The Laptop Surprise of My Mom Ch. 09

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Author’s Notes: I’m sorry I’ve been so slow to write. Life’s had its ups and downs, but I’m totally okay. Please let me know what you think of the story and maybe I’ll try to include suggestions in Ch. 10. I’m thinking this should be the last chapter, but who knows?


Mom’s Perspective

It wasn’t my intention to have an on-going incestuous relationship with my son, Terrence. Our first time was meant to be a one-off thing, but I’d underestimated how we were going to behave afterward. Between seeing him and Jimmy, I was conflicted for the first time in recent memory. However, I couldn’t deny my son’s urges.

Because of my performances on screen, my videos were usually the best sellers and that meant more projects and higher pay. It was inevitable that some people including family and friends would awkwardly approach me about it. As for my husband, he was furious. He naturally asked for a divorce, but had the audacity to ask for half of my assets! Long story short, the judge disagreed that he was entitled to anything.

To celebrate my divorce, Jimmy and a few of his buddies threw a party for me, where I was invited to try some drugs with them for the first time. Drugs weren’t foreign to me, as I’d seen them used pretty much all the time. Yet they weren’t something I believed I’d ever try. In light of the positive vibes at the party and having everyone tell me that the drugs were going to make the sex ‘unforgettable’, I relented.

The euphoric effects were utterly astounding. My perceptions to sights and sounds were unbelievably amplified, along with my horniness! Simply being embraced by the men was like being in a sauna! I don’t know what I’d been missing.

“Ha! You’re trippin’ hard! Wait till you taste these!”

All of a sudden, I was transformed into a cheap whore. I was so dizzy from blowing everyone that I nearly forgot where I was. As I was lined up over a bench, my whole world was flipped upside down as my pussy welcomed a sizzling hot cock! My night of debauchery had begun.

“Oh fuck!” I roared.

He used his tool like a jackhammer; I almost couldn’t hold my stance! When his cock left me, my rapture was at its peak!

“Give me your fucking cocks, guys, right now! Don’t ever stop!”

They roughed me up in all sorts of ways, though I couldn’t recall half the things we did, nor the number of times I orgasmed! One thing I remembered was how much tolerance I had to pain while being double or triple penetrated. By the end of the night, I was a wreck! There wasn’t a part of me that regretted how loose my morals were in comparison to my orifices!

From this experience, I pitched the idea to the studio about doing a glory-hole scene which would enable my son to discreetly participate! Moreover, I could gain access to more dicks! They were so impressed with my proposal that I was given some leeway for how the scene would play out. What I did with that power was to choose who to add in there. I forgot about coordinating a signal for identifying each other until it was too late.

The director was a well-established female pornstar who had done plenty of glory-hole stuff herself. The proposed number of male escort reklamları participants was thirty, although I was only supposed to fuck about half of that number, spread out over the course of several days! What’s usually forgotten by viewers is that all films are edited to make it look like they are done in one full day. I really did wonder what my endurance was like using the drugs.

On the first day of the shoot, I wore an elegant black lace business dress with matching heels. Each step inside the decrepit adult book store produced an unavoidable clack. In the room we were supposed to go into, there were holes on the walls around us. A TV with its volume up showed a white woman being fucked by a stereotypically massive black dick in a glory-hole!

The potent stimulants took ahold of me because I wrestled with my clothes to masturbate. The sights and sounds of the movie was practically killing me. When Jimmy appeared, he aimed his fingers at my clit as he smooched my cheek. It was torture! Eventually, he turned off the TV and took his seat off-screen, where he’d narrate or dictate orders to me during filming. My chance to have lots of sex was coming!

As per the script, I introduced myself to the camera. A series of invasive questions were asked, including my marital status and the number of kids I had, both of which I had to answer truthfully. My guess was that the details would prime the viewers and participants. After that, he briefed me on the ins and outs of the glory-hole, making it look like I was learning on the job. The scene ended with me doing a twirl to show off my dress and heels before they were taken off.

The moment that my barefoot touched the cold, grimy floor, I shivered. The texture of it bothered me a lot. But when the buzzing vibrator came into view, I was fixated on it!

“You wanna get warmed up with this?”

I snatched it from him to relieve my wet clit! The flashing cameras captured all my gratified reactions, especially the powerful orgasm which disassociated me from reality! I couldn’t help myself from grinning afterwards.

“You’ve been waiting a long time for a cock, haven’t you? Go see if that guy over there will help you.”

I crouched in front of the hole and put my fingers in, beaming from ear to ear. I knew from looking at the script that a big black dick would appear. I pretended not to expect it.

“Holy fuck he’s huge!”

The sight and smell of it drove me insane. I gave him head like my life depended on it, while I masturbated feverishly. I would’ve forgotten where I was if the cameras weren’t so bright and loud. Once I received the signal to advance the scene, I promptly took him raw! It was beyond incredible!

“Ah fuck yes! Fuck my fucking pussy with your big fucking black cock!” I ad-libbed exuberantly.

The creaking sounds of the drywall contended with my noisy panting. I wished I could’ve pounded him for hours, but soon I heard him knocking rapidly on the wall.

“Take him with your mouth, baby! Go!” Jimmy yelled.

It took a lot of will power for me to get off the guy and smoke his twitching rod. As he groaned, gaziantep escort reklamları I smirked so much that I was barely able to contain his hot and salty volume! Once he was done, I proudly showed off to Jimmy what I had.

“What do ya have there?”

“Cum…a lot of it!” I drawled.

“Alright, send it all down!”

One big gulp and it was chuted down. I wagged my tongue around as proof.

“Good girl…now choose another hole!”

I picked the hole behind me and it offered me a fat white phallus. My cunt twitched with impatience as I used my hands and mouth to familiarize myself with its contours. Once all the photos were done, I was given a rubber.

“Let’s see you put it on using just your mouth!” Jimmy challenged.

In spite of this not being in the script, I attempted the challenge anyway. Each failure frustrated my overbearing cunt to the point that, on my last failure, I ultimately decided to cheat using my hands!

“I’ll promise to work on this later. I can’t keep him waiting though.” I cheekily winked.

Truthfully I was the one who couldn’t wait. My hips banged away at him for, at most, two minutes until he knocked on the wall too!

“Nooo…just a little longer…just a little more!”

He ignored me by going ahead with his orgasm. I saved the scene by faking like I had mine! He had some nerve to tell me what to do afterward!

“Eat it all, baby. Don’t miss a drop!”

I spun and took the rubber off quietly. I flashbacked to the night at the hotel where I ate cum in this exact manner. This time, hundreds, if not thousands of people, were about to witness me do this!

“Okay, here it goes!” I giggled.

I threw my head back, squished the goo out, and held my mouth open to show how much there was. I swallowed that too.

“All gone!” I grinned.

“Well done. How do you feel about having two dicks right now?”

“Yes please…I’ll show you what I can do with them!”

A pair of erect white cocks popped out from opposite ends of the walls. I was extremely happy to see them. After posing with them for a few photos, I fucked them one after the other in short order. They used multiple condoms because both rear holes were used. I didn’t care so much where they took me, so long as I had a dick in me. Finally, they’d finish without rubbers so the cream-pies would appear in each spot, as planned!

“Those were from total strangers!” Jimmy pointed out incredulously.

“What can I say? I was born to do this!” I happily bragged. “Who else wants me to empty their ballsacks?”

I went through a streak of men, but I didn’t keep track, nor did I care about the number. All I knew was that I was drenched with jizz, inside and out! I probably would’ve stayed in that room indefinitely if it wasn’t for the crew ending the shoots for breaks.

I regularly wiped my face of cum, while noticing more and more used condoms being disposed. Puddles were everywhere because cum was constantly trickling out of me. After every break, I re-dosed to extend my highs.

Finally, the crew called it a day. According to them, I’d gaziantep escort bayan reklamları fucked twelve guys! They applauded me for the performance during a gathering outside the room! I noticed Terrence in the crowd.

“Fuck yeah, you’re a nasty bitch! Show us your holes!” someone demanded.

I bent over sheepishly. Hearing them talk about me degradingly in front of my son was awkward. Worst of all, I didn’t have any option but to acknowledge them! When they requested a group photo with me, I watched Terrence leave.

That night, we had a talk which didn’t go well. He was disgusted with the exploitative nature of the industry, and wanted me out. He also insulted me and the relationship I had with Jimmy! I was so upset that I called him a “jealous cuck”, which made him storm out!

I never thought I’d insult my own son like that, but he had gone too far. When Jimmy called, I divulged how my son was no longer supportive of me doing porn. We ended up discussing the issue at his place, minus the fact that he had been a participant earlier.

“I don’t know what to do anymore. He’s the only family I got!” I wailed.

“Hmm. In this line of work, I’ve seen this happen a lot and it is no doubt painful, for everyone involved.” he consoled. “Maybe I should take you off from being considered in the next gang-bang.”

“Huh? I’m going to be in a gang-bang?”

“Oops, I shouldn’t have said that. I’m not going to say anymore.”

It was too late. He’d piqued my curiosity.

“Nooo, tell me!”

“Look, you can do another one later. At this point, I’m not even sure you can finish your current project adequately.”

I stood up, “I can!”

“How? Prove it.”

“What do you want me to do? I’ll do it.”

He hesitated, “Okay…since there’s eighteen guys left, you think you can take them on in one day? That’ll surely put you above the competition in the audition process.”

“Shit, eighteen?!” I gasped. “How many are in the gang-bang?”

“About twenty, so if you can do do eighteen, you’ll likely be a shoe-in for the job. I’ll make sure of it.”

“Fine, I’ll do it.”

“Are you sure? There’s really no pressure for you to do it.”

“No, I’ll prove myself. Give me more of those pills and I’ll be golden!”

Prior to Day 2, Jimmy conveniently notified the studio about my intent to clear the remaining eighteen guys. Once that was approved, I prepared myself for a long day.

I took pairs of cocks as usual for a little while, until the format was changed. I wasn’t even aware of the change beforehand. In the new format, guys would actually enter the room to fuck me, and I didn’t complain! It permitted us to engage in different positions. Yet at some point, we’d go back to using glory-holes.

I took on all comers, practically non-stop, except during breaks. Once again, cum was all over me, but I think I let more people bareback me this time than the last time! A couple of times, Jimmy jeered me for all the spillage on the floor. The solution for both those instances was to take another cock!

After about six hours, we completed the film, barring any re-shoots. I may have felt like I was done with sex for the time being, but I felt a great sense of accomplishment for reaching my goal, like I said I would.

As promised, Jimmy was able to secure my role in the upcoming gang-bang. The filming for that was not going to begin until three months later. This enabled me to rest and recover. However, the drugs were not something I could put down…

To Be Continued…

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