The New Girl

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Jasmine was so very excited for her first time away from home. Her family had said their final goodbyes, leaving her sitting on the edge of her brand new dorm bed covered in sheets fresh out of the store packaging. Her new roommate’s side of the dorm had already been furnished when she got there, with no roommate in sight. Maybe she had already met some fun friends. Or a hot hookup. Or something. Jasmine felt a twinge of jealousy and loneliness. Making friends had never been easy for her. And a boyfriend–ha, forget it! But she had grown up on those stories told through the grapevine of how fun and exciting college would be. Of the close friendships, debauched sex, and perhaps even meeting the one.

Jasmine fell back on her bed, allowing her hands to drift to her body. Her own little way of combating the loneliness. She felt the generous mounds of her breasts through the soft cotton of her T-shirt. Her hand slowly drifted down, over her luscious curves, pausing thoughtfully by the waist of her shorts. The other hand wove its way into her dark, silky hair, pulling gently.

“Ah…” she moaned. The slight pressure felt exquisite. Her hand played a little more at her waist, toying with the button to her shorts. It had been a sweltering day, and Jasmine had worn the shortest shorts she owned. With her little squirms now, the crotch of the shorts rode into her slit–both arousing and inhibiting her movement.

Jasmine felt herself growing wetter by the moment, a delicious ache building up inside of her. She popped the button of her shorts open, hand sneaking past her thin lacey panties to play over her soft hairless mound. Her fingers moved slowly lower, toying with herself over her slit. She wouldn’t give herself everything so soon. The pressure built more with every moment.

“Mmmm…” she hummed, arching her hips into her hand, while pulling a little more on her hair. She just couldn’t take any more now.

She abruptly shrugged out of her shirt, tossed her bra to a corner, and wiggled her shorts over her curvy hips. The only thing she remained wearing was her little lacy panties. She lay back again, this time bringing her hands bahis şirketleri to her breasts to play with her nipples. Pinching gently, she arched up again with a groan. Her brown nipples were tight and hard against her fingertips, her breasts felt heavy to her own touch. She brought her feet up, splaying herself open. She felt wanton and sexy. It was delicious. She pulled her damp panties to one side, allowing the other hand to go back to the little teasing motions. She made little keening noises, still not allowing herself to fully satisfy her need to be filled hard and fast. Still, she felt herself building, quickly, closer and wetter and faster… when—

“Oh!” A tanned blonde stood at the now open door just a few feet in front of Jasmine’s open legs.

“Oh my god!” Jasmine pulled her coversheet over herself in a blind panic. “I’m so sorry… I…”

Dear god. This statuesque blonde model of a girl had to be her new roommate. Fucking unbelievable. And now she would want nothing to do with this filthy girl playing with herself in a dorm room. Jasmine started to feel tears prick the corners of her eyes.

“I’m… sorry… I’m Riley. Your roommate?” The stunning girl said. She had short honey-blonde hair, and a tall tanned frame. She slammed the door behind her back. “Hey.. hey… no you’re ok!” Riley rushed, starting to see Jasmine’s distress. She moved to the foot of the bed, seemingly unconsciously. “I’m soo ok with it.”

Jasmine frowned. “What?”

Riley turned a tomato red. “I mean, you’re gorgeous, right? Lucky me, I guess to get you as a roommate. I don’t mean to be a creep or anything, its just…” She stumbled.

Ohhhh. Jasmine suddenly understood. The girl. This beautiful girl who looked like Jasmine had created her out of a sex-fueled haze, liked her. She might even want to— “Join me?”

Riley wasted no time kicking off her shoes and climbing over Jasmine. They both groaned at the feeling of weight against their bodies. Riley tossed aside the thin sheet covering what little it could of Jasmine’s modesty and marveled at the miles of soft tanned skin, hard nipples, and wet panties she uncovered. bahis firmaları “You are fucking gorgeous.” Riley groaned, running her hands over Jasmine’s waiting body.

“Fuck yes, Riley.” Jasmine smiled. “Touch me.”

Riley didn’t need to be asked again, she slid between Jasmine’s legs. Riley kissed the tops of her legs, moving closer and closer. She mouthed at Jasmine’s waiting pussy. Jasmine yelped and almost came off the bed. Riley moved Jasmine’s panties to the side and first gently kissed her mons (Jasmine squirmed, trying to lift up her hips into Riley’s mouth). Riley then vigorously suckled at Jasmine’s clit.

“Fuckkkkk!” Jasmine couldn’t hold back this scream.

“Mmmm” came Riley’s voice. “You’re delicious baby.”

“Fuck Riley! Ah, ah, ahhh!” Jasmine came hard and fast onto Riley’s mouth. Riley kept licking away until Jasmine’s shudders stopped.

Jasmine looked down at Riley’s face, still between her knees and smiled. “Fuck me. That was incredible.”

“You’re like a walking sex dream, girl. I almost came when I walked in” said Riley, sitting back. She smiled wickedly, “Want more?”

“Oh hell yes.” Jasmine said quickly, somehow already ready to go again. normally, she was one-and-done, but something about this girl made her want to fuck all night.

“I have something for you.” Riley pulled out a box from under her bed.

Jasmine yelped with excitement when she saw Riley pull out a straplesss dildo. “Come here hottie.”

The two girls met at the middle of the room, one almost fully naked and one clothed in an intense kiss, nipping gently at one another, and grabbing at each other. Jasmine pulled Riley’s clothes off one by one and stepped back to admire the girl’s body. Riley was tall and muscled, with a flat stomach and soft skin. Her breasts were small and perky, with pink nipples at attention. Her pussy was trimmed neatly, with wetness spread already over her lips and inner thighs.

Jasmine had never wanted anyone more. She pushed Riley over to her bed, and forced the girl down. “You are the fucking hottest thing I’ve ever seen. You got wet from just going down on me, huh?”

Riley was kaçak bahis siteleri embarrassed and desperately turned on at the same time. “Fuck babe, yes.” Jasmine was like all of her fantasies as a shy baby lesbian come to life. And this hot, sexy, curvy girl wanted her!

Jasmine crawled on top of Riley, grinding her pelvis down onto the other girls’, groaning as she did so. She slid her thigh between Riley’s legs, and the girls humped each others legs, spreading wetness as they ground down. They kissed desperately, and ground harder as they did so.

“Please…” begged Riley.

Jasmine smiled wickedly. She took the dildo and handed it to Riley, “Ok, but this side inside me.”

Riley groaned, “Fuck baby that’s so hot.” Riley took the dildo and wet on Jasmine’s wetness, dipping it shalllowly in her opening. Jasmine opened up for her, and Riley pushed harder. “Fuck girl, you’ree so tight.”

Jasmine groaned. It was bigger than it seemed at first. She fucked herself down onto the dildo, and it popped in. She sat back.

Riley was dripping wet. This angel kneeled in front of her open legs, with a 8 inch purple dick coming out of her pussy.

Jasmine licked her hand and ran it over her dick. “Lets go baby.” She thrust shallowly into Riley, letting her adjust.

“Ahh” They groaned in unison, hips moving instinctively.

Jasmine thrust hard, sheathing herself in Riley.

“AHHH!” Riley screamed, overwhelmingly full. She was now pelvis to pelvis with Jasmine, both girls so so so full. They started humping each other.

Their clits rubbed together and Jasmine jolted. She ground down more on Riley, who screamed in pleasure. Her wetness and Riley’s mixing, lubricating their thrusts.

“Fuck!” Neither girl was sure who swore loudly as they both came simultaneously. They grabbed at each other, still caressing and fondling as they clenched around the sopping wet toy.

Jasmine pulled back slightly, making eye contact with Riley. “Hi.” She said breathlessly.

“Hi… I’m Riley.” Riley blushed a beet red. She didn’t want to pull back too far from this gorgeous girl who had just fucked her brains out. She also didn’t want to offend this sexy little pixie of a girl. “I don’t… er… I’m sorry I didn’t get your name?”

Jasmine laughed aloud in genuine surprise. “I’m Jas… Jasmine–you aren’t leaving yet, are you?”

“Oh fuck, no.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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