The More The Merrier

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She stood in the doorway, looking as if she was poised to pounce. Tessa’s body was garbed in her sexiest night-time apparel, that consisted of a black lace demi-bra with matching panties and garter. Her golden orange leopard print satin robe dangling off her tanned shoulders. As, I starred at my long-time friend with astonishment, warm hands gripped my waist from behind.


I smiled nervously while leaning backwards into his bulky frame for comfort. His arms were solid, as he cloaked me in shadow towering over my meager five feet four inches. It forced me to have to look up and him. From my angle, I was able to glance his dimpled face, with a hint of stubble. His auburn hair topped with a slate gray fedora. He was ogling Tessa, just as hard as I was.

“Doesn’t she look delicious, babe?” Hunter’s deep baritone caught me off guard, rattling the very immutable foundation of my composure. I think I shivered. One thing was certain, I was way too shaken up to offer up a verbal response. I nodded.

Fuck, I need to get a grip, fast.

I released myself from Hunter’s istanbul escort hold.

“I’m going to , uh, make us drinks.” I threw a smile in Tessa direction.

“You want one, Tess?” I asked, praying that they couldn’t hear my voice wavering.

“Of course, You know how I like it.” She replied and I attempted to crack another smile. Hunter huffed.

“Now, Ava?

“Yes, now.” I said through clenched teeth.

“I’m sure we can all use a drink.” added Tessa.”Relax, Hunt.” She sashayed over toward the large taupe micro-fiber so far. “We have time.”

“I know, right.” I scoffed. Hunter scowled at me.

“O..Kay,” I said.

“I will be right back.”

I shuffled down the corridor toward the kitchen in my comfortable, yet room townhouse, My thoughts whizzed at mile a minute.

What the hell am I thinking?

Maybe, I should just back out now while we are still clothed.

Once inside, I rummaged for the tallest bottle of rum I could find. No glass. No Cup. Just popped it open and stared at the mouth of the bottle. izmir escort I was absolutely certain that that wasn’t going to be one the worse thing, I’d done by the end of the day.

Bottoms up.

Once I was done lushing, I conjured up my inner alcoholic and my previous bartending skills and got to work on the martinis.I wasn’t busing long before I heard a distinct whistle behind me. My breath caught in my chest and racing thoughts rolled. I had already willed my mind that I wasn’t going to respond,but all that was laid to rest when he spoke.

“In’it a bit nostalgic seeing you like this?” I whirled around only to be greeted with glistening grey eyes and pouting mouth.

“Hey, Gabe.” He pulled me in for a hug.”When did you get here?” I asked releasing him as if he had the plague.

“Well, when me flight landed Tess told me you lounging around o’er here. So, I dropped in.”

Great, make me more nervous than I already am. I thought.

“Oh, I brought the handcuffs.” He added with an eyebrow wiggle.

Those beautiful lips izmit escort curled into the most magnificent smile you’d ever wanted to see. He was wearing thick black framed Michael Kors glasses, that complimented his facial contours with perfection. Black Prada sneakers and leather vest were just pieces of his ensemble.

“Very funny, sweetie. The only person who’s going to be wearing metal bracelets tonight, is that gorgeous blonde in the livingroom.” I flashed a smile back.

“Did somebody say gorgeous?” I looked up to see Tessa posing in the archway of the kitchen entrance. She gracefully bounced to Gabriel’s side. I laughed a little. My best friend had a tendency to be over the top and full-on essentric even when it wasn’t necessary. I adored it. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one. They’d said their hello in the usual fashion. Gabriel jerked her into him and greedily devoured her mouth,as if she had the very essence of life itself on her tongue, in her body. He groped her with need. Instantly, I could feel my face burn with shame. They garnered so much sexual energy, anymore and they’d be naked on my kitchen floor. I planned to say something, but before I could speak, those shimmering grey eyes met mine. He winked and in that infinite moment I need my mind to do what my legs wouldn’t. Be strong. I returned to my duties and pondered,

Dear God, What Have I gotten myself into?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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