The Maid Ch. 01

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Big Tits

The sun came streaming through the window, hitting me straight in the face. Samantha, my wife had just got up with the alarm clock and left it ringing. She was in the bathroom brushing her teeth, hopping from foot to foot on the cold floor tiles. Yesterday she had flown in from the U.S.A after she had finished finalisizing a big business deal. God she was beautiful. I watched as she pulled her top over her head, her beautiful perky breasts bounced up and down, her nipples stiff from the cold.

“You better get up and go to work, my husband will be home any minute” Sam jokingly said when she saw me eyeballing her.

“What time will he be home” I asked pulling up my trousers, while I pushed my feet into my shoes.

“Oh, in about an hour or so” Sam said as she rinsed a bath cloth under the hot water tap and wiped her pussy with it.

“Time for a quick fuck before I leave” I asked doing up the buttons on my shirt.

“After all the sex we had last night and he still wants more” Sam said shaking her head.

I hopped off the bed and walked up behind her, grinding my hardening cock into the cheeks of her ass.

“No, we havent got time for another fuck” Sam said holding onto the side the of the hand basin, not moving a muscle as I pulled my now stiff cock out of my pants and pushed it slowly between her thighs and arse cheeks till I felt her hot pussy lips surround it.

“Yeah right” I said parting her legs so I could slip my cock into her.

“Please no” Sam moaned as I pushed my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy until I was all the way in.

“Oooooh christ make it quick please” Sam moaned as I started to pump my cock in and out of her pussy.

There’s one thing I love about my wife, she’s doesn’t say no when it comes to sex. Well she may say it but she doesn’t mean it. Shove a cock sex hikayeleri in her mouth and she’ll suck you dry as I found out on the first night Sam and I made love. The first thing she did was beg me to fuck her mouth, then she told me how much she loved swallowing cum and then proceeded to tell me about how many men she had sucked off and fucked. As she was telling me all this, I was getting hornier and hornier and fucked her all over her apartment. Even thinking about it while I had my cock buried inside her hot pussy just made me want to pound the living crap out of her.

“Oooohhh fuck baby….fuck me harder….yeah baby fuck my pussy….yeah..oh fuck yeah” Sam moaned pushing back against me faster while I thrusted the full length of my cock deeper into the depth of her pussy.

Sam held the sides of the hand basin tighter as she met my every thrust halfway, ramming her arse cheeks into my hips. I could hear sloshing noises coming from her pussy as I pumped my cock in and out of her.

“Still wet from last night” I grunted as I pounded my cock into her pussy.

“Yeah baby…your beautiful cum….from last night…filling me up….ooooohhhh filling me up like your going to do now” Sam moaned.

“You love my cum inside you, don’t you baby” I said pushing my hard cock right into her hot pussy as far as it would go.

“OOOOOOHHHHH fuck yes….love your cock…in my pussy….in my mouth…..everywhere…..OOOO OOHHHHH FFFUCK YYYYYEEEESSSS” Sam panted lifting herself onto her toes as I tried to push the rest of my cock into her delicious hot pussy.

“Ooh god…..I’m going to cum baby….your making me cummmmm” Sam growled arching her back further down until her head lay on the hand basin.

“Fuck me baby…please fuck me…..fuck my pussy baby…..fuck meeeeee” Sam moaned as I went back to sikiş hikayeleri pounding her pussy even harder and faster.

I lasted about five minutes after Sam climax. Feeling her juices flow over my rigid cock and balls were to much to take before I myself start to cum.

“I’m coming to baby” I managed to moan as I felt her pussy juice flow over the head of my cock and then all over the shaft.

“Oooooh jesus christ…..cum for me baby…..cum for me please…..I’m cumming again” Sam moaned gripping tightly onto the hand basin as she orgasmed again.

“I’m cuming baby…..I’m cumming” I moaned as I rammed into her pussy a few more times before blowing my hot load of cum deep inside her.

“Oooooohhhh fuck, I can feel baby, I can feel your hot cum exploding into my pussy, oh shit that feels sssooooooo good, yeah fill my hot pussy baby” Sam moaned as she slowly pumped her pussy back and forth along my cock.

“Fuck you’re a hot bitch baby, you sure know how to milk a man’s cock” I said feeling Sam’s pussy muscles tighten then loosen up as she pushed and pulled herself along my cock, milking it for all it was worth.

“Considering how big you’re cock is baby, it’s quite easy” Sam laughed letting out a heavy groan as she pushed herself hard against me, burying my cock all the way into her pussy.

Sam and I stayed bent over the hand basin for a few minutes, catching our breathes before I pulled myself out of her so we straightened ourselves up.

“I’m going to be late because of you” Sam moaned as she slipped into one of her favorite g-string lacy knickers.

“Well you won’t need to make yourself some lunch” I said.

“Why’s that” Sam replied bending over into the closet to pick out a pair of shoes.

“Because all you have to do is suck on your knickers” I said watching erotik hikaye my sperm slowly leak out the sides of the crotch of her knickers and slide slowly down the inside of her thighs.

“Fuck I just wiped myself clean too” Sam said running her fingers up the inside of her thighs and into her knickers before pulling them out and slipping them into her mouth, sucking my sperm off them before licking them clean.

“Mmmmmm yummy” She said showing off her cleaned fingers.

“If you don’t hurry up and get to work, you’ll get more of that, much more” I said unzipping my pants and pulling out my hardening cock.

Sam always knew how to get me hot. If she wasn’t finger fuck in her pussy while we watched television or bending over in front of me to show off her beautiful bald pussy lips. She is one hell of a erotic hot wife. Sam looked into my eyes and knew I wasn’t joking.

“Okay I’m definitely outta here” She said hurriedly putting on the rest of her clothes and grabbing her shoes as she made a failed attempt to reach the bedroom door. “One more time” I said grabbing a handful of hair, pulling her head down to my cock.

“No I have to get to work and do my reports……please….mmmmm” Sam wailed before I filled her mouth fill of my cock.

Her mouth felt so warm and soft as I slowly pumped my cock in and out of her mouth. Instead of fighting me, Sam grabbed my ass and pushed the entire length of my cock down her throat, sucking it as hard as she could. Of course, with the way she sucked cock, it didn’t take me long before I came again, shooting another load of cum into her, this time into her mouth and down her throat. Sam swallowed every bit of it, not gagging once as spurt after spurt fired from my cock.

“Now I definitely don’t need lunch” Sam said licking her lips after I pulled out of her mouth.

“Meet you for lunch anyway babe” I said as I watched her open the door to our apartment.

“Only if you have more milk for me to swallow” Sam said waving over her shoulder to me as she closed the door behind her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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