The Mason Sisters Ch. 01

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This story is based upon true events. Names have been changed.


Daisy and Tara Mason were, as far as I was concerned, the two hottest girls in town. Their good looks were equal parts genetics, hard work, and the best clothing and beauty products money could buy. Since the day I first saw them I knew I wanted nothing more than to make love to both of those amazing beauties. Though they were sisters and both exceedingly gorgeous, they each had a very unique and distinctive look.

Tara was the older of the Mason sisters, two years my senior. Long auburn hair, fair skin, green eyes, and an enormous pair of tits that, though natural, were inexplicable on her tiny, 5’3″ frame. Not the insane F or Gs that some people talk about, but definitely at least a solid D. She had all of the stereotypical hot girl traits: cheerleader, provocative, used sex to get her way (with some teachers, if rumors are to be believed), and definitely not the brightest crayon in the box. She was the undisputed Queen of Thompson High, and way out of my league.

Daisy was in my grade, just a few months younger than me. She took after her Hispanic mother as far as looks are concerned. Dark hair and skin, brown eyes. She was much taller than her older sister, standing around 5’9″ or 5″10, a few inches shorter than my own 6’1″. She had the longest, most amazing tanned legs that led right up to her greatest feature, her ass. When I tell you this girl has an incredible ass, you have to take my word for it. I can do my best to describe it, but I worry that any words I write here will fall short of even glimpsing the glory that is Daisy Mason’s rear end. It was tight and toned from her years of playing soccer and running track, but it never lost its wonderfully large size. It wasn’t so large as to be ridiculous, but big enough to always be distracting. If Jessica Alba was Momma Bear and Kim Kardashian was Poppa Bear, Daisy Mason would be just right.

Throughout my years of high school I had a few classes with Daisy. We talked a bit, worked on a few projects together, and even went out on a couple “group dates” my junior year. I almost asked her to prom but I delayed too long and Bobby Sims got to her first. Bastard. I ended up taking Kelly Miller, who was nowhere near as hot as Daisy. At least I got my first blowjob out of it. After graduation I moved from California to Georgia for college. Daisy went off to a small private university to play soccer, while Tara had stayed in our hometown and been enrolled at the local community college.

My time at college was a great one. Over the years I grew from the average “another face in the crowd” type of guy I was in high school into a confident, big man on campus. I studied hard and played harder. A regular gym schedule and participation in various intramural sports built up my physique from “scrawny” to buff and toned. I wouldn’t say I resembled a Greek god or anything like that, but my body was definitely that of a serious athlete. I lost my virginity the first week of freshman year to a girl down the hall in my dorm, and from there developed the strong sexual confidence that comes after bedding a series of increasingly attractive coeds.

As college winded down I settled on pursuing law school, and thanks to my good grades and very respectable LSAT score, I winded up gaining acceptance to my first choice school back home in sunny Southern California. After some serious discussions with my parents concerning finances, I decided to move back into their house for the summer to save some money while I looked for an apartment closer to law school. I was excited to be back home for a few months and reconnect with my old friends, and hopefully see the beautiful Mason sisters once again.


“Come on man, it’s Friday night, let’s go grab a drink.” My buddy Marc threw his car keys at me and I had to dodge out of the way to avoid getting poked in the porno hikayeleri eye.

“Grab a drink? You’re already drunk!” I dropped back down onto the couch and checked the score of the game. Lakers were up by 12 with just under three minutes to play.

“That’s why you have my keys. The game’s almost over. Let’s get out of here and go find some more attractive company. You haven’t been out since you got home. Some of the girls from back in school have gotten pretty hot.”

He made a compelling case. I had been home for three days now and after driving across the country and getting all set up back at home I hadn’t had time to go out. Not to mention I had been over a week since I had last gotten laid. “Alright, let’s go. Where’s the best place to meet some nice young ladies in this town?”

Marc smiled. “Midway’s the place to be now. Cheap beer, pool, and hot chicks. It’s downtown by where Burgerpit used to be.”

“Burgerpit is gone? Shit. Oh well, let’s get out of here.” We hopped into Marc’s beat up Civic and I gunned it out onto the open road, windows down, music blaring. The warm summer night was a welcome change from the awful humidity of the south. It took about fifteen minutes to get downtown, and Marc tried to fill me in on some of the girls we could expect to see tonight. Mary had gotten knocked up a year ago, Julie had just broken up with Ted and was probably looking for a rebound, Carrie had gone from “ugly duckling to the swan you want to fuck.” His words, not mine. We pulled into the parking lot and Marc quickly noticed some familiar faces.

“Marc, what’s up boy? Holy shit, is that you Rusty?” John, an old friend from high school, came up and gave me a big man hug.

“Hey Johnny Boy, long time, good to see you man.” I returned the man hug with two solid slaps on the back.

“Fucking awesome that you’re here bro! How’d them southern bitches treat you?”

I laughed and shook my head at John as we walked towards Midway. “They don’t have bitches in the South man, they have ladies. And those southern ladies treated me real nice.” I laughed, slipping into my terrible excuse for a southern accent. Even with four years of school down there I was still way too California.

John smiled and slapped me on the back. “Good shit man, good shit. Well now that you’re home you can move on from the ladies and get yourself some fine California pussy.”

“That’s the plan. Let’s see what’s on the menu tonight.” We made our way into the bar and Marc ordered us up a round of beers while John and I found a pool table and racked up for a game. I ran into a few old high school buddies and recognized some girls, but for the most part I was surprised by how many unfamiliar faces there were. Leaving town for four years can really change things.

A few games of pool and a half dozen beers into the night I was feeling pretty good. Marc and John had both found what I assumed were their usual hook-ups and were making progress on getting lucky tonight. I had been chatting up a couple girls but none were really getting things going for me. They would do as backup, but I wasn’t ready to settle just yet.

I made my way to the bar to get myself another drink. I sat down and pulled out my phone to check for any texts or Facebook notifications, but that came up clean. I posted “Good to be back home. At Midway if anyone wants to catch up” as my status, hoping that might attract some more familiar faces.

“You need a drink babe?” I looked up from my phone to see a pair of beautiful, milky white breasts nearly spilling out of a very tight shirt, tied up to show off a tight tummy. Damn. Apparently Tara Mason, the good old Queen of Thompson High, was the bartender here. I shook the dirty thoughts that immediately surfaced out of my head, looked her in the eyes, and smiled.

“I’ll take a beer, as long as I can watch you pour it. I don’t want you to roofie me.”

She sex hikaye gave me an exaggerated fake pout. “Who told you my secret?”

“I heard rumors. My friends warned me when you go to Midway that if you aren’t careful you might wake up in the bartender’s bed with a nasty headache and no memories of the night before. Which is a shame, because I have a feeling they would be pretty good memories.”

She laughed as she handed me my drink. “You’re right about that.” She stuck out her hand to shake mine. “I’m Tara Mason, how about you babe? New around here?”

“Oh I know you who are Tara Mason. Every boy at Thompson High knew who you were.”

“You went to Thompson? Why haven’t I seen you around here before?”

I took a big drink from my beer before responding. “Been in Georgia going to school. Just moved back home a few days ago. Relaxing in town before I start law school in the fall.”

“Ooh, a law student huh? Quite a big shot for this little town.”

I laughed. “I must have died and gone to heaven, Tara Mason is calling me a big shot.”

“I didn’t know my opinion held so much weight.” She smirked at me, her green eyes sparkling. “You should stick around. I’m off in a little bit. We can go to my apartment and you can tell me all about why a little bartender holds so much sway with a big shot future-lawyer.”

“Sounds good to me. I’ll see you when you get off.”

I made my way back to John and Marc. Marc came up for air from the girl he was making out with to wave me over. He kissed the girl on the neck and whispered in her ear before she walked towards the lady’s room. “Where you been man? I need to get out of here, Natalie is ready for some fun.”

I handed him his car keys. “Been working on getting myself some female company for tonight. I’ll get a ride from her. Have fun tonight man.”

“Who are you hooking up with? Julie? Connie? Michelle?”

I smiled at him. “No man, I was aiming a little bit higher tonight.”



“No shit man! Fuck. Good for you bro. First night back out and you’re already bagging the hottest bitch in town.”

“I’ll let you know how it goes.”

“Fucking right you will. I bet she’s an animal. Make sure to wrap up though, no telling where that bitch has been.”

I pulled the condom out of my back pocket and waved it. “Don’t worry man, this ain’t my first rodeo. I’m well equipped for tonight.”

Natalie returned from freshening up. Marc gave me a high five and then put his arm around her. “Good luck bro. See you later.” The two of them made their way out of the bar, Natalie having to keep him from stumbling all over. If he stayed awake and managed to seal the deal in his condition I would be thoroughly impressed.

I said my goodbyes to a few other friends and then made my way back to the bar. Tara smiled in my direction. “I’m just finishing up. Meet me out back?”

I nodded and made my way outside into the night. It was still warm, the day’s heat radiating off the pavement. Walking around to the back, I pulled out my phone and sent a quick text to my parents. “Crashing at Marc’s. See you tomorrow.” My parents weren’t overbearing, but my being home and put my mom back into “I need to check up on you” mode. The text should keep her cool.

Tara stood outside her car, a pretty nice looking Beamer. It was an older model, but still pretty impressive. She smiled at me as I walked up. “Would you mind driving? I’ll give you directions, but my vision isn’t the best at night.” I thought I noticed a little smirk as she spoke.

“No problem. Just tell me where to go. I’m pretty good at following directions.” I took her keys and we got into the car. She directed me back towards the north end of town. She lived in the Mercury Apartments, and I was familiar with the area.

As we drove she rubbed my leg, and my body started to respond to the attention. I could feel my jeans getting seks hikaye a little tighter as my cock hardened. “Just so you know, I don’t usually take guys I just met home.”

I looked over and could see her smirking in the dark. “Bullshit you don’t.” She giggled.

Her hand continued its way up my leg, and soon she was rubbing the head of my cock through my jeans. “Hmm, what’s this?”

She sure was forward. I couldn’t believe how little effort it was taking for me to be going home with Tara Mason, a girl I had worshipped all through high school. She really was as slutty as I hoped. Or maybe I had just become a lot more appealing than I had been before I went away to school. Maybe a little bit of both. “I’ve just got a little itch on my upper thigh. Do you think you could check it out for me?”

She grinned and started to unbutton my jeans. “Of course babe. Let’s see what the problem is.” She unbuttoned my pants and started to pull them down a bit. I lifted my hips to help her, accidently pushing down on the gas and accelerating sharply. She laughed and pushed the jeans down off my hips and then reached into my boxers, fishing out my cock. “Oh baby. That’s quite a present you’ve got here for me.” I grinned like an idiot and felt a swell of pride as she started jacking me off. During my sexual education in college I had discovered that at just about nine inches, I was definitely on the larger size when it came to male anatomy. The girls had sure seemed to enjoy it. Not so big as to be intimidating, but large enough to give them quite a good ride. Tara’s small hand couldn’t even wrap all the way around my throbbing member, and she quickly brought in a second hand for reinforcements.

“Fuck Tara, that feels good.”

“I sure hope so. I’d be disappointed if it didn’t. This big dick of yours looks so yummy, do you mind if I have a little taste?”

I groaned as she increased the pace of her stroking. “Be my guest.”

She undid her seatbelt and shifted in the passenger seat, leaning over into my lap and bringing her head even with my cock. She continued stroking and I could feel her hot breath on my skin. She took one hand to brush her red hair out of her face and before moving in with her tongue. She licked up and down my shaft and I moaned at the first touch of her mouth. Next she took my cock into her mouth and licked around the head, swirling her tongue around in circles. She started bobbing up and down, slowly but surely taking more and more of me into her mouth. I took one hand off the wheel and grabbed a fistful of hair, causing her to moan around my dick. Damn that felt good. I started pulling her up and down, forcing her to take even more of my cock into her mouth. She finally got the last inch in and gagged slightly before continuing her oral assault. Tara Mason was deep throating my cock. Check one off the bucket-list.

I could feel myself getting close to release. “You want my cum?” She moaned and I thought I could hear her say “Mmmhmm”, but it’s hard to tell what a girl is saying when she’s got a mouthful of dick. I started thrusting my hips up and began fucking her face until I exploded into her mouth. She eased off a bit and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock, using her hands to jack me off and swallowing every last drop of cum. When I had finished she sat up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Well that was fun.” She was obviously pleased with herself.

“That was fucking incredible Tara.”

“Just a little treat. I wanted to get that out of the way so we’d get a nice long session when we get back to my apartment.”

Hell yeah. “Oh don’t worry, you’ll get your money’s worth tonight.”

She kissed me on the cheek and rebuttoned my pants for me. “I have no doubt about that.”

I don’t think I’ve ever driven faster than I did when getting to Tara’s apartment. I could not wait to pound into the hot little slut that had been a major fixture in my fantasies for the past eight years. I swear I almost did one of those Tokyo Drift style moves into the parking spot outside her place. This was going to be one hell of a night.

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