”

She went silent and I saw the wheels spinning in her mind. “Maybe I can make a suggestion,” she said hesitantly.

“At this point, I’m open to anything.”

“You have to swear this will stay between us.”

This sounds juicy. “You know you can trust me.”

She smiled. “I know I can.” She thought for a moment. “Have you ever considered opening up your marriage?”

My jaw dropped open in shock. “You mean like … swinging?”


My mind drifted back. “A long time ago … when we first got married, we talked about it, but our lives are so much different now.” I sat in reflection for a moment. “I’m a kindergarten teacher and John just got a promotion at his law firm. We’re professionals, and if something like that got out it would severely damage both of our careers. So I don’t think that’s a viable option.”

“What if no one were to find out about it? Would it be an option then?”

A little smile broke across my face. “Just what are you suggesting here … what are you not telling me?”

“There is a little group in our neighborhood … we call it the Key Club.”

“Ummm … okay …” I waited semi-patiently for her to continue.

“The Millers, the Smiths, The Wilsons, and the Browns …”

“And the Felders?”

She smiled. “Yes, we’re in it too.”

“So basically everyone who was at the Christmas party?”


When we graduated from UNLV four years ago, we moved into the fairly exclusive neighborhood of Lake Las Vegas and I met Jill at the gym in our gated community. She introduced me to all her friends and we were quickly accepted into their little circle. They invited us to dinner parties, pool parties, and Christmas soirées. All the couples also had young children so we celebrated their birthdays together as well. They were couples friends who John and I got along with very well. Up to this point it had all seemed very benign, but obviously, there was another side to this group that we knew nothing about.

“What exactly goes on at these Key Club meetings?” I asked.

“We wives put our car keys into a bowl. Then the guys randomly pull a keyring out of the dish and … well … you know …”

I tried to hide the shocked look on my face as the reality of what she was telling me hit me like a brick to the side of the head. “Sex?”

“Of course, silly.”

It was so much for me to try to take in. Larry Smith was on the school board, Kristin Brown was a neurosurgeon, Andy Wilson was the principal at a very prominent high school in Henderson … they were all power couples in our community … and they were doing this? “Where does this take place?”

“At the Browns’ place,” she said matter-of-factly.

Robert and Kristin Brown had the largest house in our gated community. It was more like a mansion, really. He was an investment banker and she, of course, was a doctor. They had money but were very down to earth; they never acted like they were above anyone else and I got along with her very well.

“I don’t know what to make out of any of this,” I said honestly. “I’m still trying to wrap my mind around everything you’ve been telling me.”

“It’s just something to think about.”

“Would they even … you know … want us there?” I asked incredulously.

“We all want you there … I just never knew how to broach this idea with you.” She paused for a moment. “You and John come across as kaçak iddaa very straight-laced and we didn’t even know if you’d be interested.”

I grinned. “So what you’re saying is we’re two prudes?”

She giggled. “Well … it’s a very … ummm … libertine group. Everyone’s a little different, and that makes for a nice variety of experiences. But none of us want to make you feel uncomfortable. We all enjoy your company and we don’t want anything to change, even if you decide it isn’t right for you.”

My head still felt like it was spinning from all this new-found information. “When do you meet?”

“The first Friday of every month.”

I looked at my watch. Today was the tenth so we had some time. “Can I ask you something?”

“Of course.”

“What’s it like?”

She thought for a moment. “We meet at eight and have drinks, that kind of loosens everyone up. Then, at nine, the guys choose the keys … and we wrap everything up by midnight.”

My eyes got wide. “So everyone splits up?”

“Yes … once the keys are chosen, the couples go into separate rooms and … you know.”

“What happens if a man draws his own wife’s key?”

“He pulls out another key and puts his wife’s key back. If he’s the last one to draw and his wife’s key is the only one remaining, he and his wife swap with the last couple that got paired up for that night.”

It was so much to try to take in and process. “I haven’t been naked in front of another man for so long … I don’t even know what I’d do.”

She grinned. “I think you’d figure it out pretty quickly.”

“And they’d really want us there?”

A stunned look broke across her face. “Of course they would … have you looked in a mirror lately?”

My face broke into a bright, embarrassed ember. I’d worked so hard in the gym to shed the last ten pounds of baby weight and I’d finally gotten back down to my pre-pregnancy goal of 130. I hated that my large breasts had a slight sag and they weren’t quite as perky as they were when I was in college. Unfortunately, breastfeeding two kids had that effect. Nonetheless, I watched what I ate and put in the time on the elliptical machine and free-weights, and it showed.

“All the guys are very interested in you, Lisa and … well, you know … John is pretty easy on the eyes as well.”

That didn’t surprise me. My husband was tall and very handsome. All my friends in college were after him and were very envious when we got together. “I have no idea what John would think of this.”

“Just talk to him and see if he thinks it’s right for your marriage.”

– – – – –

That night, after we’d finally gotten the kids down for the evening, John and I were lying in bed. He was flipping through the channels trying to find something to watch and I was pretending to read a book.

How the hell do I even bring this up? “Can we talk?” I asked hesitantly.

He hit the button on the remote and turned off the TV. “Sure, what’s up?”

I took a deep breath. “Things have been a little … ummm … slow … in the bedroom lately. We need to figure out how to spice things up.”

An embarrassed look broke across his face and he thought for a moment. “I was thinking … maybe … I don’t know … if we watched some porn, would that be a way to add a spark?”

“That might work, I guess.” We’d watched porn quite often when we first got married and it had resulted in some hot sessions. He loved porn, and I knew he viewed it when I was at work so I wasn’t surprised by his idea to recharge our lackluster sex-life.

“Hey, I’m open to any suggestions you have.”

“Any suggestion?”

“Of course. I know we need some fresh ideas here and I’m open to … you know … whatever you think would help.”

“Promise that you’ll keep an open mind … okay?”

“Of course,” he said nonchalantly.

Shit … here goes … I spent the next several minutes telling John about my morning workout with Jill and everything she’d divulged about our seemingly-innocuous group of friends. There was a full minute of silence as he processed my words. The same brick that hit me in the head earlier that day had found its way to him. Finally, he collected his thoughts and spoke.

“This isn’t bullshit, they really do this every month?”

“I’ve known Jill for four years, I know she’s not lying to me.”

“It’s just that it’s very … well … extreme.” He paused for a moment. “My other idea was checking out a strip club … but I was afraid to bring it up because I didn’t want to piss you off … but swinging … you and I actually fucking other people?”

“I’d be open to going to a strip club with you, I guess. I’ve never been to one.”

He laughed. “Forget the strip club, what you’re suggesting is like ten rungs up the ladder from that.”

“I agree with you, it’s extreme.”

“Lisa … honestly … is this something you want?”

I looked him in the eye. “Okay … right here, right now. If we’re going to talk about this and … you know … even consider kaçak bahis it, the first thing that we have to agree on is being totally honest with each other. We have to be able to say anything and not have any hurt feelings over it … can we do that?”

“Yes, we can.”

“Okay, then. I haven’t been able to think about anything else since she told me what they do.” A look of shock broke over his face. “And yes … I think it’s something we need to discuss and consider,” I added.

“That surprises me, I guess.”

“We talked about it right after we got married, you remember that, right?”

“Of course I remember … but we were … we were just kids … it seems like a million years ago.” He reflected for a moment. “We have children, careers, a mortgage.”

“We’re 26 and we already have one foot in the grave?”

He laughed. “I guess sometimes it feels like it.”

“It feels the same way to me too … don’t you want to do something about it?”

“Let’s think this through for a moment. What would happen if we did this and it got out … it would ruin both of our careers.”

“They’ve been doing this right under our noses for the last four years and we had no idea … I’d say that’s the very definition of discreet.”

“True.” There was a full minute of silence as we reflected on each other’s words. “Total honesty, right?”

“Total honesty,” I repeated.

“The thought of you being with another man turns me on; it always has.”

“Does it?”


“I know there’d be a little jealousy, but I can handle it. It would be like a gift we’d be giving to each other,” I said.

“If we are going to consider this … really consider it … then there would have to be some ground rules,” he said.

“Okay … shoot.”

“For starters … nothing can ever happen outside of those Friday nights.”

“I agree … nothing ever on the side, nothing in secret.” I continued, “This is something I could handle, but only if I knew about it in advance. If you were ever with anyone else, John, and I found out about it later, I would be devastated.”

“Exactly. No surprises and no secrets.”

I thought for a moment before adding a rule of my own. “I’d want to hear about it … everything you did, everything she wanted.”


“Yes … like a debrief afterward.”

“That’s kinda … hot.”

“We’d have to be able to communicate about everything that happened when we were apart … again, no secrets.”

“I like that.” I gently rubbed his thigh while we spoke. “We’d need to use this as a tool to strengthen our marriage. This has to enhance our sex lives, not take the place of it,” he added.

I nodded my head in agreement. So many different thoughts and emotions were flooding my brain it was difficult making sense of them all. “Okay … another rule,” I said. “No feelings of any kind. If we did this, it would be sex and only sex; if either of us started to feel anything for someone we were with then it stops, for both of us.”

“Agreed … that goes without saying.”

We both took a moment to reflect on each other’s words. The sexual tension in the air was thick. It was something that had been missing in our bedroom for years and it felt good to have it back. My hand moved from his thigh to his blood-engorged cock and I gently began stroking him.

“Okay … another rule … and this is a big one.” He was taking short little sips of breath as I moved my hand up and down his shaft. “On those Friday nights, for as long as we choose to do this, for those three hours there are no limits and anything goes.” I could barely hear myself talk over his deep, labored breaths while I continued to stroke his cock. “I can’t do this if you make me feel guilty about it later, and for those three hours I’ll give you that same freedom.”

He took me by surprise by rolling over on top of me. As I tried to get my large sleeper T-shirt off, he reached down to my thong and tore it off my body. Once I was naked, we both tugged and pulled at his boxers until we’d removed them and I felt his hard shaft pressing against my thigh. My pussy felt like a warm, wet, humid swamp and I was more than ready for him.

“Put your cock inside me, baby,” I moaned huskily.

He took his penis in his hand and moved it so the head was rubbing up and down against the lips of my vagina. In one long, fluid motion he pushed himself inside me, which simultaneously opened and filled me.

“Do you want other men inside this pussy?” he said as he slowly moved in and out of me.

I ran my long fingernails over his back, scratching him hard. “I want other cocks, baby,” I cooed into his ear. I wrapped my long legs around his torso and pulled him deeper into me until our bodies sensually ground together. “Which woman do you want to fuck first?” I panted. “Whose keys do you want to pull out of that bowl?”

I felt him moving slowly in and out of me. I had to admit, his cock felt strangely different. We’d made love thousands of times, but for illegal bahis whatever reason it felt like we were fucking anew.

“Jill … I want Jill, first.”

I leaned up and bit his shoulder, which caused him to grunt and cry out. “What do you like about her … tell me …” I said huskily.

“I love her dark, brunette hair … and that sexy, tight body … I want to tear her up.”

“She’s so beautiful, isn’t she, baby?” I moaned.

“I’ve wanted her from the second you introduced me.”

He was moving so slowly inside me, teasing me, toying with me … pushing me closer to going over the edge. “I know she wants you too, she wants to find out what your cock feels like.” I reached down and slowly began to rub my clit.

“I see how those men look at you at those parties. They undress you with their eyes; I love all those lustful, desirous stares.”

“You’ve noticed that too, honey?” I moaned.

“I’ve always noticed that,” he said between grunts.

“And you want to share me with them, baby?” I rubbed the hard little nub between my legs, pushing me closer.

“I want to share my sexy, hot wife with them. I want them to know what I have.”

My orgasm hit almost without warning and my body shook uncontrollably. Fortunately, John was able to maintain control and continued to fuck me while I released. When I’d recovered, I looked into his eyes. “Tell me what you want to do with her, John.”

“I want to taste her, I want to know what her fine pussy tastes like.”

He picked up the pace and I squeezed the muscles of my vagina hard around his engorged cock. “She’d be so wet for you, she’d think of you and your cock when she’s with her husband, you know that, right?”

“Oh God, Lisa …. oh, God …”

He re-positioned himself, which changed the angle. His cock perfectly caressed my clit and I started to climb again. “Can you feel her … can you feel her tight little pussy stretched around your cock?”

Just as I felt his semen squirt inside me, my world went dark as another powerful orgasm washed over my body. When I came down from the peak and regained control, John collapsed on top of me and our combined sweat mixed sensually together. He rolled over to my side and I felt his cock lose its rigidity and slip out of me. Our limbs erotically tangled together and we held each other tight.

“We’re really going to do this, aren’t we, Lisa?”

I smiled. “Yes, we are.”

We made love two more times that night, something we hadn’t done since we met in our sophomore year of college. Over the next three weeks we had sex every night and teased each other with our fantasies. We talked about which of our friends we wanted most, whose key we hoped he would pull and who I wanted to pull out my key. There was a renewed sense of passion and invigoration in our marriage that had been absent for so long. We felt like newlyweds again and there were times when we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. I only hoped the reality of our first Friday evening would meet our high expectations.

– – – – –

I checked my look in the mirror one last time and applied a bit more gloss until my lips sparkled. Then, I saw John’s reflection in the mirror as he moved in behind me.

“Do I look okay?” I asked sheepishly.

“You’ll be the hottest woman there.”

I smiled. “I wish.”

He shot me a playful look. “I know.”

My eyes ran up and down my reflection in the mirror. Jill had told me that all the women dressed up for the evening so I’d chosen to wear a tight, black, Bodycon mini-dress. The hem of the little frock rested several inches above my knees and contrasted perfectly with my long blonde flowing hair that I chose to wear down. I matched the dress with a pair of black four-inch ankle-strap pumps. I’d also painted the nails on my fingers and toes a deep blood red to add a small pop of color.

“You clean up really nice yourself, counselor.”

He grinned. “Thank you.”

I’d wanted him to dress up a bit too, so I purchased a pair of tight, black pants, a crisply-pressed white dress shirt, and a matching black evening jacket for him to wear. With the four-inch heels I was nearly at his six-foot, two-inch height, and I had to admit we looked really good together.

I felt him run his hand up the side of my thigh. “Oh, you did decide to wear panties.”

“I wore a thong, honey. I don’t want panty lines and not much else is going to fit under this dress.”

“It’s still hot to fantasize that you’re naked underneath that sexy little dress.” I’d hoped to project a sexy, self-assured confidence; but inside I was a shivering, nervous mess and my husband could very easily see through the shallow façade. “It’s not too late, we can still back out, you know.”

“I’ll be okay once I’m there, around our friends. This is the tough part, the excitement and the anticipation of knowing what’s to come.” True to form, John wasn’t nervous in the slightest, and his confident demeanor helped steady me. “Are you sure the kids will be okay?” I asked.

“Of course they will. I told my mother I’d pick them up first thing in the morning and she was delighted to have some extra time with them.” He grinned. “Last chance to call this off.”

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