The Mirror Ch. 01

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Michael was very inexperienced when I first met him. He was only 23 and only ever been with 2 girls, so his sexual needs may never have really been fulfilled.

Although we talked about his conquests, I could tell he was very nervous and wanted to show himself as a man and a lover. So the things he was telling me may well have been a slight over-exaggeration.

I had only met Michael by accident. I’d heard about him, but never met him. In fact, I was led to believe that he was not a nice person, pretty ordinary in appearance and a bit of a ‘user’. Of course, all that information came from his ex, who, by the way, was happy to let him drive her here, there and everywhere as she didn’t have a car.

So it was very fateful when she began an affair with my husband and soon decided to brag to Michael about sleeping with a married man.

He’d heard a lot about me too and so decided to come and tell me, apparently thinking he was doing the right thing, even though he’d never met me before.

One night after he dropped her at my house, he waited till he saw them drive off, then came back and knocked on the door. The funny thing was that when I opened the door, there was no need for an introduction, I knew exactly who he was.

He fumbled for words initially but eventually told me that he thought I needed to know. I explained to him that I already knew and that I allowed it to happen as there was no sexual satisfaction between my husband and I and hadn’t been for years. He seemed surprised and asked why, before he even realized these words had been spoken.

I laughed and tried to put him at ease. I was 12 years older than him and I’d had my fair share of lovers but wasn’t sure how much to tell him about my life and how it all worked. So I told him the bases of our relationship was that if it was good for one, then it was good for the other. With his eyes wide open, he asked ‘so you are allowed to sleep with whoever you want?’

I smiled and replied ‘basically, yes’. He then looked me in the eye and asked if I would sleep with him. To which I burst into laughter, embarrassing him even more. I’m still not sure if he meant for those words to escape his lips, but they released without warning.

‘I’m so sorry’ I said, still smiling and giggling like a child.

‘This was just so sudden, I was not expecting you to ask me that question, we are strangers’.

He Escort Bayan Esenyurt apologized but said he just got caught up in the moment and the thought of sleeping with an older woman was such a turn on. And he considered it would be especially nice if the feelings were returned.

I told him things don’t always happen that quickly and suggested we put the kettle on and discuss this over a cup of coffee. As we got up from our seats to head for the kitchen, we heard a fairly loud buzzing sound and with a couple of flickers, the lights went out.

I headed for the light switch and tried to turn them on, but that wasn’t working. Michael headed for the window and peeling the curtains back, showed me into the dark of the street, where not even a street light was on. I reached for the phone to ring the power company, to find that without power, I had no phone. We both burst into hysterical laughter as I reached for my mobile. I rang the number for the power company, only to hear a recorded message saying that the power was out in several suburbs, mine was one of them.

The air was a little lighter now and remembering that the stove was gas, we could still have that coffee. So we ventured out to the kitchen, lit the gas and put the kettle on.

Now, I must point out here, that Michael was not as I thought. He did not appear to be any of the things that I’d been told he was and I realized that I had pre-judged him unfairly. Thinking that I was not going to like him if and when I ever met him appeared as a foregone conclusion, but it now seemed otherwise. I liked the look of him, his youth, his body and especially his deep blue eyes and his eagerness appealed to me.

Michael seemed like a genuine person, actually concerned for me and what he thought I was going through. The thought of him wanting to sleep with me was a real turn on for me, his age, in fact his whole demeanour and the sliver of light coming through the kitchen window, compliments of the moon, appeared to add to the naked gas flame as if it was setting the mood even more.

I decided that I wanted to do this. Michael was not really a stranger as I’d been hearing about him for almost 6 months and now I began to wonder what the real reason was really like. Perhaps she knew I would be interested, but didn’t want to share him. Perhaps she really did still Escort Bayan Avcılar have a hold on him and didn’t want that changed. Well, that was all bad luck as I had now, very quickly, made up my mind. I had the chance to seduce this eager young man and decided to give it a go.

Michael and I were standing on opposite sides of the cooking area of my kitchen, around a metre away from each other. We were both leaning against opposite benches with folded arms. I wanted to see the expression on his face so I asked him straight out ‘so, are you really interested in sleeping with me or did you only ask to see my reaction?’

He looked a little surprised but managed to get a few words out ‘I would really like that’ he said. I walked the couple of steps to where he was standing and offered him my lips. It was like he was expecting me and he arms unfolded ready to take me. As he took my offer, I pressed my body against his and as I felt his lips against mine, I teased his open mouth, running my tongue along the inside of his lips.

I could feel him harden against me as his excitement rose. I realized by the intensity he showed when he kissed me again, that I already had my answer. I reached over and turned off the gas, took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom. He had no clue where he was going as he couldn’t see in the dark, so he followed me closely.

We entered the bedroom and I moved him ahead of me and reached back to close the door. The last thing I wanted was for them to come home and us be in a compromising situation. We had an unwritten rule that if the door was closed, then you don’t go in without knocking first.

I took his hands and slid down to his wrists, placing his open palms on each of my breasts, letting him feel the fullness of them through my shirt. As his hands and fingers moved over my breasts, I reached around and undid my bra, the unbuttoning my shirt, I slide it off my shoulders, Michael moving his hands slightly to allow it to expose my breasts.

His eyes were glued and widening as I exposed my upper body to him. I used my foot to push open the wardrobe door, showing a full length mirror and as I turned to face it, I told him to take my straps down. His trembling fingers slid under the shoulder straps and he pulled them down my arms until my bra fell from my body. I took his hands from Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü behind me and cupped a breast with each of his hands, using his forefinger and thumb to gently pinch each nipple.

I looked into the mirror and could see his hands on me, with him looking over my shoulder, not realizing the mirror was reflecting what he was doing. Using my foot, I turned it slightly to catch the feint light that was coming from the night. It caught his eye and he raised his face to see his hands and fingers supporting my breasts and I heard him moan.

‘This is so nice to watch’ he said. I let him watch for a few minutes before I turned again, facing him, letting his hands rest on my back.

There was no resistance or hesitation as I began to unbutton his shirt and remove it. Nor was there any resistance or hesitation, as he kicked off his shoes and let me remove his track pants. But as I put my hand on his growing member, so wanting to remove it from the restriction of his underwear, he stopped me, putting his hand on mine. And making some very slight movements and sounds of his own, I realized he was done.

I put my arms around him and snuggled against his chest, feeling his heart pounding. No words were spoken for what seemed like an hour. We just stood there, holding each other. I suddenly realized this was a very awkward moment as he was left with a mess inside his underwear, his clothes thrown around the room and me, almost still fully dressed. I looked up at him and smiled, trying to relax him a little. I spoke quietly so as not to ruin the moment.

‘You know something?’ I enquired. ‘No’ he said, sounding quite embarrassed.

‘Well, I am happy to think that the thought’, I hesitated as I spoke, ensuring that I chose my words well, ‘and the thought alone, of being intimate with me, excites you so much that you expressed it the way you have’.

He was very nervous and still unsure of what I meant. So I explained that I was actually a little flattered that the excitement of the thought of sleeping with me got to him so much. It showed me that I obviously did something for him and that pleased me. I also told him that we could try again, if he was interested.

‘Name the time and place’ he responded as he reached down to let his lips further express how much he was looking forward to this.

I left him alone, directing him to the bathroom and toilet and went back to put the kettle back on. Within a few minutes he joined me and we made the coffee. The subject of our conversation over the next hour jumped from one topic to another as I began to plan our next meeting in my mind. We began to build a new friendship, one that I both treasured and nurtured for almost a year.

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