The Medical Student

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My problems really started on 17th July 1958 and it was largely because of my big dick and Jake Roberts. My name is Paul and in 1958 I was eighteen years old. I’m 6.0″ tall with sandy coloured hair. I haven’t got a six pack and I am not all that good looking. I like to think I have a nice caring personality and a pleasant nature. I do a bit of cycling, mainly time trials which keeps me fairly fit although its reflected mainly in the legs and shoulders.

When I was sixteen I got a Saturday job in the local hospital portering patients around, collecting X-rays and taking specimens to the Path. Lab. It wasn’t a pressure job and I got to meet lots of people and have a chat for two or three minutes. In those days the nurses learnt their skills “on the job” so there was plenty of young student nurses for me to ogle and fantasize about. After working there for two years I knew almost everyone and they knew me.

During my time there there had been one or two medical emergencies and in those situations its all hands to the pump. I helped out the best I could without getting in the way of the nurses and doctors by doing anything non medical. Generally this meant looking after the traumatised relatives. There was once such incident where I ended up pressing down hard on the artery on a bloke’s leg to stop it pumping blood out of the huge gash immediately below my hands. After the patient had been stabalised and sent of the the theatre the Registrar had put his arm round my shoulders and said “You did good son.” “You can think on your feet, you don’t panic and you seem to know instinctively what to do.” “You’d make a good nurse or maybe even a doctor.”

I had seen how much a doctor could affect the lives of patients and I began to realise that maybe this is what I would like to do with my life. I began to lead quite a reclusive existence as I banged away at the books into order to ensure I got good enough grades to get into medical school. In fact I found I had an aptitude for it and really enjoyed learning about the bone structure, blood and nervous systems and functions of the various organs of the human body. Also being a horny young man I was particularly enthralled by female anatomy and the female reproduction system. At that age the thought of eventually specialising in gynaecology was particularly appealing.

I did take out one or two of the student nurses and was privately pleased with my attempts at seduction. I even managed to get my hand on a nice soft breast for a few moments. I felt it wasn’t a lack of skill that was holding me back but a lack of opportunity. I quickly realised that seduction was a slow process with plenty of kissing and caresses on any exposed skin before one could venture into forbidden territory. That was the problem. Remember in 1958 youngsters did not have cars. There was no where to go apart from the back row of the cinema and even that was a bit too public. Making out at either her or my home was fraught with danger and generally inhibiting. After all the aim was to get the object of your desire into such state she would be screaming in ecstasy so it had to be somewhere where noise wouldn’t be a problem.

So, after the summer exams in the June 1958 there I was at eighteen on my way to medical school in September. I’d asked if there was any jobs going in the summer holidays so I could earn some cash before I went to school and was told to report for work on the first Monday of the holidays.

The work was quite varied and I really did not know what I would be doing from one day to the next. Things went great for about three weeks then on the fateful day I was working outside in the grounds with Jake cutting back the tree branches. These were covering some of the hospital signs and also were in danger of bringing down the overhead telephone cables when the branches swayed in the wind. We had a chain saw and a small cherry picker on a truck so the work was not too hard. I did not mind being outside as it was a lovely warm sunny day.

Now Jake was a bit of a “jack the lad” and in this particular job he was technically my boss so he naturally took the easiest job driving the truck from one tree to the next and reading the paper while I was cutting down the branches. He only got out of the cab to move the branches off the road. We were going to return in the afternoon with a flatbed truck to collect the branches. Ideally the cherry picker should have been lowered and I should have got in the cab of the truck while we were driving but as the journeys between the trees was not that long we just lowered the cherry picker and I stayed in the cage.

Of course I knew Jake. Nobody could work at the hospital and not know Jake. Jake was a charmer with a smooth glib tongue. Every woman he met was fair game to Jake. In no time at all he was telling them how beautiful they were and coming out with some really corny lines. Despite the corny lines, which I’m sure the ladies recognised as well, before you’d knew it they were lapping it up and simpering Bostancı Escort and looking all coy. They were almost putty in his hands.

Sometimes he would be quite lewd and tell them what gorgeous tits or arse they had professing that he would give a weeks wages to be allowed to kiss and suck them (either) for a day. Of course they would profess to be shocked and outraged but as Jake carried on with his patter you could see that they were secretly quite thrilled that their attributes would have such an effect upon a man. It was really quite amazing watching quite chaste matronly ladies turn into coy sexy vamps under Jake’s administrations.

The comedian, Frank Carson, had a catch phrase “It’s the way I tell ‘um” and Jake was exactly the same. He didn’t tell jokes though, he told stories. While these stories had an element of truth in them he would embellish and exaggerate the story with little asides and anecdotes which had us all laughing hilariously long before he got to the end of the story.

Chapter 2

There was nothing to indicate the 17th July 1958 would be unusual. I had met up with Jake in the workshop at about 8.45am where he was in full flow with of one of his stories to all the works staff. Jake was making no attempt to start work and I had about two or three cups of coffee. It wasn’t until almost 10.15am that we actually went out to start work.

I made the mistake of not going to the toilet before we started so there I am stuck in the cherry picker cage and by 10.30am I am dying for a pee. I’m sure you can imagine then how I felt like by the time we knocked off for lunch at 1.00pm. My cock felt so stiff and hard I could have punch a hole the wall with it. It felt exactly like the hard-on you get when you wake up in a morning after you’ve been out on the town the night before. It was bad enough climbing out of the cherry picker and trying to walk to the workshops and toilet.

You know the feeling. You’ve been holding it in so long that as soon as you know you’re going to be able to go you relax a bit and then have a job not peeing straight away. There I was trying to walk as fast as possible while almost cross legged and squeesing my cock through my trousers. By the time I staggered into the toilet I was absolutely desperate and just about ready to pee my pants. Then I had a problem.

My cock was so stiff I couldn’t get it out of my fly. I couldn’t let go of my cock until I was ready to pee so I was trying to do everything one handed. I struggled and struggled but couldn’t last any longer and just drop my trousers and underpants to my ankles as the only way to relieve the excruciating pain. Then I had another problem.

My cock wouldn’t bend to point at the urinal. It was so stiff and hard it wouldn’t bend in the middle and when I tried to bend at the base I couldn’t pee and it bloody hurt. So, in the end I stood about two or three feet away from the urinal and peed straight up into the air. Now the idea was to aim at the urinal but it took sometime to judge the flow and the pressure so some went on the floor but I promised myself I would clean it up later.

You can picture it can’t you? I’m standing there stark naked from the waist down, trousers and underpants round my ankles, standing three feet from the urinal peeing into the air like a fire hose with a look of total bliss on my face. It was then that Jake walked into the toilet. He stopped with a surprised look on his face.

“Jesus H Christ!, He gawped taking in the scene.

“Oh my God! The last time I saw prick that big it was on a fucking dray horse.”

As my cock started to shrink the arc of the flow of urine was also decreasing and I had to move towards the urinal in order to ensure my pee hit its target. Have you ever tried to walk with trousers around your ankles while peeing at the same time and avoiding the mess on the floor? By this time Jake had seen how hilarious the whole scenario was and had become hysterical with laughter.

Eventually I managed to stop peeing, pull up my underpants and trousers, mop the floor with toilet paper and wash my hands. Jake, of course was still having hysterics. He was holding his stomach and there were tears in his eyes. He would seem to calm down for a bit then he would walk forward like a penguin with his lower arm stuck out from his crotch and then burst into another fit of laughter. This was supposed to be a demonstration of me waddling forward with my trousers around my ankles.

So it was with a slight smile on my face, and Jake still having a periodic fit of giggles, that we left the toilet and made our way to the canteen. We got served at the counter and Jake made a beeline for a large table with a group of staff eating their lunch. It was quite obvious that the recent “incident” was to become one of Jakes stories.

As I said Jakes stories are a work of art. In no way are they rushed so he started with my “walk” from the cherry picker. Of course every aspect was totally Anadolu Yakası Escort embellished and exaggerated. The objective was not to tell the truth but to make people laugh and he was a past master at that. He even had me laughing and I was the butt of this story.

Now Jake appeared to have a particularly special relationship with Sheila, one of the canteen ladies. Sheila was about 28 years old quite slim with what looked like a firm 34C tits and light naturally coloured blonde shoulder length hair. She was very pretty, had a natural personality, a great sense of humour and she wasn’t fazed by the men’s ribald comments. She was married but her husband was abroad somewhere in the Army. I didn’t know whether Jake had got into her knickers but if he hadn’t I felt it wouldn’t be long before he did.

She came round to the table supposedly collecting the crockery but really to find out what all the hilarity was about. While Jake was telling his story and everyone was laughing he pulled her onto his knee and carried on telling the story.

When he got to the part where I’m naked from the waist down with my prick sticking up he really went to town. According to Jake my prick was two foot long, as thick as a drainpipe with a knob end the size of tennis ball. The power of my urine was so strong that I had to hold my cock with two fists while this uncontrollable monster was spraying a half inch thick stream of urine all over the toilet. He repeated the statement that I could probably fuck a dray horse and it wouldn’t know the difference.

I saw Sheila giving me a few quizzical looks during this part of the story. I tried to tell them that Jake was exaggerating but Jake shut me up by saying seriously “Uh! not by bloody much I’m not”.

“Anyway when we next play cricket you’ll either be the bloody wicket or fielding at third leg” He exclaimed to everyones amusement.

Again I got another stare from Sheila. Eventually we all went back to work and I resigned myself to being the butt of a lot of jokes for the next week.

Chapter 3

The next day as we were leaving the canteen Sheila dragged Jake off into the canteen kitchen. I thought they were having a bit of a kiss and a cuddle or arranging an assignation but Sheila had passed on the information to the other ladies that that nice boy Paul had a monster cock. They had collared Jake to get him to tell the truth regarding its size.

There were five ladies Mary, Alice, Joan, Pat and Sheila. Mary, the oldest, was a small dumpy woman of 55 years. She had white hair, a very timid voice and I could imagine her being somebody’s grandmother. The thought of sex and Mary was not an association that entered my mind.

Alice was 48 years, 5′ 6″ tall with mousy hair usually tied in a bun. She had two boys of 17 and 19 years so she wasn’t too sure she approved of discussing young boys penises. At work she always looked quite plain and dowdy but I am sure that if she made an effort to dress up she could be quite attractive.

Pat at 5’10” was a big but well proportioned lady of 36 years who had two little girls aged 8 and 10. Pat had a lovely disposition always smiling and she used to ruffle my hair and call me “her lovely boy.” I think she would have liked to have had a son but I don’t know whether she wanted any more children. Although Pat had 42″ hips and a 38″D bust it was all nicely proportioned so I did not consider her as being particularly fat, just Rubenesque, although I’m sure she thought she was. In fact in the 1950’s the fashion trend was busts and the most popular actresses were Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield, Anita Ekberg and Jane Russell and all these actresses were very curvy and in no way the thin skinny types that appear popular today.

With her wavy black hair Pat reminded me very much of Jane Russell and I have often looked at her and fantasised about burying my face in her lovely big tits. I liked Pat, she seemed to find joy in everyone and therefore everyone found joy in her. She could mother me anytime she liked especially if she was naked.

Joan was 33 years old with a little boy of four. She was definitely the prize of the quintet being a very striking brunette with very delicate features and dazzling blue eyes. She was about 5′ 5″ narrow waisted and small 32B tits. Thinking back she looked like the actress Penelope Cruz looks today. Every man in the place, whether married or not, drooled over Joan.

Despite using rolling pins and other kitchen equipment as aids Jake could not convince them of the actual size of my penis. They felt he was exaggerating as usual.

“Well if you don’t believe me you need to see for yourselves and measure it” He said.

This is really what Sheila, Joan and Pat really wanted in the first place but Mary and Alice were shocked. They were concerned about grabbing “such a nice young lad” and pulling his trousers off.

“What if he told his parents” said Alice.

“Or the Management” said Mary. Pendik Escort “I can’t have any part of this so I won’t be there”

Alice agreed saying “It would feel like I was doing it to my sons”. “I wouldn’t want anyone to do it to my sons so I’m not doing it to somebody else’s son”

Jake assured them I would treat it all as a bit of fun.

Sheila said “Once we grab him, we will tell him we mean him no harm and won’t hurt him” But Mary and Alice were adamant they wouldn’t take part.

You have to remember that in 1958 there were no VCR’s, DVD’s or soft porn magazines in newsagents. Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H.Lawrence had yet to win its battle in the courts. In those days Parade was the only risque magazine and this only had black and white pictures of nude women, all with their legs together, and only one picture of a man and he had a flacid cock. I suppose fellatio and cunnilingus went on but not with “normal ” people and it definitely wasn’t spoken at all. Sex was the missionary position and ladies weren’t supposed to enjoy it, at least not openly.

It was agreed that tomorrow, Friday after the ladies had cleared up after dinner and the canteen was closed, Jake would send me back into the canteen at 2.30pm on some pretext and the ladies would ambush me.

Of course I quickly twigged that something was going on. Word had got around to all the others that the canteen ladies were to debag me, wank my cock and measure it. There was much merriment at jokes such “the canteen has received a consignment of Cumberland sausage or maybe Frankfurters for Monday’s menu”.

As soon as Jake sent me off the the canteen at 2.30pm I knew this was it and the reason for Jake’s and Sheila’s secret chats. As I walked over to the canteen I thought I’ll go along with this but I want something out it too. My first though was to see Joan or Sheila naked. My second thought was to spend half an hour playing with Pat’s tits.

As I walked into the canteen and as I neared the kitchen I said “OK ladies I believe you want to see my penis?”

The three ladies were just inside the kitchen door ready to grab me.

“Did Jake tell you” demanded Sheila.

“No” I said. “But he told everyone else and they made it pretty easy for me to guess what was going on”

“Why did you come then?” asked Joan haughtily.

“Well I don’t mind showing you my cock but I have two conditions” I replied.

“And what might they be?” said Pat cautiously

“Well I presume you want to see it erect and therefore you are going to have to get it into that state somehow” I grinned. “I’ll leave how you do that up to you” “My first condition is I don’t want to leave here with it still hard”

“What do you mean?” said Pat.

“He wants us to jerk him off” said Sheila

“Oh masturbate him” said Pat shyly.

“Of course how you do it ladies is entirely up to you” I smirked. “You don’t necessarily have to use your hands” I said looking pointedly at Pat’s breasts.

Joan grinned, Pat blushed and said “Uh! You cheeky bugger”

“OK. we’ll get you off” said Joan not looking at Pat. “What’s the second condition?”

I grinned and said “Well as you are going to pleasure me I want to give one of you pleasure too.”

They were all stunned and the expressions on their faces was a picture. I could almost see them imagining the various scenarios going through their heads

“You..You.. You want to fuck one of us?” whispered Sheila her face bright red.

“That would be nice” I grinned “But as you’re all married ladies I didn’t think that was a possibility but them again…. I wouldn’t however want to be the cause of any discord between husband and wife”

“You want one of us to masturbate too then?” said Joan indignantly

“Yes, but I want to be the one to do and in my own special way” I proclaimed.

Again there was a pregnant pause while they thought about this and what it would entail.

“You want to touch one of us?” Exclaimed Sheila incredulously.

“In what special way?” asked Pat with trepidation.

“I want to mainly use my lips, tongue and maybe my fingers”. I grinned.

“You mean down there between our legs?” asked a surprised Joan. “In front of everyone.”

“Yes. Technically its called cunnilingus but to put it crudely I want to eat your pussy!” I smirked

There was a stunned silence.

“Is this after, before or during what we are supposed to do to you” Asked Pat suppressing a smile.

“Well I thought during would be nice” I grinned. “I would be concentrating on something other than what you were doing to me and therefore should be able to last longer. The longer you last the better the final result.”

Pat thought about this and the said shyly “As I see it then you’re lying on the floor while two of us are masturbating you and the other one of us is virtually sitting on your face without any knickers on?”

“Yes, exactly right” I grinned. “I feel it would be ungentlemanly and rude of me not to gave at least one of you pleasure as a thank you for giving me pleasure”

There was a pregnant pause as the ladies looked from one to the other.

“Uhh!! You dirty bugger” said Sheila. “There’s no way I’m taking my knickers off for you.”

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