The Nair Test

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Divorce. It’s an ugly word isn’t it? I never thought that ugly word would ever enter my life. But it did. I was just 15 years old and enjoying my second year in high school when my parents announced that they were splitting up. For an only child the news all the more devastating.

I angrily blamed my dad and refused any attempts at reconciliation on his part. “It had to be his fault!” I reasoned. Years later I found out otherwise but I wasn’t really thinking clearly back then.

When Mom told me she was going to marry her boyfriend Len, I was shocked. I guess I thought she would find some way to overcome her differences with Dad and they would be back together and the three of us would be a family again.

No such luck. She sat me down and did her best to explain the situation. “Suzie I hope you’ll, in time, come to accept Len as your stepfather. He’ll never replace Dad but we both need him and he’s a good man. Besides, you’ll be gaining the big brother you’ve always wanted!”

Oh please! Yes, I used to wish I had a big brother, but not like this! I made up my young and inexperienced mind that I was never going to accept Len or Matt…my new “Big Brother.” “He can go to hell!” I decided.

That was many years ago now. And I don’t know if “Time heals all wounds” or if I just grew up enough to accept Len. As for Matt, well, I don’t know how, or if I would have survived those turbulent years without him. He was the big brother I’d always wanted and a lot more. A shoulder to cry on. A counselor. At times, a tutor. Most of all…a friend. I came to understand that my parents had divorced, but his mother had died suddenly and the burden he carried was a lot greater than mine. Always would be too.

Matt and I used to look forward to Monday nights when our parents went bowling. We’d take over the big console stereo in the living room and rock out! Matt played guitar and he loved to play along with the popular songs of the day. “Feel a whole lot better.” “Like a Rolling Stone,” and my favorite, “My Generation!” Matt would whirl his arm around like Pete Townsend and crash the chords out of his guitar. Sometimes Mrs. Bauman next door complained…but she was pretty cool about it.

One morning I’d come home from my morning class at a local junior college and heard strange noises coming from Matt’s bedroom. I crept up to the door and peeked in carefully. To my astonishment, there was my big brother fucking Becky Berman, the big titted slut who’d recently moved into our neighborhood. Matt was on top and was repeatedly driving his sizable cock into Becky’s willing snatch…and what a hairy snatch it was! My god! You couldn’t see her pussy lips or anything! Just a tangled mass of jet black hair. Matt didn’t seem to mind thought as he jabbed his butt forward again and again, burying his pole in her eager cunt.

“Come on Matt!” she encouraged him. “Keep fucking my pussy!” My big brother apparently had no intention of stopping and he merely grunted in response as he feverishly sought his orgasm.

“Oh C’mon now baby!” she cooed, “Come in my hot pussyhole! Give me your jism!” But my brother knew better than to come in the pussy of a slut like Becky. Who needs to be “In Trouble” with someone who’d already fucked every guy in the neighborhood…and she’d only lived here, like, two weeks!

So my sandy haired sibling pulled his jerking and twitching penis free at the last moment and, with an ecstatic moan of delight, emptied his balls with thick streams of fresh white sperm that splattered onto Becky’s heaving tits.

I was in a state of shock as I quickly made my way back down the carpeted hallway to my bedroom. I didn’t think Matt was a virgin or anything but still it was just beyond my experience to view a live sex act like that. Especially one involving someone I’d grown so close to and frankly, admired greatly.

When I got undressed for bed that night I’d calmed down some. There was one thing still haunting me though: Becky’s body. It was so…so feminine with her big boobs and remarkably hairy vagina. Why, my boobs were nowhere near as big as hers! They were more like small ripe peaches where Becky’s were like huge grapefruits! my pussy hair is very fine and actually lighter in color than the auburn hair on my head. Looking at myself in the mirror, my vaginal furrow was very prominently displayed. The sparse pubic hair did very little to hide anything. All through high school I’d worried and wondered: Would any man ever want me sexually with such small titties and almost hairless pussy?

I realize now how foolish I was to be so concerned with my physical appearance. But at that tender age I had a lot to learn.

There was really only one person I felt I could talk to about this. My big brother Matt. I came right home after school the next day and loudly slammed the door in case Matt had a girl in his room again. He didn’t. I went in and, with some awkwardness, began to explain my fears to him.

“I just don’t think men will find me attractive with such small boobs and, well, so little Manavgat escort hair ‘Down There’!” I told him, gesturing to my crotch.

Matt looked me over briefly and shrugged his shoulders. “Well Sue,” he began, “How much hair do you have?”

I guess I should have seen that question coming but at the time I really wanted a man’s opinion so I lifted my skirt and, taking a deep breath for courage, I pulled my little white panties down and exposed my curly red pubes to my brother. He took a long leisurely look and them commented “Well, it looks good to me but they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

“What does that mean?” I asked innocently, still holding up my skirt.

“I mean if you want more hair down there you should shave off what you have now!”

I wondered how he arrived at that conclusion when he reminded me of a commercial running on TV at the time for a permanent hair remover that advised against shaving, claiming that your hair would “Grow back faster, feel courser, and look darker!” That did make sense to me since I knew a girl at school who’d tried shaving her upper lip and ended up with a mustache!

“Here.” Matt offered, “We can do a test to see if it really works!” I didn’t know what he meant until he got his Dad’s Polaroid SX70 camera. “See, we can take a picture before we shave your pussy and then, when the hair grows back, we’ll be able to tell if it’s darker and thicker than before.”

I wasn’t too sure how all this “We” stuff got started but, after all, Matt shaved every day and maybe I needed someone with plenty of experience to shave such a sensitive place. And I certainly trusted my big brother.

“Will Dad notice if we shoot pictures with his camera?” I asked.

“Nah! He hasn’t touched this thing in months. The novelty wore off last year some time.” He replied. “Go ahead and take off your clothes and lay down over there…on the bed… where the sun comes in the window.”

Obviously I didn’t have to do this. And I seriously considered just leaving Matt’s room and forgetting the whole thing. But…but instead I unzipped my skirt and let it slide to the floor. I then removed my panties.

My step brother eagerly took in the sight of his “Little Sister’s” nearly nude body as I walked across the room and laid down against the headboard where the light came streaming into the room. Matt fiddled with the camera for a minute and then looked up at me. I’d modestly placed my legs together and tried to cover my pussy with my hand.

“Is there only hair on top or on the lips too?” He asked.

I knew what he was getting at. I was going to have to spread my legs and let him photograph my completely exposed pussy! I was extremely nervous at the prospect but, knowing my brother wouldn’t harm me, I let my legs fall loosely apart and scooted forward a bit until my tight little slit was bathed in sunlight.

“OK great!” He commented while looking through the viewfinder. He shot the photo and the camera whirred as the picture came out.

“Are there any hairs in back?” He casually asked as he reset the camera. I could feel my face beginning to blush as I stammered “I…well I don’t know. I don’t usually…uh…”

“Well turn around then and I’ll have a look for you.” he responded.

I knew we were now related by our parents marriage and, well, we acted like brother and sister but My Goodness! He’d never seen me naked before just now. Did he really expect me to just show him everything I have? Matt continued to mess with the camera and I took my time deciding what to do here.

Finally I slowly moved to my hands and knees. I just didn’t quite have the will to refuse my big brother. I felt the warm sun illuminating my luridly exposed posterior as Matt was now treated to the cock hardening sight of my tight little pink asshole just above the hairlined lips of my virgin pussy.

“Yeah, there’s a few hairs in back too Suzie.” He told me. Then I heard the camera whir as he photographed my bare butt. I think I knew right about then that we weren’t doing some kind of scientific test. We were doing nasty stuff together! Still, I followed his lead when he took me in the bathroom and began shaking up a can of shaving cream.

“Hop up on the counter.” He told me and I did so. He then spread my legs wide open and began to apply the lather to my naked pussy. OK now I was getting kind of excited. Here I was, my skirt and panties lying on the carpet in the other room and my pussy open before my big brother. His experienced hands began to massage that slippery warm cream all over my pubes.

Matt then began to carefully shave the sparse hairs off my vulva. He worked slowly and deliberately until my pussy was completely shaved bare.

“Let’s get those last few hairs in back Sis.” He said quietly. Matt knew I liked when he called me “Sis.” It was a little easier this time as I quickly moved to all fours on the tile counter. I reached back and drew my butt cheeks apart to enable him to easily shave me back there. A short time later, Manavgat escort bayan he’d finished. He wiped off the remaining shaving cream with a warm washcloth.

“Should we get a shot of you like this?” He asked with a smile. I guess I could’ve said no but, I don’t know, I have to admit I’d been enjoying having my big brother so…so interested in me the past little while. OK I should have said no but I’ll go ahead and admit it: I wanted Matt to photograph my freshly shaved pussy!

“Yeah Matt,” I answered. “Get the camera and take a picture of my bare pussy.”

Matt took me back into the bedroom and had me lay down on his bed. He came up to me and, without even asking, began to remove my shirt. “Might just as well…you know…see the whole thing.” He said. I let him take off my shirt and then I reached back and unhooked my bra. Matt took my bra off and then I settled back and, feeling no further need for modesty, I opened my legs.

Matt looked through the viewfinder at me as I lay there completely nude. My hardnippled little tits poking out at him and my clean shaven pussy lips glistening with my growing excitement as I posed for him.

“Suzie, could you…could you spread it open”? he asked hesitantly. I knew I really shouldn’t but I could never refuse my big brother so I took the soft pink lips of my pussy in either hand and slowly drew them apart exposing the coral colored interior of my little hole.

“How’s that Matt?” I asked provocatively. “Can you see enough of my pussy?”

Matt’s hands appeared to be trembling as he clicked the shutter and recorded my lewd pose for posterity.

I noticed that the two photos we’d shot earlier had developed and Matt and I eagerly looked at them. Even though they were only black and white photos, my razor thin pussy was very prominently displayed. And my boobs! They just stood out so firmly! I had never had this view of my youthful feminine body before and, well, I thought I looked pretty sexy! Better than that ugly ass Becky anyway. I looked over at Matt to see his reaction and he seemed transfixed my the grainy black and white images. He just stared! Then I noticed the bulge in his shorts.

“That couldn’t be his…his…” I couldn’t bring myself to say the word “Cock” but I realized in that instant that my big brother had gotten turned on as much or more than I had by our sex play. Maybe my body was good enough to attract a man! If a wonderful guy like Matt was turned on by my innocent nudity, maybe others would be too.”

“Which way do you think I look better? I asked. “Hairy or shaved?”

“Let’s compare.” He finally said and held up the first photo as I laid back on the pillows and spread open my legs. “Ummm Hmmm” He said as his eyes moved back and forth from the picture to my lewdly exposed pussy.

“OK now the other one.” He said as he picked up the second photo. Without being asked, I scrambled to my hands and knees before him, seductively lowering my budding young breasts until they were mashed into the bedspread. This more completely displayed the full ripe cheeks of my teenaged ass to my step brother.

He took a deep breath as he viewed the cocklurching sight before him and then kind of sheepishly said “I like you this way…shaved!”

“Oh Matt!” I cried out impulsively. I just couldn’t stand this anymore. My pussy had been wet since my brother had rubbed the shaving cream on me and the unique sexual situation I’d found myself in was getting to be too much!

I moved across the bed until I was right up against my brother and, unable to stop myself, asked him “Matt, could…could I see yours?”

I think maybe he was looking for an excuse to take this incident a step further himself and, without answering, simply pulled down his shorts and jockeys thereby freeing his erect penis.

“Should I take your picture Matt?” I asked with a sly smile. Matt made some excuse about “Dad noticing some pictures missing” but I wasn’t really paying attention. I’d seen his cock the other day when he was fucking Becky but to see it up close…Wow! I couldn’t help but glance down at my hairless pussy and compare it to Matt’s tremendous blue veined penis. It was just huge! Just below it swung his hair covered balls. I tentatively reached out and, looking into his eyes for permission, began to lightly touch and then stroke his massive hardon.

“Gee, it’s hard!” I said as I glided my hand up and down it’s impressive length. I impulsively reached down to cup his balls and watched as Matt closed his eyes…apparently lost in the pleasurable sensations I’d aroused in him. My inexperienced hands continued to manipulate my big brother and he began to gasp as I increased the pressure, working the tightly stretched skin of his cock up and down.

Just then Matt shifted his position, then gave up and momentarily broke my sexual grasp on his manhood. He reached into his nightstand drawer and produced a tube of lubricative jelly and, opening the top, he squeezed a dab onto his hand. He quickly stroked himself Escort manavgat a few times, then took my hand and placed it anew on his turgid rod.

“C’mere Suzie” he motioned me closer. “Here, work it up and down.”

I got right next to Matt and did as he instructed. His now slippery cock moved easily in my hand and Matt cried out “OH!” on my third or forth stroke. Finally my big brother reached out to me and began to lightly touch my virgin pussy. His fingers were still oily from the jelly he’d used and, unable to control myself, I shamelessly spread my legs to give him complete access to my horny young pussy.

Time stood still in that simple suburban bedroom as brother and sister knowingly entered the world of sexual incest side by side. My hand worked feverishly on his big dick and his experienced fingers thrilled me as he felt up and finally penetrated my freshly shaved pussy.

I didn’t know what to expect at that point. I’d had no experience but I was very eager to have that huge lifegiving penis take my virginity. Matt seemed content to feel up my bare pussy while I masturbated him.

“Oh Matt!” I cried out. “Is it time for me? Are we gonna do it?”

“Aw Sis we can’t!” He gasped in frustration. “We’re just, you know, fooling around but…but we can’t to that. We can’t ever do that.”

I knew that my big brother was always right about these things and, as always, I trusted his judgement. I renewed my assault on his rigid pole while Matt momentarily moved his hands up to fondle my youthful breasts.

I gasped as he manipulated my rosy pink nipples. God! I had to have more. I just HAD to!

“Matt, can’t…can’t we do something?” I realize now how silly that must sound. After all, my brother had photographed me completely nude, then shaved my virgin pussy and asshole. I was now furiously masturbating his well lubricated prick while he finger fucked my willing vagina and I wanted to “Do Something?”

Anyway, after a few more strokes of his deliriously excited cock, my brother broke our lurid embrace and ordered me to lie on my stomach. I immediatley did as he requested, wondering what he had in mind. I knew he had my best interests at heart so I had nothing to fear.

“Spread open your butt Suzie.” He told me and I did so, drawing the firm cheeks of my butt open and exposing my tender young asshole to his excited gaze. Matt squeezed another dollop of the lubricating cream onto his hand and massaged it into my alluring anal crevice until it was completely slippery and ready for whatever he intended.

My big brother then laid his purple veined dick in my butt crack and began to slowly slide it to and fro. I could feel the head of his cock as it passed over the tiny bump of my anus and then his balls slapped loosely into my pussylips. The sensation was incredible! It was like we were practicing fucking without actually doing it. Matt instructed me to “Push your cheeks together honey” and then he began to move more quickly in my anal groove. He continued to “Fuck” his cock into my fleshy buttocks while his balls continued to stimulate my wet pussy below.

The late afternoon sunlight streamed into the small bedroom illuminating the lurid scene taking place on the bed. Brother and sister working together in frustrated incestuous union. Excited beyond belief but both afraid to take that final forbidden step.

I knew after a few minutes that my big brother wanted desperately to fuck me but was simply too noble to go ahead and do it. He loved me and cared for me and was willing to forego his own pleasure to avoid something that he feared would hurt me.

But I wanted to do something for my big brother. Something I knew he’d like and something we could both live with. “Matt..” I spoke in a quiet voice. My brother momentarily stopped his motion, leaving his hardon in my well lubricated ass crack. “Will your cock fit…in my asshole?”

“Suzie no! We can’t do that!”

“Matt I need to be penetrated so bad! I can’t get pregnant and I’ll be able to save my cherry for just the right guy.” I knew that Matt was “Just the right guy” but I knew at that time he wasn’t ready to take that step.

“Matt if you don’t put it in my pussy, we’re not really fucking. You know what I mean?” Without waiting for an answer, I moved up on all fours and presented him with the soft pink target I knew he couldn’t miss.

“Please Matt.” I couldn’t help but ask. “Please fuck my asshole.”

Matt looked confused for a moment so I reached back and, taking his big cock in my small hand, I moved my tender young ass back until his cockhead touched my anus. “Please? I didn’t see the need to speak now. If he didn’t get the message then it was hopeless.

Then I felt it. The enormous head of his prick pushing and pressing back there. I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming as he pushed even harder. I knew I couldn’t back down now and did the best I could to bear it as I felt his cock finally slide into the forbidden hole I’d begged him to penetrate.

“Oh…Matt!” was all I said as his big slippery cock surged into the depths of my rectum. He kept moving forward until I felt his balls slap into my hairless pussy below. I lowered my eyes in shame as I realized my first sexual experience was going to be this lewd act of sodomy that I had actually asked for.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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