The Kiss Ch. 05

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Debs awoke to find her lover lying patiently beside her. She gazed into Cindy’s eyes and Cindy smiled showing her fangs, the edges of her mouth flecked with Deborah’s blood. Debs instinctively moved in and kissed Cindy, their tongues played around each other’s mouths and Debs tasted the iron tang of her once human blood.

“How do you feel?” Asked Cindy

Debs paused for a moment “Alive!” she said with a smile.

“Good, now here’s the catch. I was turned by a vampire called Sam and she has control over me. It seems if you want to, you can make anyone you turn into your slave. Now I did not do that with you, we are partners and as tempting as it was to have you as my cute little sex slave I want us to be equals. But I can’t stop Sam. That’s where I need your help.”

“Anything for you darling.”

“Well we can’t stay here, we both have to leave home forever. But I want you to dress up for Sam, deal?”

“Deal.” Debs said with a smile.

Sam sensed Cindy as she entered the tattoo shop. She was wearing her black basque, tight black trousers and black boots with the stiletto heals. She reclined on her chez longue languidly like a sleepy panther.

Cindy first came into the back room, her hair was pulled into pig tails, with jet black lipstick, she had a black satin chocker around her neck, she was wearing a black boob tube sarışın porno that only just held in her small firm breasts and a black mini skirt, protruding from just below the hem line was the top of her black sheen hold ups. Finally she had a pair of black patent stripper shoes she looked like an absolute slut.

Then in walked Debs, she was wearing all white, a tight fitting tennis top, white pleated skirt, white knee high socks and white sports shoes.

“What do you think mistress.” Said Cindy with a smile “The whore and the virgin.”

“Mmm, delicious. You impress me slave.”

Debs and Cindy stood in the middle of the dark room, lit only with red lights awaiting orders from their mistress.

“Amuse me” Sam said simply

Cindy stood behind Debs and started to kiss her neck. Debs instinctively raised her arms up to cradle her lovers head as Cindy nuzzled Deborah’s pale skin.

“Don’t forget, your new powers allow you to go far further than humans can.” Sam added

With that Cindy raised her head back and opened her mouth wide to reveal her sharp pointed teeth and plunged them into Deb’s neck.

“Oh god yes!” exclaimed Debs.

Her blood sprayed over her white top. Suddenly Sam was next to them lapping at Deb’s neck and then hungrily kissed Cindy, smearing the fresh blood over their sert porno mouths. Then she looked Debs in the eyes.

“You taste good! I wonder if all of you is as sweet?”

With that Sam tore Deborah’s top off and sunk her own teeth deep into her left breast.

Deb’s screamed partly in joy and partly in fear.

Sam went back to her sofa.

“Continue.” She said in a matter of fact way “Only the virgin needs to do some work too.”

Debs felt completely liberated. She realised her new powers made her stronger and more confident and she was determined to put on a good show. She pushed Cindy face down to the floor and brought her ass up. She pulled up the little black mini skirt to show that she was wearing only the smallest of black g-strings. She sunk her fangs into one of the tanned pert peaches of Cindy’s ass cheeks. Then wiping the blood from her face slowly licked her fingers. Then she yanked the g string to one side and started kissing and licking Cindy’s anus. Then she pushed one of her fingers into Cindy’s tight little ass, first just the tip and then all the way up to the knuckle.

“Yeeesss!” Cindy said with a sneer.

Sam walked back to them naked now except for her boots. She kneeled down and brought all their faces together and they started to swirl all their tongues together in a three sex hattı porno was French kiss. Saliva mixed with the tang of Cindy’s ass and the aftertaste of blood. Hands fondled breasts, asses and pussies. Breasts touched faces, tits or were grabbed by eager hands. They were a mass of writhing bodies on the floor. Moans, cries and sighs echoed round the room.

Eventually Cindy had her face buried between Sam’s legs and Debs was crouching over Sam’s face having her pussy being well and truly plundered. Sam started climaxing, her tattoos came alive once more throbbing and moving around her skin as if alive.

“Now!” Cried Cindy

Debs reached over to a bag that Sam had failed to spot and Debs pulled out her parent’s best silver edged serving knife.

“Stop I command it!” shrieked Sam eyes wide in fear for the first time in centuries. Debs rammed it deep into Sam’s neck then pulled it out raising the blade all the way above her head before jamming it deep into her heart.

Sam shrieked in pain and anger.

“How?” she managed to say

“Because bitch!” Cindy roared “I don’t need slaves to get pussy!”

With that Debs pulled the knife’s blade free once more and slammed it into Sam’s left eye socket. After a few convulsions Sam lay still.

Debs got off the corpse and walked over to the side board picking up 2 glasses. She then filled them from the still oozing blood pouring out of Sam’s neck.

“To us!” She said

“To us!” Cindy said with a smile and chinked the 2 glasses together.

That night they fed on Sam and felt even more powerful and now they could be together for ever.

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