The Meal Ch. 2

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Cindy could not sleep that night. The thoughts of her first lesbian encounter with Mona rushed through her mind. She laid in bed playing with herself most of the night. She came so many times thinking about what had happened that day that her pussy was sore. Finally, it was morning. She excitedly gathered up the list of addresses to deliver the meals to and quickly delivered them.

She knocked on Mona’s door with trembling hands. She was getting wet just thinking about Mona and all that had happened yesterday. Mona yelled for her to come in. Cindy entered the living room and there sat Mona totally naked. She was sitting on the couch with her legs spread widely apart. Cindy looked at the thick blonde bush ,and could see the glistening wetness of her pussy lips shining. Cindy began stripping off her clothes as she walked towards Mona. Cindy was completely naked by the time she reached the couch. She sat on the couch beside Mona and they began kissing each other. Cindy sucked on Mona’s wet tongue hungrily.

She reached between Mona’s legs and began stroking her wet cunt. Mona reached between Cindy’s legs and began stroking the pretty red bush. Both ladies began fingering each other as they kissed. Cindy knelt between Mona’s legs and licked the drops of pussy juice from her sweet pussy. She took Mona’s huge swollen clit between her lips and began sucking on it. As she sucked her clit, she began rubbing the wet pussy with her long red fingernails. Mona moaned and held Cindy by the back of her head, stroking her long beautiful red hair. As Cindy ate Mona’s pussy, both ladies were moaning.

Suddenly the front door görükle escort bayan opened. Cindy jumped from between Mona’s legs and she turned around to see a young gorgeous man standing at the door. “Hi, Mom” the young man said to Mona.

“Hi son” she replied.

“This must be that young hot babe you were talking about” the guy replied.

“oh, yes, how rude of me, this is Cindy, and this is my son, Chad”. Cindy tried to cover her naked body with her hands. “Don’t be shy” Mona replied. Chad walked over to his mom and leaned forward and kissed her on the lips.

That was innocent enough Cindy thought. All sons kiss their mothers. Mona reached out and unbuttoned her son’s jeans. She began pulling them down and his long thick cock was fully exposed. Mona leaned forward and took the semi erect 8 inch cock into her mouth. As she began sucking him, his cock began to grow. And Cindy watched as it grew, and grew and then grew some more. It must’ve been a foot long when it got totally hard. Mona sucked the huge cock taking almost all of it into her mouth.

“oh, mom,” Chad moaned, it feels so fucking good”. He held his mother by her long blonde hair and began fucking her mouth. Cindy was getting very turned on by this. She began playing with herself. She rubbed her pink swollen clit and pinched her hard dime sized nipples with her other hand. Chad noticed her doing this and told her there was plenty to go around.

“God, it sure looks like it” she replied looking at his rock hard foot long cock. Cindy knelt down and her and Mona began taking turns sucking the bursa otele gelen escort huge cock. Cindy had never seen a cock like that before. She had seen one that was 7 inches and she thought it looked too big to go inside of her tight pussy, there was no was she could handle this, she thought.

Chad pushed his mother back onto the couch in a sitting position and he began rubbing the monstrous head across her wet slit. Mona moaned as her son moved his huge cock head up and down her wet pussy. He began sliding the head inside of her. Cindy watched as he slowly pushed and pushed and the entire length of his giant dick disappeared inside of his mother’s wet pussy. Mona moaned and squealed as her son began fucking her.

Oh, yes , she moaned. she held him by his firm young ass and dug her long nails into the cheeks of his ass. Cindy could see the red marks Mona was leaving. There were even small droplets of blood Mona obviously came, and Cindy watched as she thrashed wildly about yelling and jerking. She told Chad to give some to Cindy. Chad removed his long cock from his mother and pushed Cindy to the floor. She was on her hands and knees. Chad mounted her from behind and struggled to get the huge swollen cock head inside of her very tight pussy. It hurt quite a bit as the head entered her pussy.

Cindy moaned as he began sliding more and more inside of her. It felt like he was tearing her insides out. It hurt, but it also felt very nice. She began thrusting back, guiding him deeply into her. Chad loved her tight pussy. He knew he wouldn’t last long. As he started bursa escort bayan furiously fucking her, Cindy came. Cindy came very very hard. Her juices were flowing freely. Chad felt his load coming and he grunted as his first spurt entered her tight pussy. Cindy felt the first hot blast, and she couldn’t believe the amount of cum he was shooting. Her pussy was getting flooded. The warm sticky fluid felt so hot inside of her that she began cumming again.

Both came together. Mona was rapidly fingerfucking herself as her son fucked her new little friend. Chad leaned forward and began licking his mothers hot pussy. He was still inside of Cindy. Cindy and Chad shared Mona’s pussy for a while. Both tongues flicking at every inch of her sweet pink pussy and swollen clit. They made her have many multiple orgasms. Chad removed his still very hard large cock from Cindy and began jacking off. Mona took the head inside of her mouth and eagerly sucked him again. Chad moaned and began cumming again. His cum erupted all over his mothers pretty face and big tits.

Cindy began licking the cum from Mona. She loved the way it tasted as she sucked it from Mona’s nipples. Cindy licked every last drop from Mona’s body. Mona then kissed Cindy passionately. Cindy looked at her watch and she had been there for 3 hours. God, she had to leave. She thanked Mona and Chad for the hot time. Mona told Chad that Cindy would be stopping by every day about the same time, and Chad said he would definitely be back tomorrow. Cindy put on her clothes.

Her pussy really hurt from that good fucking she had gotten. It was worth it. She could still feel the huge pools of cum splashing around inside of her pussy. She kissed them both and left. When she got home, her mother told her that she now had all of her workers back and Cindy wouldn’t have to help deliver the meals anymore. What a disappointment Cindy thought. Oh well, she would definitely find an excuse to go back to Mona’s again… Soon.

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