The Laptop Surprise of My Mom Ch. 06

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Author’s Note: This one’s not going to have quite as much sex as other chapters, but if you like a twist or two, you might like this one. Who would you like to see in the seventh chapter being narrated?


After departing from my mom’s place, I wanted to gauge interest of the three men and whether they’d want to come back. If they did, I had to make sure that I was the ‘middleman’. I’d have a sense of control over the situation and I could try and raise the price. The one major flaw in this plan was the worry that the men could individually or collectively show up directly to my mom’s place, without any notification. Knowing my mom, she’d probably bang them just the same. There’d be no way for me to stop it without the proverbial ‘cat out of the bag’ happening. The end result was that they’d want another round later – no surprise.

After we separated, I went home feeling very drained. I had just shot two much needed loads and it was appropriately directed at the source – my mom! I couldn’t help but hear her mumbles and moans in my head. I hated her for that. Why was she causing me to feel this way? I shouldn’t be fantasizing about my own mom!

After sleeping exceptionally well the night before, I woke up with a text from my mom! However, the message made me realize that she was still texting ‘Jimmy’. She told me that she had a fun night with the group. It nearly froze me when she wanted to know when she was going see ‘me’ again. I had no idea what to say, so I told her that it would be soon. I tried to deflect the conversation elsewhere by asking if she wanted to entertain some more – and, predictably, the slut that she was, she ecstatically agreed. Maybe I’d have her go through a train. I could make even more money. I saw no likelihood that I could ever confront her about what I knew. She’d be horrified and I wouldn’t blame her. She probably wouldn’t speak to me again.

I wanted to think of another way of replicating the scenario like last time, but I’d need to blindfold her again. The chances of her agreeing to do that again were probably high, but there’s a chance that she’d want to have sex without it too. I strongly considered calling those men that I met, Nikko, Mandeep and Jamie, to come over, along with some other random folks.

She, however, interrupted my train of thought. She texted to see if there was anyone coming today or tonight – and I told her I was working on it, which was the truth. I didn’t think that it’d be that much of a rush for me to organize something immediately. I was sure I could get something done within the hour or two.

Unfortunately, she texted that someone from last time was coming over and she was going to let them in! What the fuck? I was afraid of this situation. I gathered my stuff – and her house key that I had properly stored away – and drove over there, as soon as I could. It’d take at least 15 minutes or so. During the drive, I was infuriated at how this was happening. I was going to storm inside that house!

Once I bostancı escort bayan had arrived, I didn’t notice any strange cars parked anywhere – not that it would’ve mattered because those men had come by foot last time, perhaps by bus. I crept around the exterior of the house to peer through the windows. I saw her clothing individually scattered, in a form of a trail. I had to go inside!

I went back to the front door and tried to open it, realizing that it was already open. I snuck in and closed the door as quietly as I could. I followed the trail like a detective. Piece by piece, I saw it lead to the base of the stairs. I walked up the wooden stairs as quietly as possible, but there was no avoiding that creaking. The door to her room was closed, as were all the other doors. I put my ear to her door and heard nothing, which prompted me to open it up. From there, her room was predictably tidy, but no one was there. I saw the door leading to her ensuite bathroom closed. I walked up and tried to listen in – hearing nothing! That’s when I impulsively opened the door, finding my mom wrapped up with a towel around her midsection. She was not expecting me, apparently!

When it came time for me to answer why I was here, I couldn’t come up with any response. I was distracted at the fact that she was staring at me and that she was naked underneath. But, the surprise was that she wasn’t really surprised that I was here! In fact, she had planned my arrival! She told me that she wanted to talk, since she knew that I had figured her out, but she wasn’t mad at all. She told me that she loved me! She suggested that we’d talk in the bedroom. I didn’t know what to think! My emotions were like mixed salad. Well, at least, she wasn’t mad at me for setting her up!

I made room for her to walk out with the white towel on her. She took a spot on the bed, even suggesting that I could sit beside her, but I just remained standing. That prompted her to ask if I was mad at her. I told her how I was feeling, that I was a little upset at her, which she seemed to expect. I had some questions for her, like why she was fucking around!

She gave me a fairly shortly explanation regarding my dad, which I already knew. I was on her side. She told me that there was something else that I didn’t know about – my dad had told her to go sleep around, but that was a poor excuse to go out and degrade herself. She agreed, though she said that she had tried everything to get my dad to change. I believed that. He was always so stubborn, but I was still upset. I asked why she had to fall in love with Jimmy. He was just using her for sex and she was just a slut in his films!

I was about to go on a tirade until she softly whispered that I was right. She admitted that she was ‘his’ slut, but that Jimmy had changed her that she couldn’t stop thinking about sex. She started to cry. She never wanted me to find out like this. She was ashamed to see me and that she had failed as a mother.

I softened up. ümraniye escort I told her that I loved her. Although I was mad at her, I didn’t want her to think that I was going to ditch her. She was all I had for family – plus it didn’t hurt that I was currently the sole recipient of the inheritance when she dies. But I wasn’t that I was after her money though; I wasn’t that ugly of a person. I wanted to take care of her, like she had taken care of me.

I hugged her – and she returned the hug. I was so thankful for this moment, regardless of how long that it was going to last. It was inevitable that we had questions for each other that could’ve very well destroyed our relationship, yet, that wasn’t what happened! For example, she asked me to reveal how I felt about her, with the emphasis on honesty. I told her that she made me horny. She pulled away to look at me, but it wasn’t out of disgust. In fact, she took off her towel, allowing her pierced melon-shaped breasts to be put out on display! I was shocked, but more so that she told me to touch her pussy!

I went for it and she even spread herself apart. I felt the wetness and I commented to her on that! It turned out that she had been wet over the idea that I was going to do something with her! That was something that I would’ve wanted to hear, but I still couldn’t believe it! It was completely real though.

I started getting my cock out, but she told me to take the rest of my clothing off instead. After I did that, she took control. She stroked me, asking if it felt good, which it did! My mom was making me hornier and hornier! She continued by sucking me too! Oh my god! It was so good!

Next, she wanted me to put it inside her wet, waiting pussy. The moment that I slid it inside, I looked deeply into her warm, sultry eyes. She was so excited about feeling me! I fucked her as hard as I could. The tightness and wetness made me cum right away though. After I came inside her, I pulled away and she dutifully cleaned me up with her mouth. But it didn’t end there.

She didn’t let me go limp. She sucked me off while making noises as she played with herself. Despite cumming like that, she prepared me for more! As a result, it brought out the more direct side of me. I demanded to fuck her doggy-style. Once she had complied, I easily squeezed through her! During this time, we talked as I took a slower pace than before. I asked about the significance of her tattoo, since it was right in front of me. After I heard that it made her happy, I approved of it. I really did. Besides, the art was superbly done so that it didn’t look trashy. Mom was a free woman to make her own choices.

When I decided to fuck her harder, I heard her panting and moaning so much that I wanted to cum again! Only, this time, I wasn’t allowed to do so. She said that I’d need to wait until she came! I secretly loved how I was being forced to wait.

She decided to ride me this time. This position allowed me to control my urges a bit better, but it was escort kartal still hard to resist. Yet, I did the best I could to hold it off until she came and she did! I felt her pulsing muscles on me, but I was about to cum too! I shot my much anticipated load inside! It was amazing, to say the least, which was topped off by a make-out session.

We took a hot shower together, where we kissed some more. Her hands were still on my cock and I became hard once again! Once more, she blew me, but not before giving me the sexiest look that I had ever seen from her! As she was taught well by Jimmy, her tongue worked her magic on me. She worshipped my balls too, which felt heavenly. At that point, I wasn’t mad at Jimmy! Though it took me a longer time to cum, the third time seemed to feel better than the second time! It was brought out by her hands, letting me shroud her cute face and beautiful breasts with them. After that, we washed each other’s stickiness off and exited together.

I watched her as she dried herself with the towel. Her hair was wet and her make-up was all but washed off. She was still the prettiest woman to me.

“Mom, you’re so beautiful. I love you so much.”

She looked at me with a modest grin, “I love you too. I’m glad we…got through to each other. You won’t be lying to me again, right?”

I shook my head.

“Good. I’m going to need you to reverse what you did to my phone and computer.”

“I already fixed your computer though. I’ll just do the phone now. Are you really going to be seeing Jimmy again?”

“Yes. Why not?”

I stuttered, “Well…”


“…how do we explain what we have here?”

“What do you mean?”

I was annoyed at how she was questioning me. It was like she was acting stupid. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to risk anything by asking a question that I didn’t want the answer to, so I had to divert the conversation into a safer direction.

“…Can we do this again later?”

“Yeah…of course.”

I nodded, as I fidgeted with her phone, restoring it to when it was before. I put my number back in as well.

“Listen, I want you to promise me something.”

I looked at her as she was getting dressed.

“Please promise me that you won’t spy on me again. I need to know if I can trust you again, okay?”

“I promise, ma.” I wasn’t even sure if I could keep this promise.

She added, “I know it’s a lot to ask of you, but I want you to try and keep that. It’s very important. It’s also not the healthiest thing to follow me around. You have a girlfriend, don’t you?”

“No, ma. I don’t know how I could get into a relationship. I’m too shy.”

“Well, you’re going to need to try. If I could do it, so can you. Besides, you’re a handsome, sweet man. You just need some confidence, that’s all.”

I felt like she was pushing me away at this point. It was just then that her phone rang. I threw it to her like it was a bomb. I left the room to give her privacy. It seemed that I had to go now anyway, so I went back in and waved at her. She did so too, but she was obviously involved with her call. I wondered who it was. I walked out of her house feeling very uncertain about myself and her. I knew I should’ve kept my mouth shut.


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