The Mystery Box Pt. 03

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I arrived at the auction in good time for the viewing and spend a few hours before the auction evaluating the items for sale.

To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement and if any of these items stemmed from Greystone House then they were at first sight mundane and of little interest.

Rows of brown furniture lined the room but contained nothing of interest inside. I opened the draws to cabinets and desks in the hope that there might be some paperwork that would help Susan and myself discover more about the place but there was nothing of the kind to be found.

Plenty of chairs and plain seating benches, kitchen items mostly pots and pans were in abundance but nothing of interest until I spotted something under a table that gave some hope.

It was a hand held strong box, locked and with the key missing but with the reassuring initials G.H. just about visible on its lid. I made a note of the lot number and hoped that I might obtain the article very cheaply as it could well be of little interest to others.

Time was passing and I wondered whether my trip had been a wast of time – and then I spotted it, standing upright and propped against a wall behind a couple of bureaus, a wooden structure which if laid upon the floor would look identical to the punishment bench depicted on the hand drawn sketch that we had discovered earlier.

My heart missed a beat when I moved the furniture aside to expose the item fully and saw the remains of leather straps hanging from the robust metal eye bolts strategically placed at its head, middle and foot.

There was no doubt in my mind that this was the actual punishment bench used to hold a girl immobile whilst she was being punished by the tawse. I could not wait to let Susan know that we now had both the significant items needed to complete, should she wish to, a replica of that room in our own home – but I was being premature, I still had to win the auction in order to own the object.

Of course I must own it, how could I let this opportunity pass, Susan would never forgive me and neither would I forgive myself – whatever it costs I shall willingly pay to secure this item.

The auction seemed to take ages to start and my first item of interest, the strong box, was already half way down the list. The bench being under the heading ‘sundry items’ was almost at the end, so I knew that I was in for a long wait.

When the box came up I started the bidding very low, just five pounds and, as I hoped, my maiden bid won the item – much later on, when over half the bidders had already left, the bench was secured for another five pounds with me as the only bidder.

Elated I waited until someone was available to give me a hand to load the heavy wooden bench into the back of my pick up truck after which I lost no time in racing home to my wife who had little idea of my mission and possible purchases.

Arriving home, and seeing her face, I sensed that Susan had something of interest to impart.

Not wishing to upstage her I left Escort bayan my news to last and listened intently to the results of her daily endeavours.

‘I can’t believe I did not think of it before,’ she said, ‘All I did was to Google the words Greystone House and a whole history of the place was there before my eyes.

Did you know that the place had two male governors? – well one overall governor and one deputy to be precise, and the main one at the time we are interested in was called Henry Stern – don’t you see darling the initials H.S. appear in the Punishment Book records as being the one we thought who did the actual beating with the tawse. Can you imagine, in an otherwise all female institution, the humiliation and embarrassment for a poor girl having to strip naked and be whipped by a MAN to say nothing of the pain she must endure? It makes me go weak at the knees to think of it,’ she said with her face reddening at the thought.

It was a worthy subject for our night time togetherness but there were other things that would be even more significant once I chose to reveal them.

I allowed time for my wife to finish her oratory and to ask how I got on at the auction before I dropped my first little gem.

‘Very good my sweet’, I replied casually, ‘There is one item that I took a chance on which may, or may not, provide further clues.’

I told her about the locked strong box with the initials G.H. on its lid that may contain absolutely nothing when the lock was forced open, or if we are in luck might just have something significant inside that will teach us more about that terrible place.

‘Oh how thrilling, another mystery box to open I cannot wait,’ she cried.

‘There is another thing that I know you will be absolutely thrilled about my love and I cannot wait to show you, in fact I need you to give me a hand to unload it as it is heavy and will need the trolley to transport it inside, are you up for it?’ I said, knowing full well her response.

Together we made straight for my pick up and the long heavy object that projected beyond the tailgate.

At first Susan did not recognise the object as it was inverted and not fully on view but slowly the realisation dawned on her.

‘Oh please tell me it is what I think it is darling,’ she gushed, clinging to my arm for support.

‘Can you believe our luck?’ I said, adding, ‘It will need a lot of work and I shall have to dismantle the base before we will be able to lift it out on our own, it took four of us to load it and those Victorians certainly made things to last,’ I reminded her.

‘Sounds like a job for tomorrow then,’ she replied sadly, ‘But we still have the box to investigate. Will you be able to smash the lock and put us out of our misery?’ she asked excitedly.

I nodded and teased her with an ultimatum, saying that I could certainly break into the box but if there was to be something inside then she must wait until I decide the time is right to inspect it, reasoning that we could Bayan escort both benefit from curbing our hunger and from the discipline of anticipation. I did however assure her that I would break into the box before our special time together this evening to at least see whether there was something, or nothing, inside.

‘If those are the conditions Sir,’ she said with a wicked twinkle in her eye, ‘Then I must abide with my master’s wishes.’

It was the first time that my wife had adopted a truly submissive attitude and I had to admit I rather liked it.

With half an hour before our nightly ritual I wasted no time in selecting a sturdy chisel and mallet and even less time in breaking the hasp of the strong box before flinging open the lid and peering inside.

Yes there was something inside and I could not wait to inform Susan who was attending to the last minute essentials before our early bedtime.

I pulled out the contents which turned out to be a bundle of papers tied together with a black ribbon that secured the bundle both laterally and vertically then over the knot there seemed to be some sort of seal, wax possibly or pitch, and under that a label marked ‘For Disposal.’

Clearly this bundle of papers were not intended to be separated easily, if at all, which served only to whet my appetite and likely my wife’s too.

Finally we were beside each other, naked and ready for whatever developed. Something always developed during our special time of day whether we had planned in advance or let it happen naturally, but tonight there was only one thing on Susan’s mind – what was in the box and whether I could be persuaded into changing my mind about waiting a while before satisfying our burgeoning curiosity.

When I informed her that we were in luck, my eager wife tried to seduce me into breaking the seal in order to see the contents straight away, using her feminine charms.

‘Go you meanie,’ she taunted me, ‘What will it take to get you to change your stubborn mind? You must be as curious as me for goodness sake.’

I gave her a lecture about self control and the benefits of sweet anticipation but she decided to play up and not to let the matter rest.

‘If you want to silence me,’ she said at last when all attempts had failed, ‘Then you must find a way to divert my attention.’

Never one to refuse a challenge I pulled her close and whispered into her ear, telling her that we had something special to look forward to and with luck it could throw more light on the reputed happenings at the infamous Greystone House.

I lightly nibbled her ear lobe – that usually gives her goosebumps and makes her giggle but this time she guided me to her naked breasts and asked me to “Hurt my nipples please Adam,” a request that she had never made before.

I have always loved the look and touch of her breasts and how the nipples responded eagerly to the slightest stimulation and so I began by kissing them and feeling the nipples swell and grow in my Escort mouth but that was not enough.

‘Please darling, use your teeth, torture my nipples until I ask you to stop. I need this Adam will you help me?’ she gasped.

We have always tried to accommodate each other’s needs and I knew Susan well enough to realise that she was serious and so, gingerly at first I took a nipple between my teeth and gradually increased the pressure.

‘Oh yes, that’s right …oh gosh …harder please,’ she begged.

Laying on her back beside me I could sense that her arms were positioned above her head as if she had been restrained in that position by some sadist determined to have his way with her, but this was different, I love her and she trusts me. I bit harder on her tender nipple and stretched it to its limit until she gasped, “Oh Fuck Adam, that’s enough please, can you do the same to the other?’

I changed position and imagined that I could see the marks on her nipple left by my teeth.

I was hesitant about doing the same to her other breast until she cried out ‘Torture the other one please darling,’ and I found myself eager to oblige.

With her permission I felt all powerful and that feeling surprised and delighted me. The word ‘torture’ served to awaken a long forgotten urge inside me, a primeval urge maybe from a previous existence and at the time torturing my wife was all I wanted to do.

I knew that I was hurting her, I made sure of that, and I wondered how much she could take.

It wasn’t long before she asked me to stop and I did so instantly.

‘Will you fuck me now darling?’ she begged, adding, ‘I really need it and you can be as rough as you like.’

I had not realised until then how utterly sexually aroused I was. My cock felt heavy and the erection that I enjoyed was the most powerful yet.

I entered her easily and built up the pace until I was slamming into her oblivious of her cries as orgasm after orgasm engulfed her

Eventually I emptied my passion and love into her but could not bring myself to withdraw. Needing an explanation maybe, or just confirmation that we were still alright, I lay on top of her listening to her breathing and feeling her chest rising and falling beneath me.

‘That was beautiful Adam,’ she assured me, ‘You were magnificent, my wonderful cruel husband.’

I have never seen you like this before Susan,’ I remarked.

‘Well it is partly your fault you know,’ she said cryptically, ‘You wanted to take my mind off having to wait and you certainly did that.’

‘So you like a little pain do you? I said needlessly.

‘Well I needed to know what it was like – how much I could bear, because you know, those poor girls at Greystone if it is true, and we shall find out Adam, I know we shall, – they could not ask for it to stop when it became too painful, they had no choice did they?’

As I listened to her words I found myself getting hard within her and soon we were fucking together and urging each other towards yet another all consuming orgasm.

As we came together she looked at me seriously.

‘I wonder how I would manage, being punished like that with no choice in the matter whatsoever.’

I knew then, as did she, that before long she would have her answer.

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