The New Neighborhood Ch. 00 – Prequel 06

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As I think back on my time as a math tutor the weekend gathering with Tiffany and her misfit friends was a memory that would last a lifetime. A couple weeks later, I saw an incoming call from a number that I didn’t recognize. I was tempted to ignore it, but on a whim I answered.

“Hello,” I began in a deep business-like voice.

“Oh, hi Tom, are you busy? I can call back,” came the sweet melodious reply in a compelling French accent. Just hearing her voice had me instantly aroused.

“Hi Annabelle, I didn’t recognize your number so I was preparing myself to cut the call short,” I chuckled, “what can I do for you?”

“Umm, uhh, soon we will be going back to France and my parents would like to meet you before we leave. Would you be able to join us on Saturday evening?”

I smiled to myself at the endearing little stutter that many French people seem to have as they remind themselves to speak English. I quickly checked my calendar and eagerly replied, “I’d love to come, Is there anything that I can bring?”

“No, nooo. My mother, Angeline, loves to entertain and she will take care of everything,” assured Annabelle. “Will Tiffany and Heather be around?”

“I’ll check with them, but I think so.”

“They are invited as well. I’d love to see them again,” she chirped excitedly.

As the call ended, I thought about the previous party with the misfits and my role in helping Annabelle to now share a bed with her parents. My arousal grew at the thought of having another opportunity to sexually explore her elegant young body.

Tiffany came out of our room wearing a light floral summer dress. “Are you going out?”

“I need to buy a few more things before I leave for California,” she began with her sad eyes and smiling lips conveying her mixed emotions about leaving, “and who was on the phone,” she giggled while staring at my erection.

I was about to respond when Tiffany interrupted, “Wait! Let me guess. Was it Annabelle?”

My cock twitched at the mention of her name. “What can I say, she is a very sexy young woman,” I chuckled.

Tiffany laughed and moved closer. She wrapped the strong slender fingers of her right hand around my cock and stroked it slowly. “Are you going to see her again?”

“Yes, we’re invited for dinner on Saturday,” I replied as my body trembled from her talented touch.

“She invited me?” asked Tiffany excitedly.

“Yes, her parents want to meet you, me and Heather before the family returns to France.”

Tiffany stepped back and slipped the straps of her dress off of her shoulders. The dress floated off of her body and pooled at her feet. Now naked she turned away from me, spread her legs and bent at the waist to pick up the dress. I stepped forward and caressed her ass and pussy.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned. Tiffany stood up, took my hand and led me back to our bed.

Saturday morning was the start of a beautiful sunny summer day. The bright blue sky showed through the leaves hanging high on untouchable branches that moved with the gentle cooling breeze. I pondered how much Nicole would have loved this day and vowed to honor her by making the most of it.

I sat up in bed and looked to my left at Tiffany and to my right at Heather. “Good morning, ladies,” I greeted them with a whisper. Both Tiffany and Heather were naked with their upper torsos exposed above the satin sheets. Heather’s blonde hair was splayed on the pillows supporting her head. Tiffany’s dark brown hair was similarly framing her face. All four of their firm young breasts were highlighted by the early morning sun. Their nipples hardened with the cooling breeze from a partially open window. I was tempted to stay in bed and fuck them both again but opted to ask, “Who will join me for a run?”

“Sure, I’ll come,” yawned Tiffany.

“Me too, if you’ll make breakfast when we get back,” added Heather.

“Hmmmmm, I always make breakfast,” I reminded her.

“I know,” she laughed. “I just don’t want you making any big changes.”

I donned my typical running garb of spandex, to corral my cock, covered by loose fitting shorts and a sleeveless tank top. The girls went with tight fitting shorts and matching tops. Their outfits left little to the imagination. We laced up our shoes and headed out for a five-mile run. The girls ran ahead of me and I easily kept up with their leisurely pace.

“This is a gorgeous day!” exclaimed Heather.

“It is beautiful. Why do you think that I suggested a run?” I smiled

“Because you like staring at our asses,” giggled Tiffany.

She wasn’t wrong. It’s fascinating to me how every woman’s ass seems to have a unique movement. Tiffany’s ass twitches like a metronome while Heather’s seems to flow in a graceful figure-eight pattern.

As we approached the end of our run, we slowed to a slow walk. Tiffany dropped back and wrapped her arm around my waist. “You know what’s the best part of a run with you?” she smiled.

“Ummm, bumping your hip against my thigh while grabbing my ass?” I laughed.

“Nooo, olgun gaziantep escort silly It’s the shower. I love when you wash my hair!”

“So, you don’t like grabbing my ass?”

“Oh, I like that too!” she quipped.

As soon as we entered the house, we all stripped, tossed our clothes in the washer and headed for the shower. “Are you excited about seeing Annabelle and meeting her parents?” asked Heather.

The thought of Annabelle caused my cock to jump and both girls laughed. “Is this a regular dinner party or a sex-swap orgy?” asked Heather.

“Tiffany, you know Annabelle better than we do, what do you think?” I added.

“Well, they are French, and from what I know the French love to fuck,” smiled Tiffany.

“So, that means you’d better save up your energy for fucking Annabelle and her mom,” giggled Heather.

“Does that mean that you two will be getting shagged by her father?” I asked with a smile.

“Oh shoot! Now I’m nervous. I never thought about that,” replied Tiffany as she screwed up her face and slowly shook her head.

“Does anybody say ‘shagged’ anymore?” teased Heather

We entered the shower and quickly rinsed off. Then I focused on washing Tiffany’s hair. While I applied the shampoo and subsequently the conditioner, Heather dropped down, lathered my cock and balls, rinsed them and then teased me with incessant sucking.

Soon I was done with Tiffany’s hair and I turned my attention to Heather. She pulled her mouth off of my cock and said, “Do my hair Daddy.”

Heather and I had showered enough together that I managed to shampoo her hair while I was simultaneously fucking her sweet smiling face.

“Next time I want you to wash my hair like that,” giggled Tiffany.

After the shower we dried off, remained naked and teased each other throughout the day. When the time came to dress for our visit, with Annabelle and her parents, we were all highly aroused.

I dressed casually in a golf shirt, boxers, shorts and boat shoes. The girls went braless with light summer dresses, lacy thong panties and sandals with three-inch heels.

“Are you sure you don’t want some spandex shorts Dad?” began Heather, “as soon as you see Annabelle, you’re going to announce your arousal to the world.”

“Like that,” laughed Tiffany as she pointed at my tented shorts that resulted from Heather simply mentioning Annabelle’s name. “Do I need to give you a blow-job to calm you down before we go?”

“Ladies!” I scowled, “if you are correct about this evening then I need to save myself for Annabelle and her mother,” I joked.

We drove to the address that Annabelle had provided and were surprised at the gated entrance. We pulled up and the gates began to open as we heard a male voice say, “Welcome Tom, come up the drive and park near the front door.”

“Can you believe this house,” gasped Tiffany as I drove slowly up the winding cobblestone driveway and we caught glimpses of a mansion.

“He’s here on business, so I imagine that his company rented this for him,” I suggested while questioning my own words.

Before I could pull the car to a stop, the front door of the house opened and Annabelle was a blur as she came bouncing down the steps to greet us.

“Thank you all for coming!” she smiled embracing Tiffany and kissing her softly on the lips. She repeated the greeting with Heather and finally with me.

“It’s good to see you again,” I smiled as I wrapped my arms around her and groped her ass through the thin cotton of her light floral dress.

“Mmmmmm, hold that thought,” she giggled, “come meet Mama and Papa,” she urged as she took my hand and danced up the steps and into the entry hall.

“Hi Tom, I’m Jean Luc and this is my wife, Angeline.”

Jean Luc is a tall slender aristocratic looking man. Angeline seems younger almost too young to be Annabelle’s mother. She is equally beautiful with the same shimmering light brown hair and electric blue eyes.

I shook Jean Luc’s hand and moved toward Angeline, “It’s wonderful to meet both of you. Thank you for inviting us.”

I reached out my hand to Angeline but she ignored it and stepped closer. We embraced and my hands caressed her back. She pressed her large pillowy unfettered breasts into my chest. “You are as handsome as Annabelle described. I hope that this hug will lead to more intimate activities soon,” she winked.

I was a bit surprised and also excited by Angeline’s brazenly sexual advances.

Jean Luc stepped behind his wife and unzipped her dress down the length of her spine. She stepped back just enough to shrug the dress off of her shoulders and allow it to drop to the floor.

I admired her near naked body, her 38D breasts and red lace thong panties that barely covered her smoothly shaved pussy.

“You girls seem a bit overdressed,” smiled Angeline as she looked at Heather, Tiffany and Annabelle.

Heather walked up to Jean Luc and asked, “Will you remove my dress please?”

“It gaziantep olgun escort would, uh, be my pleasure,” he responded agreeably in his deep French accent. He lifted the dress over her head and Heather leaned back against him, held his wrists and lifted his hands to her breasts.

Jean Luc seemed to enjoy playing with Heather’s tits while she squirmed and encouraged the erection that was growing in his pants.

Tiffany and Annabelle embraced and kissed passionately as they helped each other remove their dresses and their skimpy thongs. Soon they were on the floor in sixty-nine with Annabelle on her back and Tiffany straddling her face and eating her pussy.

Heather helped Jean Luc to strip, stroked his sizable cock and led him toward Tiffany’s ass.

“Do you want to fuck her?” asked Heather.

“But of course. Who could refuse?” he began, “but first I need to ensure that your father’s needs are met.”

Heather and Jean Luc looked over to where Angeline now knelt, having removed my clothes, and was engaged in sucking and stroking my thick eight-inch cock.

She stopped, looked up at me, and asked, “I hope that you enjoyed fucking my daughter.”

I saw no reason to play coy with Angeline and so I told her the truth, “Annabelle is sensuous, passionate and giving. I enjoyed the intimacy that we shared and I believe that she did as well.”

“She told me that it started with a kiss. Will you kiss me like that?” she smiled.

I helped Angeline to stand, pulled her into my arms and looked over at her husband. He smiled and nodded. I caressed her soft face, tucked her hair behind her ear and looked deep into her sparkling blue eyes. I pulled her torso tight against mine. My cock throbbed against her belly and her breasts pressed against my chest. I felt my body generating sexual energy even before our lips met. Annabelle had returned that energy and I was a little surprised that I felt much less from Angeline.

We kissed softly, our tongues touched and the passion of the kiss grew. Now Angeline’s body enveloped me, as Annabelle’s had, in an invisible cloak that warmed and aroused me from head to toe.

Angeline broke the kiss and her eyes were filled with tears, “You kissed my sweet Annabelle like that?”

I couldn’t deny it so I simply nodded. I wasn’t sure what to expect next when Angeline reacted to the look on my face, “These are tears of joy, you dope. She’s a very lucky girl,” she giggled.

“And after the kiss?” continued Angeline. “Do I get to feel that too?”

“I would enjoy that very much, but I think we need to ensure that the others are having fun as well,” I suggested.

“She warned me about that too. She said you are kind and mostly think about others’ needs. You know you would fuck more women if you were more selfish,” she laughed.

I looked warmly into her eyes, smiled and replied, “I have all that I need to be happy.”

Angeline looked surprised. I held her close when her legs weakened as she felt that I needed her too.

We move slowly toward the others. Jean Luc was watching as Annabelle lifted her head and sensuously licked and kissed Tiffany’s glistening pussy while Heather had dropped to her knees in front of him. She caressed his balls while taking his slightly thinner eight-inch cock deep into her throat.

Tiffany lifted her head from between Annabelle’s thighs then turned to look into Jean Luc’s eyes and moaned, “Please fuck meeeee.”

Heather popped her mouth off his cock. “Go for it,” she encouraged him excitedly with a wink and a smile.

“Papa come fuck my best friend,” chirped Annabelle. Jean Luc looked at Angeline. With her smile and a nod he dropped to his knees behind Tiffany. He admired and caressed her firm young ass. His fingers gently explored her back from her shoulders to her hips. As he leaned a little closer, he felt his daughter’s hand guiding his cock into Tiffany’s glistening wet plump young pussy.

“Mmmmmmmm, Mon Dieu!” moaned Jean Luc as he fully sheathed his throbbing cock deep into the core of Tiffany’s velvety tight pussy. He continued fucking her with long deep strokes as Annabelle massaged Tiffany’s clit from below.

Soon Tiffany began to tremble. Her body tensed, she stopped breathing and then roared, “AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!

Jean Luc held her hips and slowly withdrew his cock from her pulsing pussy. Tiffany collapsed onto Annabelle and then rolled off onto the floor. “Hoooo, haaaa, hoooo, haaaa,” she breathed deliberately while slowly recovering from her orgasmic bliss.

“Did you enjoy fucking my friend?” smiled Annabelle.

“Yes, I did. Her enthusiasm is infectious,” he replied slowly.

“I think it’s time for us to move this gathering out of the entry hall,” joked Angeline.

We moved as a group through the formal dining room into the kitchen. There were several platters of hors d’oeuvres on the island. Annabelle picked up a cracker with some very soft camembert and raised it to my mouth.

She gaziantep olgun escort bayan popped it in with a smile. It was a bit messy but I did my best to consume it while stifling a laugh. “Thanks, that cheese is delicious!”

“Oops!” she smiled, “there’s cheese on your chin.”

As I looked around for a napkin she raised up, licked it off and moved her tongue toward my mouth. She fed me the little morsel of cheese, wrapped her arms around me, pressed her breasts against my chest and the passion of our kiss escalated.

My hands caressed her from her shoulders to her ass. We both moaned as our bodies reacted to the sexual energy that passed between us. When we finally broke the kiss Annabelle chuckled, “It’s good to know that my mother hasn’t stolen all your passion.”

Heather leaned over the counter, spread her legs and pleaded, “Jean Luc, please fuck me too.”

He looked over at me and Annabelle and with the movement of his eyes she understood and mirrored Heather’s position on our side of the counter. The daughter swap was complete when I pressed my cock deep inside Annabelle and Jean Luc began fucking Heather.

Tiffany moved close to Angeline. “That’s really hot, isn’t it?” whispered Tiffany.

“Yes, it is a first. I have never seen Annabelle like this,” replied Angeline as her eyes filled with tears of joy once again.

“But you’ve seen her with Jean Luc, right?” questioned Tiffany.

Angeline shook her head and smiled, “He refused until he could see her with another man.”

“Oh my! She’s watched him fuck you and now me and Heather. May I ask the men to switch?” giggled Tiffany.

“I don’t see why not,” replied Angeline excitedly.

“Jean Luc and Tom, it’s time to switch partners,” announced Tiffany.

Tom leaned over, kissed Annabelle on the neck and whispered, “The night is young,” before pulling out and moving behind Heather.

“Oh Papa!” cried Annabelle as her father entered her for the first time.

“Fuck me Daddy,” giggled Heather.

Angeline was so happy at seeing Jean Luc and Annabelle together that she reached out and pulled Tiffany into an embrace. They hugged and their naked bodies touched for the first time. They both felt something unexpected, pulled back and looked into each other’s eyes before their lips touched, their tongues dueled and their kiss ignited the flames of passion.

Jean Luc continued fucking Annabelle until she shouted in orgasmic ecstasy, “Oh yeah! Ohh! Ohhhh! Ohhhhhh! YESSSSSSS!!!!”

I fucked Heather to a similar climax as Annabelle reached across the counter to Heather and they held hands while their breathing returned to normal. Despite her tears a sense of joy was evident in Annabelle’s smile.

When there was a break in the action Jean Luc and I went downstairs to his wine cellar. I was surprised to see so much wine given that they had only been in the states for a short time. “What is your favorite French wine?” he asked without any expectation of an answer.

I had studied and tasted many French wines and was able to name a couple white varietals along with well-known Cabernet from the Loire Valley and an even better-known Bordeaux.

Jean Luc grabbed a box and filled it with two bottles of each of the wines I’d requested. “I should warn you that after a couple glasses of wine, Angeline becomes a tigress in the bedroom,” he chuckled.

“I don’t want to cause any problems with your family,” I smiled to set his mind at ease.

“Tom, we are returning to France soon. I will be fucking my wife and daughter every night when we are there. Tonight, is for them to enjoy being with you,” he assured me.

“That is very kind of you. Let’s go upstairs and see what the ladies want,” I suggested.

When we returned to the kitchen Anabelle and Angeline were laying across the counter. Heather was orally pleasing Annabelle and Tiffany was doing the same with Angeline.

“What took you boys so long?” asked Angeline as she gasped for breath. Tiffany had managed to keep her on the edge of an orgasm for the entire time.

Jean Luc laid out the wine and served everyone a glass of their choosing.

“Ohhh!” began Angeline, “I hope that Luc warned you about me and wine,” she giggled.

“It sounded more like a recommendation than a warning,” I smiled.

With that Angeline quickly polished off her first glass of wine. Then she took my hand and led me to the king-sized bed in the master bedroom. “Now I want to know what you did with Annabelle after the kiss,” she smiled.

I reached out and took Angeline into my arms and we repeated the earlier kiss. This time Angeline’s passion was in high gear as the wine had the predicted effect. She held my head as our lips met and our tongues became more animated. Her body squirmed in my arms and she humped her pussy against my left thigh.

“Jean Luc was right,” I chuckled and proceeded to caress her back and ass. Angeline relaxed some but the arousal she continued to exude was making it difficult for me to concentrate.

I eased her back onto the bed and laid down beside her. My left hand caressed her face and her tongue darted out to lick my fingers. I smiled at her need to participate. My fingers trailed across her collar bone and circled her beautiful 38D breasts. I pinched and tugged on her sensitive nipples and smiled when she closed her eyes and allowed herself to focus on the sensations.

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