The Mother of all Nurses Ch. 02

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The next few days Cassandra found that her shift routine had kept her away from the young man, in another part of the hospital. This irritated her slightly but she kept up with his condition regularly checking in with Helen and reading his patient profile. Under the current medication, she read the recommendation of the doctor and noticed the following line: “the patient’s immune system is reacting negatively to the current painkillers. To prevent further infection and help stimulate regrowth of vital broken muscles and bone, a diet rich in protein and calcium is thus required”. Cassandra smiled to herself faintly, thinking of a natural way to help her patient recover faster. She knew that she would make a difference to him. Over the next few nights before going home, Cassandra snuck into the lab and took home ampoules of metoclopramide, a prolactin stimulant.

Before her meals at night, she would take these and go to bed thinking again of her patient as she used a breast pump to help stimulate the production of her milk, the large ripe teats of her fertile womanhood gradually becoming heavier, and her nipples dark and swollen. Work colleagues began to comment about how rosy her cheeks appeared or how more animated she would seem, her body full of the liquid of motherhood. The feelings excited Cassandra as she had never experienced them before despite her age. Now she wanted to heal him, fill him up with her goodness and make him smile. But most of all secretly, she wanted to see his life maker spring up to attention for her again and to see his life force gushing out in her name and his eyes all over her body.

At first she would simply sneak into the kitchen and whilst the cooks weren’t around, she would take out her patients designated custard desserts, unzip her nurse uniform and withdraw one of her swelling D cup orbs of succulent beauty and spray his food liberally with her symbolic love and healing power until one was empty. If only she were on the roster to be the one to put it in his mouth with a spoon and to see his expressions as he tasted her nurturing fluid.

Eventually this routine was not enough for Cassandra and finally she decided that she simply must be in the room with him again. After her post she hid behind a curtain in an opposing room and waited for the nurse attending the young man to leave. With her heart in her mouth, Cassandra crept out and into his room, closing the door faintly behind her. She opened up the curtain around his bed and closed it as well, her eyes sweeping down to her patient to find him wide awake and staring fixedly at her. His expression was stony and dark as he locked eyes with hers, but as Cassandra’s eyes softened with care and kind intent, she felt his eyes drift and settle down upon her ample bosom which seemed to rise and push out towards him and then down her hourglass figure.

After his gaze had feasted upon the curves of her nurse uniform for some time, without a word, Cassandra was beside him and pulling back his blankets, his flaccid manhood resting soft and dormant upon his thigh. Biting her lip just looking at it again, Cassandra opened up her nurse uniform and brought it down so that her large nursing bra was visible. The kartal escort bayan young man tried hard to turn all the way around, struggling against his injuries, his eyeballs following her every movement becoming again fixed upon her bosom.

At the very sight of the nursing bra struggling to contain the nurse’ full dew laden mountains, the young man’s manhood began to fill with blood in a slow rise from its many long nights of slumber since their first meeting. Cassandra gasped as his penis extended before her eyes at her attention, feeling its gaze peer toward her, feeling wanted, feeling as though her presence was now more than needed. “You want to see my breasts, don’t you? You want to see what I have for you here…so much bundled love. You’ve tasted me the past couple of weeks now…I’ve been in your every dessert.” She smiled warmly at him.

Slowly she unhooked her bra completely and dropped it to the ground, her full breasts standing jutted like proud torpedoes of delight, her nipples ripe and rich, full of her invigorating mature dew. Opening her breasts, she leaned down and encased her patients face into her cleavage and rubbed softly with affection, immersing her warm orbs and wrapping him up in her maternal web. The young man groaned audibly, in pain and pleasure, toing and froing, his face within her flesh cradled caress, his cock leaping out at the sensations, leaping out at this beautifully voluptuous older woman standing attentively before him.

She was less inhibited than any of his girlfriends, more confident, more assured and knew exactly how to please him. His bloated cock head throbbed almost painfully as he moved restlessly, kissing out at the nurse’s deep cleavage, smelling out her deepest scents, remembering Mary…how much he’d wanted her to take his virginity and to feast upon her bosom.

After smothering him for some time in her cleavage, Cassandra withdrew a breast and offered a nipple to her patient. His tongue darted out and explored in circles around perfect circles, before the nurse sat forward and without hesitation, the young man opened his mouth and latched on to her nipple. His instinctive response was immediate as he began sucking on Cassandra’s breast, who rubbed his head lightly and moved wisps of hair off his forehead. “oh you sweet baby, I’ll make you feel better”, she whispered soothingly looking back at his cock and lovingly reaching back to begin the slow stroking she had perfected before. She’d change from a soft grip on the down stroke and tighten her fingers on the up stroke in a sure, clock-like rhythm, almost a counter to the insistence of his sucking.

Without gloves was so much better she decided, loving the warm feel of his young hard manhood pulse in her hand and how his head would kiss her palm and fingers sometimes with its pre-ejaculate. The fourth or fifth time it did this, Cassandra peeled back his foreskin and admired his cock’s broad head. “You’re bigger than my husband ever was, you know?” And you’re probably half his age…she laughed and blushed. Oh you’re so hard for me! I love stroking it for you…I can tell you like it too, and like what you see… She smiled and crooned to her patient who escort maltepe was suckling upon her breast instinctively and nuzzling with his nose into her soft flesh, making desperate sounds of want. Cassandra hushed him and jerked slower and slower. He groaned back in response with pleasure, increasing the intensity of his sucking, taking more of her breast into his mouth and she helped him by squeezing under her large sweet teat, until finally the rich protein filled milk began to squirt forth from her induced lactating nipples.

She felt him begin to swallow hard and gulp several times and sigh before going down for more…”Oh there it goes…drink deep, that’s the way…Don’t worry…I’ll look after you just fine sweetie, until you’re healthy and new”, she smiled reassuringly down at him.

She found herself looking back upon his phallus and stroking it fondly as he groaned more loudly this time and drank deeply upon her healing fluids. Low into his ear, she found to her shock that she cooed lustfully “it’s ok sweetheart…mama make it better” Suddenly, the man unlatched himself and swallowed quickly before saying in a husky deep voice “say that again…please…” his voice trailed off…more insistently, say it slower…like you mean it…please…

Not thrown off by his first words to her, Cassandra was too far gone into lustful bliss to turn back and think about how taboo it sounded..”shhh…mama make it better…” she called again softly, sensuously, holding his head against her teat and rocking, stroking his cock, her fingers rolling down to his testicles between each stroke and snaking over the soft rubbery skin lightly, making his erection surge and body tingle more. “You’re so hard for me…but mama make it better”, she cooed. The young man felt a tear run down his cheek as he thought of Mary, thought how much the nurse resembled her in body shape and size. Her large pancake like areola and long nippled breasts, her widely thick and inviting hips, her melodious maternal voice; she was the purity of womanhood to him. Accepting, giving, encouraging, loving, caring…and most of all, life affirming. He felt her goodness going down through his body immediately, felt it filling him and incentivising his virility. He was being healed at supernatural speed, such was the power of her mammary instilled love.

Cassandra pawed at his manhood and bit her lip as she looked at it throbbing in her hand, almost hypnotised by its power, wanting again to see his full release. It had been more than two weeks since that first time and she knew he would not last much longer. “My injured patient needs relief mmm?” she whispered again, rubbing his back and pulling her empty teat out of his mouth. Cassandra patted his back smiling tenderly “I’ll bet you’re full and all nice and warm now, there, there…” she said as if to imitate burping a newborn, whilst rubbing his glands with the tips of her fingers. “Now to fix your little problem here,” she giggled.

She moved down alongside his waist and delicately opened her cleavage and pushed his cock between her breasts and stroked him more with them, feeling him pulse and lubricate her skin. The young man moaned quite loudly at this pendik escort and sensing he was close, Cassandra stroked him several more times, eyeing his purple head as it poked out between her breasts, before peeling down his foreskin and deftly lowering her head, sucking just once expertly on his exposed glands. In seconds, his entire body convulsed and he cried out loudly for Mary, for succour, for sustenance…for this beautiful nurse easing his pain that was the very avatar of motherhood.

Semen began bursting forth from his penis violently in long thick colossal waves all over Cassandra’s milky breasts. “Good…mmm, that’s my sweet little man. Let it all go over mama’s breasts…oh, you’ve so much of it…yes let it all out…that’s the way…cover mammas big breasts baby,….Cassandra was mesmerised as she let go of his young cock and observed it pumping out it’s seed, feeling it splash and roll down her breasts. At one stage she lowered her face again and opened her mouth and caught a good volley of it, cupping his balls to ensure that her warmth encouraged the maximum out of him. Cassandra swallowed the shot of his life’s essence with joy, humming softly as his orgasm subsided, beginning to clean him with her lips, kissing and licking his glands dry with worshipping affection. The young man spent, panted mutedly and felt his eyes fixed to Cassandra’s heavy bosom, felt them beginning to close, so full and opiated was he from her motherly fluids. The hint of a contented smile shone on his face as he slipped into bliss. Cassandra smiled to herself and sighed with pleasure, gathering as much of his semen as possible into a small dish, using a special sealed cover to ensure it kept at room temperature, knowing that it could last at least a couple of hours outside of the body if it came from a healthy male. She cleaned up and hastily left the room, her panties once again wringing wet…

Driving home, she couldn’t take her eyes off of the dish in her bag, thinking of what had transpired, of how much she had inspired him and how much she had healed him. When she got home, Cassandra lit a fire and made herself a beautiful dinner. She then showered and prepared herself for a ritual she’d already envisaged whilst watching the semen spurting from her patient. Taking the dish, she opened it and siphoned as much as she could save into a long cooking syringe. Laying her towel in front of the fire, Cassandra spread herself wide and lay on her towel feeling the flames warm her limbs. She then lay back and took her vibrator, jagging softly at first at her vaginal entrance before easing further and deeper. Her strong vice like vaginal muscles sucked her favourite vibrator deep inside, just where she liked it most. She thought of her taboo words to her patient and thought of his virile manhood…covering her breasts with its life-giving seed. In the embracing cusp of the flames, Cassandra cried out her pleasure more intensely than before as she tickled her clitoris and let her own juices trickle out onto the towel.

She swooned and extended her neck rearing up amidst the flames, taking the cooking syringe and spreading wider before inserting it as far as she could, pushing upon it feverishly inch by inch, feeling the still warm healthy young sperm jet itself inside her maternal womb…shivering, as she lay back and emptied the syringe, indolently she raised her own nipple to her mouth and suckled from herself, falling asleep by the fire.


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