The Morning After Ch. 4

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A week had passed and I was nearly packed ready to go off to college. What a transition, going from living with my parents to being on my own! I held the letter of acceptance in my hand once more and looked at the letterhead and the hand written signature of the Chancellor. It felt unreal and like someone else’s life still. Maybe once I was on the airplane and away from everything I knew it would finally sink in.

The doorbell rang and I opened it and saw Nicolas standing there I looked up to make eye contact.

“Thanks for coming over.” I stepped aside to let him in. “Come on in.”

He lumbered in, at six foot four and well over two hundred pounds he was literally a russian bear. “Are you sure about this Michael?” Of course he pronounced my name with his light accent ‘mee-kel’.

“Yes, it is a parting gift and she has always liked you. You find her pretty don’t you?” He actually blushed and nodded.

“Da, I have had, how you say, the hots for her for a long time.” He sat on the couch with his long legs stretched out before him. A thought just came to me.

“Nic, are you a virgin?” He looked at me and a long pause and he started laughing, tears were rolling down his face. He actually had difficulty breathing for a little while.

“Michael, you slay me, is that right?” I nodded. “I am not a virgin I will not disappoint your sister, or you. This gift of me she will remember for many years.” He seemed very confident of pleasing her. I looked at his huge hands and wondered at the old wives tales.

“OK, she will be here in about half an hour. So why don’t you go hang out upstairs in my room and I will get things going. And I got the bottle of vodka you wanted, I also got her a bottle of tequila so that should loosen her up.” I handed him the bottle of alcohol and off he tromped up the stairs. He moved like a gorilla but I hoped he fucked like a nordic god.

A half an hour to the minute the front door opened and my twin showed up wearing spandex pants, a clingy tube top and her hair in a single ponytail. She saw the boxes filled with my stuff and nearly started to cry right there. I rose from the couch and she threw herself into my arms.

“I am going to miss you so much!” Her tears started flowing and I felt my shirt getting wet. I held up the bottle of tequila and her fetiş escort eyes widened. “Oh yes, we are getting so fucked up tonight!” I broke the seal and poured two shots and we toasted the threw down the burning liquid. Immediately I poured a second round and the first three shots were like that then we slowed down. We talked about old times and then two more quick shots when I broke the news.

“I got you something special for my parting gift to you.” She looked puzzled and right on cue the heavy footsteps could be heard coming down the front steps. It was Nicolas alright, but not as I planned, no he was naked and sporting an erection that would have intimidated even a seasoned whore. She looked at his dick and then at me.

“Oh Mike, you shouldn’t have.” She didn’t look alarmed in the least, as a matter of fact she looked hungry to challenge that foot long. She rose to her feet and in a dreamy sort of way she approached Nic and without even a hint of foreplay she grabbed his dick and tugged. He grunted and let her play with it. As she knelt in front of him, “Is this all for me?” He could only nod, and it was then that I saw the empty bottle still clutched in a fist. The fact that he was still standing was a fucking miracle. I watched as my sister took that monster cock in her mouth and licked the length of it. Her hands moved up half the length while her mouth worked on the tip and what she could actually fit down her throat.

“Oh yeah, suck my dick bitch!” My mouth dropped open in shock as the quiet giant began to hurl obscenities at my sister. And she just ate it up, she smiled up at him and gnawed on the tip and watched him flinch at the sharp sensation. Then she returned her full attention to sucking that monster down her throat. Inch after inch she forced till half of it had disappeared and still she pushed until a good eight inches was gone. We both stared at her as like a fabled sword swallower she hilted him to his pubic hair down her talented gullet. Then like a woman regurgitating a snake his dick miraculously reappeared back to the light of day. She worked both of her hands over his semi hard cock.

“I want this bad boy rock hard before I put it inside of me.” Putting him in his place I watched it get harder and even longer. When it gaziantep fetiş escort was sticking straight away from his body she nodded that it was time. “Lay on the floor in front of the couch Mike gets a good seat after all he set this all up.” Nic stalked over and lay down like a puppy answering his master’s call. The flag pole dick pointed straight up at the ceiling and she stood over it and licked her lips and straddled him. She slowly lowered herself down on the titanic cock of this Russian giant. She sighed as it parted her pussy lips and began to enter her. A look of absolute delight lit her face, she nodded to no one and dropped down six inches and whooped. “Yeah, now that’s a dick!” She patted his thigh like petting a dog for a good deed. She stayed there for six strokes or so and then let herself drop another two inches and rolled her eyes in her head and growled.

She stroked up and down on those nine inches and got into a good grove for five minutes or so. I was rock hard watching her faces and wanting so bad to whip my dick out and have her suck me off. As if reading my mind she paused for a second and motioned for me to come over. I took a shot and rose to my feet and walked and stood before her. “I want to suck your dick, now!” That was no request that was a demand. I opened my fly and freed my cock and placed it within reach of her mouth. She grabbed my hips and got the right position for me and then as she humped his dick the motion allowed to suck my cock with minimal effort and distraction. She swirled her tongue around me as she rode the monster and all Nic had to do was lay there and enjoy himself. His drunken smile was almost funny. Now her hands again on my hips adjusting my position as she took another inch into her wet warm depths. Her legs were beginning to shake from the effort but she went with the burn and continued fucking him. I think she took perverse pleasure humbling this man with the huge cock. I guess the ‘suck my dick bitch’ comment didn’t sit well with her. She pulled me from her mouth and whispered in my ear. “I need you in my ass, this will not likely ever happen again, please fuck my ass!” I handed her the bottle and we took turns for a second or two exchanging shots. I moved behind her and kneeled, Nic only smiled gaziantep fetiş escort further and nodded his approval. Like I fuckin’ cared at this point, this was for her not me. I waited for her to stop moving, she lowered herself the rest of the way down and took the remainder of the monster inside of her. Nic and I wore mirrored expressions, how the hell? She looked over her shoulder and nodded, I moved into position rubbed my steel dick against her entrance and with steady pressure eased into her tightness. The head popped in and she sighed, “I never imagined.” And then the rest of the length moved in and before too terribly long we were both buried to the hilt in her. “Just sit a moment.” She said and when she was ready I began to pump in and out of her. My motion moved not just my dick but forced the movement of Nic’s dick too. We were all moaning and groaning as we found a nice rhythm. I reached around and freed her breasts and teased her nipples, they deserved some attention too. “All I need is a dick in my mouth to make this perfect.” She wasn’t disappointed just whistfully thinking out loud. I whistled and she looked over her shoulder looking confused until Dave, one of her old boyfriends stepped from around the corner. He had been hiding in the closet naked and listening for my signal.

“Ask and you shall receive.” Was all I said. I had told Dave if he wanted a parting shot at her mouth he should be here on this day and knowing how bad they had broke up he would not disappoint, and he hadn’t. He placed his eight inches in front of her and she hungrily took him into her mouth. She greedily sucked him off as I rebuilt the pace we had set and knew she would never feel like this ever again so it had to be perfect. I held off my orgasm with clenched teeth and shots from the bottle. But to my sorrow it was Nic who blew first. He cried out and I could feel him shoot into her and like some deck of cards sis convulsed under the sensory overload of three cocks. I continued to stroke in and out as she continued to suck and stroke on Dave’s dick. I felt my dick painfully harden in her ass and Dave was breathing fast and deep. His face reddened as he got closer and closer to cumming. We were racing he and I as sis rode out the energy as they built and built. And finally I could hold on no longer and Dave and I came simultaneously filling her mouth and ass. We all collapsed in a heap on the floor with my sister in the middle of us. We were all gently stroking each other enjoying the afterglow and sipping from the remaining tequila.

“Now that was one hell of a going away present, I can’t wait till you open mine.” She whispered in my ear and gave my dick a gentle tug.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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