The Lingerie Club Ch. 02

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Thursday, August 24, 2000, 7:00 PM.

The temperature stopped rising as the sun finally headed toward the west on another 100-degree day. Penny had fixed a light meal since it was still so hot. Then she showered and for her dinner attire put on the teal-blue teddy outfit that she had received that morning and waited for Mark, her husband, to get home.

Mark undressed as soon as he got home and comment on how good dinner was as they ate. Penny was very apprehensive through out dinner and their conversations were mostly about Mark’s day and how hot the weather was. She was looking for the right moment to tell Mark about her morning. He has always fantasized about it, she thought, but will he be okay if he finds out I actually did it?

After dinner, they moved to the living room where the fan at least moved the air even though it couldn’t cool the air. They were sitting down on the sofa when Mark realized that he had not seen her in that lingerie before.

“Is that outfit new?” He asked and he adding, “It looks great on you.”

“Mark,” she said, knowing that this was the ‘moment’. “I have something to tell you.”

“What is it? Are you leaving me for another man?” joked Mark as he usually did.

“No!” replied Penny, “But I did have an encounter today that might interest you.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Mark with a much more serious tone.

“Well, last night you were talking about your fantasy of seeing me with another female…” Penny started tentatively.

“Yes, I remember,” he stated. “I talk about it all the time.”

“Well, I went to the mall today to enjoy the air conditioning, and was looking at lingerie,” she continued. “The manager was helping me try on a few outfits and things got a little carried away.”

“Carried away?” Mark asked curiously, “How carried away?”

“Well … a lot carried away.” She sheepishly said.

“You mean you actually had sex with another woman?!?” asked Mark smiling with excitement.

“Well, yes … ” she continued slowly, “There were actually four of us.”

“What?” Mark questioned as his eyes became as big as saucers. “I want to hear all about this,” said Mark as he adjusted himself on the couch to allow room for his already growing cock.

So, Penny started telling Mark the story from the time she got to the mall, but she never used Katie’s name, or point out that it was their neighbor. Early in the telling of the story, she saw his cock growing hard. This is a good sign, she thought, at least he is turned on. She reached for his cock and began slowly stroking him as she continued the story.

Penny got to the part of the story when Katie was working on her … “She was sucking on my excited clit and fingering herself under her skirt. I felt like I was floating between the girls as they sucked and licked my breasts. Pleasure sensors all over my body were on overload.” Penny told him. “And then it happened, my orgasm started and I grabbed the manager’s head and pulled her tightly to my pussy. I trembled all over as I came for her.”

As Penny got to that point, she felt Mark’s cock starting to twitch in her hand. Mark’s head dropped back against the couch as he tightened his body. She looked down at his cock as she stroked faster and faster. His purple cock head swelled as he held back. Then she tightened her grip and pushed him over the edge. She watched as string after string after string of white cream shot from his cock and landed on the floor, the sofa and their legs. The last of his cream oozed out over his head and now coated her hand and his shaft.

Mark’s cock had only softened a little and Penny continued to play with his member as she continued the story. She saw the excitement in is face as she told him how she watched the two girls sixty-nine-ing. She told him about her first taste of another woman’s pussy and how sweet it was. By the time she got to the end of the story and Mark’s cock was again hardening.

“And the manager, gave me this outfit when we had gotten dressed again.” She told him.

“I like the outfit,” Mark said, “And the story. I only wish I had been there to watch!”

“Well, I’m glad you are not upset with me…” she started.

“Upset?” he said surprised, “No, it’s fine .. No, it’s great. I have always fantasized about you and another woman. I just would love to watch sometime.”

“There’s one more thing,” Penny said softly.

“Yes?” asked Mark quizzically, wondering what else could she possible tell him.

“They want me to join their club,” confessed Penny. “And I’ll have to buy lingerie each time we meet.”

“Well, I’ll be damned,” said Mark, knowing that she enjoyed it. “If you want to it is fine with me. BUT … I want you to wear each outfit as you tell me all about it, giving me all the details. And one other thing …” he said. “I still want to watch you with another woman.”

“I’ll see what I can do about making that happen for you.” promised Penny and she smiled at him naughtily. “Do you want to help me out of this outfit?”

Mark escort bursa stood up, his cock pointing at the ceiling, and extended his had to Penny. Penny took his hand and her helped her to her feet. He wrapped his arms around her ad pulled her close to him. His cock pushed against the lace of her new teddy as he leaned in to kiss her. Their tongues danced together as they embraced.

Mark released Penny and began to remove her teddy. He trailed kisses down her neck and shoulders. Penny’s heart was racing. Mark cupped each of her 38DD globes and covered them with soft kisses. Her breathing quickened as he kissed and licked his way down her soft sensitive tummy. The scent of her excited pussy reached his nose by the time he got to her belly button.

Mark knelt in front of Penny and slid the teddy down to her ankles and she stepped out of it and spread her legs for him. His kisses now reached her clit and he flicked his tongue over it causing her to moan. He lowered her back to the couch exposing her pussy lips to his tongue. Penny was already soaked from recounting her experience for him. Feeling his tongue moving over her had her ready to go. He sucked her clit in as he easily slid two fingers into her pussy.

Mark pumped his fingers in and out of her and Penny could no longer hold back. Her orgasm washed over her like a flood and she bucked wildly as Mark remained secured to her pussy. Mark felt her juices squirting out from her as she came. The sweet nectar escaping her covered his chin and ran down his neck.

After several waves of orgasms passed through her, Penny’s moaning slowed and she started to relax. Mark was still on his knees as pulled Penny forward and off the couch and onto his legs. His cock was still standing as he positioned its head at the entrance to her love hole. Then grabbing her hips, he pulled her onto his shaft in one quick, hard motion.

Mark’s cock slid effortlessly into the depths of the pre-creamed pussy of his wife. Penny groaned with pleasure at the feeling of his cock buried inside her. Even though she had several orgasms today, she still loved to feel his cock inside her.

Penny placed her feet on the floor at either side of his legs and began riding his shaft. Her tits bounced up and down in Mark’s face as she humped him. Their sweat ran down their naked bodies and pooled between them as the fucked.

Penny pulled Mark to her, and tightened all over. Her teeth sunk into his shoulder as she shook with another orgasm. Mark’s face was buried between her breasts and his cock began to swell and twitch inside her. The walls of her pussy tightened and loosed around him as her orgasm continued. He could hold back no longer and sucked in what air he could from between her tits. Then he gave in and let go. He shot every bit of his load deep into her. Shot after shot pulsed deep into her filling her with his love.

They collapsed onto the floor with his now softening cock still in her pussy. Mark brushed Penny’s hair from her face and kissed her again. They stayed on the floor for a few moments, lost in the embrace, loving each other as strongly as ever.

The clock chimed 9:00 disturbing their moment. So they went in and took a cooling shower and like the night before, they headed out onto the back porch naked. They hoped to enjoy whatever cool breeze would come their way as they sat in the darkness.

“So, your okay with me being in the lingerie club then?” asked Penny knowingly.

“Yes,” Mark answered. “As long as we keep having fun like this afterwards!”

Penny reached over and gave his cock and balls a quick squeezed. “You know how much I need these!” She said.

They sat in silence a little while as the air moved around them. Each of them lost in the thoughts of what had happened that day.

“Wait a minute!” yelled Mark suddenly.

“SHHHH!” replied Penny, “What?”

“Katie is the manager of that store!” He said much quieter, as he pointed to the neighbor’s house.

“Yes,” agreed Penny, wondering what took him so long.

“Ya’ mean you and Katie …” Mark stopped as Penny hit him on the arm.

“Just relax,” she said, “Yes, Katie and me. Now you have to behave if I’m going to get her to let you watch.”

“Oh, I will!” exclaimed Mark. “I will.”

Friday, August 25, 2000, 7:00 AM. “Knock, knock.” Penny heard as she looked up from her iced coffee to see Katie at the back door.

“Come on in,” answered Katie as she realized that her neighbor caught her naked again. “Can I offer you some coffee?”

“Sure, black would be fine,” she answered. Penny grabbed a cup from the cabinet, poured the coffee and placed it on the table offering Katie a seat.

“I just wanted to check on you after yesterday,” said Katie. “Are you okay with all that happened? How do you feel today?”

“Yes, I’m good,” Replied Penny. “I was just thinking about how much I enjoyed yesterday. Mark enjoyed it too.”

“Oh? What do you mean?” questioned Katie.

“Last night I told him all about bursa yabancı escort what happened,” started Penny. “He shot a huge load while I told him the story and then after he ate me, we made love on the living room floor.”

“Sounds like Mark wasn’t upset about it then,” stated Katie looking for confirmation.

“No, he was great about it,” Answered Penny, “Except for one thing …”

“Let me guess,” interrupted Katie. “He wanted to watch, right?”

“Exactly, how did you know? Asked Penny a little surprised.

“All men want to watch two females,” Katie said with a smile. “All our husbands have wanted to watch.”

“Really?!?” asked Penny even more surprised. “And have they watched?”

“Every year we have a Christmas Party,” began Katie. “We put on lingerie show of all the outfits we had bought for all the husbands to see. Then two or three of the ladies take center stage and put on a real show for the guys. That usually gets them all horned up and it ends up with threesomes and foursomes all around.”

“Wow, that sound like a lot of fun,” said Penny. “But, I don’t think Mark will want to wait until December.”

“Well, maybe something could be arranged for a new member,” answered Katie as she winked at Penny. “Are you going to join our little club?”

“Yes, I think I am,” replied Penny. “Mark just loved hearing the story of what happened.”

“If enjoyed the story, wait until he gets to watch!” exclaimed Katie. “He’ll go nuts! Do you guys have any plans for Sunday?”

“No, we are free this Sunday,” Penny said looking at the blank calendar on the wall behind Katie. “What do you have in mind?”

“We will invite you over for dinner and fun,” answered Katie. “I’ll get with you later for the details, but I got to get to work.”

Katie and Penny both got up from the table and walked toward the door. Katie gave Penny a hug and Penny then replied with one.

“You’d better get dressed if the air conditioning guy is coming soon,” Katie said as she headed out the door.

Sunday, August 27, 2000, 4:00 PM. Mark and Penny headed next door. The sky was clear and fresh after a day of thunderstorms on Saturday. The temperature had dropped to the eighties and the humidity left with the storms. Mark wore navy blue shorts and a polo shirt. Penny wore a yellow miniskirt and a lace trimmed tank top over a matching set of lace bra and panties.

John, Katie’s Husband, was on the deck by the grill. He wore a pair of khaki shorts and t-shirt. Penny noticed that his hairy blonde legs were very tan. John turned around to greet them as the got t the steps leading up the deck.

“Welcome neighbors,” said John. “Come on up.”

John extended his hand to shake Mark’s and then gave Penny a quick hug. They exchanged pleasantries and John was checking on the steaks. Penny excused her self from the guys and headed in to find Katie. The guys continued to talk about their jobs, sports and the weather as dinner cooked.

Inside, Penny found Katie preparing the salad. Katie’s hot pink shorts covered less of her ass than Penny’s miniskirt did and Penny caught herself enjoying the view. Katie turned to give Penny a hug. Penny immediately noticed that Katie was not wearing a bra under her tank top. Her well-defined nipples and areola made an obvious impression on the thin material of the tank.

“Cute outfit!” said Penny as the embraced.

“Thank you,” replied Katie. “Yours is cute too.”

The girls finished setting the table and then carried out drinks to the guys. Katie gave Mark a hug and then turning to her husband asked, “How much longer, Chef?”

“Just a few minutes and they will be perfect,” replied John.

“Okay, then I’ll get the rolls out of the oven and we will be ready too,” answered Katie. Katie kissed her husband and grabbed his ass before she and Penny headed back in.

Soon they were all seated around the table enjoying the well-prepared meal. The conversations around the table were all light, dealing mostly with the neighborhood news and weather. John caught Mark staring at Katie’s tits a few times, but just smiled.

As they finished eating, John looked over at Penny and said, “I understand that you joined Katie’s Club.”

Penny reddened a little with embarrassment at the abrupt change to the subject matter and it focusing on her. “Yes,” she finally answered softly.

John then said, “I think an after-dinner lingerie show would be nice. Don’t you, Mark?”

Mark looked at Penny, then Katie and then back to John. “Sure, that sound like a great idea,” he replied.

Katie took Penny by the hand, “I have lots of outfits we can model for them,” she said leading her towards the bedroom.

John refreshed the drinks and led Mark into the living room. He turned on some soft jazz and as they sat on the couch John said, “This should be a real treat. Two beautiful ladies modeling lingerie in a private show for us.”

“I agree,” replied Mark feeling his cock beginning to stir with bursa escort anticipation.

Penny and Katie stood naked next to each other as they sorted through the outfits on the bed. Penny, for the first time, got to really look at Katie. Katie at 28 years old has a 36C-26-36 figure and her light auburn hair matched her neatly trimmed triangle bush. Her perky tits were accented with dark, well-defined areolas and nipples that stood out about 3/4 of an inch.

Having finished wrestling the outfits, Katie said, “That should give them a good show. Each time we change the outfit will get more revealing.”

“Sounds like a good plan,” replied Penny as they put on their first outfits.

“Normally we have nylons and high heels, and a lot of outfits,” confessed Katie, “But I don’t think these guys will last that long tonight.”

“Probably not,” agreed Penny.

“As far as ‘playing’, just follow my lead,” Katie said with a wink. “Mark will get to see you fulfill his fantasy tonight.”

The first outfits were very long and flowing, not see through, and had lots of accents. The girls heading into the living room and the guys gave them their full attention as the modeled the outfits. They walked back and forth between the guys letting them both get good looks as the passed. On the last pass as they got to the middle Katie pulled Penny to her. The girls embraced for a few moments before they headed back to the bedroom for outfit number two.

Soon the girls were reentering the living room. This outfit was a full teddy that revealed more cleavage and leg than the first outfit. Both John and Mark had to adjust their short during the modeling sequence the girls where going through. This time on the last pass, as they embraced again, Katie gave Penny a quick kiss on the lips.

The girls kept repeating the process as the outfits got less and less. The kisses became more intimate and longer at the end of each new outfit. Penny and Katie were getting into their show and did more to tease the guys as the worked the floor. Mark and John were sporting tents in their shorts after the fourth outfit.

“Your wife has great tits, Mark,” said John as the girls were changing into their last outfit.

“Thanks,” Mark said, not knowing what else to say. “You wife has nice tits too!”

The girls came out in the last of their outfits for the evening. They wore matching white sheer bra and panty sets. They almost looked nude as the walked toward their husband. Mark and John gave a strip club whistle as they watch them approach.

After a few passes in front of the men each girl went to her husband and ground their asses on the guys laps (and hard cocks). Then as if on cue, they both hopped up and walked across again. This time the repeated the lap dance on the opposite man. After teasing them for a few more minutes, the girls meet in the middle of the room.

Katie turned Penny’s back to the guys, reached behind her and undid the bra. She pulled the shoulder straps off of Penny’s shoulders and they let it fall to the floor between them. Then Katie bent down, sliding Penny’s panties to her ankle and allowed her to step out of them. The hugged together and turned Katie’s back to the guys. This time they stayed tightly together as the removed Katie’s bra. Then Katie pushed the panties down with her hands, and Penny used her foot to get them to the floor.

Now they stood completely naked and huddled together. Katie and Penny kissed again, their tongues intertwined as they played in each other’s mouth. Mark and John were totally silent And their mouths hung open as they watched the naked women kissing.

The girls separated and exposed their nakedness to the widened eyes of their husbands. Then they followed the modeling routine they had developed, passing by the guys and letting them get a complete look. When they made their last pass they meet in the middle of the room again, and lowered themselves to the floor.

Penny laid herself down on the floor and Katie moved over her. Starting at her head, Katie crawled along the floor kissing her way down Penny’s excited body. She kissed and licked each of Penny’s luscious tits making sure that Mark had a good view as she did it. John was treated to the sight of Penny sucking the hanging breast of his wife as the show continued.

John stood up and dropped his shorts and underwear to his ankles. His cock bounced as it was freed and then stood firmly skyward. He sat back down on the couch and began stroking his 8-inch fat cock as he watched the women.

Mark followed John’s lead and lifted his ass off the couch to lower his shorts. He didn’t wear anything under shorts and slipped them off to the floor. His eight inches was not as fat as John’s but he had nothing to be ashamed of as he stroked his erect member.

By now, Katie had made her way down Penny’s tummy and was kissing her between the thighs, her own knees now on either side of Penny’s head. Tongues and lips meet pussies as they went to work on each other. Penny moaned as Katie sucked her clit into her mouth.

Mark heard her moan and knew well that it meant that Penny was enjoying the job Katie was doing. His pleasure was growing as he watched Katie suck on his wife’s love button. The sight of his wife and another women was more than he had fantasized it could be and pre-cum was oozing from his cock.

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