The Massage

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After a long, hard day at work I arrive at home into your loving embrace. You kiss me and ask how my day was. I tell you I’m tired and that I’m going to lay down as I remove my shoes.

Walking into the bedroom you follow me, stopping me from laying down with your hands on my shoulders. Kissing the back of my neck, your sweet lips feel so warm and inviting. You whisper in my ear to relax and enjoy your sensual massage.

Rubbing my shoulders and kissing my neck still, is so lovely. Hands travel down my back, into my pants pockets and I feel you squeeze my butt. I moan, reaching back for you. “No honey, just stay still and relax. I’ll make you feel real good.” Your words whispered in my ear before your tongue licks my lobe. More moans of pleasure are exhaled from my mouth.

Now, I feel your hands massaging my inner thighs, sending a warm sensation through my groin. Your touch is arousing. My balls in one hand from behind as your other hand rubs my hip, getting closer and closer until you find my now fully aroused cock. My pants bulge from the excitement.

Facing me now, you kiss my lips, unbutton my shirt. Each button gives me a kiss from your sweet lips. One on my lips, then my cheek, now my neck and down my chest till you’re Ankara bayan escort on your knees. Shirt is on the floor, your hands rubbing my chest, lips kiss each muscle on my stomach. I’m melting from your love.

Looking up at me, smiling, nails scratch downward, across my abs and to my waist. Fingers smoothly unbutton and unzip my slacks, pulling them completely off, exposing my tight boxer briefs you love me in. You see a wet spot that you made. Pre cum from my hard cock. It makes you giggle, embarrassment showing on my red cheeks, you reassure me how much you like it with your kiss through my boxers, tasting your reward, moaning along with me.

Getting back up, your tongue slithers up my body so teasingly, ending with a kiss on my neck. Telling me to take off my boxers and lay on my stomach so you can massage me, I do as you please.

Naked and vulnerable for you, I await your loving touch. Pouring baby lotion all over my body to start your sensual massage, a line from my neck, down my back, on each butt cheek and the length of each leg feels cool on my skin.

First, you start on my neck. I moan the entire time cause your touch is so erotic. Your hands working my muscles into a relaxed state. I’m putty in your hands. Yours Escort bayan Ankara to mold and do as you want. I drift off into ecstasy, loving every touch.

My shoulders melt from your caress. My arms at my sides are like jelly. Unable to move. I feel your thumbs on my spine, fingertips caressing my ribs, going all the way down my back until you reach my ass. Then, tingles course through my spine as you work your way back up my body and down again.

Massaging my ass and working down my legs makes my toes curl. Your hands rub my inner thighs up my groin. Fingers wrap around my exposed balls, squeezing and massaging them.

Flipping me on my back after you teased me enough, my dick is sticking straight up, pointing at you. I see you blush a little. It brings a smirk on my face. You lean in with a kiss, hands rubbing my chest, lips pressed into mine. I’m so aroused by you, needing release. My nipples are twisted in your fingers. Neck sucked on by your mouth. You lick me up my neck making my whole body shiver and ache for you.

More lotion is dripped on my flesh, now burning with passion. Hands stroke me up and down. Thighs being massaged makes me squirm. You tease me. Smiling down at me as you stroke my cock a single time. I moan Bayan escort Ankara loudly. Wanting you so bad.

Both hands affixed on my cock, one on top of the other, gripping me tightly, leaning into my ear, breath warm on my skin, heart racing, you whisper “Do you want me to finish massaging every muscle? Don’t speak, just…mmmm, moan.”

Oh God! I moan with such yearning. Stroking me gently up and down, you moan as I moan, making it so much more pleasurable. I can feel my orgasm is nearing completion already. My moans increase in rhythm with yours.

One hand continues massaging my dick while the other massages my balls. My body arches as I near my orgasm. It only makes you go faster. I moan more and more. So you moan more and more. No longer able to hold back, my cum shoots all over my belly. Moaning your name as I cum, you moaning “Yes, Yes, Yes, cum baby, cum!” Stroking my shaft, releasing every last drop, each hard gripping stroke releases more, squeezing my balls enhances my orgasmic ecstasy.

My long orgasm comes to an end. Body is very, very relaxed from your… full body massage. You clean me up, kiss my forehead telling me to relax, take a nap and that you’ll be waiting for me to wake for even more sexual play.

I hold you in my arms as we lay together, me naked and you loving every bit of it, arms wrap around me, hands still massaging me. I drift off to sleep, dreaming about what you have in store for me with a smile upon my lips and your love in my heart.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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