The Neighborhood Toy Ch. 02

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Saturday morning, Andrea sat in the kitchen sipping her coffee. She watched as Ben slowly entered and she could tell by the despondent look on his face that something was wrong.

“Hey baby” she asked. “What’s the matter?”

“I was supposed to go over to Mrs. Jansen’s’ place this afternoon” Ben said. “Apparently her husband is home so she cancelled.”

Andrea couldn’t help but smile at her sons’ discomfort. “What, going to miss plowing some middle aged pussy” she chuckled.

“Mom!” Ben exclaimed.

Andrea laughed as she rose and put her coffee cup in the sink. “Come on Ben” she said “we both know why these desperate housewives have you do their handy work.”

“You don’t have to be crude about” Ben said in an exasperated voice.

“Crude but true baby” his mother said, walking over to face him. “The middle aged neglected wife doesn’t want romance Ben” her hand reaching down to cup his cock through his shorts. “We don’t need to be wined, or dined, or even made love to.” Her hand squeezed his thickening tube.

“We want to be fucked Ben” her voice thick with lust. “Taken and used, a cock shoved so hard into us we scream.”

“Oh Jesus” Ben could only groan.

“While you baby” she squeezed tighter, “are damn good at it.”

“Oh fuck mom” Ben started to reach out, his hands heading for her full breasts; but Andrea stepped back, a smile on her face.

“Tell you what stud” she told her son. “I need a new suit for the pool. You come shopping with me, give me your opinion, and we can lay out this afternoon.”

“God what a tease” Ben sighed.

“Damn straight baby” Andrea softly laughed. “In or out?” she asked him.

“I’m in, all the way” ben replied, his eyes locking to his mothers’ as he gave his reply.

“Good” Andrea ignored his smoking glance. “Get dressed” then she patted his groin and headed out of the kitchen.

Ben hurried upstairs and slipped on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, heading back down to find his mother standing at the door with her keys. During the drive to town he couldn’t keep his eyes off her slender firm thighs as she drove; watching her firm muscles ripple as she moved between the gas and brake. He could feel his cock harden again, just think about those thighs wrapped around him as he drove into his mother hard.

Andrea watched Ben out of the corner of her eye, she knew exactly what the young stud was thinking, and she wanted that thought to only grow. She wanted his hormones so out of control anything would trip his trigger. By the time they got home, she wanted her son to be in a sex hazed brain shutdown, so that what she had planned would just flow.

Ben looked around when his mother pulled into a strip mall in town; he didn’t recognize any of the stores as they climbed out the car. He followed his mother as she headed directly to a store, looking up he read Brazilian Bikini on the sign. Shit, what the hell was she buying, he wondered.

As he watched his mother browse the racks, he looked at the styles. French Rivera cuts, thongs, micro bikinis assailed his vision. Suddenly he was interrupted as his mother tugged on his arm.

“Come on” she told him, “I want to try these on.”

Ben could see what looked like three or four small hangers in her grip and by the looks of what little cloth there was, she had chosen ones meant to not meant be worn in public. His cock throbbed at the thought of his mother in a micro bikini.

Andrea led her son to a chair next to the changing room. Slipping inside, she quickly undressed and pulled the first suit on. It was powder blue with an almost basic top. The cloth clung to the curves of her breasts, exposing her ample cleavage. While the bottoms were high cut up her hips, and very narrow on the back, showing off both her firm ass cheeks.

As she stepped out of the small changing room, she watched Bens’ reaction. His eyes immediately dropped to her ass, exactly what she wanted.

“What do you think?” she asked her son.

“You definitely have the equipment for it” he chuckled. “I love the cut of the bottom but the top seems a little, I don’t know, simple.”

“I know, I have to agree” Andrea tugged at the material, making her breasts sway. “Let me try the other one.”

Before Ben could respond, she disappeared into the small room. This time, when she stepped out he had to keep from reaching down to adjust his cock. His mother stood in front of him in a yellow, two piece almost micro bikini. Two small triangles barely covered her now hard nipples. While a third triangle tried to cover her shaved mound.

“Jesus” Ben whispered.

Andrea smiled as she watched the thick sausage in her sons’ jeans taking shape. This was going better than she had thought. “You like?” she asked softly

“God yes” Ben moaned. He watched her slowly turn, until he could see the string slide up between the cheeks of her ass. “Fuck” he muttered.

Andrea turned her head and watched her son over her shoulder, his eyes glued gaziantep bayan escort to the cheeks of her ass. “Do you want to fuck me in this Ben?” she whispered softly.

“Oh my God mom” he could only groan back.

“Then it’s on the list” Andrea replied. She looked at her son with a wicked smile on her lips. “Should I try on the last one, it’s a bit risqué.”

“More than that one was?” Ben asked in shock.

Silently Andrea slipped back into the changing booth. As she pulled on the third bikini, she called out to Ben sitting outside waiting.

“Ben, come in here.” He heard his mother.

“Is it allowed?” he asked back.

“Just get in here” Andrea told him. “I am not coming out in this.”

Ben looked around, not seeing anyone, then slipped inside the changing booth. When he closed the door, he found himself standing right next to his mother.

“Holy fuck” he gasped.

Andrea stood modeling a tight pale gray bikini. The top barely containing her thrusting breasts while the bottom hugged the cheeks of her ass. What drew Ben was that the cloth was all but see through. Ben stared first at the rock hard nipples only inches from his chest. His eyes drifted down over her taut belly, until he saw the full lips of her pussy through the bottoms.

“Opinion” Andrea asked softly

“Fucking hot” Ben groaned. “God mom, do you know what that suit does to me.”

“I know exactly what it does to you” Andrea murmured. Her hands reached out to find the snap on his slacks…her fingers slowly lowering his zipper. “Or I wouldn’t be wearing it for you.”

Ben could only stare as his mother lowered herself to her knees in the tight space, “Mom…we’re in…oh fuckkk”

Ben could only groan as his mothers’ hot mouth drove down onto his throbbing cock. He felt her warm mouth as she engulfed the swollen head. Andreas’ head bobbed slowly up and down as she tasted her sons’ cock. Reaching up a hand, she hefted his heavy balls, feeling how tight they already were.

Andrea knew she couldn’t keep this up for long or he would blow his load and she didn’t want that, not yet. Yet, she couldn’t resist the taste of her sons’ thick cock. She felt herself soak into the thin material of the swimsuit as her juices dripped between your thighs. The pulsing veins slid across her tongue as her head rose and fell. His sweet pre cum coating her tongue as his hips started to thrust forward. Reluctantly, Andrea pulled her mouth off his throbbing cock; and she rose to her feet and stared into his eyes.

“You want to fuck mommy in this suit?” she hissed at him.

“Oh god yes” Ben gasped back.

“Then let’s buy the two and head back home. I think it’s time for the pool.” Andrea told him.

Ben almost groaned in frustration at his mothers’ teasing. What the hell was she up to? His cock ached painfully from the need to explode, and his body shuddered at his mothers’ words.

Tucking his still raging hard cock into his slacks he followed his mother out of the changing room, to the cashier. Andrea paid for the two suits she knew she would buy, and then the pair headed back to the car. All the way ben couldn’t stop staring at her hot ass, seeing it in that thin suit.

When the pair reached home, Ben raced upstairs to get his trunks. Andrea slipped into the transparent bikini, knowing that one got her sons’ engine running. Glancing at the clock as she headed out to the backyard, she saw she had about a half an hour, and then…

When Ben walked out through the patio doors, he stood stunned at the sight of his mother laid out on the lounger, slowly rubbing tanning oil up her long legs. He felt his cock twitch in his trunks as his eyes travel over her, her heavy breasts filling the top, her dark areoles and hard nipples clearly evident through the thin material. Andrea could feel his hot gaze, and see the almost feral hunger growing in her sons’ eyes. Oh yes, she thought, she had him.

“Sweetie” she called him, her voice dripping with lust. “Why don’t you do my back?”

Ben almost stumbled over his feet to get to her chair, watching his mother roll onto her stomach. Moistening his hands with the sun warmed oil he knelt beside her and began to run his fingers over her soft skin. He wasn’t even sure how things happened in his lust clouded mind. His hormones drove his every move as his mother reached back and unsnapped the top of her suit, moaning softly to his caresses.

Every downward movement of his hands, he cupped her firm ass in each hand. As he slid up, his fingers grazed the sides of her bare breasts, hearing a soft sigh with each touch. He could feel his cock throbbing in his suit as it seemed like every drop of blood in his body raced into his growing organ.

Neither said a word as Andrea slowly rolled onto her back, her breasts jutting in the air. Ben cupped each globe, feeling their weight in his hand. He gently rolled her nipples between his fingers and thumbs, causing her back to arch gaziantep escort bayan upward as she moaned in pleasure. His head shot down and his hot mouth engulfed a rock hard nipple.

“Mmmmm, that’s it” Andrea moaned. “Suck mommy’s tits.”

She shuddered as the oil slick fingers of one hand drifted down her belly, making it flex at the contact. She moaned when he slid his hand inside her suit bottom, his fingers finding her swollen lips. Her own hand reached out and gripped his raging cock through his trunks, slowly stroking the length through the cloth.

“Yesssssssss” his mother moaned as his fingers glided over her pulsing hard clit.

As Bens’ finger slid between her petals, opening her to him, she tugged down on the cloth, watching his cock come free. God, she thought, I could never tire of this fuck stick; her hand now wrapping around his hot, hard shaft.

Andrea arched her hips as she felt a thick finger slide deeper into her, making her juices leak out and drip down the crack of her ass. “Unnghhhhh” she grunted as her son fucked her tight pussy with his fingers.

When she looked at Bens’ face, his eyes were barely slits, clouded with lust. “You want to fuck mommy…is that what you want baby.” She heard a low rumble from her son as he continued to suck her aching nipple.

Pulling away from her son, Andrea turned and rose to her hands and knees on the deck lounger. She almost laughed as her son sat stock still, staring at her upraised ass. She stuck her ass out behind her while her breasts hung heavy down from her chest. Reaching back her fingers slid the gusset of the suit away from her engorged soaked lips.

“Do it, take me you motherfucker.” She told her son, her voice raspy with need.

Ben, his mind numbed with hunger, all but ripped his trunks off as he knelt on the lounger behind her uplifted ass. His vision tunneled to those gaping lips, as he gripped his steel hard cock, moving his hips forward.

“Fuck me” Andrea groaned. “Yesssssssssssssssssssssss” she screamed as a ten inch pole was driven into her belly. In one single stroke, Ben had seated his full length inside her dripping hole until his full balls slapped her ass.

As his hands gripped the flesh of her hips, Ben looked down at his kneeling mother. “Need to fuck you” he all but growled. Pulling back until just the head rested between her lips, he lunged forward, slamming himself into her.

The sound of oil slick skin slapping together as her sons’ hips bounced off her ass drove Andrea higher. She gripped the chair edge and drove her ass back against his invading cock. Feeling her tight walls stretching to fit her as her cream slowly dripped down her thighs.

“That’s it baby” she cried out. “Fuck me…fuck meeeeeee.”

Ben was so focused on the tight vise gripping his cock, he didn’t hear the patio doors slide open, or the soft steps across the concrete towards the coupled pair. It wasn’t until a shadow fell over him, blocking the hot sun, that his head came up.

Bens’ eyes grew wide as he found Marsha Jansen standing next to the coupled pair, looking down watching. Even then he couldn’t stop the movement of his hips as he fucked into his mother.

Andrea looked up to see her friend next to them. “Oh…hey…” she grunted between strokes. “You…made…it.” She looked back at Ben, a fire in her eyes. “Don’t stop” he gasped. “Fuck mommy hard baby.”

Ben watched as Marsha stepped closer, slowly dragging one nail down his sweating chest, then across one pink ass cheek as his hips slapped against his mother. “That’s it Ben” she cooed. “Be a good motherfucker and give it to her.”

“Oh fuck” Ben gasped, as his hips drove harder into his kneeling mother, rocking the lounger under the power of his attack. He watched as Marsha reached down and gripped the bottom edge of the white tank top she wore.

“Need some incentive” Marsha goaded the young man.

She drew her tank up and over her head, letting her 38C breasts swing free. Marsha knew she wasn’t in the same shape as her friend Andrea. At 45 and after three children, age had caught up to her a bit; settling in her fleshy thighs, and large breasts which hung free, capped by hard pencil eraser nipples. Watching her friend taking a deep pounding made the juices flow between her thighs and soak her jean shorts

She had been worried how Ben would react comparing her body to some of the other women in the neighborhood. The fire and lust burning in his eyes told her everything she needed to know.

“Suck my tits baby” Marsha told Ben, as she stepped closer to the coupled pair. She shivered as she smelled the scent of their sex fill her nostrils.

“Mmmmmm” .the woman moaned, as Bens’ hot mouth closed over one aching nipple.

“Oh shit yes!” Andrea cried out as her son rammed even harder into her. She could feel his engorged head bump the spongy surface of her cervix, as it sent a shudder through her.

Andrea looked over escort gaziantep bayan her shoulder and watched as her son devoured her friends’ tit. The erotic sight was sending a fire into her belly. She reached back with one hand and tugged at Marsha’s shorts.

“Take them off” Andrea gasped between thrusts. Feeling her tight walls stretch around the hard cock meat pounding into her, as her juices literally dribbled down her thighs. Her own mind going into a haze as her son pounded her like a porn star.

Marsha wiggled out of her shorts and let them drop to the concrete as Ben sucked first one nipple and then the other into diamond hardness. Life after three children had left its mark on her; she worried about how Ben would react to her full hips and fleshy thighs. That thought evaporated as she felt two thick fingers drive up into her without warning.

“Oh God Bennnnnnnnnnnnn” she wailed as her walls clenched his invading fingers.

Andrea watched her friends eyes roll back, as the sight of her sons slick fingers pumping up into her creamy pussy inflamed her lust even more. Even though she was loathing giving up the reaming her tight cunt was getting right now, she knew it was time for a switch.

Pulling off her sons’ throbbing cock, the mother climbed off the lounger and turned to face the other pair. The sight before here caused a gush of warm fluids between her thighs, as Ben suckled each breast, while finger fucking Marsha’s gaping pussy.

Leaning down, she began to tug Bens’ body around; easing him to lie back on the lounge chair. “Time for Marsha to enjoy baby” her voice raspy with lust.

Looking up at her friend, Andrea saw Marsha staring at Bens’ thick cock lying across his belly like a steel pole. “You want that fuck stick” Andrea rasped.

“Yesssssssssss” Marsha hissed.

Andrea helped her friend straddle the lounger and her own sons’ body, reaching down she gripped his slick cock in her hand, feeling her own juices coat her fingers. She pointed it straight up until the tip was nearly touching Marsha’s moist lips as the older woman hovered over his ranging cock.

“Fuck him” Andrea growled. “Fuck my little boy like the slut you are.”

Marsha looked up into her friends face. “God I need this” she moaned. Then, her body drove down onto Ben as he lay stretched out beneath her.

With a slick obscene pop, she felt his cock head slip inside her. “Oh God…so big” Marsha moaned feeling her walls stretching to fit his young cock.

Andrea released her grip on his cock, then reached up and placed her hands on Marsha’s shoulders. “I said…FUCK him” then shoved down with all her strength. She could see that only half of bens’ full length was inside her friend, and she wanted Marsha to feel every fucking inch.

“Gaawwddddddddddddddddd” Marsha screamed as her body was driven down. Her pussy contracted as she felt Ben drive up into places she had never felt a cock before. Deeper than any man had ever been inside her.

Reaching down, the older woman dug her nails into Bens’ chest. Her ass raised and then slammed down again as her ass cheeks slapped his thighs. Her ass rose and fell as she rode the most magnificent cock she could ever remember. Hitting spots inside her belly even her husband had never touched.

Andrea watched the most erotic scene unfold before her eyes. She was riveted to their joined bodies, seeing Marsha’s fat cunt lips sliding up and down his cock, as the veins in Ben’s cock pulsed every time his shaft came into view. There was a puddle of pussy cream forming on his belly as more clung to his pounding cock.

The view was too much for her, as Andrea stepped up to straddle the head of the lounger. Ben looked up to see wet glistening lips above his face, and his mothers’ hard clit protruding from its hood.

“Oh fuck yessss Ben “Andrea moaned as her legs flexed, descending onto her sons’ probing tongue. “Suck mommy” she gasped. “Make me cum while you pump your seed into her hot belly.”

Marsha was climbing higher and higher as she rode this young mans’ cock. His hard pole kept slamming deep inside her. Her eyes locked to her friend as she rode her son’s face. She couldn’t believe this was happening, riding a thick hard young cock; while the boys’ own mother rode his face.

“Oh God, Andrea” Marsh grated out. “So fucking hot.” She gasped as her eyes grew wider. “Oh shit, I’m going to cum. I can’t stop it.” Her body began to tremble violently.

Ben felt like he was losing control of his own body as his orgasm roared through him. He tried to warn the women, but his mouth was full of his mothers’ dripping pussy.

“Mmmppffff” Ben grunted out as his balls tighten, then his hot seed erupted deep inside the neighbor woman’s clenching pussy.

“Oh fuck, I feel him” Marsha’s eyes grew wide as saucers. “I can feel him, cumming inside me.” Her eyes rolled back and a keening wail sounded across the pool as her pussy clamped down, ripples rolling through her belly as she exploded.

Andrea watched as a gush of white cream coated her sons’ belly. “Yessssssssssssssss” she screamed as her own body found release. She could feel her cream pour out to coat Bens’ face as her body shook and quivered.

Ben wasn’t sure what was hotter, the feel of Marsha swamping his cock and balls in her hot cum; or the taste of his mother pouring into his mouth as she convulsed above him.

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