The Kirby Vacuum Salesperson

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I often share my experiences of the past with my wife of two years Peggy, and she listens intently, I can tell they turn her on, and more likely as not the stories lead to passionate love making. I never dreamed that my stories would embold Peggy into creating a memory of her own.

It was a hot day in July, just before the 4th, hot enough to fry the proverbial egg, when there was a knock at our front door. A salesman spouting this new revolutionary carpet cleaning business. We heard him out as he professed that he would have our carpeted living room cleaned that very afternoon. Well, the carpet needed a good cleaning so the wife and I agreed. In seconds he had a young woman in our house and low and behold, carrying a Kirby vacuum. He left immediately, not wanting to have to answer any questions.

Lisa thanked us for letting her demonstrate the Kirby and went about setting up her demonstration. While she was doing that I checked her out, she was probably about 19 with long smooth tan legs, smallish breasts unrestrained by a bra, and a cute teenage face with short brown hair. Every time Lisa bent to set up an attachment, her loose fitting tank top allowed just enough of a peek at her perky breasts to make me want to see more. I glanced at my wife, and caught her peeking too. I knew she saw me checking out Lisa’s breasts, but she just smiled a little devilish smile and said nothing.

As Lisa moved through her demonstration, she would show us certain aspects of the equipment, and while doing so give each of us a great shot of hers. At one point while sitting Indian style on the floor, her denim shorts had ridden up and I could see one fat lip of her pussy devoid of hair. At one point in the demonstration, we had to move to the bedroom so Lisa could show us the “black paper test” .

As we moved to the bed, I sat down on one corner, and right on the TV remote control. All of a sudden the porn movie Peggy and I had been watching the night before (we never seem to make it all the way through a movie) came onto the TV at the foot of the bed. It just happened to be probably about the best orgasm scene I’ve ever seen on any porn tape. The girl was screaming her head off and the stud pulled his cock out and sprayed her face, and breasts with a bucket of cum. I moved quickly to find the remote and shut the movie down, but just couldn’t find it under the pile of comforter and sheets.

Lisa’s face turned a bright red, but her eyes were riveted onto the TV. As I looked up, the first thing I noticed was her nipples hard as nails straining for release against her top. Next thing I noticed was her licking çorum escort her lips. Peggy told me in an embarrassed voice, ” find that damned remote!.”.. Lisa said “Oh no, please leave it on, I’ve never seen anything like this before.” Then she sat on the bed forgetting all about her presentation.

The next scene to come on was to big breasted blondes getting it on. As they felt and licked each other, Lisa’s eyes darted from the TV to Peggy, to me, and then back to the TV. We could hear her breathing becoming more and more excited. Lisa tried to concentrate on the TV, but her hand slowly crept to Peg’s thigh, slowly starting to rub the inside. I looked at my wife, and she had a look of shock on her face, I thought she’d stop Lisa immediately, but she smiled at me and leaned back spreading her thighs slightly to give Lisa direct access to anywhere she wanted.

Lisa looked away finally from the TV and directly into Peg’s eyes, “I’m sorry,” she said “I’ve never done anything like this before!” but she kept her hand smoothly sliding over Peg’s thighs. “That’s fine Lisa,” Peggy said “just keep doing what you’re doing.” Lisa smiled and moved her hand further up Peg’s thigh. I was dumbfounded; I couldn’t believe what was happening right in front of my eyes. Peggy and I had talked about women to women sex before, and she didn’t seem to even want to think about it. I finally came to my senses and moved closer to the action. I placed one hand on Peg’s other thigh, and the other on Lisa’s breast rubbing them both simultaneously. Both women caught their breaths and turned to kiss first me then each other.

I moved quickly, reaching up and pulling Peg’s shorts and panties off in one quick movement. She followed my lead and pulled her blouse and sport bra off over her head. I pulled Lisa up and as I unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down, Peggy pulled her tank top off over her head. Peggy gently pushed Lisa down onto the bed with her feet dangling over the side. Peggy moved to kiss Lisa first lightly on the lips an then more and more passionately, all the while rubbing first one then the other breasts, lightly pulling on her nipples. Lisa caressed Peg’s breasts as they kissed. This was just too much for me; my cock was rock hard trying to burst through my underwear and shorts. I quickly jumped off of the bed and ran down stairs to grab my tripod and video camera. I popped a blank tape in and turned it on focusing on the action on the bed. By this time Lisa was sucking on Peg’s breasts and rubbing her hand over Peg’s belly, down over her bald pussy and onto her thighs. Peggy denizli escort was close to cumming from the excitement of the moment and the light touch of Lisa. I quickly stripped off my clothes and started to jump back onto the bed but though better of it. I moved to the floor and started rubbing and kissing Lisa’s thighs. At my first touch she moaned and opened her thighs giving me direct access to her dripping pussy.

Lisa kissed her way down over Peg’s belly and as she did so she scooted herself closer and closer to the edge of the bed. As Lisa took her first lick of Peg’s pussy, I timed my first lick of her pussy to match. Both girls screamed and came at the same time shaking violently. We all paused so they could settle down a bit and then resumed our explorations. Lisa’s dripping teenage pussy was so tasty; I licked and sucked her juices as she did the same to Peggy. Both girls were getting excited again, climbing closer and closer to another orgasm. I listened to their moans using broad strokes with my tongue to drive Lisa wild. She matched what I was doing to her to what she did to Peggy stroke for stroke. As both girls got ready to cum, I sucked hard onto her clit making her go into convulsions, slamming her pussy against my lips, shooting her cum into my mouth.

As the girls calmed down a bit I stood up at the side of the bed. Peggy loves to suck my cock, and when she saw how hard they had made me, she literally dived on it engulfing the whole 8 inches into her mouth and throat. She sucked hungrily, eager for my cum. Realizing that Lisa was sitting there just watching, Peggy pulled off my cock and kissed her, “have you ever sucked cock before?” she asked. “No” Lisa replied, “but it looks so hot!!” Peggy told her to give it a try and Lisa bent forward taking a tentative lick. My cock jumped at this new touch. Lisa quickly sucked my cock down her throat, stopping just at her gag reflex area. It may have been Lisa’s first time, but she took to it like a pro, and in seconds she was sliding my cock all the way down her throat. I kissed Peggy and grabbed Lisa’s head fucking her face faster and faster as my cum moved from my balls. I pulled my cock from Lisa’s mouth just as my first blast flew from my cock bathing her tits in cum. My second shot I pointed at Peg’s tits bathing them too. I would have continued spraying both girls, but my hungry little wife grabbed my cock and swallowed it sucking the rest of my cum from me. I collapsed between the girls.

Peggy, having just a taste of my cum wanted more, so she reached over and rubbed the cum on Lisa’s tits diyarbakır escort into them making sure to smooth gobs of it over her taunt nipples. Then she leaned in and starting licking it off Lisa’s tits leaving the best for last, those hard nipples. As she sucked Lisa’s breasts clean, Lisa rubbed the cum on Peggy into her tits. Once she felt Peggy had cleaned her adequately she pushed Peggy back and reciprocated. Peggy went wild, she had a hunger in her, and there was no stopping her from feeding that hunger. Peggy pushed Lisa down towards her pussy, and I helped Lisa move over me and over Peg’s face. As Peggy lifted her head to lick Lisa’s pussy Lisa got the idea and quickly started licking and sucking Peg’s quivering pussy. I moved off of the bed and grabbed the video camera wanting to get some great close-ups of this hot 69. After a few minutes of this my cock was unbearable hard again, and I needed to relieve it and soon.

I moved around the bed and climbed up onto it joining Peggy in giving Lisa a great tongue bath. I battled Peggy over Lisa’s sweet pussy losing badly, so I moved up and tongued her pretty little pink asshole. Lisa soaked Peggy mouth with a gush of pussy cream when I slid my tongue into her tight little asshole. I moved up and rubbed my cock over her ass and pussy pausing only to allow Peggy to suck the head a little. Lisa lifted her head from Peg’s pussy and said “Oh yeah, take my cherry pussy!!! Fuck me PLEASE!!!!!” I almost came right then but held back as Peggy smiled at me from below Lisa’s pussy. My grin was so wide you could have driven a Mack truck through it as I poised the head of my cock at Lisa’s tight pussy. I pushed the head into her and she screamed with joy. As I pushed further I pushed against her hymen and paused. “this may hurt a little Lisa, but I’ll be gentle.”

“Fuck me please!!!!! Drive your cock into my virgin Pussy!!!! Lisa gasped. With that I drove through, eliciting a small scream from Lisa, then it was nothing by moans as Peggy and I double-teamed her. I knew I couldn’t last too long, her pussy was sooo tight, and from the moans and screams from Lisa, she wasn’t far from having the cum of her young life. Peggy reached up and squeezed my balls and that was all it took, I drove my cock deep into Lisa’s tight pussy and came, my first shot of cum driving Lisa over the edge. Her screams she tried to muffle in Peg’s pussy, but all that did was drive Peggy over the edge and we all came hard.

As we all settled back to earth, Lisa stated that she had to go, her boss would be looking for her. As she dressed, I asked her how many vacuums she had sold in the last month, “one” was her reply, “to my grandmother.”

“Well Lisa, we’re getting ready to move to the beach for the summer and we need a nanny for my four year old son, would you be interested?” Lisa looked at both my and Peg’s smiling faces, kissed us both and said “When do we leave!?!?!?!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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