The Meeting

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Big Tits

You’re nervous as you approach the hotel door, knowing that you’re finally going to meet me after all this time. You and I have talked extensively, so you dress how you know will drive me wild. Your wearing a short black dress that flares from the waist, but is tight otherwise, with thin straps, a scoop neck and a low back. Your also wearing black silk thong panties, stay-up black stockings, and a sexy pair of heels; you left the bra at home so your nipples are visible through the tight material and they sway slightly as you walk… Your hair is pulled back into a ponytail, exposing the soft skin on the back of your neck.

The corridor is poorly lit, but you find the right door and raise your hand to knock. Suddenly strong hands grab you from behind and pull you into the room behind you. You try to struggle but find it impossible, and you can’t make a sound with a hand over your mouth. The door is slammed shut and you’re pushed against the door, a firm masculine body pressing at you from behind. “Shhh… Surrender sweetheart.” The hand is removed from your mouth, and slowly it slides down, caressing your neck, finally coming to rest on your heaving chest. The hand around your waist eases down, pulls up on the front of your dress and cups your sex, and you feel and allow the fingers to spread your legs wider.

You can feel the hot breath against your neck, and feel lips as they brush along the back of your neck, sending a shiver down your spine… You put your hands out on the door for support, and feel your knees go slightly weak as the hand on your sex slides a finger between your moistening lips, your panties slowing but not stopping the intrusion. You moan as the hand at your breast slides the straps over your shoulders, allowing your breasts to be exposed, your hard nipples visible in the dim light. As the hand begins playing with them you try to push yourself away from the door and turn to face your lover, but the hands stop you and push you firmly back into place. You hear “Tsk, Tsk, darling, your on my turf now” from behind your head, the sound almost vibrating through your neck.

You find your body responding, and push your ass back until it connects with your lover’s groin. Even through jeans you can feel cock, hard and pointed up. You hear and feel a groan, and the hand between your legs rips your panties off with one tug. You gasp with shock and the erotik hikaye cool air hitting your glistening lips, but the hand quickly returns, spreading your lips and sliding a finger between them while caressing your clit gently with the palm. Your nipples harden from the touch of the other hand, and you find yourself moving rhythmically to the pace of the hands. The back of your neck is being covered with kisses, and your heart feels like it is going to pound out of your chest…

The hand at your breast slides away, tracing a line behind you, and you feel the back of your dress rise, exposing your bare ass. The hand then returns upward, disappears, and then you feel it on the back of your head. Before you realize what is happening a blindfold is slid over your head, plunging you into darkness. You gasp and struggle a bit, but the reassuring voice whispers in your ear “Just focus on the sensations, not the images.” The hand goes back to caressing your breasts. You are nervous but find yourself enjoying the feelings. The hands pause in their ministrations to pull your dress all the way down; you feel it caress your legs as it slides down, and feel a set of lips on your ass cheeks as you step out of the pooled dress. A hand takes yours and leads you deeper into the room and you follow, now just wearing the stockings and heels. You are wobbly and you find you have to rely on the mysterious man’s voice and touch for reassurance.

You are stopped and told to pirouette, a hand holding yours above your head to assist you, which you do admirably considering your blindfolded and in heels. Your arms are then pulled behind you and you feel your wrists being tied together with a silky material. You again start to protest, but the voice points out the bounds are loose, and if need be you can break free at anytime. “It’s more of a reminder that you are mine than a restraint” you are told.

Suddenly you find yourself alone, the hands no longer touching you. Before you can protest you begin to feel hands and touches all over your body; only one at a time, but from many different directions. You turn your head, trying to orient on the direct you are being touched from, but instead hear a gentle laugh. “Sweet slave, you can’t even tell how many people are touching you can you? It could be one or half a dozen…” Truthfully so, as each touch seems different; soft and then hard, finger adult sikiş hikaye tips, then palms, back and then front of hands. Sometimes a pinch, sometimes a stroke, they are all different, but all arousing. You feel your sex begin to ooze juice down your thighs, collecting on your stocking tops.

This goes on for several minutes, and then you feel and once again allow your legs to be spread farther apart. Quickly but gently two fingers slide between your moist lips, you feel them make a slight scooping motion, and you gasp as they stroke your clit as they are removed. You strain to hear something, and hear a slurping and licking sound in front of you. “Mmmm, you taste so good… don’t you think so?” Before you can respond you feel and taste your juices as they are wiped across your dry lips. You are hesitant at first but soon lick your lips, and realize you like the taste. A finger starts to spread more around, and you lunge your head forward, sucking the finger into your mouth. You lick and suck the finger clean of your juice. “What a great idea my dear…” Hands direct you down until you are kneeling. You feel a hard cock run along your face and throat, leaving a trail of pre-cum wherever it goes. You turn your head trying to “catch” it, and triumphantly cause the shaft to disappear between your lips.

It feels big in your mouth, and you are unable to take it all. You use your tongue to explore it, tracing the ridges and veins with the tip. You suction it firmly but gently, and move your head slowly forward and back. You can smell the deep scent from the patch of hair, taste the warm earthy pre-cum, and feel hands caressingly hold your face, but the hips do not move; allowing you to set the pace and pleasure. You alternate long firm licks and slow but steady suctioning for about five minutes, enjoying hearing the moans above you. Fingers stroke and caress your face, neck, and back of neck, and soft words of encouragement drift down to you. Finally you can tell that it won’t be long before the pleasure peaks; Sensing this you are pulled you up to your feet, the cock leaving your mouth with one last slurp.

You are drawn forward, find your knees bumping against a padded chair, and then they are spread apart. You shuffle forward as directed, and find yourself straddling a seated man; you can feel his thighs between yours. The hands again begin exploring all erotik hikaye over you, and you feel warmth as first one nipple and then the other is engulfed in turn by wet lips. The sensation is wonderful, and you find yourself arching your back towards the hungry mouth. You try and lower yourself onto the cock you imagine is waiting for you, but the hands stop you, frustrating you. For what seems like hours fingers stroke and probe you, drawing designs in the wet cum on your inner thighs. You feel urgency, a need to be filled. You find yourself moaning, “Please, please let me have it…”

You are drawn forward and held tight, while the mouth still licks and sucks your hard and tender nipples, and you find yourself grinding gently against the body, your sex held tight around waist height of your lover. A hand holds the small of your back, pinning you there like a beautiful butterfly… It is then you feel the head of the cock at your entrance, but not pushing in… simply sliding up and down between your lips tantalizingly. You moan in frustration, trying in vain to lower yourself, and you can almost feel the smile against your breast as your lover enjoys your hunger. You beg for it, and find yourself talking like a streetwalker, begging for the release in the dirtiest words you can imagine. Your sex feels open and gapping, yearning, tease beyond belief by the slight touch of the head.

Without warning hands grasp your hips and you find yourself impaled on the full length of cock. You gasp, momentarily stunned at how full you feel. You hear a slight laugh, and then find your self being kissed. You kiss back, tongue exploring the mouth as if it is your last chance for nourishment. Your sex throbs from the shock of the violation, but returns quickly to focus, juicing even more than before. Slowly hands move you up and down the full length, directing you to roll your hips forward on the down-thrust, rubbing your clit against your lover’s groin. The feeling is unbelievable, and you find the hunger and pace increasing. You make love for an eternity, bodies moving in unison. When you finally feel yourself peak you throw your head back and let out a gasping moan, your muscles clenching around the cock; it is too much for it and you feel pulse after pulse of cum splash inside you, he cries out an almost feral groan and holds you tighter. You collapse forward draping your body over your lover, your sex still spasming, milking more cum out of the still hard cock.

I pull off your blindfold and stare into your eyes, my chest pounding against yours. I smile and kiss you. “Nice to finally meet you….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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